New Co-Lab challenge launched on National Aboriginal Veterans Day

Banner: National Aboriginal Veterans Day 

In this week of remembrance, Library and Archives Canada is highlighting the sacrifices made by Indigenous soldiers by launching a Co-Lab challenge on correspondence regarding First Nations veterans returning after the First World War.

By transcribing, translating, tagging or describing the records in this challenge, you give families a chance to access information about their relatives for the first time. How? When you transcribe the name of a soldier, it appears in the Collection search results and therefore makes it available.

The Co-Lab challenge records feature many fascinating and heart-wrenching passages such as: “I beg to report the return of John Walter Anderson of Gordons Reserve, from overseas. […] Received a gunshot wound on left leg at the battle of Amiens.”

Library and Archives Canada hopes to preserve the legacy of Canada’s veterans and their efforts for future generations, by remembering those who served. Read some of their stories on our blog. We will be releasing new blog posts over the next few days.

Use #CanadaRemembers on social media to be part of the conversation.

Want to do more? Find any digitized object in our collection and open it for crowdsourcing in Co-Lab so anyone can work on them. Locate any digital object in Collection Search by clicking on “Advanced Search” and selecting “yes” under “available online.” Click to open the digital object in the viewer, then follow the steps under the image.

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