What’s new in the collection: the winter 2018 edition is out!

The year 2018 is finally here, and with it the latest edition of What’s new in the collection!

In the Winter 2017 edition, we announced the acquisition of several records about the life and career of Lithuanian-born journalist, host, publisher, writer, documentarian and sculptor Alain Stanké. These records are now available for viewing.

Also available for consultation are various documents by Cree author and playwright Tomson Highway, and a number of very interesting additions to the William Kuzyk fonds: reports and drawings relating to versions of the Avrocar, A.V. Roe’s vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, and photographs of Canada’s first satellite.

We have also acquired a few publication jewels:

  • An unpublished book by Réjean Ducharme presented by Rolf Puls and Réjean Ducharme: Le Lactume
  • Author Louise Penny’s 12th novel, A Great Reckoning
  • A piano concerto composed by André Mathieu, Concerto No 3
  • A documentary on Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams (2003–2010), entitled, Danny

We have also acquired the Canadian Home Builders' Association fonds (1943–2016), which consists of operational records, case studies and material relating to many innovative projects undertaken by the Association.

The next edition of What’s new in the collection will be launched this spring.

Happy discoveries!

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