100th anniversary of the Spanish flu outbreak: new Co-Lab challenge

We have added a new challenge to Co-Lab: your collaboration tool! These documents make up a file created by federal public health authorities in response to the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918, exactly 100 years ago.

When the influenza outbreak began, there was no federal department of health. Through these textual documents, you can read about various government departments trying to contain the infectious disease, including their attempts to quarantine ships returning from the First World War. In one document, Prince Edward Island is even considering an entire island quarantine to avoid any further infection reaching its shores! These documents tell the story of a need for a department of health, which was later established in 1919 as a direct response to the tragic pandemic.

With Co-Lab, you can transcribe, translate, tag and describe these incredible archival records. Every word you add becomes new, searchable metadata, which makes our shared history more discoverable and accessible to all. Dive right into 1918 and experience the uncertainty and urgency of a government at war dealing with a national health crisis.

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Defining Moments Canada's travelling exhibit on now at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa

Exhibition, the main lobby at our building at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa

Interested in seeing more historical content on the Spanish flu? The travelling exhibit Struggle Without Rest: Stories of the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918–1919 is available for you to visit in the main lobby at our building at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa until September 24. Entrance is free.

You can also find a wealth of information on the Defining Moments Canada website.

This travelling exhibition is organized and circulated by Defining Moments Canada. It is generously supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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Did you know that you can contribute to any digitized image you find using our Collection SearchBETA? Try it out by opening any image in our new viewer and scrolling down to see options for using Co-Lab within this new search tool.

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