Note: Labour disruption at Canada Post

On October 22, employees at Canada Post began rotating strikes. Our regular services will be maintained during this period. However, please take note of the following recommendations that may assist in minimizing any delays with respect to your service requests.

Reference and reproduction services

All of our service points (Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg and Vancouver) offer a variety of means by which you may access our services.

During the strike, clients who would normally deal with us by mail may seek out alternative solutions by consulting the reference services or reproduction services pages on our web site, or by calling 1-866-578-7777.

Access to information requests

At present, there are several avenues for presenting access to information requests: regular mail, in person or electronically (via email or fax). We strongly recommend that such requests de submitted via our online form. To find out more, consult our instructions on how to make a request.

Pre-strike mailings

If you sent a reference or access to information request, in the days or weeks prior to the strike, please call us at 1-866-578-7777 or email us at to confirm the receipt of your request or make alternative arrangements, if required.

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