Work from and for your community— Indigenous archivists needed

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If you are, or aspire to be an archivist and are an Indigenous person, this opportunity is for you. We are looking for seven talented individuals to work in their regional communities across Canada, helping to capture stories and safeguard Indigenous languages. See full details on

In the 2017 Government of Canada budget, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) was allocated funding to implement two digitization initiatives, which are currently under development. We are looking for Indigenous staff to help create and maintain lasting connections with communities.

We are committed to playing a significant role in reconciliation between the Government of Canada and Indigenous peoples. Our approach is centred on community-based engagement. Specifically, LAC is committed to reconciliation based on the recognition of the following:

We will offer archival training and support to candidates without archival studies education to encourage applicants from varied backgrounds.

Read more on the Indigenous Documentary Heritage Initiatives.

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