Santa entrusts conservation of his Naughty & Nice lists to Library and Archives Canada

The Christmas spirit was alive and well at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) when Santa Claus came by to drop off his lists of naughty and nice children for conservation.

After the visit last May by the infamous Darth Vader, word got around among other big names. The popularity of Canada's national archives soared, and it soon became the number-one memory institution for heritage preservation. Last week, we officially learned that Santa had made his choice and would entrust LAC with conserving the Christmas collection. The first items are lists of naughty and nice children.

LAC is the perfect place to permanently conserve Santa's archives. Its leading-edge facilities are a safe place to preserve all types of archives, including living documents like lists of good boys and girls. Santa's archives are kept in an antechamber where the temperature is kept at −18°C, just like in Santa's realm.

Given the sensitivity of those documents, only people with the ultra-secret security code can consult them. After a thorough investigation, Mrs. Claus and the Good Fairy were given the security code.

We cannot disclose too much about the acquisition of this new collection, but LAC wants to assure everyone that we will work closely with Santa and his team to preserve this heritage, personal information about children of all ages who have been nice, and the magic of Christmas.

“The goal is to have Library and Archives Canada become the keepers of the Christmas collection. We started with lists of naughty and nice children, and if everything goes well, it will take me a year to do some housecleaning at the North Pole with Mrs. Claus. Maybe by next year, we'll be ready to bring in the letters! Ho! Ho! Ho!” – Santa

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