The third issue of Signatures is here! Canada: 150 years of stories, great and small

What better way to celebrate this important anniversary than with a gift prepared for you by employees of Library and Archives Canada. The latest issue of Signatures will take you on a journey through history with articles as inspiring and varied as the cultural mosaic of our great country.


  • our oldest literary work from 1470, and the incredible collection it is part of
  • the history behind Confederation
  • our food culture and its multi-ethnic flavours
  • our iconic building on Wellington Street in Ottawa
  • the mission of French Canadian soldiers in the British secret service, revealed in a letter from our archives
  • the Virtual Gramophone, truly one of the gems in our collection
  • the history of administrative services in Canada's public service: 150 years of loyal service
  • the views of HervĂ© Lemoine, Archives de France, during the last Wallot-Sylvestre Seminar
  • and a glimpse of what our colleagues in the regions are up to, presented in "LAC Perspectives"

These articles feature unique images from our collection, some of them recent finds, digitized for the first time to enhance your reading pleasure! We hope you will find this issue both enlightening and entertaining!

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