View gold mine of LAC photos at new Canadian Photography Institute exhibition

Rink Rapid, Lewes (Yukon River) August 22, 1887

George Mercer Dawson
Rink Rapid, Lewes (Yukon River)  August 22, 1887
albumen print
  Library and Archives Canada, e011202690

On November 3, the Gold and Silver: Images and Illusions of the Gold Rush exhibition will open at the Canadian Photography Institute (CPI) located at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. For this exhibition, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) loaned 33 photographs taken by George Mercer Dawson during an 1887 expedition along the Yukon River. The exhibition will also showcase digital images of other Dawson photographs on display through a touchpad.

The exhibition runs until April 2, 2018.

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