Help transcribe Lady Macdonald’s diary!

While Sir John A. Macdonald was building a national government for the new Dominion of Canada in July 1867, his wife, Lady Susan Agnes Macdonald, started writing a diary.

Be a fly on the wall of history

In this 150th year of Confederation, it seems fitting that our next online transcription project will be Lady Macdonald’s diary.

Help us transcribe this unique document, and get a first-hand account of the earliest days of the new Dominion from the viewpoint of one of Canada’s most prominent women of the time.

Lady Macdonald’s diary not only provides a window on her daily activities, social obligations, and private experiences, but also affords keen insight into the often-tumultuous political culture of the new nation.

Making our heritage accessible to all

Following the success of last year’s online transcription project, The Coltman Report, we’re again inviting you to help make Canada’s heritage accessible to all Canadians.

Visit the transcription tool page to get started!

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