Expo 67 Mission Impossible documentary – Library and Archives Canada makes thousands of documents available on the event that marked a generation

Through a collaboration agreement between Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and les Productions de la Ruelle, LAC has made available thousands of archival documents that inspired the creators of the thrilling documentary Expo 67 Mission Impossible. This film will have its television premiere in French on Canal D, Sunday, April 30, at 7 p.m. The documentary will also be shown in selected movie theatres.

About the documentary

This thrilling documentary reveals the amazing story behind the wildly successful greatest universal exposition of the 20th century. Thanks to unprecedented access to more than 80,000 documents carefully preserved by LAC as well as interviews with key players, les Productions de la Ruelle helps viewers relive both the exciting countdown to the opening and the 183 days of Expo 67!

Watch the trailer for Expo 67 Mission Impossible
Experience Expo 67 virtually by visiting LAC’s website (archived site)
See the broadcast schedule and description (in French only) for the documentary on Canal D

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