Library and Archives Canada: agreement with Western University

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and Western University in London, Ontario, have agreed to share expertise and knowledge.

The two organizations will collaborate in supporting academic advancement, research practices and technological developments, and will proactively facilitate outreach to promote Canadian documentary heritage. They will achieve these goals through workshops, training programs and student placements.

This collaboration, set to last until 2022, will be beneficial to officials and professionals at LAC as well as to professors, students, librarians and archivists from Western. This is the eighth such agreement that LAC has signed with a Canadian university. These agreements are in keeping with LAC's priorities, as it strives to be on the leading edge of archival science, library science and related new technologies. They will help ensure that LAC continues to play an active role in national and international networks.

From left to right: Dara Price, Director, Strategic Research and Policy, Library and Archives Canada; Thomas Carmichael, Dean, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University; Guy Berthiaume, Librarian and Archivist of Canada; Catherine Steeves, Vice Provost and Chief Librarian, Western University; and Boris Stipernitz, Director, Governance and Collaboration, Library and Archives Canada.

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