Look Again! LAC’s 2016–2017 Annual Report

Photo of cover Annual Review 2016-2017

Did you know that the Molson Coors brewery launched a new beer in 2016, inspired by a recipe found in the Molson archives preserved at Library and Archives Canada (LAC)? Or that through the initiative of Project Naming, First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities have identified the people and places depicted in thousands of photographs held in LAC’s collections? Or that LAC has acquired a case of 81 CDs containing every Glenn Gould album released between 1955 and 1981? Or that the 534 pages of the report on the Battle of Seven Oaks, a historic event that marked the emergence of the Métis Nation, were transcribed in less than a month by enthusiastic members of the public and are now accessible and discoverable online?

These are just a few of the highlights and amazing facts found in Look Again!, LAC’s 2016–2017 Annual Report. The publication focuses on the most memorable moments of the past 12 months, and showcases LAC’s efforts to encourage Canadians to get to know themselves better through the rich documentary heritage it acquires, processes, preserves and makes accessible.

Look Again! presents LAC’s holdings in all their wealth and diversity and demonstrates how they inspire creators, give new life to communities, help families to discover their roots, and document the contributions made by Canadians, both at home and abroad.

Would you like to find out more? Read LAC’s 2016–2017 Annual Report!

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