Births, Marriages and Deaths Recorded in Canada


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This database only includes references from the collections described in The records section directly below. For information about where to search for other records, please see Other resources.

The records

Family events such as births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials are key elements of genealogy and family history research. These events are recorded in church records and in other official documents. Library and Archives Canada holds a small collection of such documents, some of which are indexed by name.

This database only includes references found within the following fonds or collections:

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Williamstown, Ontario (MG9-D7-14, volumes 1 and 2, microfilm C-3030)

This is a register of baptisms and marriages performed by Rev. John Bethune, 1779-1817. Microfilm C-3030 is digitized on Héritage; the pages for this register start on image number 321.  

Miller, W.J. (Bill) Collection (MG25-G370, volumes 1 to 87, microfilm H-1668 to H-1684)

These are genealogies compiled by Bill Miller relating to 1,200 families of Leeds County, Ontario. Mr. Miller searched newspaper obituaries, census returns, church records and other local sources. He created a page for each individual with information and sources he found concerning that person. In some cases, he also included copies of correspondence, certificates, announcements, newspaper clippings, etc. The entries in this database are not from those individual pages, but from the printed finding aid (FA1470), which contains the surnames found in the collection. The page number(s) provided in the database can be used to locate the actual pages that include the full names and available details. The pages are arranged alphabetically.

These microfilms have been digitized on Héritage. Note that the archival page numbers provided in the database are not the same as image numbers.

Kipling Collection (MG25-G62, index cards, microfilm H-1344)

Part of the Kipling Collection  consists of about 4,000 index cards prepared by Clarence Kipling from the following three parish registers of the Red River area of Manitoba:

  • St. John's Anglican Church (some marriages and burials between 1820 and 1882)
  • St. Andrew's Anglican Church (some marriages and burials between 1835 and 1884)
  • St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church (some baptisms, marriages and burials between 1824 and 1834)

All of the details on those cards was entered into this database (see digitized cards on microfilm H-1344). The actual parish registers are not held by Library and Archives Canada. The Anglican Church records are held at the Archives of the Diocese of Rupert's Land in  Winnipeg. The St. Boniface Church records are held at the Centre du patrimoine - La Société historique de Saint-Boniface.

Mr. Kipling also compiled over 600 genealogical studies of the origins and descendants of Red River settlers, original fur traders, and servants of the Hudson's Bay Company and North West Company, covering the years from about 1749 to 1884. He consulted various sources, such as church registers, census returns, Métis scrip records, newspapers and the Biographical Dictionary of the Nor'westers.

Consult the Kipling Collection Finding Aid 1368 PDF 24.8 MB for an alphabetical list of the families included. The records are not available online. You can visit Library and Archives Canada to view the documents on site or order copies. On the order form, include the archival reference as follows: MG25-G62, volume 1, name, page number(s).

Note that the cards referred to in Finding Aid 1368 are the ones that were entered in this database as explained above.

Yukon Territorial Records, Applications for Marriage Licenses (RG91-B-4, volume 76, microfilm M-2883)

This series contains about 750 applications received by the Issuer of Licenses of the Yukon Territory from 1901 to 1917. Each application contains the names and ages of both parties as well as the date and place. Finding Aid 91-4 is the printed list of names that was used to create this database index.

Although the original records are held at the Yukon Archives, Library and Archives Canada has a copy on microfilm M-2883. That reel is not available online. You can visit Library and Archives Canada to view that self-serve reel on site or you can order copies. On the order form, include the archival reference as follows: RG91-B-4, volume 76, names, license number, microfilm M-2883.

The Yukon Archives also holds some collections of church records.

Joseph E. and Arthur Gravelle Fonds (MG25-G271)

Arthur Gravelle and his son Father Joseph E. Gravelle collected genealogical information from a variety of sources, including parish registers and information from family members. The notes they made were typed onto cards (part of Finding Aid 1180) and the details on those cards were input into this database. The information relates to some families living in the following parts of eastern Ontario and western Quebec:

  • Ontario: Arnprior, Astorville, Bonfield, Corbeil, Huntley, Packenham, Renfrew County (Eganville, Killaloe, etc.) and St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Ottawa.
  • Quebec: Bouchette, Buckingham, Hull and Pontiac County (Bristol, Clarendon, Shawville, etc.).

Sources were not indicated on the cards, so to continue your research, we recommend that you visit our Genealogy and Family History pages to learn where and how to access different types of records.

Note that a few of the cards included newspaper clippings, such as obituaries. That information was not entered in the database. Also, for some surnames, it appears that some of the cards were missed during the inputting process. If you want to consult the actual cards yourself, you can visit Library and Archives Canada. The cards are available in a cabinet in the Genealogy room on the third floor. Alternatively, you can hire a local researcher to consult the cards and any other relevant sources on your behalf. See H​iring a Freelance Researcher.

The database

This database contains approximately 36,000 references to family events from the sources listed above in the section that describes The records. The database entries are in the original language of those records. Some of the documents are difficult to read, therefore some information may be incorrect or incomplete.

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How to obtain copies

Library and Archives Canada can provide copies of the Yukon applications for marriage licenses. See the instructions under The records.

For the other collections, there is no further information available or the records can be accessed online or the records are held elsewhere. Each database entry indicates the fonds (collection). To learn more about the fonds of interest to you, please consult the relevant section under The records.

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