Dance costume worn by Jean-Pierre Perreault

Dance Briefs - Dance costume worn by J.P. Perreault during performance

Source : Mikan 3912695

Yes, this dance costume is in Canada’s archives.

It is probably Jean-Pierre Perreault’s stage costume for the “Trilogy, Part I” show from 1972.

Perreault was co-director of Le Groupe de la Place Royale dance company, which was founded by Jeanne Renaud and Peter Boneham in Montréal in 1966. This company relocated to Ottawa in 1977, became Le Groupe Dance Lab in 1988, and closed down in 2009. When our staff members were reviewing the contents of the dance company’s boxes and Boneham’s personal collection, they discovered the small clothing item in a resealable plastic bag.

The dance briefs were given to Boneham by Perreault, who was one of the most innovative choreographers in contemporary dance. Perreault passed away in 2002 at the age of 55.

Discovering the costume in our archives is a bit like a hockey fan finding a game jersey worn by Bobby Orr.

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