Square marshmallows on a wooden platter, dusted in icing sugar

Marshmallows (1915)

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Five Roses Cookbook, 1915


  • 2 tbsp gelatine (rounded)
  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • Flavoring to taste


Soak the gelatine in 8 tbsp cold water.

Heat the sugar with 1/2 cup water until dissolved.

Add gelatine to syrup and just bring it to a boil, take off the stove and let stand in a bowl until partially cool.

Add salt and flavoring, beat with spoon until only soft enough to settle into a sheet.

Dust granite pans thickly with powdered sugar, pour in the candy about 1/2 inch deep, and set to cool until it will not come off the finger.

Turn out on powdered paper, cut in cubes and roll in sugar. Nuts, chocolate, or candied fruit may be beaten in, or the marshmallows may be rolled in grated cocoanut before being powdered.

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