Library and Archives Canada to preserve the Naughty & Nice Lists

On December 21, 2018, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) received an official visit from Santa Claus, who dropped off the first items in the Christmas collection: his lists of naughty and nice children.

Ever since the visit last May by the infamous Darth Vader, some big names, including Santa, have been looking at LAC as their first choice for heritage preservation.

Ten reasons why LAC is the perfect choice for conserving lists of naughty and nice children

1. Storage

A preservation vault

Canada's library and archives realm is a centre of excellence for conserving historical documents that are very important to Canadians, but also to Santa, such as the First printed account of Hudson's discoveries in the Canadian Arctic, and the first map of Hudson's Bay and adjacent territory.

"LAC knows how to look after archives related to my corner of the world, so of course I'll entrust them with my other documents!" – Santa

Having his materials safely stored gives Santa the peace of mind he needs to focus on preparations for his big world tour on December 25.

2. An ideal facility

Man shivering in the snow

The lists have always been stored at the North Pole and were designed for that kind of climate. So Santa decided that the antechamber of the cold storage room would be the perfect place to store them, given similar conditions to those in his village.

3. The Reference Services team and our genealogy experts

Reference room with genealogy experts

If Santa needs to do some research on the children on his naughty and nice lists, our genealogy experts will be able to suggest some strategies and search tools, or maybe even search a database on his behalf.

4. A chance for a tasty snack with every visit!

Cookies and carrots

A LAC employee, who prefers to remain anonymous, makes the most delicious cookies, and promised Santa a generous serving each time he visits us. Anyone who's interested can look for the recipe in our Canadian cookbooks collection.

5. Architecture of the Preservation CentreA room in the Preservation Centre that ressembles a silo

Santa declared that he was very inspired by the modern architecture of the Preservation Centre, and he plans to use it as a model when he renovates his village!

6. The perfect places for new encounters

A reindeer and a deer

The reindeer, and Comet in particular, love the geographic setting of our Preservation Centre in Gatineau and our other service points across the country. They also like making new friends when they drop in.

7. For a greener North Pole! (Figuratively, not literally)

BancTec digitizer

The digitization team works hard, hand in hand with the technical elves, to find ways to digitize the lists so Santa can access them from the comfort of his home, and thereby limit his annual travels. Even Santa has to be mindful of his environmental footprint!

8. Songs of the Season

Drawing of 3 people singing

When he listened to our latest podcast, Santa discovered that LAC has the biggest collection of Canadian Christmas and seasonal music. He's thrilled to be able to listen to his favourites during his visits!

9. Points of service from east to west

A person feeding a reindeer

Santa appreciates having access to our experts regardless of where he might be in Canada! The reindeers are particularly excited about being able to munch carrots on the roof of the Vancouver Public Library, our most western service point!

10. A gold mine of reference works!

Eaton's mail order Christmas Book 1956

Over time, LAC's collection of toy registries and other types of reference works (catalogues) has become an essential resource for Santa and his elves. As well, they love going through them and seeing some of their old inventions that have become classics!

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