Microform Holdings

Through legal deposit, Library and Archives Canada receives all newspapers filmed after January 1, 1988 for which more than three copies are produced. When funds are available, our priority is to purchase Canadian commercial newspapers on microfilm which were not received through legal deposit.

To locate microform newspapers in our collection browse the geographical microform list.

About the geographical microform list

  • organized by province or territory, then by city
  • contains over 2,300 Canadian titles including ethnic, native and student newspapers
  • enables onsite clients to locate microform copies using the unique Amicus number for each newspaper title
  • contains links to the online version (where available)

Using the geographical microform list

  • Each newspaper is entered according to the masthead title (name of the newspaper printed in large type at the top of the front page). "See" and "see also" references are used extensively to link to variations in titles and to changes in place of publication.
  • English-language newspapers are listed in English; French-language newspapers in French; other languages are listed in the language used; notes provided are bilingual.
  • Square brackets [ ] are used to indicate incomplete holdings.
  • An asterisk * is used to indicate a current subscription.

Sample entry

Kitimat northern sentinel.
(AMICUS 11219955)

Kitimat northern sentinel
This is the title of the newspaper as it appears on the microform. In most cases, this is the masthead title of the newspaper as it appeared for most of its run. We have tried to simplify the title changes for many of the newspapers. However, a complete publishing history may be found in the Union List of Canadian Newspapers on Microfiche or through AMICUS.
This entry indicates where the newspaper is stored at Library and Archives Canada.
NJ – indicates it is a newspaper (journal)
FM – indicates the material type (microfiche/microfilm)
OCLC 20371042
Each record is assigned a unique number in AMICUS. Researchers can retrieve any date indicated for a particular newspaper as long as the NJ.FM. number matches the holdings.
Another edition NJ.FM.2085 (AMICUS 11219955)
Another edition may be listed when more than one micropublisher has filmed a newspaper.
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