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Quebec: Témiscaming - Westmount

** = print edition discarded when the microfilm is received
[ ] = incomplete holdings/issues missing
(d.) = daily edition
(w.) = weekly edition
(2/w.) = 2 times per week
(3/w.) = 3 times per week


Tem times.
NJ.FM.1702 (OCLC 24279996)
Another edition NJ.FM.1908 (OCLC 24279996)


See Hull, QC


Courrier. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.139 (OCLC 19230204)
Another edition NJ.FM.2866 (OCLC 44078025)

Écho de Terrebonne. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.153 (OCLC 18993097)
Another edition NJ.FM.153 (OCLC 27203215)

Revue de Terrebonne.
NJ.FM.241 (OCLC 19339655)
Another edition NJ.FM.3179 (OCLC 122934021)

Thetford Mines

See Aiglon. Lac Etchemin, QC

Canadien. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.925 (OCLC 16876451)

Le mégantic : courage et labeur. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.2504 (OCLC 43826865)

NJ.FM.2479 (OCLC 40590147)

Or blanc. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.1702 (OCLC 24368565)

Progrès de Thetford Mines.
NJ.FM.2648 (OCLC 43829161)


Journal de Touraine.
See Régional de l'Outaouais. Hull, QC

Town of Mount Royal

Buys from Town of Mount Royal Weekly Post.
N / J fiche (OCLC 20665830)

Post. Available Online
NJ.FM.1499 (OCLC 22478676)
Another edition N / J fiche (OCLC 16375362)


Le courrier de Trois-Pistoles.
NJ.FM.2785 (OCLC 43834915)


Action canadienne.
NJ.FM.2013 (OCLC 24860604)

Ami du peuple.
NJ.FM.2023 (OCLC 24860605)

L'ami de la religion et du roi.
NJ.FM.604 (OCLC 20268345)

NJ.FM.101 (OCLC 19925625)

L'avenir de la Mauricie.
NJ.FM.2671 (OCLC 43829306)
See also L'avenir. Cap-de-la-Madeleine, QC

Bas-Canada. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.111 (OCLC 20001440)

Bien public. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.885 (OCLC 16509842)

La chronique de la Vallée du St-Maurice. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.2973 (OCLC 51747540)

Clairon. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.2613 (OCLC 1006638068)

Concorde. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.734 (OCLC 22390114)

Constitutionnel. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.593 (OCLC 1007354587)
Another edition NJ.FM.1378 (OCLC 20268333)

NJ.FM.2001 (OCLC 24860456)
Another edition NJ.FM.2025 (OCLC 25066541)


Le cultivateur indépendent.
NJ.FM.585 (OCLC 20501622)

L'écho du Saint Maurice. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.584 (OCLC 20253951)

L'ère nouvelle. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.155 (OCLC 16164713)
Another edition NJ.FM.836 (OCLC 20109131)

NJ.FM.529 (OCLC 20285726)
Microfilmed with Peuple travailleur. Montréal, QC
Another edition NJ.FM.1926 (OCLC 25313909)

NJ.FM.2176 (OCLC 27165312)

Gazette des Trois-Rivières. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.547 (OCLC 61487175)
Another edition NJ.FM.538 (OCLC 20160419)

Hebdo de Trois Rivières. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.954 (OCLC 22244894)
Another edition NJ.FM.3165 (OCLC 63196187)
See also Hebdo du Cap-de-la-Madeleine. Cap-de-la-Madeleine, QC

NJ.FM.2184 (OCLC 27202924)

Indépendance canadienne. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.173 (OCLC 16679350)

Inquirer and Three Rivers commercial advertiser.
NJ.FM.1013 (OCLC 22418880)
Another edition NJ.FM.197 (OCLC 20125356)
Another edition NJ.FM.529 (OCLC 20273673)
Microfilmed with Peuple travailleur. Montréal, QC

Intérêt public. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.3050 (OCLC 52721143)

Journal des Trois-Rivières.
NJ.FM.188 (OCLC 19598112)
Another edition NJ.FM.436 (OCLC 21401341)

Journal métropolitain.
NJ.FM.1702 (OCLC 24256615)

Liberté. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.2391 (OCLC 43827284)

The new era.
NJ.FM.2593 (OCLC 43828621)

Le nouvel lib. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.1982 (OCLC 25423650)

Le nouveau Trois-Rivières. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.2503 (OCLC 43826870)

Le Nouvelliste.
*NJ.FM.433 (OCLC 15276469)

La paix.
NJ.FM.502 (OCLC 1006767208)

La revue d'histoire et de généalogie du Canada.
NJ.FM.529 (OCLC 20365553)
Microfilmed with Peuple travailleur. Montréal, QC

NJ.FM.2611 (OCLC 43828725)

Trifluvien. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.1316 (OCLC 43828164)
Another edition NJ.FM.2503 (OCLC 52330262)

Val d'or

Abitibi dimanche.
NJ.FM.96 (OCLC 19242928)

L'écho abitibien.
NJ.FM.855 (OCLC 19451567)

L'écho de Malartic.
NJ.FM.855 (OCLC 19451545)
Microfilmed with L'écho abitibien. Val d'Or. QC

Publi journal.
NJ.FM.2717 (OCLC 43645565)
Microfilmed with Le régional plus. Val d'Or. QC

Le régional plus.
NJ.FM.2706 and NJ.FM.2717 (OCLC 43645566)
Microfilmed with Publi journal. Val d'Or. QC

Star. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.1907 (OCLC 24570917)


Ville-Saint-Michel et ville Bélair.
NJ.FM.1702 (OCLC 24266916)


St. Maurice chronicle.
NJ.FM.1265 (OCLC 16617550)


Le courrier de Valleyfield.
NJ.FM.2077 (OCLC 25589905)

L'Echo du bazar. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.2173 (OCLC 27019182)

La Gazette de Valleyfield. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.1114 (OCLC 16679302)

Progrès. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.1248 (OCLC 16679188)

St. Lawrence sun.
See St. Lawrence sun. Beauharnois, QC

Le Salaberry. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.1408 (OCLC 22254351)

Le Salaberry : organe conservateur des divisions de Salaberry et Rigaud.
NJ.FM.2949 (OCLC 51037643)

La vigie.
NJ.FM.2966 (OCLC 51747539)



NJ.FM.1491 (OCLC 22478662) and (OCLC 22478664)

Le journal l'archipel.
NJ.FM.2663 (OCLC 43829273)

Journal de Verdun.
NJ.FM.1702 (OCLC 24256627)
Another edition NJ.FM.2427 (OCLC 24256627)

Le messager / The messenger.
NJ.FM.860 (OCLC 16876296) and (OCLC 22155492)

Verdun free press.
NJ.FM.2863 (OCLC 44436107)

Le voyageur : Association des employés Northern Electric / The voyager : Northern Electric Employee Association.
NJ.FM.3086 (OCLC 57172459) and (OCLC 57172457)
Another edition NJ.FM.3094 (OCLC 57172460) and (OCLC 57172457)


NJ.FM.2007 (OCLC 25066590)

Défricheur. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.1047 (OCLC 1007299286)

Le mini-journal.
NJ.FM.3041 (OCLC 937506757)
Continues Voix de Wolfe. Victoriaville, QC

La nouvelle.
NJ.FM.2621 (OCLC 43828879)

NJ.FM.440 (OCLC 19272294)

Union des cantons de l'est.
NJ.FM.440 (OCLC 985423184)

Voix de Wolfe. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.3041 (OCLC 937395408)
Continued by Le mini-journal. Victoriaville, QC

La voix des bois francs. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.387 (OCLC 16887858)


Journal témiscamien.
NJ.FM.1702 (OCLC 24267003)

Progrè du Témiscamingue.
NJ.FM.3123 (OCLC 55949700)


Advertiser. Available Online
NJ.FM.844 (OCLC 16319266)

Éclair. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.3005 (OCLC 52257263)

Journal de Waterloo. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FN.1153 (OCLC 16515979)

Review and District of Bedford intelligencer.
NJ.FM.2134 (OCLC 26883939)

Le Shefford. Available Online (French only)
NJ.FM.2954 (OCLC 51090403) and (OCLC 51090404)


See also Montréal, Québec

Buys from the Westmount Examiner.
N / J fiche (OCLC 957048538)

NJ.FM.1494 (OCLC 22470940)
Another edition N / J fiche (OCLC 16402770)

Westmount advertiser.
See Westmount advertiser. Montréal, QC

Westmount news. Available Online
See Westmount news. Montréal, QC

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