Microform Holdings - Geographical List: Ontario (Toronto)

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Ontario: Toronto

** = print edition discarded when the microfilm is received
[ ] = incomplete holdings/issues missing
(d.) = daily edition
(w.) = weekly edition
(2/w.) = 2 times per week
(3/w.) = 3 times per week


Advocate. Available Online
NJ.FM.846 (OCLC 13171535)
Another edition NJ.FM.975 (OCLC 63196189)

The aircrafter.
NJ.FM.3102 (OCLC 57172470)
Another edition NJ.FM.3103 (OCLC 57172597)
See also Amalgamated aircrafter. Toronto, ON

NJ.FM.847 (OCLC 1007724315)

Amalgamated aircrafter.
NJ.FM.3102 (OCLC 57172469)
Another edition NJ.FM.3103 (OCLC 57172467)

The annex gleaner.
N / J fiche (OCLC 1006977510)

Atin ito = News feature.
NJ.FM.1632 (OCLC 23455600)

The banished Briton.
NJ.FM.2411 (OCLC 40525574)

NJ.FM.880 (OCLC 1019216768)

Batkivshchyna : orhan ukraïnskoï konservatyvnoï dumky= Our country.
NJ.FM.1660 (OCLC 1019421835) and (OCLC 23659431)

Beach metro community news.
N / J fiche (OCLC 20244090)

Belarus : chasapis belarusau Paunochnae Ameryki = Bielarus : Byelorussian newspaper of North America (Canadian edition).
NJ.FM.1664 (OCLC 24296532)

Belarus : chasapis belarusau Paunochnae Ameryki = Bielarus : Byelorussian newspaper of North America Belarus (U.S. edition).
NJ.FM.1664 (OCLC 24296528)

Belaruski holas = Byelorussian voice.
NJ.FM.1714 (OCLC 20309071) and (OCLC 20178015)

Bloor West villager.
NJ.FM.372 (OCLC 27018787)
Another edition N / J fiche (OCLC 27019109)

Bloor West villager. (Special St. James edition)
N / J fiche (OCLC 26757904)

Borba : glasilo jugoslavenskih radnika u Kanadi.
NJ.FM.1792 (OCLC 22471131)
Continued by Slobodna misao. Toronto, ON

British colonist. Available Online
NJ.FM.894 (OCLC 639909234)

Briva balss = Free voice.
NJ.FM.1716 (OCLC 21103531)

CCF news.
See Cooperative Commonwealth Federation news. Toronto, ON

Cabbagetown-Riverdale news.
N / J fiche (OCLC 16872271)

NJ.FM.1203 (OCLC 21101597)
Microfilmed with Petaubun = Peep of day. Sarnia, ON

Canada Scotsman.
NJ.FM.1721 (OCLC 20977494)
See also Canada Scotsman. Montréal, QC

NJ.FM.1655 (OCLC 23659253)

Canadian and British news of Canada.
NJ.FM.910 (OCLC 25589785)

Canadian correspondent. Available Online
See Correspondent and advocate. Toronto, ON

Canadian forward.
NJ.FM.427 (OCLC 36289020)
Continued by Social democrat. Toronto, ON
Another edition NJ.FM.2139 (OCLC 26883943)

Canadian freeman. Available Online
NJ.FM.920 (OCLC 22478524)
Another edition NJ.FM.1383 (OCLC 26883940)
Another edition NJ.FM.1496 (OCLC 22478520)
Another edition NJ.FM.2136 (OCLC 1006817407)

Canadian India times.
NJ.FM.1657 (OCLC 24280579)
Another edition NJ.FM.1723 (OCLC 21103906)
Continues India Times. Toronto, ON

Canadian Jewish news.
NJ.FM.1724 (OCLC 20284898)
See also Canadian Jewish news. Montréal, QC

Canadian labor press.
NJ.FM.3129 (OCLC 56357212)

The Canadian Negro.
NJ.FM.1730 (OCLC 21344273)

Canadian radio guide.
NJ.FM.21 (OCLC 1007774576)

Canadian tribune.
NJ.FM.921 (OCLC 15862951)
Another edition NJ.FM.3138 (OCLC 60460046)
Another edition NJ.FM.3139 (OCLC 60460046)
Another edition N / J fiche (OCLC 19769983)
Continued by Tribune. Toronto, ON
See also Daily tribune. Toronto, ON

Canadian UE news.
NJ.FM.3087 (OCLC 1007252175)
Another edition NJ.FM.3097 (OCLC 1037176447)
Filmed with Oshaworker : International Union of United Automobile, Aircraft and Agricultural Implement Workers of America. Oshawa, ON

Canadian unioneer.
NJ.FM.3145 (OCLC 61384566)
Another edition NJ.FM.3146 (OCLC 61384569)

Carpenters monthly bulletin.
NJ.FM.3114 (OCLC 57184861)
NJ.FM.3115 (OCLC 57184859)
Continues Trade report of the Ontario Provincial Council. Toronto, ON

Catholic citizen.
NJ.FM.134 (OCLC 43828053)

NJ.FM.134 (OCLC 1035392814)

The citizen's news : a monthly newspaper for all ethnic groups.
NJ.FM.1710 (OCLC 20500937)

NJ.FM.974 (OCLC 19262853)
Another edition NJ.FM.2891 (OCLC 19417905)

Colonial advocate. Available Online
See Advocate. Toronto, ON

The Constitution.
NJ.FM.1011 (OCLC 22281220)

NJ.FM.1733 (OCLC 21101664)
Continues West Indian News observer. Toronto, ON

Cooperative Commonwealth Federation news.
NJ.FM.981 (OCLC 52889581)

Correio português.
NJ.FM.1734 (OCLC 21325926) and (OCLC 21345153)

Correo hispano-americano = Hispano-American news.
NJ.FM.1735 (OCLC 21345101)
Continued by Correo hispanoamericano. Toronto, ON

Correo hispanoamericano.
NJ.FM.1641 (OCLC 24691022)
Continues Hispano-American news. Toronto, ON

Correspondent and advocate.
NJ.FM.975 (OCLC 63196192)
Another edition NJ.FM.3169 (OCLC 63196191)

Corriere canadese = The Canadian courier: national Italian weekly.
NJ.FM.1736 (OCLC 22473269)
Continued by Corriere canadese : quotidiano d'informazione = the Italian daily news. Toronto, ON

Corriere canadese illustrato.
NJ.FM.1739 (OCLC 22473186)

Corriere canadese : quotidiano d'informazione = the Italian daily news.
NJ.FM.1736 (OCLC 22473255)
Continues Corriere canadese = national Italian weekly. Toronto, ON
See also Corriere canadese illustrado. Toronto, ON; Corriere illustrato : Canada's only audited Italian illustrated week-end newspaper. Toronto, ON

Corriere illustrato : Canada's only audited Italian illustrated week-end newspaper.
NJ.FM.1739 (OCLC 22473237)
Another edition NJ.FM.1814 (OCLC 22473173)
See also Corriere illustrato canadese. Toronto, ON

Corriere illustrato canadese.
NJ.FM.1739 (OCLC 22473244)
See also Corriere canadese illustrado; Corriere illustrato : Canada's only audited Italian illustrated week-end newspaper. Toronto, ON

Courier of Upper Canada.
NJ.FM.1497 (OCLC 22478608)

Courrier sud.
NJ.FM.706 (OCLC 19284439)

Crescent international.
NJ.FM.1692 (OCLC 24280652)
Continues Fortnightly crescent : Sada-yi Pakistan. Toronto, ON


Daily atlas.
NJ.FM.2480 (OCLC 43827093)

Daily clarion.
See Clarion. Toronto, ON

Daily colonist.
NJ.FM.999 (OCLC 43828143)
Another edition NJ.FM.2481 (OCLC 43827094)

Daily courier.
NJ.FM.144 (OCLC 19043267)

Daily news.
NJ.FM.955 (OCLC 18926518)
Another edition NJ.FM.2913 (OCLC 48511983)

Daily telegraph (evening).
NJ.FM.1041 (OCLC 1007727200)

Daily telegraph (morning).
NJ.FM.1041 (OCLC 1007727202)

Daily telegraph and evening journal. (d.)
NJ.FM.1041 (OCLC 1019238141)

Daily tribune.
NJ.FM.3138 (OCLC 60460044)
Another editionNJ.FM.3139 (OCLC 60460043)
See also Canadian tribune; Tribune. Toronto, ON

Dansk canadisk tidende = Danish Canadian times.
NJ.FM.1741 (OCLC 22471166)

Darbinink_u szodis / The workers word.
NJ.FM.818 (OCLC 24256677)
Continued by Liaudies balsas / People's voice. Toronto, ON

De Havilland aircrafter.
NJ.FM.3102 (OCLC 57172468)
Another edition NJ.FM.3103 (OCLC 57172466)
See also Aircrafter; Amalgamated aircrafter. Toronto, ON

De Havilland war worker.
NJ.FM.3090 (OCLC 56433468)

Deutsch-kanadische Volkszeitung / German-Canadian news.
NJ.FM.815 (OCLC 896640896)

Deutsche Presse : the largest German newspaper printed in Canada = wöchentliches Organ der deutschsprachigen Bevölkerung in Kanada.
NJ.FM.1689 (OCLC 25468242)

NJ.FM.1645 (OCLC 24280559)

Don Mills Mirror.
NJ.FM.3081 (OCLC 53050266)

See Echo and Protestant episcopal recorder. Montréal, QC

Echo tygodnia.
NJ.FM.1633 (OCLC 24280541)

Echo : tygodnik polski.
NJ.FM.1633 (OCLC 24280543)
Microfilmed with Echo tygodnia. Toronto, ON

Ecouri române,sti = Romanian echos.
NJ.FM.1653 (OCLC 24280667)

Edinost : neodvisno glasilo kanadskih Slovencev.
NJ.FM.1746 (OCLC 22473114)

Eleutheros typos.
NJ.FM.1748 (OCLC 22495670)

Ellenike estia.
NJ.FM.1618 (OCLC 1006902131)

Ellenokanadika chronika = Hellenic-Canadian chronicles.
NJ.FM.1620 (OCLC 24280623)

Ellenokanadike evdomada = Greek Canadian weekly.
NJ.FM.1698 (OCLC 1006936437)

Ellenikon vema = Hellenic tribune of Canada.
NJ.FM.1679 (OCLC 1006750385)

NJ.FM.718 (OCLC 22569742)

NJ.FM.529 (OCLC 20243576)
Microfilmed with Peuple travailleur. Montréal, QC
Another edition NJ.FM.1059 (OCLC 18680402)
See also Mail and empire. Toronto, ON

Evening Canadian.
NJ.FM.529 (OCLC 20285546)
Microfilmed with Peuple travailleur. Montréal, PQ

Evening globe.
NJ.FM.529 (OCLC 20255190)
Microfilmed with Peuple travailleur. Montréal, QC

Evening news.
See Daily news. Toronto, ON

Evening telegram.
See Telegram. Toronto, ON

NJ.FM.1321 (OCLC 613358449)
Another edition NJ.FM.1320 (OCLC 1001356283)

Excalibur. (York University)
See Excalibur. (York University). Downsview, ON

The excavator.
NJ.FM.3110 (OCLC 57667467)
NJ.FM.3111 (OCLC 57667468)

Express de Toronto.
NJ.FM.1094 (OCLC 16273986)
Another edition NJ.FM.2204 (OCLC 27457257)

Eyeopener. (Ryerson Institute of Technology)
N / J fiche (OCLC 20782060)

The farmer's sun : official organ of the United Farmers of Ontario.
NJ.FM.2681 (OCLC 43829277)
Microfilmed with Weekly sun. Toronto, ON

Forest and farm.
NJ.FM.529 (OCLC 20243558)
Microfilmed with Peuple travailleur. Montréal, QC

Forest Hill town crier.
N / J fiche (OCLC 20241888)
Continues Town crier. (Forest Hill, Leaside, Upper Yonge eds.). Toronto, ON

Fortnightly crescent : Sada-yi Pakistan.
NJ.FM.1692 (OCLC 24280648)
Continued by Crescent international. Toronto, ON

Forze nuove.
NJ.FM.1617 (OCLC 22929073)

Il Giornale di Toronto.
NJ.FM.1756 (OCLC 22471238)

Glas Kanade : slu_zbeni organ jugoslavensko kanadskog udru_zenja u Kanadi = the Yugoslav Canadian Voice of Canada: official organ of Association of Canada.
NJ.FM.1753 (OCLC 22478430)
Continued by Glas kanadskih Srba = Voice of Canadian Serbs. Toronto, ON

Glas kanadskih Srba = Voice of Canadian Serbs.
NJ.FM.1757 (OCLC 22478445) and (OCLC 22495848)
Another edition NJ.FM.3178 (OCLC 1019392361)

See Globe and mail. Toronto, ON

Globe. (Christmas issues)
NJ.FM.169 (OCLC 18514687)

Globe. (w.)
NJ.FM.376 (OCLC 18680419)
Microfilmed with Paris star and literary,agriculturalist and family journal. Paris, ON
Another edition NJ.FM.2940 (OCLC 50473115) and (OCLC 50473116)
See also Weekly globe and Canada farmer. Toronto, ON

Globe and mail.
*Self service (OCLC 18680540)
Another edition NJ.FM.794 (OCLC 18451480)
Another edition NJ.FM.2039 (OCLC 25423284)
Microfilmed with La gazette de Joliette. Joliette, QC

Globe weekly and Canada farmer.
See Weekly globe and Canada farmer. Toronto, ON

Gos polski, Gazeta polska = po__aczony organ Zwiazku Narodowego Polskiego w Kanadzie i Stowarzyszenia Polaków w Kanadzie = Polish voice weekly.
NJ.FM.1758 (OCLC 22471215) and (OCLC 22471209)
See also Gos polski , Gazeta polska = po aczony organ Zwiazku Narodowego Polskiego w
Kanadzie i Stowarzyszenia Polakó w Kanadzie = Polish voice weekly. Winnipeg, MB

Gos pracy.
NJ.FM.1759 (OCLC 22473134)

Gujarat varthmaña = Gujarat vartman.
NJ.FM.1666 (OCLC 24280471)


Han-Ka chubo = Korean Canada times.
NJ.FM.903 (OCLC 23236870)

Hankukilbo / The Korea times.
NJ.FM.722 (OCLC 1017500532)
Une autre édition N / J fiche  (OCLC 20985169)

Der Heimatbote.
NJ.FM.1656 (OCLC 24280473)

Hill-Rosedale topics.
NJ.FM.2218 (OCLC 27898496)

Hill topics.
NJ.FM.2216 (OCLC 27898495)
See also Rosedale topics. Toronto, ON

Hlas ludu.
NJ.FM.1760 (OCLC 24368669)

Homin Ukraïny = Ukrainian echo.
NJ.FM.1761 (OCLC 21486328)

Hrvatski put = Croatian way.
NJ.FM.1614 (OCLC 23455595)

Hsing hua jih pao / The Shing wah daily news.
NJ.FM.724 (OCLC 1017513954)
Une autre édition N / J fiche (OCLC 1017519591)

Hung chung shih pao = The Chinese times.
NJ.FM.1763 (OCLC 1006767184)

Di Idishe velt / The Jewish world.
NJ.FM.2915 (OCLC 48511982)

Der Idisher zshurnal = Toronto daily Hebrew journal.
NJ.FM.1809 (OCLC 49533913)
Another edition NJ.FM.3188 (OCLC 122934028)

NJ.FM.1143 (OCLC 220815271)

India times.
NJ.FM.1723 (OCLC 21103914)
Continued by Canada India Times. Toronto, ON

Iraniyan = Iranians.
NJ.FM.1697 (OCLC 24280571)

Irish Canadian.
NJ.FM.1140 (OCLC 427347140)

NJ.FM.1769 (OCLC 21101645)

Jedinstvo : list jugoslavenskih demokratskih doseljenika u Kanadi Unity.
NJ.FM.1764 (OCLC 22471300)
Continued by Nase novine. Toronto, ON

Jornal açoreano = Azorean newspaper.
NJ.FM.1700 (OCLC 24280590)

O Jornal português = The Portuguese newspaper.
NJ.FM.1612 (OCLC 22929065)

Kaenada nyusu = The Canada news.
NJ.FM.1880 (OCLC 24690664)

Der kamf : a vokhnblat in di interesn fun di Idishe arbeter.
NJ.FM.1803 (OCLC 123431730)
Another edition NJ.FM.2029 (OCLC 25066819)
Another edition NJ.FM.2920 (OCLC 25066819)
Another edition NJ.FM.3192 (OCLC 123431725)
See also Der kamf. Montréal, QC

Kanada taimusu = The Canada times.
NJ.FM.904 (OCLC 18809660)

Kanadai magyarság = Canadian Hungarians.
NJ.FM.918 (OCLC 23347183)

Kanader Idishe _vokhnblat= Canader Yidishe wochenblat = Canadian Jewish weekly.
NJ.FM.1803 (OCLC 123431736)
Another edition NJ.FM.2873 (AMICUS 2571116)
Another edition NJ.FM.3192 (OCLC 123431728)

Kanadi_is'ky_i horo_z_hanyn / Canadian citizen.
NJ.FM.797 (OCLC 23347322)
Another edition NJ.FM.919 (OCLC 1006825719)

Kanadski_i gudok = Kanadsky gudok.
NJ.FM.930 (OCLC 24256678)

Kronika tygodniowa = Weekly chronicle.
NJ.FM.1748 (OCLC 16291969)

K'uai pao = Chinese express.
NJ.FM.1731 (OCLC 20443731)

Kurier polsko-kanadyjski = The Polish-Canadian courier.
NJ.FM.1652 (OCLC 23659405)

N / J fiche (OCLC 36688524)

Latvija Amerika.
NJ.FM.1610 (OCLC 1017519794)
Continues Latvija, Briva balss. Toronto, ON

Latvija, Briva balss.
NJ.FM.1716 (OCLC 21103537)
Continued by Latvija Amerika. Toronto, ON

Il lavoratore.
NJ.FM.931 (OCLC 22570128)

Leader. (d.)
NJ.FM.893 (OCLC 13262844)

Leader. (2/w.)
NJ.FM.902 (OCLC 15674033)

Leaside advertiser.
N / J fiche (OCLC 23347359)

Leaside, Yonge East town crier.
N / J fiche (OCLC 27202959)

Liaudies balsas / People's voice.
NJ.FM.819 (OCLC 24280556)
Continues Darbinink_u zodis / The workers word. Toronto, ON

The link.
NJ.FM.3110 (OCLC 57667471)
NJ.FM.3111 (OCLC 57667472)

NJ.FM.1178 (OCLC 270644637)
Microfilmed with Upper Canada gazette. Toronto, ON

Ludovzvesti = People's news.
NJ.FM.1767 (OCLC 22570329)
Continues Zvesti. Toronto, ON

Mackenzie's Toronto weekly message.
NJ.FM.1174 (AMICUS 773244)
Another edition NJ.FM.3057 (OCLC 52500071)

Magyar élet = Hungarian life.
NJ.FM.1522 (OCLC 21401079) and (OCLC 21400878)

See Mail and empire. Toronto, ON

Mail and empire. Available Online
NJ.FM.1124 (OCLC 226112993)
See also Empire. Toronto, ON
Another edition NJ.FM.2039 (OCLC 25423294)
Microfilmed with La gazette de Joliette. Joliette, QC

Makedonski glas.
NJ.FM.1770 (OCLC 24401757)

Meie elu = Our life.
NJ.FM.1611 (OCLC 23659256)

Menora, egyenloség.
NJ.FM.1771 (OCLC 24402143)
Continues Menorah : a kanadai magyar zsidószág lapja. Toronto, ON

Menorah : a kanadai magyar zsidószág lapja.
NJ.FM.1771 (OCLC 24401804)
Continued by Menora, egyenloség. Toronto, ON

The mercury : the only Syrian-Lebanese newspaper in Canada.
NJ.FM.1706 (OCLC 24257221)
See also The Syrian-Lebanese mercury. Toronto, ON

Les mines de Québec.
NJ.FM.2737 (OCLC 43835183)

Minjoong shinmoon.
NJ.FM.709 (OCLC 16860351)

NJ.FM.707 (OCLC 18903612)

Mirror. (Don Mills edition).
See Don Mills Mirror. Toronto, ON

Mirror. (Downsview Weston edition).
NJ.FM.3080 (OCLC 53050275)

Mirror. (North York edition).
See North York Mirror. Toronto, ON

Mirror. (Scarborough edition).
NJ.FM.1386 Je 28, 1967 (OCLC 1006291096)

Mirror. (Weston Downsview edition).
NJ.FM.3080 (OCLC 53050277) and (OCLC 53050278)

Mirror. (Willowdale edition).
See The Willowdale mirror. Willowdale, ON

Mirror. (York Mills edition).
NJ.FM.3081 (OCLC 1006762419)

Mirror-Weston-York times.
NJ.FM.3080 (OCLC 53050276)

NJ.FM.1773 (OCLC 24401801)

Morning star and Toronto transcript.
NJ.FM.202 (OCLC 19105636)
See also Star transcript and general advertiser. Toronto, ON


Nas put : kanadsko-hrvatsko glasilo = Our way: Canadian-Croatian organ.
NJ.FM.1614 (OCLC 23455596)
Continued by Hrvatski put = Croation way. Toronto, ON

Nase hlasy.
NJ.FM.1659 (OCLC 23455573)
Another edition NJ.FM.1775 (OCLC 24401751)

Nase novine.
NJ.FM.1746 (OCLC 22471275) and (OCLC 22471288)
Continues Jedinstvo : list jugoslavenskihdemokratskih doseljenika u Kanadi = Unity. Toronto, ON

Nasha meta = Our aim.
NJ.FM.1701 (OCLC 23455636)

NJ.FM.1198 (OCLC 896598148)

*National post.
NJ.FM.2559 (OCLC 43828085)

Native times.
NJ.FM.728 (OCLC 20242933)
See also TNT : Toronto native times. Toronto, ON

Nav Bharat.
NJ.FM.1695 (OCLC 24280577)

Neoi kairoi = New times.
NJ.FM.1781 (OCLC 24368553)

Neos kosmos : evdomadiaia demokratike ephemeris = New world : Hellenic Canadian weekly newspaper.
NJ.FM.1782 (OCLC 24368547)

The new Canadians.
NJ.FM.1780 (OCLC 22471091)

The new commonwealth.
See Cooperative Commonwealth Federation news. Toronto, ON

The new commonwealth and weekly sun.
See Cooperative Commonwealth Federation news. Toronto, ON

New times.(Weston)
N / J fiche (OCLC 25589875)

See Daily news. Toronto, ON

N / J fiche (OCLC 20121237)

Nezavisna Dr_zava Hrvatska = Independent State of Croatia.
NJ.FM.1604 (OCLC 23659423)

North American. (2/w.)
NJ.FM.1213 (OCLC 43827149)

North American. (w.) Available Online
NJ.FM.1214 (OCLC 40590028)
Another edition NJ.FM.2482 (OCLC 1006994064)

North Jarvis Community Association newsletter.
NJ.FM.2977 (OCLC 52500061)

North Toronto herald.
N / J fiche (OCLC 29736078)

North Toronto post.
N / J fiche (OCLC 40271772)

North Toronto town crier.
N / J fiche (OCLC 40271775)

North York Mirror.
NJ.FM.3080 (OCLC 53050274)
Another edition NJ.FM.3081 (OCLC 53050267)

Novo mundo.
NJ.FM.1779 (OCLC 24368550)

Novo vreme / New time.
NJ.FM.708 (OCLC 20177997)

Nov'y domov = The new homeland.
NJ.FM.1597 (OCLC 23659174)

Nowy kurier polsko-kanadyjski = Polish-Canadian independent courier.
NJ.FM.1652 (OCLC 23659401)

Nuovo mondo.
NJ.FM.1630 (OCLC 24280671)

Ontario and Maritime CCF news.
See Cooperative Commonwealth Federation news. Toronto, ON

Ontario and Maritime news.
See Cooperative Commonwealth Federation news. Toronto, ON

Ontario CCF news.
See Cooperative Commonwealth Federation news. Toronto, ON

Der Österreicher : die Stimme des Bundeslandes in Kanada = The Austrian.
NJ.FM.1689 (OCLC 25468245)

Panorama : il giornale degli Italiani per gli Italiani.
NJ.FM.1621 (OCLC 22929074)

Parkdale citizen.
NJ.FM.1787 (OCLC 22570317)

Parkdale news and West York gazette
NJ.FM.2928 (OCLC 50385762)

Patriot. Available Online
NJ.FM.1495 (OCLC 22631297)

Patriot and farmer's monitor.
See Patriot. Toronto, ON

Patriot and news of the week.
See Patriot. Toronto, ON

Patriot watchman and news of the week.
See Patriot. Toronto, ON

Patriot, watchman, Protestant review, masonic warder and news of the week.
See Patriot. Toronto, ON

Philippine tribune.
NJ.FM.1788 (OCLC 24401755)

NJ.FM.1651 (OCLC 24296681)

The Portuguese Canadian.
NJ.FM.1700 (OCLC 24280589)

NJ.FM.1178 (OCLC 1007738389)
Microfilmed with Upper Canada gazette. Toronto, ON

Pravda : list srpskog radnog naroda u Kanadi = Truth.
NJ.FM.717 (OCLC 20178060)

Presbyterian review.
NJ.FM.529 (OCLC 20285326)
Microfilmed with Peuple travailleur. Montréal, QC

Progresso italo-canadese = Italian-Canadian progress.
NJ.FM.1820 (AMICUS 9978131)

Pro Tem. (Glendon College, York University)
NJ.FM.1591 (OCLC 36289021)

Real estate news.
N / J fiche (OCLC 16386169)

*Report on business.
NJ.FM.509 (OCLC 21103500)
See also Globe and mail. Toronto, ON

Robotnícke slovo = Robitnyche slovo = Worker's word.
NJ.FM.1760 (OCLC 24368670)
Another edition NJ.FM.1827 (OCLC 24623403)

Rosedale topics.
NJ.FM.2217 (OCLC 27898494)

Royal standard.
NJ.FM.251 (OCLC 19417779)

Ryersonian. (Ryerson Polytechnical Institute)
NJ.FM.1033 (OCLC 1007461223)
Another edition N / J fiche (OCLC 20109268)

Saturday globe.
NJ.FM.376 (OCLC 18680690)
Microfilmed with Paris star and literary,agriculturalist and family journal. Paris, ON

Saturday sun.
NJ.FM.824 (OCLC 18110574)
See also Sun; Sunday sun. Toronto, ON

NJ.FM.894 (OCLC 220424821)

Scottish banner.
NJ.FM.244 (OCLC 18115863)

NJ.FM.1642 (OCLC 23659421)

7 news.
N / J fiche (OCLC 27202921)

NJ.FM.1791 (OCLC 25590002)
Another edition NJ.FM.2038 (OCLC 21345129)

Shih tai chou pao = Modern times.
NJ.FM.1690 (OCLC 1017507385)

The Shing wah daily news.
See Hsing hua jih pao / The Shing wah daily news.. Toronto, ON

Slobodna misao.
NJ.FM.1792 (OCLC 22471125)
Continues Borba : glasilo jugoslavenskih radnika u Kanadi. Toronto, ON

Social democrat.
NJ.FM.427 (OCLC 24257086)
Continues Canadian forward. Toronto, ON

Il sole : il giornale degli Italiani in Canada.
NJ.FM.1658 (OCLC 23659428)

Il Sole illustrato.
NJ.FM.1658 (OCLC 23659425)

Il sole : settimanale illustrato : Canada's foremost Italian weekend newspaper.
NJ.FM.1658 (OCLC 23659424)
Another edition NJ.FM.1736 (OCLC 22473155)
Corriere canadese. Toronto, ON


Self service (OCLC 18111518)

Star transcipt and general advertiser.
NJ.FM.202 (OCLC 19105580)
See also Morning star and Toronto transcript. Toronto, ON

NJ.FM.824 (OCLC 18110480)
See also Saturday sun; Sunday sun. Toronto, ON

Sunday star.
NJ.FM.1297 (OCLC 1007737152)
See also Star. Toronto, ON

Sunday sun.
NJ.FM.824 (OCLC 18110544)
See also Sun;Saturday sun. Toronto, ON

Sunday world. Available Online
NJ.FM.1123 (OCLC 144644760)
See also World. Toronto, ON

The Syrian-Lebanese mercury.
NJ.FM.1706  (OCLC 24257215)
See also The mercury : the only Syrian-Lebanese newspaper in Canada. Toronto, ON

TNT : Toronto native times.
NJ.FM.728 (OCLC 1006664619)
See also Native times. Toronto, ON

Tairiku jih_o = The continental times.
NJ.FM.904 (OCLC 22135196)

NJ.FM.825 (OCLC 23598566)
Another edition (the most complete edition) NJ.FM.2308 (OCLC 23598595)

Il Tevere.
NJ.FM.1603 (OCLC 24280674)

Teviskes _ziburiai = The lights of homeland.
NJ.FM.1607 (OCLC 24280639)
Another edition NJ.FM.1795 (OCLC 20184149) and (OCLC 24257091)

NJ.FM.955 (OCLC 18926058)

N / J fiche (OCLC 40271770)

The toiler.
NJ.FM.3098 (OCLC 53435935)
NJ.FM.3099 (OCLC 53435935)

The torch : International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Ironworkers Local 721.
NJ.FM.3086 (OCLC 57172455)
NJ.FM.3094 (OCLC 57172456)

Toronto clarion.
NJ.FM.1382 (OCLC 19284118)

The Toronto Jewish voice.
NJ.FM.2036 (OCLC 25352009)

Toronto mirror.
See Mirror. Toronto, ON

Toronto native times.
NJ.FM.728 (OCLC 20242922)
See also TNT : Toronto native times. Toronto, ON

Toronto voice.
N / J fiche (OCLC 40525516)

Toronto weekly mail.
See Weekly mail. Toronto, ON

Toronto weekly message.
See Mackenzie's Toronto weekly message. Toronto, ON

Toronto's Midtown voice.
N / J fiche (OCLC 40525730)

Torontoer Zeitung.
NJ.FM.1796 (OCLC 36289306)

Town crier. (Forest Hill, Leaside, Upper Yonge editions)
N / J fiche (OCLC 20241878)
Continued by Forest Hill town crier. Toronto, ON

Town crier. (Leaside edition)
N / J fiche (OCLC 20254352)

Town crier. (Upper Yonge edition)
N / J fiche (OCLC 27202963), (OCLC 20026744), (OCLC 27202961)

Trade report of the Ontario Provincial Council.
NJ.FM.3114 (OCLC 57184860)
NJ.FM.3115 (OCLC 57184858)
Continued by Carpenters monthly bulletin. Toronto, ON

NJ.FM.3090 (OCLC 56433466)
Another edition NJ.FM.3091 (AMICUS 29545623)
See also Canadian tribune; Daily tribune. Toronto, ON

The U.A.W.-C.I.O. war worker
NJ.FM.3090 (OCLC 56433467)

U.E. Loyalist (York).
NJ.FM.1178 (OCLC 1007738674)
See also Upper Canada gazette. Toronto, ON

Ukrainian Canadian Herald = Ukrains'ko-kanads'kyi vishnyk.
NJ.FM.2981 (OCLC 52257264)

Ukraïns'ke zhyttia.
NJ.FM.1798  (OCLC 24257088)

Ukraïns'ky_i khrysty_i_ans'ky_i robitnyk = Ukrainian Christian worker.
NJ.FM.797 (OCLC 23347316)
Another edition NJ.FM.798 (OCLC 23347310)

Ukraïns'ky_i robitnyk = Ukrainian toiler.
NJ.FM.797 (OCLC 15674250)
Another edition NJ.FM.798 (OCLC 23598261) and (AMICUS 8274725)

Ukraïns'ky_i robitnyk : ukraïns'ky_i nezale_z_hny_i ty_z_hnevyk = Ukrainian toiler : Ukrainian independent weekly.
NJ.FM.797 (OCLC 23347329)

Upper Canada gazette.
NJ.FM.1178 (OCLC 797130264)

Upper Canada gazette or American oracle.
NJ.FM.1178  (OCLC 1007742769)

Upper Yonge villager.
N / J fiche (OCLC 27202929)

Vaba eestlane = Free Estonian.
NJ.FM.1608 (OCLC 23659249)
Another edition NJ.FM.1801 (OCLC 22934978)

Varsity. (University of Toronto)
NJ.FM.1369 (OCLC 24368113)
Another edition N / J fiche (OCLC 16220386)

Der veg = The road.
NJ.FM.1803 (OCLC 123431733)
Another edition NJ.FM.2921 (OCLC 123431735)
Another edition NJ.FM.3192 (OCLC 123431726)

Vestnik : edinstvennaia v Kanade gazeta russkoi obshchestvennosti = Vestnik = Herald.
NJ.FM.1804 (OCLC 20177984)

Viking : Danish Canadian weekly.
NJ.FM.1710 (OCLC 24256714)

N / J fiche (OCLC 27018781)

Vil'ne slovo / Vilne slovo.
NJ.FM.798 (OCLC 23598257)

La vittoria : rassegna settimanale di pensiero e di azione = The victory.
NJ.FM.1826 (OCLC 24257240)

La voce degli Italo-Canadesi : giornale d'opinione e di educazione popolari.
NJ.FM.1806 (OCLC 22934999)

Vokhnbla_t = Canadian Jewish weekly.
NJ.FM.1803 (OCLC 47293397)
Another edition NJ.FM.2873 (OCLC 47293399)
Another edition NJ.FM.3187 (OCLC 123431726)

Ward 9 community news.
N / J fiche (OCLC 20135931)

Weekly globe and Canada farmer.
NJ.FM.1342 (OCLC 1019284252)

Weekly mail.
NJ.FM.1345 (OCLC 15674343) et (OCLC 15674353)
Another edition NJ.FM.2910 (OCLC 48088793)

Weekly post (York).
See Post. Toronto, ON

Weekly register (York).
NJ.FM.1178 (OCLC 1007738594)

The weekly sun.
NJ.FM.2681 (OCLC 1006540766)
Microfilmed with The farmer's sun : official organ of the United Farmers of Ontario. Toronto, ON

West Indian news observer.
NJ.FM.1733 (OCLC 21101651)
Continued by Contrast. Toronto, ON

West Toronto weekly.
NJ.FM.2355 (OCLC 40589770)

Weston-York times.
NJ.FM.1609 (OCLC 23454327)

See Clarion. Toronto, ON

Workers' unity.
NJ.FM.3090 (OCLC 56433481)
NJ.FM.3091 (OCLC 56433482)

World. Available Online
NJ.FM.1123 (OCLC 144644759)
See also Sunday world. Toronto, ON

York gazette.
See Upper Canada gazette. Toronto, ON

York tribune.
N / J fiche (OCLC 20241763)

Z Hytt_ia i slovo : ukraïns'kyi tyzhnevyk = Zhyttia i slovo : Ukrainian newsweekly.
NJ.FM.1810 (OCLC 20178008)

NJ.FM.1767 (OCLC 22570333)
Continued by Ludové zvesti. Toronto, ON

Zwiazkowiec : organ Zwi_azku Polaków w Kanadzie = Alliancer.
NJ.FM.868 (OCLC 22549246)
Une autre édition N / J fiche (OCLC 20241787)

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