Geographical Microform List: British Columbia

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British Columbia

** = print edition discarded when the microfilm is received
[ ] = incomplete holdings/issues missing
(d.) = daily edition
(w.) = weekly edition
(2/w.) = 2 times per week
(3/w.) = 3 times per week


News - Abbotsford, Sumas and Matsqui.
NJ.FM.23 (OCLC 18451491)


NJ.FM.2086 (OCLC 1006712009)


See Vancouver, BC

Burns Lake

Lakes district news.
NJ.FM.1888 (OCLC 24368341)

Campbell River

NJ.FM.16 (OCLC 18315106)

North Island news.
NJ.FM.35 (OCLC 20603394)

Upper Islander.
NJ.FM.35 (OCLC 20603380) and (OCLC 20603353)


Fraser advance.
NJ.FM.32 (OCLC 1007724764)

NJ.FM.32 (OCLC 18451517)
Microfilmed with Progress. (OCLC 19729746)


See Surrey, BC


See Courtenay, BC


The Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody news.
NJ.FM.305 (OCLC 40525828)

Sunday news.
NJ.FM.25 (OCLC 1006976751)

Tri-city news.
NJ.FM.305 (OCLC 18514671)

Tri-City Wednesday news.
NJ.FM.305 (OCLC 18514671)

Twin City news.
NJ.FM.305 (OCLC 18514671)


Comox argus.
NJ.FM.317 (OCLC 20315932)

Comox district free press.
NJ.FM.1108 (OCLC 18315007) and (OCLC 19461876)

Courtenay argus.
NJ.FM.317 (OCLC 20308559)

Courtenay-Comox argus.
NJ.FM.317 (OCLC 1032954365) 

Courtenay-Comox, Campbell River, Cumberland argus.
NJ.FM.317  (OCLC 20315906) and (OCLC 20315919)

Courtenay free press.
NJ.FM.2445 (OCLC 40525824)


Cumberland Islander.
NJ.FM.1108 (OCLC 18367582)

Dawson Creek

See also Rolla, BC

Dawson creek star.
NJ.FM.148 (OCLC 19216116)

Peace River block news.
NJ.FM.65 (OCLC 20494815)


NJ.FM.1386 (OCLC 1007775296)

Fort George

Fort George herald. Available Online
NJ.FM.2446 (OCLC 40525577)
Continued by Prince George herald. Prince George, BC

Fort St John

Alaska Highway news.
NJ.FM.13 (OCLC 18410487)


Star. Available Online
NJ.FM.258 (OCLC 19276456)

Grand Forks

NJ.FM.2384 (OCLC 40589962)

Grand Forks miner.
NJ.FM.2384 (OCLC 40589962)

Grand Forks miner-gazette.
NJ.FM.2384 (OCLC 40589951)

Grand Forks news.
NJ.FM.2384 (OCLC 40589952)

Grand Forks news-gazette.
NJ.FM.2384 (OCLC 40589969)


Hope standard.
NJ.FM.54 (OCLC 20243945) and (OCLC 20244013)


Daily sentinel.
NJ.FM.39 (OCLC 20286312)

Inland sentinel.
NJ.FM.38 (OCLC 20367765)

Standard and sentinel.
NJ.FM.39 (OCLC 20367775)
Continued by Daily sentinel. Kamloops, BC

NJ.FM.296 (OCLC 20367764)


Daily courier.
NJ.FM.1003 (OCLC 19217081)

Kelowna clarion and Okanagan advocate.
NJ.FM.1538 (OCLC 22631376)

Kelowna courier and Okanagan orchardist.
NJ.FM. 1681 (OCLC 1007615884)

Okanagan Sunday.
NJ.FM.1899 (OCLC 24368700)


Kitimat northern sentinel.
NJ.FM.52 (OCLC 20371042)
Another edition NJ.FM.2085 (OCLC 26244766)


Ladysmith chronicle.
NJ.FM.72 (OCLC 20667783)


NJ.FM.1(OCLC 19451163)

Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge news.
NJ.FM.25 (OCLC 18514611)

Mission City

Fraser Valley record.
NJ.FM.1386 (OCLC 1007794169)


Aika : the only Finnish newsspaper [sic] in Canada.
NJ.FM.1712(OCLC 20983094)

Daily free press.
NJ.FM.69 (OCLC 20667835) and (OCLC 18966406)

Daily herald.
NJ.FM.1004 (OCLC 1006885199)

Nanaimo times.
NJ.FM.57 (OCLC 1006544969)


Daily news.
NJ.FM.2752 (OCLC 16851779)

NJ.FM.1179 (OCLC 19901471)

Nelson weekly miner.
See Miner. Nelson, BC

Weekly news.
NJ.FM.1179 (OCLC 15674213)

New Westminster

British Columbian. Available Online
NJ.FM.906 (OCLC 18921507) and (OCLC 18921491)
Another edition NJ.FM.907 (OCLC 18958700)

Columbian. (d.)
NJ.FM.967 (OCLC 18921478)
See also British Columbian. New Westminster, BC

Mainland guardian. Available Online
NJ.FM.1228 (OCLC 8357197) and (OCLC 15674182)

Weekly Columbian.
See British Columbian. New Westminster, BC

North Vancouver

Citizen. Available Online
See North Shore press. Vancouver, BC

Express. Available Online
See North Vancouver express. Vancouver, BC

100 Mile House

100 Mile House free press.
NJ.FM.58 (OCLC 20444036)


NJ.FM.1135 (OCLC 1006813036)

NJ.FM.1135 (OCLC 57184855)
Filmed with Herald. Penticton, BC

Pitt Meadows

See Maple Ridge, BC

Port Alberni

Alberni Valley times.
NJ.FM.14 (OCLC 18367609)

Twin cities times.
NJ.FM.14 (OCLC 20377780)

Port Hardy

North Island gazette. Available Online
NJ.FM.1511 (OCLC 22471377)

Powell River

Powell River citizen.
NJ.FM.504 (OCLC 20658852)

Powell River news.
NJ.FM.42(OCLC 20177790)

Powell River town crier.
NJ.FM.41 (OCLC 20659381)

Prince George

Citizen. Available Online
NJ.FM.15 (OCLC 16851791)

Fort George herald. Available Online
See Fort George herald. Fort George, BC

Fort George tribune. Available Online
NJ.FM.275 (OCLC 1006751316) and (OCLC 19334991)

Leader. Available Online
NJ.FM.319 (OCLC 20443712)

Post. Available Online
NJ.FM.505 (OCLC 20494457)

Prince George herald. Available Online
NJ.FM.2446 (OCLC 40525579)
Continued by Fort George herald. Fort George, BC

Star. Available Online
NJ.FM.318 (OCLC 20504774)

Prince Rupert

Daily news.
NJ.FM.1025 (OCLC 1019293710)
Another edition NJ.FM.2225 (OCLC 1019170877)
Another edition NJ.FM.2226 (OCLC 20667813)

See Daily news. Prince Rupert, BC

Prince Rupert daily news.
See Daily news. Prince Rupert, BC


NJ.FM.64 (OCLC 20494491)


See also Dawson Creek, BC

Peace River block news.
NJ.FM.65 (OCLC 20494815) and (OCLC 20494656)


Kootenay miner.
See Rossland miner. Rossland, BC

Rossland miner.
NJ.FM.1163 (OCLC 15625657)


Dogwood star.
NJ.FM.1386 (OCLC 1007706593)


Sechelt Peninsula times.
NJ.FM.50 (OCLC 20370800) (OCLC 20370806) and (OCLC 20370806)


Review Sidney and Islands.
NJ.FM.1260 (OCLC 15625678)


Squamish advance.
NJ.FM.2088 (OCLC 25652270)

Squamish review.
NJ.FM.2088 (OCLC 25652267) and (OCLC 25652264)

Squamish times.
NJ.FM.56 (OCLC 20444461)


NJ.FM.1386 (OCLC 1007710878)


Surrey gazette.
NJ.FM.67 (OCLC 20781780) and (OCLC 20659753)

Surrey leader.
NJ.FM.67 (OCLC 20603500)

Surrey times.
NJ.FM.307 (OCLC 20601876)


Advertiser. (Burnaby)
NJ.FM.841 (OCLC 18299156)

B.C. lumber worker.
NJ.FM.3104 (OCLC 53905066)
See Western Canadian lumber worker. Vancouver, BC

British Columbia federationist.
NJ.FM.297 (OCLC 1007186863)
Another edition NJ.FM.2923 (OCLC 48511992)

Burnaby broadcast.
NJ.FM.121 (OCLC 18604874)

Burnaby courier.
See News courier. Vancouver, BC

Burnaby post.
NJ.FM.122 (OCLC 18604979)

Canadian farmer labor advocate.
NJ.FM.297 (OCLC 1032981093)

Canadian labor advocate.
NJ.FM.297 (OCLC 951880610)

Carleton news and South Burnaby courier.
NJ.FM.26 (OCLC 18419296)

Ch_iao sheng jih pao = The Chinese voice.
NJ.FM.1726 (OCLC 1017496710)

Citizen. Available Online
NJ.FM.51 (OCLC 19272074)

NJ.FM.1462 (OCLC 22286811)

The communication worker.
NJ.FM.3112 (OCLC 57667492)
NJ.FM.3113 (OCLC 57667490)

Daily news-advertiser.
NJ.FM.9 (OCLC 20371076)

Daily province.
See Province. Vancouver, BC

Daily world.
NJ.FM.8 (OCLC 20377766) and (OCLC 20377751)
Another edition NJ.FM.2899 (OCLC 48088746)

Express. Available Online
NJ.FM.1093 (OCLC 18632399) See also Vancouver express. Vancouver, BC

Express. (North Vancouver)
NJ.FM.51 (OCLC 20494482)

The heavy lift.
NJ.FM.3110 (OCLC 57667470)
NJ.FM.3111 (OCLC 57667469)

The Jewish western bulletin.
NJ.FM.1768 (OCLC 24860186)
Another edition NJ.FM.2912 (OCLC 48401291)

Le journal, le soleil.
See Le Soleil de Colombie. Vancouver, BC

Kanada shinbun / The Canada daily news.
NJ.FM.2927 (OCLC 1007830674)

Labor star.
NJ.FM.3110 (OCLC 57667476)
NJ.FM.3111 (OCLC 57667475)

Native voice.
NJ.FM.730 (OCLC 23225511)

The new Canadian : an independent organ for Canadians of Japanese origin.
NJ.FM.1777 (OCLC 20173521)
Another edition NJ.FM.2927 (OCLC 1019336845)
See also Tairiku nippo = The continental news. Vancouver, BC

News courier.
NJ.FM.26 (OCLC 18410435)

News herald.
NJ.FM.10 (OCLC 20285637)

Nikkan minsh_u.
NJ.FM.2926 (OCLC 1007653523)

North Shore free press.
NJ.FM.2087(OCLC 26244800)

North Shore news.
NJ.FM.66 (OCLC 20665303)

North Shore press.
NJ.FM.51 (OCLC 20658878)
Another edition NJ.FM.388 (OCLC 15467186)

North Shore review.
NJ.FM.295 (OCLC 20254937)

North Shore shopper.
NJ.FM.2087 (OCLC 26244798) and (OCLC 26244798)
See also North Shore press. Vancouver, BC

North Shore times.
NJ.FM.286 (OCLC 20494468)

North Vancouver citizen.
See North Shore press. Vancouver, BC

North Vancouver express.
See Express. (North Vancouver)

The people.
NJ.FM.3116 (OCLC 56433556)
NJ.FM.3117 (OCLC 56433554)

 NJ.FM.304 (OCLC 18450223) and (OCLC 18450171)

The radiotelegraph bulletin.
NJ.FM.3112 (OCLC 57667491)
NJ.FM.3113 (OCLC 57667489)

*Red flag (Vancouver)
NJ.FM.3116 (OCLC 56433552)
NJ.FM.3117 (OCLC 56433553)

Saturday sunset.
NJ.FM.61 (OCLC 20287059)

Semi-weekly world.
NJ.FM.355 (OCLC 20677380)
Another edition NJ.FM.306 (OCLC 20667735)
See also Weekly world. Vancouver, BC

Ship and dock.
NJ.FM.3116 (OCLC 56433459)
NJ.FM.3117 (OCLC 56433460)

Ship's news.
NJ.FM.3114 (OCLC 57184856)
NJ.FM.3115 (OCLC 57184857)

Le Soleil de Colombie.
NJ.FM.1468 (OCLC 23454732)

Sun. Available Online
NJ.FM.770 (OCLC 19216652)
See Express. Vancouver, BC
Revised edition NJ.FM.770 (OCLC 19216584)

Ta han jih pao = The Chinese daily news.
NJ.FM.1793 (OCLC 321130748)

Ta han kung pao = The Chinese times.
NJ.FM.1793 (OCLC 321129371)

Tairiku nippo = The continental news.
NJ.FM.1794 (OCLC 18116682)
Another edition NJ.FM.2927 (OCLC 48861629)
Filmed with The new Canadian : an independent organ for Canadians of Japanese origin. Vancouver, BC (OCLC 1019336845)

The Ubyssey. (University of British Columbia) Available Online
NJ.FM.2084 (OCLC 25796375)

The unemployed worker.
NJ.FM.3100 (OCLC 53435885)
NJ.FM.3114 (OCLC 53435885)
NJ.FM.3115 (OCLC 53435887)

Vancouver courier.
NJ.FM.833 (OCLC 22630933)
Another edition NJ.FM.1539 (OCLC 22630933)

Vancouver express. Available Online
NJ.FM.1093 (OCLC 18632399)
See also Express. Vancouver, BC

Vancouver posten.
NJ.FM.1818 (OCLC 24280560)

Vancouver times. Available Online
NJ.FM.55 (OCLC 20308432)
See also Vancouver times. Victoria, BC

The voice of the fishermen & cannery workers.
NJ.FM.3090 (OCLC 56433473)
Another edition NJ.FM.3091 (OCLC 56433474)

Waterfront organizer.
NJ.FM.3090 (OCLC 56433475)
Another edition NJ.FM.3091 (OCLC 56433476)

Weekly news advertiser.
NJ.FM.298 (OCLC 20667667)

Weekly world.
NJ.FM.355 (OCLC 20677406) and (OCLC 20677388)
Another edition NJ.FM.306 (OCLC 20667717)
See also Semi-weekly world. Vancouver, BC

West Van. news.
NJ.FM.45 (OCLC 20443492)
Another edition NJ.FM.2444 (OCLC 40525825)

The Western Canadian lumber worker.
NJ.FM.3104 (OCLC 53905067)

Western clarion.
NJ.FM.282 and NJ.FM.316 (OCLC 17884080) and (OCLC 20614413)
Another edition NJ.FM.3106 (OCLC 53905104)
Another edition NJ.FM.3107 (OCLC 53905043)

World. (d.)
See Daily world. Vancouver, BC


Daily news.
NJ.FM.1030 (OCLC 19292285) and (OCLC 61384441)

Vernon news.
NJ.FM.44 (OCLC 61384441) and (OCLC 20443803)


British colonist.
See Daily colonist. Victoria, BC

British Columbian. Available Online
See British Columbian. New Westminster, BC

See Weekly colonist. Victoria, BC

Courrier de la Nouvelle-Caledonie.
NJ.FM.1461 (OCLC 22378446)

Daily British colonist.
See Daily colonist. Victoria, BC

Daily British colonist and Victoria chronicle. Available Online
See Daily colonist. Victoria, BC

Daily chronicle.
NJ.FM.1009 (OCLC 15674090)
Another edition NJ.FM.2885 (OCLC 45894027)

Daily colonist. Available Online
NJ.FM.1000 (OCLC 40525896)
Another edition NJ.FM.2886 (OCLC 20659265)
Another edition NJ.FM.3130 (OCLC 56433488)
Continued by Times colonist. Victoria, BC
See also Weekly colonist. Victoria, BC

Daily globe.
NJ.FM.506 (OCLC 20494432) and (OCLC 20494443)

Daily press.
NJ.FM.300 (OCLC 20494420)

Daily standard.
NJ.FM.301 (OCLC 1006672430)
Another edition NJ.FM.1079 (OCLC 20659265)

Evening post.
NJ.FM.302 (OCLC 20781579)

Evening telegraph.
NJ.FM.1080 (OCLC 18450082)

Hsin min kuo pao / New republic.
NJ.FM.53 (OCLC 1006637432)

Labor review.
NJ.FM.3110 (OCLC 57667473)

NJ.FM.3111 (OCLC 57667474)

NJ.FM.439 (OCLC 18450118)
See also Province. Vancouver, BC

Semi-weekly colonist.
NJ.FM.778 (OCLC 1006900535) and (OCLC 1006864114)

NJ.FM.776 (OCLC 18604833) and (OCLC 18604842)
Continued by Times Colonist. Victoria, BC
Another edition NJ.FM.1334 (OCLC 1007718751) Continued by Vancouver times. Victoria, BC
See also Weekly times. Victoria, BC
See also Times. 2/w. Victoria, BC

Times. (2/w.)
NJ.FM.2881 (OCLC 45904929)

NJ.FM.776 (OCLC 18604674)
See also Weekly colonist. Victoria, BC; Daily colonist.
Victoria, BC; Times. Victoria, BC

Vancouver daily evening post.
NJ.FM.1334 (OCLC 1007715656)

Vancouver daily post.
See Vancouver daily evening post. Victoria, BC

Vancouver times. Available Online
NJ.FM.1334 (OCLC 1007717832)
Continued by Vancouver daily evening post. Victoria, BC
See also Times. Victoria, BC

Victoria daily press.
See Daily press. Victoria, BC

Victoria daily standard.
See Daily standard. Victoria, BC

Victoria weekly colonist.
See Colonist. Victoria, BC

The Victorian.
NJ.FM.1331 (OCLC 40525894)

Weekly British colonist.
See Colonist. Victoria, BC

Weekly colonist.
NJ.FM.778 (OCLC 1006864113)
Another edition NJ.FM.2886 (OCLC 45894024)
See also Daily colonist. Victoria, BC
See also Times-colonist. Victoria, BC
See also Semi-weekly colonist. Victoria, BC

Weekly times.
NJ.FM.796 (OCLC 15467062)
Another edition NJ.FM.2881 (OCLC 45904922)

Williams Lake

Williams Lake tribune.
NJ.FM.68 (OCLC 20494634)

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