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Ranging from the everyday to the more obscure, and even the paranormal, the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) resources in this section cover topics such as Canadian theses and dissertations, disasters, gardening, labour, printing and publishing companies, travel and transportation, and UFOs.

Canadian Theses and Dissertations

  1. Theses Canada Portal


  1. The Home Front (1914-1918)
  2. Ship - Empress of Ireland - Thematic Guides
  3. Shipwreck Investigations (Archived)
  4. SOS! Canadian Disasters (Archived)
  5. Spanish Flu Epidemic - Thematic Guides

Gardening and Cooking

  1. Bon app├ętit! A Celebration of Canadian Cookbooks
  2. Canada's Digital Collections (Archived)
  3. Cultivating Canadian Gardens: The History of Gardening in Canada (Archived)


  1. Employment - Genealogy and Family History
  2. Guide to Canadian Labour History Resources (Archived)
  3. Immigrants to Canada, Porters and Domestics, 1899-1949
  4. Immigration of Farm Labourers to Canada, 1918-1945
  5. North West Mounted Police (NWMP) - Personnel Records, 1873-1904
  6. Post Offices and Postmasters
  7. Railway Employees (Employees Provident Fund)
  8. Records on the Immigration of Domestics

Printing and Publishing

  1. Canadian Directories Collection
  2. E-book: "Lingua Franca: A Common Language for Conservators of Photographic Materials"
  3. History of the Book in Canada (Archived)
  4. On the Job: A Century of Canadians at Work (Archived)
  5. Rare Book Collection

Transportation and Travel

  1. Avro Arrow (CF-105)
  2. Kids' Site of Canadian Trains (Archived)
  3. Merrilees Transportation Collection - Canada, by Train (Database)
  4. Rideau Canal
  5. Ship Registrations, 1787-1966
  6. Trans-Canada Highway


  1. Canada's UFOs: The Search for the Unknown (database) (Archived)
  2. Canada's UFOs: The search for the unknown
  3. OnThisDay (Canada 150)
  4. Unusual collections

Research Resources External to LAC

  1. Directory of Library Symbols in Canada
  2. Early Canadiana Online
  3. Images Canada (Archived)
  4. New France Archives
  5. New France New Horizons: On French Soil in America
  6. Public Opinion Research Reports
  7. Reference Services: Internet Resources
  8. Selected Almanacs in Library and Archives Collection (Archived)
  9. TD Summer Reading Club
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