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1207 Major J.M. Figott and members of his company of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry kneeling at the graves of Canadian soldiers killed at Dieppe on 19 August 1942. Dieppe, France, 1 September 1944. Dieppe, France, Bell, Ken, 1914-
724 Major J.R.O. Counsel, Acting Commanding Officer, The 48th Highlanders of Canada, near Apeldoorn, Netherlands, 19 April 1945. Apeldoorn, Netherlands (vicinity): Woods, Christopher J.
687 Major Jacques Ostiguy of Le Régiment de Maisonneuve, who has just been decorated with the Distinguished Service Order, Ossendrecht, Netherlands, 17 October 1944. Ossendrecht, Netherlands: Dean, Michael M.
487 Major John K. Mahony, V.C., The Westminster Regiment (Motor), Italy, 1944. Italy,: Unknown.
11 Major K. Henninger (centre), a German Army signals officer, speaking on a telephone linkup between Canadian and German forces, Wageningen, Netherlands, 5 May 1945. Wageningen, Netherlands,: DeGuire, J. Ernest.
1442 Major P.K. Tisdale treating a wounded Italian woman at the Advanced Dressing Station of No.4 Canadian Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (R.C.A.M.C.)., San Vito di Ortona, Italy, 15 January 1944. San Vito di Ortona, Italy, Stirton, Alexander Mackenzie, 1915-
1613 Major P.R. Griffin (left) of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion preparing to jump from a static balloon, England, October 1943. England: Bonter, Elmer R.
913 Major P.R. Griffin, Commanding Officer, "A" Company, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, taking a break after inspecting wounded members of his company, Bergerfurth Wald, Germany, 24 March 1945. Bergerfurth Wald, Germany: Richer, Charles H.
774 Major Paul Triquet, V.C., Royal 22e Régiment, Quebec City, Québec, Canada, 12 April 1944. Quebec, Québec, Canada,: Unknown.
1119 Major Paul Triquet, V.C., Royal 22e Régiment, speaking at the opening of the 6th Victory Loan campaign, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 22 April 1944. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Unknown.
120 Major R.A. Cottrill (right) of The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada talking with Major J.L. Dampier, General Staff Officer II (G.S.O. II ) of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, Terneuzen, Netherlands, 13 October 1944. Terneuzen, Netherlands,: Grant, Donald I.
738 Major Rai Purdy, the head of the Canadian Army Show’s production centre, Guildford, England, 21 June 1945. Guildford, England: Robinson, Harold D.
1000 Major Roy C.H. Durnford, Chaplain of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, conducting a burial service, San Leonardo di Ortona, Italy, 10 December 1943. San Leonardo Di Ortona, Italy, Whitcombe, Frederick G.
754 Major S.L. Dymond, formerly with the First Special Service Force, now the Officer in Command of the Esterwegen concentration camp, Esterwegen, Germany, 30 October 1945. Esterwegen, Germany, Bell, Ken, 1914-
1280 Major the Honourable H. Fraser (left) adjusting the parachute harness of Lieutenant R.C. Hilborn of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion before he makes a static balloon jump at the Royal Air Force Parachute Training School, Ringway, Cheshire, England, 4 April 1944. Ringway, Cheshire, England: Bonter, Elmer R.
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