War Diary of the 6th Canadian Field Ambulance

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 War Diary - Number 6 Field Ambulance

​War Diaries

This entry is from the war diary of the 6th Canadian Field Ambulance, attached to the 2nd Division, showing its involvement in taking care of a large number of wounded Canadian soldiers on November 6 and 7, 1917.  It mentions the treatment used for soldiers that were gassed, and also mentions how injured soldiers were evacuated.

War Diary –No. 6 Field Ambulance 2nd Canadian Division, Orderly Room (stamped and dated 30 Nov 1917)

Signed by MURPHY


Date –November 4th, 1917

Summary of Events and Information

Dull, Cold

BRANDHOEK – S-17/W-1/G-67/SP-65 T=153

YPRES – S-79/W-132/G-85/SP-118 T=414

Visited the ADMS and MDS YPRES. O-C No. 4 Canadian Field Ambulance visited us. 527949 Pte. J. McNEILLY and 524333 Pte J. LINE were wounded today.


Date –November 5th, 1917

Summary of Events and Information

Dull, Cold

BRANDHOEK – S-15/W-1/G-61/SP-62 = T 139

YPRES – S-84/W-75/G-36/SP-85=T 280

Visited the ADMS and our MDS at YPRES where everything is going very satisfactory. The ADMS visited us in the afternoon. Our Ford car broke down leaving us with only 3 Daimler cars for operations tomorrow.


Date –November 6th, 1917

Summary of Events and Information

Unsettled, Cold

BRANDHOEK – S-20/W1/G-18/SP-57= T 96

YPRES – S-91/W-137/G-18/SP-124 = T370

The attack by our Division this morning was a complete success; the enemy did not make much resistance to our capturing PASSCHENDAELE, although he heavily shelled our new position and as far back as ADS during the day. Prisoners are reported to be about 250 all of whom belong to the 11th Division. About 90 wounded prisoners were passed through our MDS during the day. Our MDS (Cdn Corps Gas Centre) under Major ROSS and Capt. HENDERSON did not receive as many gas cases as might be expected, but practically all received are casualties from yellow + gas. These cases on arrival are entirely stripped; given a warm bath, then a dip in a soda solution bath; put in pyjamas, and made comfortable and ready for evacuation. All this has been carried out in a most systematic manner, and all the clothing is handed over to our Divisional Salvage Corps. Our MDA (walking wounded) at Prison, YPRES (under Major HARDISTY) was very busy all day, having evacuated about 975 cases. Major HARDISTY is indeed to be congratulated upon the excellent work of receiving, dressing and evacuating these cases, which went along very smoothly. These came down in motor lorries and ambulances, were unloaded, passed through and dress, fed, and then evacuated by train, motor ambulances, and lorries. The loading of the train necessitated us taking the cases about 300 yards distant to the rail. In short, the reception and evacuation at both our stations was carried out most admirably by all.


Date –November 7th, 1917

Summary of Events and Information

Raining, Cold - Fair

YPRES – S-47/W910/G-18/SP-106= T 1081

BRANDHOEK – S-12/W-0/G-26/SP-53 = T91

Visited the ADMS and then went to MDS-YPRES where I remained for the morning. Cases were coming in here quite heavily, but at a considerable falling off from yesterday. Our gains of yesterday have been consolidated. Capt. GUIOU returned to duty from 29th Cdn. SUP Bn.

The following of our personnel were wounded yesterday 1985 Pte. J. FRIEL, 524826 Pte. A. WORKMAN, 524333 Pte. J. LINE

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