Nellie McClung (1873-1951)

      Mrs. Nellie McClung

Mrs. Nellie McClung. It was thanks to the efforts of Nellie McClung and the Political Equality League, that she help found, that Manitoba was the first province in Canada to expand the franchise to women. Later, while in Alberta, McClung was elected to the provincial assembly and continued through her life to be a vociferous writer and advocate for the advancement of women. Library and Archives Canada, Photographer: Cyril Jessop, PA-030212

Nellie Letitia McClung was a prominent political activist and writer who continued her work in the promotion of women's suffrage and prohibition into the Great War. After the War, she became a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Alberta and was a member of the "Famous Five" who fought for women to be considered "persons" before the law.

Later in her life, she was on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's first board of governors. Born in Ontario in 1873, she spent most of her life in Western Canada, dying in Victoria on September 1, 1951.

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