William Avery "Billy" Bishop (1894-1956)

William Avery Bishop is known as being one of the top flying aces of the First World War with a total of 72 air victories to his credit. Born in Owen Sound in 1894, he enrolled in the Royal Military College (RMC) at Kingston, at the age of seventeen. Bishop jumped at the chance to enlist in the First World War leaving his studies while still in his third year at RMC. After a short time with the cavalry, he joined the Royal Flying Corps where he earned several commendations including the Military Cross (M.C.), the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.), the Distinguished Flying Cross (D.F.C.)and the Victoria Cross (V.C.) for his, "conspicuous gallantry… bravery, determination and skill" in aerial warfare. After the War, Bishop entered into business with fellow Canadian ace, W.G. Barker and was later an honourary Air Marshall in the Second World War.

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