The Battle of Vimy Ridge: Resources at Library and Archives Canada

Photograph of Vimy Memorial with  a man in Highland dress playing a bugle in foreground

View of Vimy Memorial
Credit: Canada, Department of National Defense / Library and Archives Canada
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On April 9, 1917, supported by a creeping artillery barrage, four Canadian divisions attacked Vimy Ridge, a position held by the Germans since October 1914.

The German troops were already suffering from heavy artillery bombardment that began three weeks earlier.

Despite moving uphill across difficult terrain, the Canadian troops were able to overtake many German trenches. It took them three more days to capture the last objective, known as the “Pimple.”

Despite their rapid progress, the Canadians suffered heavy troop casualties from German shellfire, snipers and bayonet fighting.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a great tactical success, and it signified, for many, Canada’s coming of age as a nation.

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