How to Read a Memorial Cross Card (First World War)

The first line provides the name of the soldier, his regimental number, rank and unit.

Memorial Cross card for F.C.Davies

Memorial Cross. Library and Archives Canada, RG 150, accession 1992-93/166, box 2340-35.

  • Medals & Decs: Name and address of the next of kin to which the soldier's medals and decorations are sent.
  • P. & S.: Abbreviation refers to the Memorial Plaque* and Scroll, which were issued to the next of kin as a commemoration of the soldier's sacrifice in the service of the King.
  • Mem. Cross: Memorial Cross issued to the mother and/or widow of the deceased soldier (also seen as "Cross of Sacrifice").

The other entries on the card containing dates refer to when the scroll and plaque were despatched to the next of kin by the government, the handwritten date referring to the medals and decorations (M) and the number C28869 being the number of the Medal Roll on which the awards are registered in the soldier's name.

Definition of Next of Kin

The recipient is to be the blood next of kin of the deceased at the time of distribution of the memorials.

The order of next-of-kin is laid down as follows:

  1. widow;
  2. eldest surviving son;
  3. eldest surviving daughter;
  4. father;
  5. mother;
  6. eldest surviving brother, and so on, to; and
  7. eldest surviving aunt on mother's side.
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