Henry Marshall Tory

Henry Marshall Tory

Henry Marshall Tory (1864–1947) was one of Canada's most important educators. He was born in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, where his father was a Methodist minister. He attended McGill University in Montréal and worked as a minister before joining McGill's mathematics faculty. In 1914, Tory was the president of the University of Alberta when he was asked by the National Council of the YMCA to report on the educational needs of soldiers. Tory recommended that the YMCA should establish a central teaching facility, initially called the Khaki College, in England. Tory served as president of the college, which began offering courses to Canadian personnel in 1917. Courses were aimed at preparing individuals whose educations and careers had been interrupted, with skills they would need in civilian life. Canadian military authorities took over responsibility for what was now called the Khaki University in 1918, and Tory was given the honorary rank of colonel. Some 50,000 Canadian service personnel followed courses given by the Khaki University. After the war, Tory was successively the founding head of the National Research Council and of Carleton College, now Carleton University.

Service Record Details

Attestation paper 1

Date of Birth: January 11, 1864

Date of Attestation: October 4, 1918

Age at Enlistment: 54 years

Prior Military Service: None

Height: 5 feet, 10 inches

Weight: 198 pounds

Description: Blue eyes

Home Address: 31 Bedford Square, London, United Kingdom

Trade: President of the University of Alberta

Married: Yes

Next of Kin: Annie Gertrude Tory (wife)

Theatre of War:

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