100 stories: Canadians in the First World War

This online memorial features the stories of 100 people who personally experienced the First World War.

All of the stories are biographical in nature and compiled largely from original military records, photographs, census records, and other historical materials held at Library and Archives Canada. 

We encourage you to continue exploring, interpreting and learning from the historical records that illuminate the lives of the men and women who participated in the First World War in the Personnel Records of the First World War.

Name Province or Country Branch of Service
Acland, Peregrine Palmer
Ontario Army
Babcock, John Henry
Ontario Army
Baboo, John
India Army
Banting, Frederick Grant
Ontario Medical Corps
Barker, William George "Billy"
Manitoba Army/Air
Bastien, Alfred Theodore
Belgium Army/War Artist
Bazalgette, Charles Ian
England Army
Beck, Walter Joseph
Nova Scotia Army
Belaney, Archibald Stansfield
Nova Scotia Army
Bethune, Henry Norman
Ontario Medical Corps
Bishop, William Avery
Ontario Army/Air
Bodziak, John Poland ​Army
Bramah, Alexander Guyana ​Army
Brillant, Jean Quebec ​Army
Brown, Arthur Roy Ontario ​Navy/Air, Forestry Corps
Brown, Claudius Caribbean (Grenada) ​Conscientious objector
Brown, Harry Nova Scotia ​Army
Burstall, Sir Henry Edward Quebec ​Army
Calma, Harold George Michigan, USA ​Conscientious objector
Calma, Wilson David Michigan, USA ​Conscientious objector
Chandler, Raymond Thornton Illinois, USA ​Army/Air
Clark, Leo Manitoba ​Army
Claybourne, Frank Morris New Brunswick ​Army
Clint, Mabel Quebec ​Medical Corps
Combe, Robert Grierson Scotland ​Army
Crerar, Henry Duncan Graham Ontario ​Army
Croak, John Bernard New Brunswick ​Army
Crook, Benjamin Poland ​Army
Currie, Arthur Ontario ​Army
Decoteau, Alexander Saskatchewan ​Army
Diefenbaker, John George Saskatchewan ​Army
Dussault, Alexina Quebec ​Medical Corps
Edgar, Edwin Jr. Newfoundland ​Newfoundland Regiment
Flowerdew, Gordon Muriel
England Army
Fowlds, Donald Grant Ontario ​Army
Fowlds, Eric Sutherland
Ontario Army
Fowlds, Helen Lauder Ontario ​Medical Corps
Fox, Frank Benbow
Nova Scotia Medical Corps
Green, William James
Ontario Army
Gretcki, Tony Russia ​Army
Hall, Frederick William
Ireland Army
Harrison, Charles Yale
Pennsylvania, USA Army
Hillier, Llewlyn Newfoundland ​Newfoundland Regiment
Hong, Tung On
China Forestry Corps
Hutcheson, Bellendon Seymour
Illinois, USA Medical Corps
Innis, Harold Adams
Ontario Army
Inohara, Tomasaburo
Japan Army
Inouye, Hikogoro
Japan Army
Jackson, Alexander Young
Quebec Army/War Artist
Kaeble, Joseph Thomas
Quebec Army
Kolka, Arnold
Alberta Conscientious objector
Konowal, Filip
Ukraine Army
Labobe, Peter Teddy
Prince Edward Island Army and Railway Corps
LaCree, Prisque
Saskatchewan Army
​Laliberté, Côme Quebec Army
Lanctôt, Gustave Québec ​Army
Leckie, ​Robert Scotland Air Force
Lee, ​Frederick British Columbia Army
Lewis, Catherine Ireland Silver Cross Mother
Lickers, ​William Foster Ontario Army
Lighthall, ​William Wilkes Schuyler Quebec Army/​​Air Force
Macdonald, Katherine Maud
Ontario Medical Corps
MacMillan, Ernest Ontario ​Civilian
Marin, Joseph Regis Alberic
Quebec Medical Corps
Martin, Oliver Milton
Ontario Army
Massey, Charles Vincent
Ontario Army
May, Wilfred Reid
Manitoba Army
McCrae, John
Ontario Medical Corps
McNaughton, Andrew George Latta Saskatchewan ​Army
Molson, Percival "Percy" Quebec Army
Parlby, Alexander George Alberta Army
Parlby, John Francis Alberta Army
Pearkes, George Randolph England Army
Pearson, Lester Bowles Ontario ​Medical Corps
Pegahmagabow, Francis Ontario ​Army
Plunkett, Merton Ontario ​Army
Proulx, Marie Fedora Quebec Medical Corps
Richards, Percy James New Brunswick Army
Ricketts, Thomas Newfoundland ​Newfoundland Regiment
Riel, Patrick ​Québec ​Army
Scott, Frederick George Quebec Chaplain Services
Scrimger, Francis Alexander Carron Quebec Medical Corps
Shankland, Robert Scotland Army
Shiwak, John Newfoundland ​Newfoundland Regiment
Smythe, Constantine Falkland Cary "Conn" Ontario Army
Spicer, Andrew Nova Scotia Army
Steele, Samuel Benfield Ontario Army
Stephenson, William Samuel Manitoba Army
Tory, Henry Marshall Nova Scotia ​Army
Tremblay, Thomas Louis Quebec Army
Turner, Richard Ernest William Quebec Army
Tyler, Arthur Seymour New Brunswick Army
Unknown Soldier, The Canada, Newfoundland ​Army, Newfoundland Regiment
Urquhart, Lottie Nova Scotia Medical Corps
Vanier, Georges-Philias Quebec Army
Varley, Frederick Horsman England War Artist
White, William United States ​Forestry Corps
Wood, Charlotte England ​Silver Cross Mother
Woodford, Patrick Joseph Newfoundland Newfoundland Regiment
​Yates, John Edwin England Army
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