Katherine Maud Macdonald

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Katherine Maud Macdonald (1893-1918) was born in Brantford, Ontario, on January 18, 1893. Upon graduating as a nurse on April 3, 1917, she enlisted with the Canadian Army Medical Corps. Three days later she embarked for England, arriving on April 16, 1917. She first served at the No. 10 Stationary Hospital in Eastbourne. In January 1918, she joined the No. 1 Canadian General Hospital in Étaples, France. That May the hospital was bombed by German airplanes, and Macdonald was killed in the raid.

Service Record Details

Attestation Paper

Date of Birth: January 18, 1893

Date of Attestation: March 13, 1917

Age at Enlistment: 24 years

Prior Military Service: C.A.M.C. (Canadian Army Medical Corps)

Height: 5 feet, 2 inches

Weight: 125 pounds

Description: Church of England. Physical development good.

Home Address: Brantford, Ontario

Trade: Nurse

Married: No

Details of Family: Mother—Maud Mary Macdonald, living at 165 Market Street, Brantford, Ontario. Father deceased.

Next of Kin: Mother (Maud Mary Macdonald)

Theatre of War: England, France

Casualties / Medical History

  • May 20, 1918 – A note indicates that Macdonald was killed in action by enemy aircraft on May 19, 1918. (Page 12)

Interesting Details from the Service Record

  • April 2, 1917 – A letter of identification issued by the Department of the Interior (Canada) includes a photograph of Macdonald. (Page 6)
  • April 3, 1917 – In her military will, she leaves her entire estate to Miss A. Macdonald of 165 Market Street in Brantford, Ontario. Two nursing sisters, from London and nearby Lucan, Ontario, witnessed her signing of her will at London. A duplicate of the will, signed by an estate officer following her death in France, indicates that the original was sent to Ottawa. (Pages 3 and 5)
  • April 24, 1917 – A note indicates that she sailed from Canada on April 6, 1917, and disembarked in England on April 16. (Page 10)
  • February 3, 1918 – She arrives in France on January 26, 1918. (Page 11)
  • June 11, 1937 – Her service record notes that she trained as a nurse at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario, graduating on May 18, 1915, three years before being killed in action. She is buried at the Étaples Military Cemetery in France: Plot 28, Row L, Grave 8. (Page 7)

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