Military Abbreviations used in Service Files

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

# - Abbreviation begining with the letter #

    Abbreviations Meaning
    (A) Air
    11thIFofC 11th Regiment (Irish Fusiliers of Canada)
    15thALI 15th Regiment (Argyll Light Infantry)
    21AG 21st Army Group
    29thHLI 29th Regiment (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    2ndCOR 2nd Battalion (Central Ontario Regiment)
    60thVRC 60th Battalion (Victoria Rifles of Canada)

A - Abbreviation begining with the letter A

    Abbreviations Meaning
    A&Dbooks Admission & Discharge Books
    A&FF Acceptance & Ferry Flight (129-Trenton)
    A&Q Administrative Branches of the Staff
    A&Q Administrative Branches to the Staff
    A&SHigh Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's)
    A&T Administration and Training
    A&T Staff Administrative and Training Staff
    A/ Assistant
    A/ Acting (Rank) - higher rank held on a temporary basis - also known as a brevet rank for officers
    A/A Anti-aircraft
    A/A Army Act
    A/Bandsmn Assisting Bandsman
    A/Blkmth Acting Blacksmith
    A/C Aircraft
    A/C Air Commodore
    A/C Anti-Aircraft
    A/C Air Crew
    A/C/M Air Chief Marshall
    A/Capt Acting Captain
    A/CNAS(E) Assistant Chief of Naval Administration and Supply (Equipment)
    A/DMin Assistant Deputy Minister
    A/DNS Assistant Director of Naval Stores
    A/E Aeronautical Engineering in the Fleet Air Arm
    A/EA Acting Electrical Artificer
    A/ERA Acting Engine Room Artificer
    A/G Anti-Gas
    A/Joiner Acting Joiner
    A/M Air Marshall
    A/NCSO Acting Naval Control Service Officer
    A/OA Acting Ordnance Artificer
    A/p All Purpose
    A/Plbr Acting Plumber
    A/Pntr Acting Painter
    A/RA Acting Radio Artificer
    A/S Anti-Submarine
    A/SA Anti-Submarine Artificer
    A/SD Anti-Submarine Detector
    A/Sec Assistant Secretary
    A/Shpt Acting Shipwright
    A/SO(CO) Acting Staff Officer (Combined Operations)
    A/SSFO Anti-Submarine Ship Fitting Officer
    A/STTV Anti-Submarine Target Towing Vessels
    A/SYacht Anti-Submarine Yacht
    A/T Anti-Tank
    A/T Anti-Torpedo
    A/V/M Air Vice-Marshall
    AA Anti-Aircraft Rate
    AA Assistant Adjutant
    AA Active Army
    AA Anti-Aircraft
    AA Army Act
    AA&CD Anti-Aircraft Coast Defence
    AA&QMG Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
    AA(MG)BRCA Anti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AA(MG)BRCAST Anti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery Searchlight Troop
    AA(MG)TRCA Anti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AA/SA Acting Anti-Submarine Artificer
    AAA Appointed Assistant Adjutant
    AAAFCRCA Anti-Aircraft Artillery Formation Camp, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AAARC Artillery Anti-Aircraft Reinforcement Camp
    AAB"Z"F Anti-Aircraft Battery "Z" Force (Iceland)
    AABS/LTRCA Anti-Aircraft Battery Searchlight Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AABSRCCS Anti-Aircraft Brigade Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    AABW/SRCOC Anti-Aircraft Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    AAG Assistant Adjutant-General
    AAGORRCA Anti-Aircraft Gun Operations Room, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AAI Allied Armies in Italy
    AANS Army Auxiliary Nursing Service
    AARRCA Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AAS Air Armament School
    AAS/LCoy Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company
    AAUS&FWTC Anti-Aircraft Unit Staging & Fortress Weapon Training Camp
    AB Able Seaman
    ABCD Atomic, Biological, Chemical & Defensive Warfare Course
    ABOCRCOC Armoured Brigade Ordnance Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    ABPO Army Base Post Office, Canadian Postal Corps
    ABPostal Able Seaman (Postal)
    ABranch Adjutant General's Branch
    Abs Absent, Absence
    ABW/SRCOC Advanced Base Workshop (Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps)
    AC Aircraft Controlman
    AC Armourer's Crew
    AC Armoured Car
    AC Ambulance Corps
    AC Army Corps
    AC Aircraft Carrier
    AC&R Appointments, Commissions and Rewards
    AC&WSqn Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
    AC1 Aircraftman 1st Class
    AC2 Aircraftman 2nd Class
    ACBO Acting Bombardier
    ACC Anglican Church of Canada
    ACC(I) Atlantic Convoy Conference Minutes
    AccKd Accidentally Killed
    accn Accommodation
    ACCPT Acting Captain
    ACGS Assistant Chief of the General Staff
    ACHQ Air Command Headquarters
    ACHRCAMC Alton Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    ACHU Armoured Corps Holding Unit
    ACI Army Council Instruction
    ACIAF Appraisal Course Interim Army Force
    ACk Assistant Cook
    AckAck Anti-Aircraft
    AC-LT Acting Lieutenant
    ACMF Allied Central Mediterranean Force
    ACNI Assistant Commander of Naval Information
    ACNS Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff
    ACO Air Cadet Officer
    ACOp Aircraft Control Operator
    AC-OSAILS Army Co-operative Squad Air Intelligence Liaison Section
    ACO-WPA Area Commandant Order - Work Point Area
    ACPLofH Acting Corporal of Horse
    AC-QM Acting Quarter Master
    ACR Armoured Car Regiment
    ACR(RCD) Armoured Car Regiment, Royal Canadian Dragoons
    ACR(RCD)AP Armoured Car Regiment, Royal Canadian Dragoons Advanced Party
    ACS Air Cadet Squadron
    ACS Distinguishing Letters on Files of Joint Service Committee, Atlantic Coast
    ACS Atlantic Command Signals
    ACSAILSCASF Atlantic Command Squadron Army Intelligence Liaison Section, Canadian Active Service Force
    AC-SE Acting Sergeant
    ACSIC Atlantic Command Security Intelligence Section
    ACSILS Atlantic Command Squadron Intelligence Liaison Section
    ACSqn Army Co-operation Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force)
    ACSU Acting Surgeon
    Act Acting (Rank)
    ACT Annual Camp Training
    ACU Aircrew Conditioning Units
    ACV Aircraft Carrier Vessels
    ACYCCorps Army Cyclist Corps
    AD Administration & Discipline (Director of Organization)
    AD Arvida Defences
    AD Air Radio Mechanic (Air Radar)
    AD&M Advanced Driving and Maintenance
    AD&MS Advanced Driving and Maintenance School
    AD&MTCRCAR Advanced Driving and Maintenance Training Centre, Royal Canadian Artillery Reinforcements
    AD(Svy) Assistant Director of Surveys
    ADAG Assistant Deputy Adjutant-General
    ADB(RdeC)CICEC Airfield Defence Battalion (Regiment de Chateauguay) Canadian Infantry Corps, East Coast
    ADC Aide-de-Camp
    ADC Aerodrome Defence Company
    ADCP(N) Assistant Director Civilian Personnel (Navy)
    ADDS Assistant Director of Dental Services
    ADED Assistant Director of Engineer Development
    ADES Assistant Director of Educational Services
    ADES Assistant Director of Engineer Services
    ADHOC(G) Ad Hoc Greek Battalion
    ADIO Assistant Director of Internment Operations
    Adj Adjutant - administrative assistant to a commanding officer
    Adjt Adjutant - administrative assistant to a commanding officer
    Adm Administration
    Adm Admitted - soldiers entering hospital for medical treatment
    ADM Assistant Deputy Minister
    ADM(N) Assistant Deputy Minister (Naval)
    AdmClk Administrative Clerk
    Adm'd Admitted
    ADMGO Assistant Deputy Master General of Ordnance
    Admin Administration
    ADMN Assistant Deputy Minister (Naval)
    ADMS Assistant Director of Medical Services
    ADNO Assistant Director Naval Ordnance
    ADNP Assistant Director of Naval Personnel
    ADOS Assistant Director of Ordnance Services
    ADP Aerodrome Defence Platoon
    ADQMG Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General
    ADQMG(AE) Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General (Army Equipment)
    ADRCAPC Aldershot Detachments, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    ADRCASC Area Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    ADS Advanced Dressing Station
    ADS Army Dressing Station
    ADSRCS Armoured Divisional Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    ADTC(CAD)RCASC Armoured Division Troops Company (Canadian Armoured Division), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    ADTCSRCASC (Armoured) Division Troop Carrying Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    ADTD Assistant Director Technical Division
    ADTech Air Defence Technician
    ADUC Advanced Driving Universal Carriers
    Adv Advance(d)
    ADVS Assistant Director of Veterinary Services
    Advtrg Advanced Training
    ADW/SPACRCASC Advanced Detachment Workshop Pl Art Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    AE Algerine Escorts
    AEC Army Enlistment Centre
    AED Ammunition Empties Detachment
    AEF Allied Expeditionary Force
    AEF American Expeditionary Force
    AEinC Assistant Engineer in Chief (Naval)
    AEM Air Engine Mechanic
    AERE Aerospace Engineer
    AETech Aero Engine Technician
    AF Air Fitter
    AF Active Force
    AFBRCCS Army Field Brigade, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    AFC Armed Forces Council
    AFC Air Force Cross
    AFHQ Allied Forces Headquarters
    AFHQ Air Force Headquarters
    AFM Air Frame Mechanic
    AFM Air Force Medal
    AFO Admiralty Fleet Orders
    AFPac Allied Forces Pacific
    AFRS Armed Forces Radio Service
    AFRS Army Field Regiment Signal
    AFRSRCASC Army Field Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    AFS Advanced Flying School
    AFSC Armed Forces Staff College
    AFSCRCASC Armed Forces Sleeper Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    AFSS Army Field Security Section
    AFTech Airframe Technician
    AFU Air Fighting Unit
    AFU Advance Flying Unit
    AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle
    AFVW/SSRCOC Armoured Fighting Vehicle Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    AFW/SRCOC Army Field Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    AG Adjutant General
    AG Air Gunner
    AG1,2or3 Adjutant General Staff Officer 1, 2 or 3
    AGB Adjutant General's Base
    AGCB Awarded Good Conduct Badge
    AGGTS Air Gunners Ground Training School
    AGHU "A" Group Holding Unit
    AGRA Army Group Royal Artillery
    AGRCA Army Group Royal Canadian Artillery
    AGRCAS Army Group Royal Canadian Artillery Signals
    AGRE Army Group, Royal Engineers
    AGRU "A" Group Reinforcement Unit
    AGTS Aircrew Graduate Training Schools
    AGYMST Army Gymnastic Staff
    AH Aircraft Handler
    AH Admiralty Fleet Order
    AHC Army Hospital Corps
    AHQ Army Headquarters
    AHQCAPO Area Headquarters Canadian Army Post Office
    AHU Artillery Holding Unit
    AHU Administrative and Holding Unit(s)
    AI Assistant Instructor
    AI Acting Interpreter
    AIB "A" Infantry Battalion
    AICVGofC Angler Internment Camp Veterans Guard of Canada
    AID Aeronautical Inspection District
    AIEMSupt Aircraft Instrument and Electrical Maintenance Superintendent
    AIF Australian Imperial Force
    AIG Address Indicating Group
    AILS(A)D Army Intelligence Liaison Section (Armoured) Division
    AILSection Army Intelligence Liaison Section
    AILSection Air Intelligence Liaison Section
    AIR Assistant Instructor's Regiment
    AirB Air Bomber
    AirBosn Air Boatswain
    AirlineCoy Airline Company, Royal Engineers
    AirTCon Air Traffic Controller
    AIS Aeronautical Inspectors School
    AITC(R) Advanced Infantry Training Centre (Reserve)
    AKA Also Known As
    AL Air Mechanic (Electrics)
    AL/CPL Acting Lance Corporal
    ALC Assault Landing Craft
    Alg Algerine Escorts
    AlgR Algonquin Regiment
    ALI (15th Regiment) Argyll Light Infantry
    Allce Allowance
    ALO Australian Liaison Officer (Air)
    ALOC Advanced Logistics Officers Course
    ALQR Algonquin Regiment
    Alta Alberta
    AM Air Mechanic (1st, 2nd or 3rd Class)
    AM Albert Medal
    AM Naval Airman
    AM(No) Admiralty Publication
    AMAE Air Member for Aeronautical Engineering
    AMAP Air Member Air Plan
    AMAS Air Member for Air Staff
    Amb Ambulance
    AMB Armoured Motor Battery
    AMC Armed Merchant Cruiser
    AMC Alberni Military Camp
    AMC Arnprior Military Camp
    AMC Army Medical Centre
    AMC Australian Medical Corps
    AMC Armed Merchant Cruiser
    AMCU Anti-Malarial Control Unit
    Am'd Amended
    AMD Auxiliary Manning Depot
    AME Armament Maintenance Establishment
    AMERCA Armament Maintenance Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AMHRCAMC Alberni Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    AMHRCAMC Aldershot Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    AMHRCAMC Angler Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    AMHRCAMC Arvida Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    AmmnCol Ammunition Column
    Amn Ammunition
    AmoTech Ammunition Technician
    AMP Air Member for Personnel
    AMPTE Ambulance Private
    AMS Army Medical Staff
    AMS Air Member for Supply
    AMS Assistant Military Secretary
    AMSC Advanced Military Studies course
    AMSupt Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent
    AMT Air Member for Training
    AMTRS Area Mechanical Transport Repair Shops
    AMU Air Movements Unit
    AN Air Mechanic (Engines)
    ANAV Air Navigator
    AND Admiralty Net Defence
    ANS Air Navigation School
    ANSec Assistant Naval Secretary
    Anti-tk Anti-tank
    ANZAC Australia and New Zealand Army Corps
    AO After Order
    AO Air Mechanic (Ordnance)
    AO Accountant Officer
    AO Army Order
    AOC Air Officer Commanding
    AOC Army Ordnance Corps
    AOC-in-C Air Officer Commanding in Chief
    AODRCOC Advanced Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    AOP Air Observation Post
    AOPSRCA Air Observation Post Squadron, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AOPSRCAF Air Observation Post Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
    AOS Air Observer School
    AOW/SRCOC Army Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    AP Administration & Personnel Section (Organization)
    AP Apothecary
    AP Air Police
    AP Aid Post
    AP&Rs Appointments, Promotions and Retirement List
    APA-TR (Advanced Party) Anti-Tank Regiment
    APC Army Pay Corps
    APCAS Administration Personnel Canadian Army Shows
    APCASEU(AS) Administration Personnel Canadian Auxiliary Services Entertainment Unit (Army Shows)
    APCBOW/SRCOC Advanced Party Canadian Base Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    APCFC Advance Party Canadian Forestry Corps
    APCHRCAMC Alderbrooke Park Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    APCinC Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief
    APD Army Provost Depot
    APD Army Pay Department
    APDOFPRCOC Advance Party Divisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    APE Address Prior to Enlistment
    APFARCAMC Advance Party Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    APHQADADHQ Advanced Party Headquarters Armoured Division Advance Divisional Headquarters
    APIS Air Photo Interpretation Section
    APIS Army Photographic Interpretation Section
    APISCintC Army Photographic Interpretation Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    APLU Army Pay Ledger Unit
    APM Assistant Provost Marshal
    APOC Army Post Office Corps
    Appces Appendices
    Apptmts Appointments
    APPU (Canadian) Army Photo Processing Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    APPUCPC Advance Party Postal Unit Canadian Postal Corps
    Appx Appendix
    APS Army Postal Service
    APS(N) Assistant Private Secretary To the Minister (Navy)
    APTo"Z" F Attached Personnel to "Z" Force (Iceland)
    AQMG Assistant Quartermaster-General
    AR Algonquin Regiment
    AR Air Radio
    AR Air Rigger
    AR(1H)CACAP Armoured Regiment, (1st Hussars) Canadian Armoured Corps Advance Party
    AR(BCD) Armoured Regiment, British Columbia Dragoons
    AR(FGH) Armoured Regiment, (Fort Garry Horse)
    AR(GGFG)AD Armoured Regiment, (Governor General's Horse Guards) Armoured Division
    AR(GGHG)CA Armoured Regiment, (Governor General's Horse Guards) Canadian Army
    AR(H) Armoured Regiment, (Hussars)
    AR(LSH)(RC)AF Armoured Regiment, (Lord Strathcona's Horse) (Royal Canadians) Active Force
    AR(LSH)AP Armoured Regiment, (Lord Strathcona's Horse) Advance Party
    ARC Army Reception Centre
    ARC Appraisal and Refresher Course
    ARCM Associate, Royal College of Music
    ARCR Armourer's Crew
    ARD Alberta Regimental Depot - facility in England used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    AreaEngr Area Engineer
    ARH Army Rail Head
    ARITCIC Army Refugee Interrogation Team, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    ARL Admiralty Research Laboratory
    Arm(BorG) Armourer (Bombs or Guns)
    Armd Armoured
    Armr Armourer
    ARmtSPC Armament Systems Performance Checker
    ARO Admiralty Record Office
    ARO Administrative Routine Orders
    ARP Air Raid Precautions
    ARRC Associate of the Royal Red Cross
    Art Article
    Art Artillery
    ARTech Aircraft Refinishing Technician
    ArtEngr Artificer Engineer
    Arty Artillery
    Arty Svy Artillery Surveyor
    Arty Tech Artillery Technician
    ArtyLoc Artillery Locator
    Artymn Artilleryman
    ARU Artillery Reinforcement Unit
    AS Air Radio Mechanic (Air Wireless)
    AS Air Secretary
    AS and ACSU Assistant and Acting Surgeon
    AS&DB Army Salvage & Disposal Board
    ASADJand2L Assistant Adjutant and Second Lieutenant
    ASC Advanced Surgical Centre
    ASC Army Service Corps
    ASC Aerospace System Engineering Projects Officer
    ASCA Auxiliary Services Canadian Army
    ASCL Assistant Clerk
    ASCO Assistant Commodore
    ASCRCE Area Signal Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    ASD Army Schools Department
    ASE Army Survey Establishment
    ASF Active Service Force
    ASGT Acting Sergeant
    ASIN Assistant Engineer
    ASJT Acting Sergeant
    ASL Admiral Superintendent, Alexandria
    ASLAD Army Signals Light Aid Detachment
    ASNU Assistant Nurse
    ASO Assistant Supply Officer
    ASO Armament Supply Officer
    ASO Area Security Officer
    ASO(I) Assistant Staff Officer (Intelligence)
    ASP Air Stores Park (406) (Royal Canadian Air Force)
    ASP Admiralty Salvage Pontoon
    ASPU Assistant Purveyor
    ASR Submarine Rescue Vessel, Auxiliary (US)
    ASS Army Staff Section
    ASSAMVLH Assam Valley Light Horse
    Ass't Assistant
    AsstNSec Assistant Naval Secretary
    AsstPayr Assistant Paymaster
    ASSU Assistant Superintendent
    ASSU Air Support Signal Unit
    ASTO Assistant Transport Officer
    ASU Air Supply Unit
    ASU Assistant Surgeon
    ASU Aircraft Storage Units
    ASV Anti-Surface Vessel
    ASvyCoy Air Survey Company
    ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare
    AT Air Artificer (Airframes and Engines)
    AT Auxiliary Tanker
    AT Ocean-going Tug, Auxiliary (US)
    AT Aviation Technician
    AT Armoured Train
    ATA Air Transport Auxiliary (British)
    ATB Allied Torpedo Boats
    ATB(OR) Army Tank Battalion (Ontario Regiment)
    ATBHSSRCOC Army Tank Brigade, Heavy Support Squadron, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    ATBOFPRCOC Army Tank Brigade, Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    ATC Advance Training Centre
    ATC Airport Traffic Control (US)
    ATC Air Traffic Control
    ATCDE Awarded the Canadian Efficiency Decoration
    ATCoy Army Troops Company
    ATCR Advanced Training Centre Reserve
    ATCRCE Army Troops Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    ATI Access to Information Act
    Atk Anti-Tank
    A-tk Anti-tank
    Atl Atlantic
    AtmstSTech Armament Systems Technician
    ATO Air Treasury Office
    ATO Aircraft Torpedo Office
    ATO Ammunition Technical Officer
    ATP Annual Training Pay
    ATps Army Troops Company
    ATps Army Troops
    ATps Army Troops
    ATR Rescue Tug, Auxiliary (US)
    ATR(1H) Army Tank Regiment (1st Hussars)
    ATRRCACASF Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Active Service Force
    ATS Army Trades School
    Att Attached - to be made part of a specific unit on a temporary basis
    ATTA Full duties and return for treatment
    Attach Attached - to be made part of a specific unit on a temporary basis
    Attachd Attached - to be made part of a specific unit on a temporary basis
    ATTB Advance Tactical Training Base
    ATTB Light Duties - Excused Physical Training Drill and Commanding Officer's Parades
    ATTC Excused all duties - Confined to barracks or home
    ATTC-48 Excused all duties for 48 hours
    Att'd Attached - to be made part of a specific unit on a temporary basis
    AttP Attached Personnel
    ATTU Air Target Towing Unit
    ATX Admiralty Trunk Exchange
    AU Amplifier Unit
    AUCWAC Administrative Unit Canadian Women's Army Corps
    AudGeneral Auditor General (National Defence Staff)
    AUS Army of the United States
    Auth Authorized - designation of the individual or organization permitting the action noted
    Auth Authority - designation of the individual or organization permitting the action noted
    Auto Automobile
    Aux Auxiliary
    Aux Division of Auxiliary Services
    Aux Serv Canadian Auxiliary Services
    Aux(A) Senior Auxiliary Services Officer (Air)
    Aux(N) Senior Auxiliary Services Officer (Naval)
    AuxA/AS Auxiliary Anti-Aircraft Ships
    AuxMS Auxiliary Minesweepers
    AuxServ Canadian Auxiliary Services
    AVC Army Veterinary Corps
    AVD Seaplane Tender, Destroyer, Auxiliary (US)
    AVGO Auxiliary Vessels Gunnery Officer
    AVGP Armoured Vehicle General Purpose (Grizzly, Cougar and Bison)
    AVM Air Vice-Marshal
    AvnTech Aviation Technician
    AVP Seaplane Tender (small) Auxiliary (US)
    AVR Aircraft Rescue Vessel (US)
    AVRE Armoured Vehicle, Royal Engineers
    AVS Army Veterinary Service
    AvsTech Avionics Technician
    AW Administrative Writer
    AW1 Aircraftwoman 1st Class
    AW2 Aircraftwoman 2nd Class
    AWC Air War College
    AWC Air Weapons Control
    AWCoy Artizan Works Company
    Awd'd Awarded
    AWF Army War College Fellowship (U.S.)
    AWL Absent With Leave
    AWOL Absent Without Leave - away from a unit without permission; an offence under military law
    AWS Army War College Fellowship (U.S.)
    AWSqn All-weather Squadron
    AyrYeo Ayrshire Yeomanry

B - Abbreviation begining with the letter B

    Abbreviations Meaning
    B & GFU Bombing and Gunnery Flying Unit
    B & GS Bombing and Gunnery School
    B of the MG of the ONDHQ Branch of the Master General of the Ordnance, National Defence Headquarters
    B Report Burial Report
    BA Bandsman
    BA Bermuda Area
    BAC British Air Commission
    BAC Brigade Ammunition Column
    BAD British Admiralty Delegation
    BADR(PC) British Admiralty Delegation Representative, Pacific Coast
    BAFO British Air Force Overseas
    BAKS Barracks (US)
    BAM Large Minesweeper
    BAMR British Admiralty Maintenance Representative
    BAMS Broadcasts to Allied Merchant Ships
    Bandsmn Bandsman
    Bandsmn(Prob) Bandsman (Probationer)
    BAO Base Accounting Officer
    BARM British Advisory Repair Mission
    BARS Salvage Vessel
    BarTdr Bar Tender
    BAS(O) British Army Staff (Officers)
    BAS(OR) British Army Staff (Other Ranks)
    BASM Battalion Sergeant Major
    BASR British Admiralty Supply and Repairs
    BASR British Admiralty Supply Representative
    BAT Beam Approach Training
    BATM British Admiralty Technical Mission
    Batt Battalion - unit of approximately 1,000 men commanded by a lieutenant-colonel
    Batt Battery
    Batt'n Battalion - unit of approximately 1,000 men commanded by a lieutenant-colonel
    BATUS British Army Training Unit, Suffield
    BAV Boom Attendant Vessels
    BB Battleship (US)
    BB Bugle Band
    BB Bailey Bridge
    BBC British Broadcasting Corporation (U.K.)
    BC British Columbia
    BC Battery Commander
    BCA Battery Commander Assistant
    BCA Biscay and Channel Area
    BCD British Columbia Dragoons
    BCH Barriefield Camp Hospital
    Bcook Boy Cook
    BCPO Base Civilian Personnel Officer
    BCQ Base Commander, Queensborough
    BCR British Columbia Regiment
    BCRCASC Bridge Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    BCRD British Columbia Regimental Depot - facility in England used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    BCRM British-Canadian Recruiting Mission
    BCSO British Central Scientific Office
    BD Base Depot
    BD Blood Donor
    BD Bandsman
    BDB Branch Detention Barracks
    BDC Battle Drill Course
    BDCASS "Bandoliers" Detachment - Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
    BDCRE Bomb Disposal Company Royal Engineers
    BDD Boom Defence Depot
    Bde Bombardier
    Bde Brigade - unit of approximately 4,000 men commanded by a brigadier-general
    BDE Balloon Development Establishment
    BDE Convoy Escort Vessel
    BdeGp Brigade Group
    Bdm Bandsman
    BDO Boom Defence Officer
    BDofMS Base Depot of Medical Stores
    Bdr Bombardier (Cpl in the Artillery)
    BDS Bomb Disposal School
    BDS Battle Drill School
    BD-SE Band Sergeant
    Bdsm Bandsman
    BDTC Battle Drill Training Centre
    BDV Boom Defence Vessel
    BDZ Commander in Chief Netherlands Navy, London
    BEC Basic Electronics Course
    BEC British Escort Craft
    BedfR Bedfordshire Regiment
    BedfYeo Bedfordshire Yeomanry
    BEF British Expeditionary Force - army of more than 3,000,000 men established by the Government of Britain for service overseas
    BEM Basic Electronics Mechanic
    BEM British Empire Medal
    BerksR Berkshire Regiment
    BerksYeo Berkshire Yeomanry
    BET Basic Educational Test
    BF Bring Forward
    BFA Blank Firing Attachment
    BFA Battle First Aid
    BFPO British Forces Post Overseas
    BFTS British Flying Training Schools
    BG Base Gagetown (Theatres of Service)
    BG Brigadier-General
    BG Brigade Group
    BG Battle Group
    BGC(C)RCASC Brigade Group Company (Company) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    BGGS Brigadier General of General Staff
    BGH British General Hospital
    Bglr Bugler
    BGRAM Basegram
    BGS Brigadier, General Staff
    BGS Bombing and Gunnery Schools
    BH&MDATKRRCA Beachy Head & Michel Dean Anti-Tank Ranges Royal Canadian Artillery
    bhp Brake Horse Power
    BHQ Brigade Headquarters
    BHQS Barriefield Headquarters Staff
    BHRRCA Beachy Head Ranges, Royal Canadian Artillery
    BHX Bermuda Portion of Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
    BI Bandsman Instrumentalist
    BIB "B" Infantry Battalion
    BIC Bowmanville Interment Camp
    BioTech Biosciences Technician
    BItoCSGHQEAGP (Brussels) Increment to Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon Army Group
    BJCB British Joint Communications Board
    BK Battery Captain
    BK Blacksmith
    BKR Baker
    Bks Barracks
    BL Breech Loading
    bldg(s) Building(s)
    Bldmth Blacksmith
    BLK Blacksmith
    BLOC Basic Logistics Officers Course
    BLP Bombing Landplane (US)
    BM Band Master
    BM Brevet Major
    BM Brigade Major
    BMA Band Master
    BMCA British Maintenance Commander, Argentina
    BMD Bengal Medical Department
    BMET Bio-Medical Engineering Technician
    BMH Brandon Military Hospital
    BMH Brantford Military Hospital
    BMH(PHI) Brockville Military Hospital (PHI)
    BMHRCAMC Botwood Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    BMHRCAMC Bowmanville Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    BMHRCAMC Brampton Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    Bmn Bandsman
    BMQ Basic Military Qualification
    Bmr Bandmaster
    BMS Brigade Medical Station
    BMSM British Merchant Shipping Mission
    BMV Boom Maintenance Vessels
    BMWT British Ministry of War Transport
    BMWTR British Ministry of War Transport Representative
    Bn Battalion
    BN Boatswain
    BN & PSH RCAMC Basingstoke Neurological & Plastic Surgery Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    BNA British Naval Attache
    Bndsmn Bandsman
    BNH Basingstoke Neurological Hospital
    BNLO British Naval Liaison Officer
    BNLO British Naval Liaison Officer to French Naval Headquarters, London
    BNLO(RHN) British Naval Liaison Officer (Royal Hellenic Navy)
    BO Bombardier
    BOC Base Officer, Chasseurs
    BOD Base Ordnance Depot
    BOH British Official History
    BOI Boiler (US)
    Bomb Bombardier
    BOR Battalion Orderly Room
    BordR Border Regiment
    BOS Battalion Orderly Sergeant
    Bosn Boatswain
    BOTC Basic Officers Training Course
    BOW Base Ordnance Workshop
    Boy1 Boy 1st Class
    BoySig Boy Signaller
    BPA Bureau of Pensions Advocates
    BPC Beach Protection Craft
    BPC Base Planning Committee
    BPET Battle Physical Efficiency Test
    BPO Base Post Office
    BPOCPC Base Post Office Canadian Postal Corps
    BPSO Base Personnel Selection Office
    BPT Battle Practice Target
    BPT Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat
    BPV Beach Protection Vessel
    BQMS Battery Quartermaster-Sergeant
    Br Bomber
    BR Brockville Rifles
    BR Bombing and Reconnaissance Squadron
    BR Book of Reference
    br(s) Bridge(s) or bridging
    BRCA Battery Royal Canadian Artillery
    BRCE Battalion Royal Canadian Artillery
    BRCHA Battery Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
    BrColRgt British Columbia Regiment
    BRCS British Red Cross Society
    BRCS & OStJJ British Red Cross Society and Order of St. John of Jerusalem
    BRG Bearing (US)
    Brig Brigadier
    Brig-Gen Brigadier-General
    Brit British
    BRLO British Routing Liaison Officer
    BRO British Routing Officer
    Brock R Brockville Rifles
    BRP RCOC Boot Rebuilding Plant, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    BRSqn Bomber Reconnaissance Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
    BS Brigade School
    BS Battle Squadron
    BS(M)RCASC Bakery Section (Mechanical), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    BSA Barents Sea Area
    BSASSRCS Base Sub Area Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
    BSC Base Staging Camp
    BSD Base Supply Depot
    BSD Brandon Supply Depot
    BSM Battery Sergeant-Major
    BSMA Brigade Sergeant Major
    BSO (Commander in Chief) Netherlands Forces in the East
    BSO British Staff Officer
    BSRCE Boring Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    BSS Base Supply Ship
    BTC Basic Training Centre
    BTC(A) Basic Training Centre (Active)
    BTC(R) Basic Training Centre (Reserve)
    Btln Battalion
    Btswn Boatswain
    Btty Battery - artillery unit commanded by a major and composed of four or six guns or mortars
    Bty Battery - artillery unit commanded by a major and composed of four or six guns or mortars
    BU Bugler
    BUACPATSO British Units Affecting Canadian Personnel Army Trades School Officers
    BucksYeo Buckinghamshire Yeomanry
    BUDOCKS Bureau of Yards and Docks (US)
    BUMA Bugle Major
    BUMED Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (US)
    BUPERS Bureau of Naval Personnel (US)
    BUPTE Bugler Private
    BUSANDA Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (US)
    BUSE Bugle Sergeant
    BUSHIPS Bureau of Ships (US)
    BUSRA British US Routing Agreement
    BUSRS British-United States Routing Agreement
    BUSUP Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (US)
    Butcher Butcher
    BW Black Watch
    BW(RHC) Black Watch (Royal Highlanders of Canada)
    BWI British West Indies
    BWRCEME Base Workshop Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    BX Boston-Halifax Convoy
    BYHC Buckinghamshire Cavalry Hussars
    BYMS British "Y" Class Minesweeper
    BZ Bristol Division, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
    BZA Brazilian Area

C - Abbreviation begining with the letter C

    Abbreviations Meaning
    C Canadian
    C Censor
    C Commissioned
    C Company
    C Cook
    C&A Corrections & Amendments
    C&AAA Coast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery
    C&AAATC Coast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Centre
    C&P Counselling and Probation
    C&TC Commissariat and Transport Corps
    C&YR Carleton & York Regiment
    C(A)D(I)HU Canadian (Armoured) Division (Infantry) Holding Unit
    C(A)TBOW/SRCOC Canadian (Army) Tank Brigade Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    C(O)on"Q"L Canadian (Officers) on "Q" List
    C(W/T)V Calibration (Wireless Telegraphy) Vessel
    C/Blkmth Chief Blacksmith
    C/BTC Canadian Base Training Centre
    C/EA Chief Electrical Artificer
    C/ERA Chief Engine Room Artificer
    C/ERA(M) Chief Engine Room Artificer (Mechanic)
    C/Joiner Chief Joiner
    C/Mech Chief Mechanic
    C/MM Chief Motor Mechanic
    C/O Commanding Officer
    C/Plbr Chief Plumber
    C/Pntr Chief Painter
    C/PO(Postal) Chief Petty Officer (Postal)
    C/POCdr Chief Petty Officer Coder
    C/POCk Chief Petty Officer Cook
    C/POPhoto Chief Petty Officer Photographer
    C/POPtlmn Chief Petty Officer Patrolman
    C/POStwd Chief Petty Officer Steward
    C/POTel Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist
    C/POWtr Chief Petty Officer Writer
    C/RA Chief Radio Artificer
    C/Shpt Chief Shipwright
    C/SPO Chief Stoker Petty Officer
    C/Sto Chief Stoker
    C/Sto(FF) Chief Stoker (Fire Fighter)
    C1 Chief Petty Officer 1st Class
    C1Div Clearance Diver
    C2 Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class
    CA Canadian Army
    CA Control Armourer
    CA Heavy Cruiser (U.S.)
    CA"Y"F Canadian Army British West Indies Force
    CA&AA Coastal Artillery and Anti-Aircraft
    CA(A) Canadian Army (Active)
    CA(A)TC Canadian Army (Advanced) Training Centre
    CA(AF) Canadian Army (Active Force)
    CA(B)TC Canadian Army (Basic) Training Centre
    CA(M) Canadian Army (Militia)
    CA(NRMA) Canadian Army (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
    CA(PF) Canadian Army (Permanent Force)
    CA(R) Canadian Army (Regular)
    CA(Res)or(R) Canadian Army (Reserve)
    CA(RF) Canadian Army (Reserve Force)
    CA(RR) Canadian Army (Regular Reserve)
    CA(SF) Canadian Army (Special Force)
    CA/SA Chief Anti-Submarine Artificer
    CA/SEE Captain, Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment
    CA/TKRPRCASC Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CA2PS Canadian Army 2 Pounder School
    CAAC Crown Assets Allocation Committee
    CAAF Canadian Army Active Force
    CAAORRCA Canadian Anti-Aircraft Operations Room, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CAAS Canadian Army Administration School
    CAB Canadian Armoured Brigade
    CAB Canadian Army Band
    CABC Canadian Armoured Corps Band
    CABCRCASC Canadian Armoured Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CABOC Canadian Armoured Brigade Ordnance Company
    CABRR Canadian Artillery Base Reinforcement Regiment
    CABS Canadian Armoured Brigade Signals
    CABTCA&TS Canadian Army Basic Training Centre Administrative and Training Staff
    CABW/SRCEME Canadian Advance Base Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CABW/SRCEME Canadian Armoured Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CAC Canadian Armoured Corps
    CAC(A)TC(CA) Canadian Armoured Corps (Advanced) Training Centre (Canadian Army)
    CACBTC Canadian Armoured Corps Basic Training Centre
    CACCRCASC Canadian Army Car Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CACF Commander Captain-in-Command, Araken Coastal Forcer
    CACHU Canadian Armoured Corps Holding Unit
    CACOFP Canadian Armoured Corps Ordnance Field Park
    CACPRCASC Canadian Army Catering Pool, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CACRU Canadian Armoured Corps Reinforcement Unit
    CACSCAC Canadian Air Control Section, Canadian Armoured Corps
    CACSqn Coast Artillery Co-operation Squadron, (Royal Canadian Air Force)
    CACTC Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre
    CACTC(A) Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre (Active)
    CACTCR Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre Reserve
    CACTE Canadian Armoured Corps Training Establishment
    CACTR Canadian Armoured Corps Training Regiment
    CACTS Canadian Armoured Corps Training Squadron
    CACTSR Canadian Armoured Corps Trained Soldiers Regiment
    CACTU Canadian Armoured Corps Training Unit
    CADC Canadian Army Dental Corps - corps of military dentists and other personnel providing dental services to soldiers
    Cadets Cadet Services (Directorate of Military Training)
    CADIS Canadian Armoured Division Intelligence Section
    CADMS Canadian Advance Depot Medical Stores
    CADOFPRCOC Canadian Armoured Division Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CADPAT Canadian Disruptive Pattern
    CADPUCPC Canadian Armoured Division Postal Unit, Canadian Postal Corps
    CADR(ER)CAC Canadian Armoured Delivery Regiment (Elgin Regiment), Canadian Armoured Corps
    CADRCASC Canadian Armoured Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CADRSSRCCS Canadian Armoured Delivery Regiment Signal Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CADRTC Canadian Armoured Division Reinforcement Transit Camp
    CADSCDC Canadian Army Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
    CADSGCRCASC Canadian Armoured Divisional Support Group, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CADSP Canadian Armoured Division Sub Park
    CADTCRCASC Canadian Armoured Division Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CADTS Canadian Armoured Division Training School
    CADU Canadian Army Demonstration Unit
    CADW/SRCOC Canadian Armoured Division Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CAEBTC Canadian Army Engineer Basic Training Centre
    CAEC(B&NY) Canadian Army Enlistment Centre (Boston and New York)
    CAESU Canadian Army Equipment Selection Unit
    CAFAC Commander, Allied Force, Aruba and Curacao (U.S.)
    CAFHSR-CAMC Canadian Army Field Hygiene Section, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CAFO Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order
    CAFRSSRCS Canadian Army Field Regiment Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
    CAFSS Canadian Army Field Security Section
    CAFVS Canadian Armoured Fighting Vehicles School
    CAFVTC Canadian Armoured Fighting Vehicles Training Centre
    CAG Canadian Artillery Group
    CAGRE Commander, Army Group Royal Engineers
    CAGS Canadian Army Gymnastic Staff
    CAHC Canadian Army Hydrological Corps
    CAHQDC(RMR) Canadian Army headquarters Defence Company (Royal Montreal Regiment)
    CAHU Canadian Artillery Holding Unit
    CAIB Canadian Army Identification Bureau
    CAIPCIC Canadian Army Interrogation Pool, Canadian Infantry Corps
    CAIS Canadian Army Intelligence Section
    CALE Canadian Army Liaison Establishment
    CalgH Calgary Highlanders
    CalgR Calgary Regiment
    CALO Command Amenities Liaison Officer
    CALS Canadian Air Liaison Section
    CAM Catapult Aircraft Merchant Vessel
    CAMB Central Air Medical Board
    CambR Cambridgeshire Regiment
    CAMBU Canadian Army Mobile Bath Unit
    CAMC Canadian Army Medical Corps - corps of military doctors, nursing sisters and other personnel providing medical treatment to soldiers
    CAMCTC Canadian Army Medical Corps Training Centre
    CA-MCURCAMC Canadian Anti-Malaria Control Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CAMMS Canadian Army Motor Mechanic School
    CamnHighs Cameron Highlanders
    CAMS Catapult Aircraft Merchant Ships
    CAMSI Confidential Admiralty Merchant Shipping Instructions
    Can Canadian
    Canavhed Canadian Naval Headquarters
    CanCavBde Canadian Calvary Brigade
    CanCycBn Canadian Cyclist Battalion
    CanCyclistBn Canadian Cyclist Battalion
    Cand W Cable and Wireless Company
    CanDCyc Canadian Divisional Cyclists
    CanDivCav Canadian Divisional Calvary
    CanDivCyc Canadian Divisional Cyclists
    CanDivHQ Canadian Divisional Headquarters
    CanDivSig Canadian Divisional Signals
    CanEng Canadian Engineers
    CanFdArt Canadian Field Artillery
    CanForC Canadian Forestry Corps
    CanForGen Canadian Forces General Order
    CanFus Canadian Fusiliers
    CanHighComm Canadian High Commissioner
    CanHyBy Canadian Heavy Battery
    CanInfBde Canadian Infantry Brigade
    CanInfWksC Canadian Infantry Works Corps
    CanLabrBn Canadian Labour Battalion
    CanLH Canadian Light Horse
    CANMIL Canadian Military Headquarters
    CANMILITRY Canadian Military Headquarters
    CanMMGBde Canadian Machine Gun Brigade
    CanMtdRif Canadian Mounted Rifles
    CanordC Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CanPnrBn Canadian Pioneer Battalion
    CanPostalC Canadian Postal Corps
    CanRemtD Canadian Remount Depot
    CanRlyConsC Canadian Railway Construction Corps
    CanSanSec Canadian Sanitary Section
    CanScts Canadian Scouts
    CanSiberianExpFce Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
    CanTankC Canadian Tank Corps
    CAO Canadian Army Order
    CAO Canadian Army Overseas
    CAO Command Account Officer
    CAO(s) Canadian Army Orders
    CAOC Canadian Army Ordnance Corps
    CAOF Canadian Army Occupation Force
    CAOFP Canadian Army Ordnance Field Park
    CAOPS Canadian Air Observation Post Squadron
    CAORG Canadian Army Operational Research Group
    CAORO(s) Canadian Army Overseas Routine Order(s)
    Cap Captain
    CAP Canadian Army Projectionist
    CAP Common Army Phase
    CAP Corps Ammunition Park Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CAPC Canadian Army Pay Corps
    CAPCRCAC Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment, Canadian Armoured Corps
    CAPCRSTRCS Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment Signal Troop, Royal Canadian Signals
    CAPF Canadian Army Pacific Force
    CapINF Capitaine Infirmiere
    CAPIS Canadian Air Photo Interpretation Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    CAPO Canadian Army Post Office
    CAPPUCIC Canadian Army Photo Processing Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    CAPRCASC Corps Ammunition Park Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CAPS Canadian Army Pay Services
    CAPS Captain, Auxiliary Patrol, Scapa
    Capt Captain
    Capt(D) Captain (Destroyers)
    CAPTI/C Captain-in-Charge
    CAPTMLC Captain, Major Landing Craft
    CAPU Canadian Army Postal Unit
    CAR Canadian Airborne Regiment
    CAR Canadian Armoured Regiment
    CAR Canadian Army Representative
    CAR Carpenter
    CAR(CR) Canadian Armoured Regiment (Calgary Regiment)
    CARADSFR Canadian Armoured Regiment Advance Details Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment
    CARBRCA Canadian Army Radar Battery Royal Canadian Artillery
    CARC Canadian Army Recovery Company
    CARCRCOC Canadian Army Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corp
    CARD Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Depot
    CARDE Canadian Armament Research Development Establishment
    CareerTrg Career Training
    CARFTU Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Unit
    CARIB Caribbean (U.S.)
    CARIBSEAFRON Caribbean Sea Frontier (U.S.)
    CARNBH Canadian Armoured Regiment New Brunswick Hussars
    CARO(s) Canadian Army Routine Order(s)
    Carp Carpenter
    Carpr Carpenter
    CARR(GGHG) Canadian Armoured Recce Regiment (Governor General's Horse Guards)
    CARTC Canadian Army Rehabilitation Training Centre
    CartDmn Cartographic Draughtsman
    Cartymn Chief Artilleryman
    CARU Canadian Army Reinforcement Unit
    Cas Casualty (ies)
    CAS Canadian Administration School
    CAS Canadian Army Shows
    CAS Canadian Army Staff
    CAS Canadian Artillery School
    CAS Chief of the Air Staff
    CASC Canadian Air Support Control
    CASC Canadian Army Service Corps - branch of the military responsible for supplying troops in the field
    CASCIC Censorship Advisory Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    CASCRCE Canadian Air Survey Company Royal Canadian Engineers
    CASCRU Canadian Army Service Corps Reinforcement Unit
    CASDRCASC Canadian Advance Stationary Depot, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CASEU Canadian Auxiliary Service Entertainment Unit
    CASF Canadian Active Service Force
    CASofI Canadian Army School of Instruction
    CASofI Coast Artillery School of Instruction
    CASS Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
    CASSU Canadian Air Support Signal Unit
    CASSURCCS Canadian Air Support Signal Unit, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CATB Canadian Army Tank Brigade
    CATBCRCASC Canadian Army Tank Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CATBHSC Canadian Army Tank Brigade Heavy Support Company
    CATBn Canadian Army Tank Battalion
    CATBS Canadian Army Tank Brigade Signals
    CATBSPRCOC Canadian Army Tank Brigade Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CATC Canadian Army Training Centre
    CATCAC Canadian Army Troop, Canadian Armoured Corps
    CATCCRCASC Canadian Assault Troops Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CATCRCASC Canadian Administrative Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CATM Canadian Army Training Memorandum
    CATOFP Canadian Army Tank Ordnance Field Park
    CATR Canadian Army Tank Regiment
    CATS Canadian Army Tank School
    CATS Canadian Army Training School
    CATW/SRCOC Canadian Armoured Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CAU Canadian Administration Unit
    CAU Civil Affairs Unit
    CAUC Canadian Army University Course
    Cav Cavalry - soldiers who fought on horseback
    CAVC Canadian Army Veterinary Corps
    CAW Canadian Army Staff, Washington
    CAWC Canadian Artizan Works Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CB Coast Brigade
    CB Companion of the Order of the Bath
    CB Confidential Book
    CB Confined to Barracks
    CB Order of the Bath (Companion)
    CBA Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting Station
    CBBDB Camp Borden Branch Detention Barracks
    CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
    CBD Canadian Base Depot
    CBD Canadian Base Details - small units charged with maintaining and improving camp areas
    CBDC Canadian Base Dental Company
    CBDCMSC Camp Borden Detachment, Corps of Military Staff Clerks
    CBDMSRCAMC Canadian Base Depot Medical Stores, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CBDRCOC Camp Borden Details, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CBDSCDC Canadian Base Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
    CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire
    CBE Order of the British Empire (Commander)
    CBG Canadian Brigade Group
    CBH(RB) Cape Breton Highlanders (Rifle Battalion)
    CBHQS Camp Borden Headquarters Staff
    CBMHRCAMC Camp Borden Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CBMHRCAMC Coteau Barracks Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CBMHRCAMC Currie Barracks Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CBOD Canadian Base Ordnance Depot
    CBOI(ACSRRCA) Canadian Base Ordnance Increment (Attached Canadian Survey Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery)
    CBOSRCA Counter Battery Officers Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CBOSRCACC Counter Battery Officers Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Corps
    CBOStaff Counter Battery Officers Staff
    CBOW/SRCOC Canadian Base Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CBP Canadian Base Park
    CBPRCE Canadian Base Park, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CBRCA Centaur Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CBRCA Coast Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CBRD Canadian Base Reinforcement Depot
    CBRG Canadian Base Reinforcement Group
    CBRGSofCRCACS Canadian Base Reinforcement Group School of Cookery, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CBSC Canadian Base Staging Camp
    CBSO Counter Battery Staff Officer
    CBSRCASC Canadian Barracks Services, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CBSS(CMF) Canadian Base Signal Section (Central Mediterranean Force)
    CBSSRCCS Camp Borden Signal Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CBTC Canadian Base Transport Company
    CBTD Canadian Base Transit Depot
    CBTPRCASC Canadian Base Transport Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CBU (Headquarters) Canadian Base Unit
    CBUCCRCE Canadian Base Units Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CC Camouflage Course
    CC Camp Commandant Royal Canadian Air Force Headquarters
    CC Canadian Corps
    CC Cancellations & Corrections
    CC Chief Constructor
    CC Civil Convictions
    CC Clerk's Course
    CC Communicator ( C )
    CC Companion of the Order of Canada
    CC Conditioning Centre
    CC&A-AAS Canadian Coast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery School
    CC&ATSPRCOC Canadian Corps & Army Troops Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CCAC Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre - centre where wounded were assessed for either further treatment or return to duty
    CCACS (Construction), Company Atlantic Command Signals
    CCAS Canadian Coast Artillery School
    CCAS S-1 Victoria
    CCAS S-2 Petawawa
    CCB Canadian Calvary Brigade
    CCB Canadian Cyclist Battalion
    CCB Combined Communications Board
    CCBMGS Canadian Cavalry Brigade Machine Gun Squadron
    CCBPNo Combined Communications Board, Publication Number
    CCC Canadian Construction Company
    CCC Casualty Clearing Centre
    CCC Commonwealth Communications Council
    CCCC Canadian Corps Composite Company - unit of men unfit for active duty at the front and attached to Corps Headquarters for employment
    CCCC Cape Colony Cyclist Corps
    CCCCRCASC Canadian Corps Car Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CCCRCE Canadian Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CCCS Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
    CCCS Captain (later Commodore) Commanding Canadian Ships and Establishments in the United Kingdom
    CCCTRCASC Canadian Command Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CCCU Canadian Cemetery Construction Unit
    CCD Canadian Command Depot
    CCD Canadian Convalescent Depot - facility where soldiers could recover from wounds and rebuild their strength
    CCD Canadian Corps Depot
    CCDC Canadian Corps Defence Company
    CCDRCAMC Canadian Convalescent Depot, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CCDSSTRCCS Canadian Corps Delivery Squadron Signal Troop, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CCDU Coastal Command Development Unit
    CCERCE Canadian Constructional Engineers, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CCF Commander Coastal Forces
    CCFC Company Canadian Forestry Corps
    CCFCORCAPC Canadian Corps Field Cash Office, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    CCFPC Canadian Corps Field Park Company
    CCFPC Canadian Corps Field Punishment Camp
    CCHA Canadian Corps Heavy Artillery
    CCIS Canadian Corps Intelligence Section
    CCM Canadian Centennial Medal (1967)
    CCM Combined Cypher Machine
    CCM&HC Canadian Courts Martial & Holding Centre
    CCMA Canadian Corps Medium Artillery
    CCMHQSRCS Company Canadian Military Headquarters Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
    CCMOS Canadian Counter Mortar Officers Staff
    CCMOSRCA Canadian Counter Mortar Officer Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CCMSRCA Canadian Corps Meteorological Section, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CCNF Commodore Commanding Newfoundland Force
    CCO Chief of Combined Operations
    CCO Civilian Contracts Officer, Joint Air Training Plan
    CCO Coder and Cypher Office
    CCO Communications, Coding and Cyphering Arrangements
    CCOD Canadian Central Ordnance Depot
    CCOS Combined Chiefs of Staff
    CCP Casualty Clearing Post
    CCPC Company Canadian Provost Corps
    CCPPRCASC Canadian Corps Petrol Park, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CCPS Computerized Central Pay System
    CCPU Canadian Corps Postal Unit
    CCPU Canadian Corps Protective Company
    CCR(C)A Commander Corps Royal (Canadian) Artillery
    CCRA Commander Corps, Royal Artillery
    CCRC Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp - centre in France where troops were held before being sent to reinforce existing units
    CCRCAMC Conditioning Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CCRCASC Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CCRTC Canadian Corps Reinforcement Transit Camp
    CCRU Canadian Combined Reinforcement Unit
    CCS Canadian Censor Section
    CCS Canadian Chaplain Services
    CCS Casualty Clearing Station - first medical unit (after the Aid Post) for wounded soldiers evacuated from the front lines
    CCS Code and Cypher School
    CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
    CCSO Contraband Control Service Officer
    CCSRCCS Canadian Cipher Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CCSRCS Canadian Corps Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
    CCT Canadian Calibration Troop
    CCTC Canadian Corps Transport Company
    CCTC Commandant, Combined Training Centre
    CCTCC Canadian Corps Troops Carrying Column
    CCTCCRCASC Commander Corps Troops Carrying Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CCTORCOC Canadian Corps Troops Ordnance, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CCTSI Canadian Corps Troops Service Increment
    CCTW/SRCEME Canadian Corps Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CCTW/SRCOC Canadian Corps troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CCU Canadian Concentration Unit
    CCWAC Company Canadian Women's Military Corps
    CCWACMD Company Canadian Women's Army Corps Military Corps
    CCWDL Canadian Chemical Warfare Defence Laboratory
    CCWS Canadian Chemical Warfare School
    CCZ Canadian Coastal Zone
    CD Canada Draft
    CD Canadian Forces Decoration
    CD Captain of the Dockyard
    CD Clearance Diver
    CD Coast Defence (Artillery)
    CD Commissioned
    CD Convalescent Detachments
    CD&AA Coast Defence & Anti-Aircraft
    CD&AAATC Coast Defence & Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Centre
    CD&AAW/SS Coast Defence & Anti-Aircraft Workshop Section
    CD&EP Canadian Defence & Employment Platoon
    CD&FPB Canadian Detention and Field Punishment Barracks
    CD&MS Canadian Driving and Maintenance School
    CD(Records) Correction on Documents
    CDA Canadian Divisional Artillery
    CDAC Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column - railhead where divisional ammunition was stored before being shipped to the front
    CDB Canadian Detention Barracks
    CDB Coast Defence Battery
    CDBPRCE Canadian Divisional Bridging Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CDC Canadian Dental Corps
    CDC Canadian Disciplinary Centre
    CDC Canadian Divisional Calvary
    CdCkO Commissioned Cookery Officer
    CDCRCE Canadian Drilling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CdCtO Commissioned Catering Officer
    CDD Canadian Discharge Depot - centre in Canada where soldiers returning from war were released from service
    CDE Code
    CdeG Croix de Guerre
    CdeG(B) Croix de Guerre Belgium
    CdeG(F) Croix de Guerre France
    CdEl Commissioned Electrician
    CdEng Commissioned Engineer
    CdG'nr Commissioner Gunner
    CDHQ Canadian Divisional Headquarters
    CDIS Canadian Division Intelligence Section
    CDISRCASC Canadian Detail Issue Depot, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CDLS Canadian Defence Liaison Staff
    CDMD Canada Draft Military District
    Cdn Canadian
    CdnConstlEngrs Canadian Constructional Engineers
    CdnEngrs Canadian Engineers
    Cdn-Gds Canadian Guards
    CDOF French Western Africa colony
    CDofDS Canadian Depot of Dental Stores
    CDOSC Camp Daily Orders Sarcee Camp
    CDOW/SRCOC Canadian Divisional Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CDPU Canadian Division Postal Unit
    Cdr Coder
    Cdr Commander
    Cdr(D) Commander (Destroyers)
    CDRAS&TD Canadian Detachment Royal Armoured Corps School & Training Depot
    CDRBCAO/S Canadian Division Reece Battalion, Canadian Army Overseas
    CDRE Commodore
    CDRJ Commander, Force J.
    CDRSRCS Canadian Despatch Rider Section Royal Canadian Signals
    CDS Canadian Divisional Signals
    CDS Chief of the Defence Staff
    CDSB Canadian Division Support Battalion
    CDSB Commissioned Signal Boatswain
    CDSCCRC Canadian Division Section - Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp
    CDSCDC Central Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
    CDSCRCASC Canadian Division Supply Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CdShpt Commissioned Shipwright
    CdSO Commissioned Stores Officer
    CDSRC Canadian Division Section Reinforcement Camp
    Cdt Cadet
    CDT Commissioned Telegraphist
    CDTCRCASC Canadian Division Troops Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CdTelegr Cadet Telegraphist
    CDTS Canadian Divisional Training School
    CDVGofCCMHQ General Duty Veterans Guard of Canada, Canadian Military Headquarters
    CdWO Commissioned Writer Officer
    CE Canadian Engineers - corps of men who built bridges, railway depots, camps, bases and other military installations
    CE Chief Engineer
    CE Civil Engineer
    CE&MPRCE Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CE&MSRCE Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CE(Wks) Chief Engineer (Works)
    CEA Chief Electrical Artificer
    CEAURCOC Canadian Equipment Assembly Unit, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CEC Corps expéditionnaire canadien (French only) - force of more than 600,000 men established by the Government of Canada for service overseas
    CEEW(A)RCEME Canadian Engineer Equipment Workshop (Active), Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CEEW/SRCEME Canadian Engineer Equipment Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CEEW/SRCOC Canadian Engine Equipment Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force - force of more than 600,000 men established by the Government of Canada for service overseas
    CEG(B) Canadian Employment Group "B"
    CEHU Canadian Engineer Holding Unit
    CELE Communications/Electronics Engineer
    CEO Camp Engineer Officer
    CEO Command Engineer Officer
    CEP Canadian Employment Platoon
    CEPF Canadian Echelon Pacific Force
    CERA Chief Engine Room Artificer
    CERD Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Depot - centre from which reinforcements were allocated to existing engineering units
    CERU Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Unit
    CESF Commander, Eastern Sea Frontier (U.S.)
    CESU Canadian Educational Services Unit
    CETC Canadian Engineer Training Centre
    CETech Construction Engineering Technician
    CEURCAMC Canadian Exhaustion Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CeylonPLRC Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps
    CF Canadian Forces
    CF Canadian Fusiliers
    CF Composite Flights
    CF&PS Canadian Film and Photo Section
    CF(SP)RRCA Canadian Field (Self Propelled) Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CF98 Canadian Forces Form #98 - Report on Injuries
    CFA Calvary Field Ambulance
    CFA Canadian Field Ambulance - unit responsible for evacuating the wounded from the front lines to medical centres
    CFA Canadian Field Artillery - organization responsible for using medium-calibre guns in direct or indirect support of infantry
    CFAO Canadian Forces Administrative Order
    CFASS Canadian Field Auxiliary Services Section
    CFB Coastal Force Base
    CFBMEK Coast Force Base, Mers-El-Kebir
    CFBRCA(AF) Canadian Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery, (Active Force)
    CFC Canadian Forces College
    CFC Canadian Forestry Corps - units designated to cut down and process trees to provide wood and lumber
    CFC Craftsman
    CFCCDRCE Canadian Field Company, Canadian Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CFCRCE Canadian Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CFCSC Canadian Forces Command and Staff Course
    CFCTW Canadian Forestry Corps Training Wing
    CFDS Canadian Field Dressing Station
    CFDSRCAMC Canadian Field Dressing Station, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CFE Commander, Coastal Forces, Eastern Mediterranean
    CFEF Canadian Far East Force
    CFES Canadian Field Educational Section
    CFF Communication and Ferry Flights
    CFF Corps of Civilian (Canadian) Fire Fighters For Service in the United Kingdom
    CFFS Canadian Forces Fleet School
    CFFT Coastal Forces Fuelling Tender
    CFH Canadian Field Hospital
    CFH Canadian Forces Hospital
    CFHA Canadian Forces Housing Agency
    CFHS Canadian Field Historical Section
    CFHSvcsGp Canadian Forces Health Services Group
    CFL Compassionate Farm Leave
    CFMG Canadian Forces Medical Group
    CFMSO Coastal Forces Material Supply Officer
    CFMTP Canadian Forces Musician Training Plan
    Cfn Craftsman
    Cfn Craftsman (Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
    CFN Canadian Forces in the Netherlands
    CFNIS Canadian Forces National Investigation Service
    CFOCS Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School
    CFORS Course for Orderly Room Sergeants
    CFP Canadian Forces Publication
    CFPAS Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System
    CFPC Canadian Field Punishment Camp
    CFPCRCE Corps Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CFPCUCIC Canadian Field Press Censor Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    CFPSA Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency
    CFR Commissioning From the Ranks
    CFRC Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre
    CFRETS Canadian Forces Recruiting, Education and Training System
    CFRP Commissioning from the Ranks Plan
    CFRRCAAP Canadian Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Advance Party
    CFS Canadian Field Squadron
    CFS Central Flying Schools
    CFSC Canadian Field Survey Company
    CFSCRCE Canadian Field Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CFSD Canadian Forces Supply Depot
    CFSEME Canadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
    CFSRD Canadian Field Security Reserve Detachment
    CFSS Canadian Field Security Section
    CFSURCAMC Canadian Field Surgical Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CFTC(ID)RCASC Canadian General Transport Company (Infantry Division), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CFTO Canadian Forces Technical Order
    CFTSHQ Canadian Forces Training System Headquarters
    CFTU Canadian Field Transfusion Unit
    CFW Commander, Coastal Forces, Western Mediterranean
    CG Canada Gazette
    CG Coldstream Guards
    CG Commanding General (U.S.)
    CG Compassionate Grounds
    CGA Canadian Garrison Artillery - organization responsible for using large-calibre guns against heavily fortified positions
    CGB Canadian Garrison Battalion
    CGBD Canadian General Base Depot
    CGBRB Canadian General Base Reinforcement Battalion
    CGCU Canadian Graves Concentration Unit
    Cgds Coldstream Guards
    CGG Canadian Grenadier Guards (Now 22nd Armoured Regiment)
    CGH Canadian General Hospital - permanent hospital where extensive treatment was given to the wounded
    CGHRCAMC Canadian General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CGHU Canadian General Holding Unit
    CGLS Canadian General Labour Section
    CGM Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
    CGMU Combat Group Medical Unit
    CGPC Canadian General Pioneer Company
    CGR Canadian Garrison Regiment - unit of 13 battalions formed in April 1918 to perform garrison duty in Canada's 13 military districts
    CGR Canadian Graves Registrar or Registration
    CGRU Canadian General Reinforcement Unit
    CGRU Canadian Graves Registration Unit
    CGS Canadian Government Ship
    CGS Chief of the General Staff
    CGS Chief of the Imperial General Staff
    CGSF Commander Gulf Sea Frontier
    CGTC Canadian General Transport Company
    CGTWRCEME Canadian General Troop Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CH 14th Canadian Hussars
    CH Chaplain
    CH Chatham Division, Royal Marines
    CH Companion Of Honour
    CH Construction Hand
    CH Convalescent Hospital
    Chap Chaplain
    CHAP Canadian Harassment and Abuse Prevention
    Chap(F) Chaplain of the Fleet
    Chap(P) Chaplain (Protestant)
    Chap(RC) Director of Chaplain Services (Roman Catholic)
    CHB Canadian Highland Battalion (Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada)
    CHD Calgary Highlanders Depot
    CHENG Chief Engineer
    ChesR Cheshire Regiment
    ChesYeo Cheshire Yeomanry
    CHET Canadian Higher Education Test
    ChO Chief Officer
    CHofO(MG) Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Machine Gun)
    CHOP Line near 47th Meridian dividing the British and Canadian areas of responsibility
    CHP Chaplain (Protestant)
    CHQ&NDHQCRCAMC Corps Headquarters & National Defence Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CHQAGRCE Canadian Headquarters Army Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CHQCDC Corps Headquarters, Canadian Dental Corps OR Canadian Disciplinary Centre
    CHQCPC(C) Corps Headquarters Canadian Postal Corps (Canada)
    CHQCWAC Corps Headquarters Canadian Women's Army Corps
    CHQEOFSCRCOC Corps Headquarters Element of Salvage Control, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CHQofBSA Canadian Headquarters of Base Sub Area
    CHQPMC Camp Headquarters, Petawawa Military Camp
    CHQRCECA Corps Headquarters Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Army
    CHQRCEME Corps Headquarters Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CHQRCOC Corps Headquarters, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CHQSDRCOC Canadian Headquarters Salvage Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CHRA Canadian Human Rights Act
    CHRC Canadian Human Rights Commission
    CHRC Chaplain Roman Catholic
    CHRSRCEME Canadian Heavy Recovery Section, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CHRSRCOC Canadian Heavy Recovery Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CHS Canadian Hospital Ship
    CHSB Chief Signal Botswain
    CHSHPT Chief Shipwright
    ChSkr Chief Skipper
    CHT Corps of Horse Transport
    CHU Canadian Holding Unit
    CHWR Chief Writer
    CHYeoSIG Chief Yeoman of Signals
    CI(I)HQS Canadian Intelligence (Interrogation) Headquarters Section
    CIA Chief Inspector of Armaments
    CIAL Commercial Cable Company
    CIB Canadian Infantry Brigade
    CIBC Canadian Infantry Corps Band
    CIBCRCASC Canadian Infantry Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CIBGDP(LS) Canadian Light Infantry Brigade Ground Defence Platoon (Lorne Scot)
    CIBRB Canadian Infantry Base Reinforcement Battalion
    CIBSG(SLI) Canadian Infantry Brigade Support Group (Saskatoon Light Infantry)
    CIBUS Communication Instructions for British Warships in the U.S.A.
    CIBW/S Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop (Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps or Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
    CIBW/SRCEME Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CIBW/SRCOC Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CIC Cadet Instructor Cadre
    CIC Canadian Infantry Corps
    CIC Canadian Intelligence Corps
    CIDB Canadian Infantry Depot Battalion
    CIDBn Canadian Infantry Depot Battalion
    CIDCC(M)RCASC Canadian Infantry Division Composite Company (Main), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CIDCMOS Canadian Infantry Division Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CIDM/GBn(SLI) Canadian Infantry Division Machine Gun Battalion (Saskatoon Light Infantry)
    CIDOFPRCOC Canadian Infantry Division Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CIDRTC Canadian Infantry Division Reinforcement Transit Camp
    CIDSI Canadian Infantry Division Service Increment
    CIDSPRCOC Canadian Infantry Division Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CIDTCRCASC Canadian Infantry Division Troops Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CIDTS Canadian Infantry Division Training School
    CIET Canadian Intermediate Education Test
    CIET Canadian Intermediate Educational Test
    CIF "C" Infantry Battalion
    CIGS Chief of the Imperial General Staff
    CIHU Canadian Infantry Holding Unit
    CIL Cadet Instructors List
    CIMGCoy(NBR) Canadian Independent Machine Gun Company (New Brunswick Regiment)
    Cin CCNA Commander in Chief, Canadian North West Atlantic
    C-in-C Commander in Chief
    C-in-C,CNA Commander in Chief, Canadian Northwest Atlantic
    C-in-CAandWI Commander in Chief, Atlantic and West Indies Station
    C-in-CCWA Commander in Charge Canadian North Atlantic
    C-in-CEF Commander in Chief Eastern Fleet
    C-in-CHF Commander in Chief Home Fleet
    C-in-CLANT Commander in Chief, US Atlantic Fleet
    CInfC Canadian Infantry Corps
    CIntC Canadian Intelligence Corps
    CIofCM Chief Inspector of Catering & Messing
    CIOSPRCOC Canadian Infantry Ordnance Sub-Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CIPCIC Canadian Interpreters Pool, Canadian Infantry Corps
    CIRU Canadian Infantry Reinforcement Unit
    CITB Canadian Infantry Training Brigade
    CITC Canadian Infantry Centre
    CITC Canadian Infantry Training Centre
    CitoanMTIBRCASC Canadian Increment to a (Mobilization Training Centre / Mechanical Transport / Military Training OR Movement Train) Inspection Branch, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CITR Canadian Infantry Training Regiment
    CITW/SRCEME Canadian Infantry Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CITW/SRCOC Canadian Infantry Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance corps
    CIU Clinical Investigation Units
    CIWB Canadian Infantry Works Battalion
    CIWC Canadian Infantry Works Corps
    CJATC Canadian Joint Air Training Centre (Rivers, Manitoba)
    CJLS Corps Junior Leaders School
    CJWSC Canadian Junior War Staff Course
    CK Cook
    CK Cook (Ship's)
    Ck(O) Cook (Officers)
    Ck(Prob) Cook (Probationer)
    Ck(S) Cook (Seamen)
    CKMTE Cook's Mate
    CKS&DU Canadian Kit Storage & Disposal Unit
    CKSD Canadian Kit Storage Depot
    Cl Clasp
    CL Canloan List
    CL Casualty List - list of soldiers wounded, killed, missing or taken prisoner by the enemy
    CL Colonel
    CL Compassionate Leave
    CL Convalescent Leave
    CLA-AB Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Battalion
    CLB Canadian Labour Battalion
    CLC Canadian Leave Centre
    CLDAFHQ Canadian Liaison Detachment, Allied Forces OR Air Force Headquarters
    CLE Clerk
    CLES Canadian Legion Educational Service
    CLFCSC Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College
    CLFHSRCAMC Canadian Light Field Hygiene Sections, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CLH Canadian Light Horse - cavalry unit, originally intended as a scouting force
    CLK Clerk
    ClkAcc Clerk Accounting
    ClkAdmSupr Clerk Administrative Supervisor
    ClkEng Clerk Engineering
    ClkGen Clerk General
    ClkStats Clerk Statistics
    ClkSteno Clerk Stenographer
    ClkTyp Clerk Typist
    Cloc Chief Locator
    ClofCPC(C) Canadian Line of Communication Provost Company (Consolidated)
    CLofCT Canadian Line of Communication Terminal
    CLP Canadian Labour Pool
    CLQ Class Qualified
    CLRSRCOC Canadian Light Recovery Station, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CLS Chief of the Land Staff
    CL-SE Colour Sergeant
    CLURCE Canadian Landmark Unit, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CLWS Canadian Legion War Services
    CM Canadian Centennial Medal (1967)
    CM Commissaryman
    CM Communicator
    CM Member of the Order of Canada
    CM/L Controlled Mine Laying
    CMA Central Mediterranean Area
    CMACRCASC Canadian Motor Ambulance Convoy, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CMASCL Canadian Military Attache Staff Canadian Legation
    CMBG Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
    CMBURCAMC Canadian Mobile Bath Units, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMC Canadian Medical Centre
    CMC Canadian Military College
    CMCLG Canadian Movement Control Liaison Group
    CMCR(PLNBH)AF Canadian Motorcycle Regiment (Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars) Active Force
    CMCU Canadian Movement Control Unit
    CMDBSN Commissioner Boatswain
    CMDLondonMD1 Central Mechanization Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    Cmdr Commander
    Cmdr Commander (Naval)
    CMEC Canadian Mechanical Equipment Company
    CMF Central Mediterranean Force
    CMG Canadian Medical Group
    CMG Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George
    CMG Order of St. Michael and St. George (Companion)
    CMGBde Canadian Machine Gun Brigade
    CMGC Canadian Machine Gun Corps - soldiers with machine guns responsible for supporting or defending against infantry attack
    CMGCMF Canadian Meteorological Group - Central Mediterranean Force
    CMGHU Canadian Machine Gun Holding Unit
    CMGO Corps Machine Gun Officer
    CMGRU Canadian Machine Gun Reinforcement Unit
    CMGTC Canadian Machine Gun Training Centre
    CMH Calgary Military Hospital
    CMH Canadian Military Hospital
    CMHL Canadian Mobile Hygiene Laboratory
    CMHQ Canadian Military Headquarters
    CMHQC Canadian Military Headquarters Course
    CMHQROX-LPSOW Canadian Military Headquarters Records Office X-List, PSOW
    CMHRCAMC Camp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMHRCAMC Camrose Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMHRCAMC Charlottetown Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMHRCAMC Chatham Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMHRCAMC Chicoutimi Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMHRCAMC Chilliwack Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Hospital
    CMHRCAMC Cornwall Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Military Hospital
    CMM Order of Merit (Commander)
    CMMG Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade
    CMMGC Canadian Motor Machine Gun Corps
    CMMP Corps of Military Mounted Police
    CMMS Canadian Motorcycle Maintenance School
    CMN-SURCAMC Canadian Mobil Neuro-Surgical Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMOS Counter Mortar Officer Staff
    CMP Corps of Military Police
    CMP&DB Canadian Military Prison & Detention Barracks
    CMPC Canadian Military Police Corps
    CMPLRCASC Canadian Mobile Pet. Laboratories, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CMPS Canadian Map Photographic Section
    CMPS Canadian Military Police Corps
    CMR Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean
    CMR Canadian Mounted Rifles - mounted soldiers originally, later used largely as infantry
    CMR Cape Mounted Riflemen
    CMR(GGHG)AF Canadian Motorcycle Regiment (Governor General's Horse Guards) Active Force
    CMRCASF(DYRCH) Canadian Motorcycle Regiment, Canadian Active Service Force (17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars)
    CMRPRCASC Canadian Medium Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CMRS Canadian Medical Rest Station
    CMRSRCAMC Canadian Medical Rest Station, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMS Canadian Military Staff
    CMS Canadian Mission Staff
    CMSA Co-operations with the British Ministry of War Transport in the United States
    CMSC Cape Medical Staff Corps
    CMSC Co-operations with the British Ministry of War Transport in Canada
    CMSC Corps of Military Clerks
    CMSC Corps of Military Staff Clerks
    CMSCCO Corps of Military Staff, Clerks Corps Orders
    CMSPEC Canadian Military Section Port Executive Committee
    CMSTMUSA Camp Myles Standish, Tauton Massachusetts, U.S.A.
    CMT Corps of Motor Transport, Army Service Corps
    CMTCCM Canadian Militia Training Course, Camp Macauley
    CMTech Construction and Maintenance Technician
    CMTRCA Canadian Modelling Team, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CMTRURCEME Canadian Mobile Tire Repair Unit, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CMTS Central Mechanical Transport Stores
    CMU Construction and Maintenance Units
    CNCoy Cannon Company
    Cnd Canadian
    CndDetnBks Canadian Detention Barracks
    CNDHQ Commandant National Defence Headquarters
    CNE Canadian National Exhibition
    CNEC Chief Naval Engineering and Construction
    CNES Chief Naval Equipment and Supply
    CNK Change Next of Kin
    CNMO Canadian Naval Mission Overseas
    CNO Canadian Naval Order
    CNP Chief of Naval Personnel
    CNPWRCAMC Canadian Neuro Psychiatric Wing, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CNR Canadian National Railways
    CNR Canadian Naval Regulations
    CNS Chief of the Naval Staff
    CNSRHRCAMC Canadian Nursing Sister's Rest Home, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CNVT&TU Canadian Night Vision Training & Testing Unit
    CNW-44 Canadian Naval War Plan
    Co Company
    CO Commanding Officer - any officer in command of a specific unit (usually battalion level and up)
    CO Constable
    CO Cook (Officer's)
    CO Corps Orders
    CO&MERU Canadian Ordnance & Mechanical Engineer Reinforcement Unit
    CO(A) Camp Orders (Angler)
    CO/SPD Canadian Overseas Postal Depot
    COA Chief Ordnance Accountant
    COA Corps of Ordnance Artificers
    COA Course of Action
    COAC Commanding Officer Atlantic Coast
    COAV Commanding Officer Auxiliary Vessels
    COBD Canadian Ordnance Beach Detachment
    COBD Canadian Ordnance Branch Detachment
    COC Canadian Ordnance Corps
    COC Combined Operations Centre
    COC&BTC Combined Operations Centre & Basic Training Centre
    COC(AC) Combined Operations School (Army Camp)
    COCDC Corps Orders, Canadian Dental Corps
    COCPC Corps Orders Canadian Postal Corps
    COCTC Canadian Ordnance Corps Training Centre
    COCTUSC Canadian Officer Cadet Training Unit Selection Centre
    COCWAC Corps Orders, Canadian Women's Army Corps
    COD Central Ordnance Depot
    CODCRCOC Central Ordnance Depot Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CODRCOC Camp Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    COEMETC Canadian Ordnance Electrical Mechanical Engineer Training Course
    COF Canadian Army Occupation Force
    COF Canadian Occupational Force
    CofAS Corps of Army Schoolmasters
    CofC Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
    CofF Chaplain of the Fleet
    CofHRS Corps of Hussars
    CofI Court of Inquiry - group of officers convened to investigate specific questions or events
    CofLondYeo County of London Yeomanry
    CofLRS Corps of Lancers
    COFPRCOC Canadian Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CofS Chief of Staff
    CofS Cross of Sacrifice (Memorial Cross)
    CofW Cable or Wireless
    COHQ Combined Operations Headquarters
    COI Court of Inquiry
    Col Colonel
    Coln Column
    Com Command - unit under the command of one officer or non-commissioned officer
    COM Commissioner
    Com10thFleetCandR Commander 10th Fleet Convoy and Routeing (US)
    ComBtswn Commissioned Boatswain
    COMC&S Canadian Ordnance Maintenance Company & Sections
    Comd Command - unit under the command of one officer or non-commissioned officer
    Comd Commandant
    Comd Commander
    Comd Commanding
    Com'd Command - unit under the command of one officer or non-commissioned officer
    ComdEngr Command Engineer
    COMDGEN Commanding General (U.S.)
    Comdt Commandant
    COME Chief Ordnance Mechanical Engineer
    COMERU Canadian Ordnance and Mechanical Engineer Reinforcement Unit
    COMINCH Commander in Chief, US Fleet
    CominchCandR Commander in Chief, US Fleet, Convoy and Routeing
    Comm Commission
    Comm Commodore
    Commande (D) Commander (Destroyers)
    Commodore(D)WA Commodore (Destroyers), Western Approaches
    CommofCustoms Commissioner of Customs
    Comn Communication
    ComOp Communications Operator
    ComOpSupr Communications Operator Supervisor
    Comp Composite
    ComPC(A) Communications Performance Checker (Air)
    ComPC(G) Communications Performance Checker (Ground)
    ComTech Communications Technician
    ComTech(A) Communications Technician (Air)
    ComTech(G) Communications Technician (Ground)
    Conc Concentrate
    Conc Concentration
    Cond Conductor
    COND Commanding Officer Naval Divisions
    Condr Conductor
    Connav (No) Navy Authority, Washington
    ConnRang Connaught Rangers
    Const Constable
    Constl Constructional
    constr Construction
    ConstrC Constructor Captain
    Conv Convalescent - a soldier recovering from wounds or illness
    ConvoyCYeoSigs Convoy Chief Yeoman of Signals
    ConvoyLSig Convoy Leading Signalman
    ConvoyOSig Convoy Ordinary Signalman
    ConvoySig Convoy Signalman
    ConvoyYeoSigs Convoy Yeoman of Signals
    Cook(O) Cook (Officer's)
    Cook(S) Cook (Ship's)
    COOS(M)RCOC Canadian Ordnance Officer's Shop (Mobile), Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    COP Commander of Port
    COPC Commanding Officer Pacific Coast
    COPD Canadian Overseas Postal Depot
    COpSO Chief Operational Services Officer
    Cor Corvettes
    COR Confirmation of Rank
    CORC Canadian Ordnance Railhead Company
    CORCAMC Corps Orders, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CORCC Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps
    CORCRCOC Canadian Ordnance Railhead Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Company
    CORCT Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Troops
    CORD Central Ontario Regimental Depot - facility in England used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    CORD Commanding Officer Reserve Divisions
    Corp Corporal
    Corpl Corporal
    CORU Canadian Ordnance Reinforcement Unit
    Cos Companies
    CoS Chief(s) of Staff
    COS Change of Strength
    COS Coming Off Strength
    COS Company Orderly Sergeant
    COS&CB Canadian Officers Survey & Classification Board
    COSAI Canadian Ordnance Stores Accounting Inspectorate
    COSSAC Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander (Designate)
    COTC Canadian Officer Training Centre
    COTC Canadian Officer Training Corps
    COTC Canadian Overseas Telecommunication Corporation
    COU Called Out Under
    COVGofC Corps Orders Veterans Guard of Canada
    Cox'n Coxswain
    Coy Company - unit of approximately 200 men, divided into 4 platoons
    CP Chaplains Pool
    CP Command Post
    CPACRCAMC Canadian Prophylactic Ablution Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CPB Canadian Parachute Battalion
    CPB Canadian Pioneer Battalion
    CPBRCE Canadian Pioneer Battalion, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CPC Canadian Pension Commission (Department of Veterans Affairs)
    CPC Canadian Postal Corps
    CPC Canadian Provost Corps
    CPC Corps Protection Company
    CPCCMF(ADHOC) Canadian Pioneer Company, Central Mediterranean Force
    CPCD Canadian Provost Corps Depot
    CPCO/S(PU) Canadian Postal Corps Overseas, (Postal Units)
    CPCURCASC Canadian Port Clearance Unit, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CPDPRCE Canadian Pile Driving Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CPDRCAPC Command Pay Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    CPF Canadian Patriotic Front
    CPI Corps of Permanent Instructors
    CPinME Canadian Personnel in Middle East
    Cpl Corporal
    CPLAM Corporal Ambulance
    CPMH Camp Petawawa Military Hospital
    CPMHRCAMC Chorley Park Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CPMMLRCOC Canadian Pilot Model Mobile Laundry, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CPO Chief Petty Officer
    CPO Civilian Personnel Officer
    CPR Canadian Pacific Railway
    CPRD Canadian Public Relations Detachment
    CProC Canadian Provost Corps
    CPRS Canadian Public Relations Services
    CPRU Canadian Public Relations Unit
    CPS Canadian Planning Staff
    CPS Canadian Publishing Section
    Cpt Captain
    CPTC Canadian Parachute Training Centre
    CPTCAC Canadian Pioneer Troop, Canadian Armoured Corps
    CPTHO Captain of Hospital Orderlies
    CPTRE Captain Royal Engineers
    CPTU Canadian Parachute Training Unit
    CPTUCPC Canadian Postal Tracing Unit, Canadian Postal Corps
    CPW/S(ADHOC)RCEME Canadian Port Workshop (Ad Hoc), Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CPW/S(ADHOC)RCOC Canadian Port Workshop (Ad Hoc), Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CPWEU Canadian Petroleum Warfare Experimental Unit
    CQMS Company Quartermaster-Sergeant
    Cr Commander
    CR Régiment de la Chaudière (French only)
    CR Central Registry
    CR Confirmation of Rank
    CR Control Rate
    CR Control Rating
    CR Control Ratings
    CR(C)E Commander, Royal (Canadian) Engineers
    CR(T) Calgary Unit (Tank)
    CR/AC Canadian Re-allocation Centre
    CRA Commander, Royal Artillery
    CRA Commanding Royal Artillery
    CRA Compulsory Retirement Age
    CRASC Commander, Royal Army Service Corps
    CRB Canadian Rifle Battalion
    CRB Career Review Board
    CRB(M) Career Review Board (Medical)
    CRBRCA Canadian Rocket Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CRBW/SRCEME Canadian Radar Battery Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CRC Canadian Reception Camp
    CRC Casualty Retraining Centre
    CRC Chief Registration Clerk
    CRCAMC Company Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CRCASCATBC Company Royal Canadian Army Service Army Tank Brigade Company
    CRCASCATBC Company Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CRCC Canadian Railway Construction Corps
    CRCC Canadian Road Construction Company
    CRCE Company Royal Canadian Engineers
    CRCE(PB) Commander Royal Canadian Engineers (Permanent Bridges)
    CRCE(W) Commander Royal Canadian Engineers (Works)
    CRCEME Company Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CRCL Canadian Red Cross List
    CRCORU Canadian Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Reinforcement Unit
    CRCR Canadian Reserve Calvary Regiment - cavalry reserve unit based in England
    CRCRCAMC Casualty Retraining Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CRCRCEME Canadian Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CRCRCOC Canadian Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CRD Canadian Reception Depot
    CRD Canadian Remount Depot
    CRD(LS) Canadian Repatriation Depot (LS)
    CRDFT(S)C Canadian Radio Detection Finder Training (School) Centre
    CRDFTC Canadian Radio Direction Finder Training Centre
    CRE Commander Royal Engineers
    CRecs Controller of Records (Air)
    CREME Commander Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CRFTTC Canadian Reinforcement Transit Camp
    CRGTPRCASC Canadian Reinforcement Group Transit Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CRGWP Canadian Reinforcement Group Workshop Platoon
    CRI Chinese Regiment of Infantry
    CRLE Canadian Radio Location Establishment
    Crmn Crewman
    CRN Change Regimental Number
    CRO Canadian Records Office
    CRO Chief Recruiting Officer
    CRO Corps Reserve of Officers
    CRO Officer in Charge Central Registry
    CROCRCE Canadian Railway Operation Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    Crpl Corporal
    CRR(PLDG) Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment (Princess Louise Dragoon Guards)
    CRRCA Coast regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CRS Canadian Recce Squadron
    CRS Captured Records Section (US Dept of the Army)
    CRS Central Recruiting Troop
    CRS-CIB Canadian Recce Squadron-Canadian Infantry Brigade
    CrStGeo Cross of Saint George (Russia)
    CRT Canadian Railway Troops - men recruited and organized to operate railways in rear areas
    CRT Continuous Reserve Training
    CRTC Canadian Radar Training Centre
    CRTC(A) Canadian Reconnaissance Training Centre (Active)
    CRTC(R) Canadian Reconnaissance Training Centre (Reserve)
    CRU Canadian Reinforcement Unit
    CRUPU Canadian Reinforcement Units Postal Units
    CRURCA Canadian Rocket Unit, Royal Canadian Artillery
    Crypto Cryptographer
    CS Cease
    CS Christian Science (Church)
    CS Commandant Staff
    CS Communicator (Ship's)
    CS Communicator (Supplementary)
    CS Cypher Section
    CS&AC Canadian Selection & Appraisal Centre
    CS&TO Camp Supply & Transport Officer
    CS(No) Admiralty File Number
    CSA Canadian Small Arms
    CSA Consular Shipping Adviser
    CSAFVIRCEME Canadian Section Armoured Fighting Vehicles Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CSAFVTS Canadian Section Armoured Fighting Vehicles Technical Staff
    CSAI Canadian School of Army Instruction
    CSAS(E) Canadian Small Arms School (Eastern)
    CSAS(WC) Canadian Small Arms School (Western Canada)
    CSATC Canadian Small Arms Training Centre
    CSB Canadian Shipping Board
    CSBASRAC Canadian Special BASRA Company
    CSBD Canadian Special Base Depot
    CSC Cadet Services of Canada
    CSC Canadian Service College
    CSC Chiefs of Staff Committee
    CSC Commissariat Staff Corps
    CSC Corporal Signal Corps
    CSCC Canadian Section Claims Commission
    CScotR Canadian Scottish Regiment
    CSCRCOC Canadian Salvage Corps, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CSDS Canadian Special Driving School
    CSE Colour Sergeant
    CSEAFHQ Canadian Section Echelon Allied Forces, Headquarters
    CSEC Canadian Special Employment Company
    CSEE Canadian Signals Experimental Establishment
    CSEF Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
    CSG Clerk Stenographer Group
    CSGHQ2ndEch Canadian Section General Headquarters, 2nd Echelon
    CSGHQE Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon
    CSgt Colour Sergeant
    CSHQBGNR Canadian Section Headquarters, Brussels, GRN
    CSHQCC Cypher Section Headquarters Canadian Corps
    CSI Companion of the Star of India
    CSIB Canadian Special Infantry Battalion
    CSIC Canadian Special Infantry Company
    CSICoy Canadian Special Infantry Company
    CSIS Canadian Security and Intelligence Service
    CSKSU Canadian Surplus Kit Storage Unit
    CSM Company Sergeant-Major - senior non-commissioned officer in a company
    CSME Canadian School of Military Engineering
    CSMH Christie Street Military Hospital
    CSO Chief Signal Officer
    CSofA Canadian School of Artillery
    CSofAA Canadian School of Army Administration
    CSofI Canadian School of Infantry
    CSOI Commandant School of Instruction
    CSOR Chief Staff Officer Reserves
    Csr Cruiser
    CSR&DE Canadian Signals Research & Development Establishment
    CSR(MG) Canadian Scottish Regiment (Machine Gun)
    CSRCCS Construction Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CSRU Canadian Signals Reinforcement Unit
    CSSB Canadian Special Service Battalion
    CSSCRCOC Canadian Special Stores Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CSSD Canadian Special Salvage Detachment
    CSTC Canadian Signal Training Centre
    CSTech Communications Systems Technician
    CSTTB Canadian Standing Trades Test Board
    CSTV Coil Skids Towing Vessel
    CSupt Commodore Superintendant
    CSURCEME Canadian Servicing Unit, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CSURCOC Canadian Salvage Units, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CSV Camp Staff Volunteer
    CSWSTRCCS Canadian Shock Wave Section Type, Royal Canadian Signals Corps
    CSWTS Canadian Section Weapons Technical Staff
    CT Communication Trench
    CT Component Transfer
    CT(CFC)TC Camp Tremblay (Canadian Forestry Corps) Training Centre
    CTA Canadian Troop Aldershot
    CTACRCASC Corps Troop Ammunition Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CTC Canadian Tank Corps
    CTC Canadian Transit Camp
    CTC Canadian Troops Colchester
    CTC(TB)CPC Canadian Tobacco Depot (Type B), CPC (see above for various meanings of CPC)
    CTCRCE Canadian Tunnelling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CTCSPCProC Canadian Traffic Control Section Provost, Canadian Provost Corps
    CTCURCACMF Canadian Traffic Control Unit, Royal Canadian Artillery, Central Mediterranean Force
    CTCW Canadian Transit Camp Wing
    CTD Canadian Training Division
    CTDCPC Canadian Tobacco Depot, CPC (see above for various meanings of CPC)
    CTDS(ER) Canadian Tank Delivery Squadron (Elgin Regiment)
    CTDSSD Canadian Tank Delivery Squadron Signals Detachment
    CTDUCAC Canadian Tank Demonstration Unit, Canadian Armoured Corps
    CTF Commander Task Force
    CTFARCAMC Canadian Training Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CTH Canadian Troops Hereford
    CTLC Canadian Technical Liaison Group
    CTMU Canadian Town Major Unit
    CtnAsst Canteen Assistant
    CtnMngr Canteen Manager
    CTO Central Telegraph Office
    CTO Chief Treasury Officer
    CTO(N) Chief Treasury Officer (Navy)
    CTOO/S Canadian Treasury Office Overseas
    CTP Canadian Transport Platoon
    CTP Course Training Plan
    CTPCRCASC Corps Troops Petrol Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CTPRCASC Canadian Tipper Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CTPRCASC Canadian Transport Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CTps Corps Troops
    CTRCA Calibration Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CtRep Court Reporter
    CTS Canadian Training School
    CTS Clothe the Soldier
    CTS Composite Training School
    CTS Conversion Training Squadron
    CTSC Corps Troops Supply Column
    CTSCRCASC Corps Troop Supply Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CTTC Canadian Tank Transport Company
    cttee Committee
    CTTW/SRCEME Canadian Tank Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CTTW/SRCOC Canadian Tank Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CTU Commander Task Unit (U.S.)
    CU Camp Utopia
    CU Caribbean-United Kingdom Convoy
    CU Conducting Unit
    CU Conversion Unit
    CUNEF Canadian Component United Nations Emergency Force (Middle East)
    CUS Course (U.S.)
    CUT Cutter (U.S.)
    CV Aircraft Carrier (U.S.)
    CV Communicator (V)
    CV Cross of Valour
    CVA&CG Canadian Vehicle Assembly & Control Group
    CVD Commercial Vessel Defensive
    CVDtURCAMC Canadian Venereal Disease Treatment Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CVE Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier (U.S.)
    CVE Carrier Vessel Escort
    CVHGCASF Company Veterans Home Guard, Canadian Active Service Force
    CVIRCEME Canadian Vehicle Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CVO Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
    CVO Royal Victorian Order (Commander)
    CVP Convoy Programme
    CVSM Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
    CVWS Canadian Vehicle Waterproofing School
    CW Chemical Warfare
    CW Commissioned Warrant
    CW Communicator (W)
    CW(No) Admiralty Record Office File
    CW/S&PC Canadian Workshop and Park Company
    CWAAF Canadian Women's Auxiliary Air Force
    CWAC Canadian Women's Army Corps
    CWACBTC Canadian Women's Army Corps, Basic Training Centre
    CWACCS Canadian Women's Army Corps, Composite Stores
    CWACDO Canadian Women's Army Corps, District Orders
    CWACMB Canadian Women's Army Corps, Military Band
    CWACO Canadian Women's Army Corps, Ottawa
    CWACPB Canadian Women's Army Corps, Pipe Band
    CWACTC Canadian Women's Army Corps, Training Centre
    CWB Canadian Wives Bureau
    CWC Chemical Warfare Course
    CWDL Chemical Warfare Defence Laboratory
    CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission
    CWL Chemical Warfare Laboratories
    CWM Canadian War Museum
    CWNS Canadian War Narrative Section
    CWRO Canadian War Records Office
    CWS(IC) Canadian Wireless Section (Intelligence Corps)
    CWSF Commander Western Sea Frontier
    CWSRCE Canadian Works Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CWTC Chemical Warfare Training Centre
    CWTD Cold Weather Test Trail Detachment
    CWTV Calibration Wireless Telegraph Vessel
    CXO Chief Examination Officer
    Cy Company
    Cyc Cyclist
    CYS Chief Yeoman of Signals
    CZ Canal Zone (Panama) (U.S.)
    CZ Clyde Division - Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
    CZT Civil Zone Time

D - Abbreviation begining with the letter D

    Abbreviations Meaning
    D Destroyer
    D Deffered
    D Dragoon Guards and Dragoons Regimental Number Prefix
    D(iv)HQ Divisional Headquarters
    D/C Depth Charge
    D/DEMS Director of Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
    D/DSR Deputy Director of Scientific Research
    D/DWT Deputy Director of Warfare and Training
    D/F Direction Finding / Finder
    D/G Degaussing
    D/JAP Deputy Judge Advocate of the Fleet
    D/WRCNS Director of Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service
    d/wt Dead-weight
    D:CTRCASC Drivers: Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DA Distributing Authority
    DA Dominion Arsenal
    DA Director of Accounts (Air)
    DA Disturbance Allowance
    DA&PC Division Ammunition & Petrol Company
    DA&QMG Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General
    DA/S Director of Anti-submarine
    DAAG Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General
    DAAG(Sigs) Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (Signals)
    DAANDQMG Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General
    DAAP Dependent's Allowance & Assigned Pay
    DAB Dependent's Allowance Board
    DAB12 Dependent's Allowance Board Claimant's Statement
    DAB28 Dependent's Allowance Board (Medical Examiner's Report) Statutory Declaration
    DAC Divisional Ammunition Column - organization responsible for supplying ammunition to a division
    DAC Divisional Ammunition Company - organization responsible for supplying ammunition to a division
    DACRCAMC Division Ammunition Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    DAD(Svy) Deputy Assistant Director of Surveys
    DAD(Tn) Deputy Assistant Director of Transportation
    DADAPS Deputy Assistant Director Army Postal Services
    DADCS Deputy Assistant Director of Chaplain Services
    DADES Deputy Assistant Director of Engineer Services
    DADMS Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
    DADOS Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnances Services
    DADR Deputy Assistant Director of Roads
    DADST Deputy Assistant Director Supply & Transport
    DADVS Deputy Assistant Director of Veterinary Services
    DAE Director of Aeronautical Engineering
    DAEF Distributing Authority, Eastern Fleet
    DAEM Distributing Authority, Eastern Mediterranean
    DAFM Director of Air Force Manning
    DAFR Director of Air Force Recruiting
    DAG Deputy Adjutant General
    DAG(M) Deputy Adjutant General (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
    DAGB Defended Area Goose Bay
    DAI Director of Aeronautical Inspection
    DAL&KINGC Dalhousie & King Contingent
    DAO District Audit Office
    DAO Director of Air Organization
    DAO Dental Associate
    DAOD Defence Administrative Orders and Directives
    DAP Director of Air Personnel
    DAP Divisional Aid Post
    DAP(P2) P.2 Branch, Director of Air Personnel (Civilian Personnel Administration)
    DAPA Director of Air Personnel Administration
    DAPS Director of Airmen Personnel Services
    DAQMG Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
    DAR Designation of Acting Ranks
    DAS Director of Air Signals
    DASD Director of Air Staff Duties
    DASO Deputy Armament Supply Officer
    DASRS Director of Air Sea Rescue Services
    DAT Director of Air Training
    DataP Data Processor
    DB Discharge Badge (For Services Rendered)
    DBS Distressed British Seaman
    DBURCASC Division Bath Unit, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DC Duty Captain
    DC Director of Contracts
    DCAS Deputy Chief of the Air staff
    DCAS Detachment Canadian Auxiliary Section
    DCASEU(AS) Detachment Canadian Auxiliary Section Entertainment Unit (Army Show)
    DCC District Cadet Camp
    DCCMSC Detachment Corps, Corps of Military Staff Clerks
    DCCO Deputy Chief of Combined Operations
    DCCR Depot Canadian Cavalry Regiment
    DCCRCAMC Division Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    DCCWAC Depot Company, Canadian Women's Army Corps
    DCCWAC(CSW) Depot Company, Canadian Women's Army Corps (Composite Stores Wing)
    DCDRCASC Debert Camp Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DCDS Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff
    DCE(PB) Deputy Chief Engineer (Permanent Bridges)
    DCE(Wks)(Adm)(Rear) Deputy Chief Engineer (Works) (Administration) (Rear)
    DCFC Detachment Canadian Forestry Corps
    DCGS Deputy Chief of the General Staff
    DCIA Deputy Chief Inspector of Armament
    DCLI Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
    DCM District Court Martial
    DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal - medal for bravery awarded to other ranks (non-officers)
    DCMC District Course Methods of Coaching
    DCNS Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff
    DCO Deputy Commanding Officer
    DCO District Cadet Orders
    DCOR Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles (28th Armoured Regiment)
    DCOS Deputy Chief of Staff
    DCP Director of Civilian Personnel
    DCRCASC District Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DCRCH 6th Duke of Connaught's Royal Canadian Hussars
    DCRE Deputy Commander, Royal Engineers
    DCS Director of Chaplain Services
    DCS Damage Control School
    DCS District Chaplain Services
    DCS Daily Casualty Summary
    DCSO District Camp School Orders
    DCT Director Combined Training
    DCTS District Course Training Staff
    DCVM District Course Vehicle Maintenance
    DCW&S Director Chemical Warfare & Smoke
    DD District Depot
    DD Deputy Director
    DD Destroyer Division (U.S.)
    DD Discharge Dead
    DD Duty Discipline
    DD(A)WD District Depot (Active) Windsor Detachment
    DD(NRMA) District Depot (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
    DD(Svy) Deputy Director of Surveys
    DD(tanks) Duplex-Drive (amphibious)
    DDAD Deputy Director of Aircraft Development
    DDArmD Deputy Director of Armament Development (Air)
    DDC Division Dental Company
    DDCDC Dental Detachment Canadian Dental Corps
    DDED Deputy Director of Engine Development (Air)
    DDEM Director(ate) of Design, Equipment and Mechanization
    DDES Deputy Director of Engineer Services
    DDH Destroyer, Helicopter Carrying
    DDHS Deputy Director Historical Section
    DDMO(O) Deputy Director of Military Operations (Overseas)
    DDMP Deputy Director of Maintenance Plans
    DDMS Deputy Director of Medical Services
    DDPD District Depot Provost Detachment
    DDRD Deputy Director of Radio Development (Air)
    DDS Director Dental Services
    DDSM Deputy Director of Service Maintenance (Air)
    DDSP Deputy Director of Supply Planning (Air)
    DDSS Deputy Director of Supply Services (Air)
    DDTCO Deputy Director Training Combined Operations
    DDVET Deputy Director of Victualling, Eastern Theatre
    DDWB District Depot Wolseley Barracks
    DE Deckhand
    DE Convoy Escort Vessel
    DE Destroyer Escort Vessel (U.S.)
    DE&CD Director Electrical & Communication Designs
    DEAL Deal Division, Royal Marines
    Dec Decoration
    DED Director(ate) of Engineer Development
    DEE Director of Electrical Engineering
    Def Defence
    Defensor National Defence Headquarters (Address used in telegrams)
    DEMS Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
    DEMTech Dental Equipment Maintenance Technician
    DenbighYeo Denbigh Yeomanry
    DEngrs Director(ate) of Engineers
    DENT Dental
    DentA Dental Assistant
    DentA Dental Association
    DentClA Dental Clinic Assistant
    Dents Director Dental Services
    Dents(Air) Staff Officer Dental Services (Air)
    DentThr Dental Therapist
    DEO District Engineer Officer
    DEO Direct Entry Officer
    DEOVR Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
    Dep Depot
    DEP Director Engineering and Personnel
    Dept Department
    DERCA District Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    DERCAHAD District Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Halifax Armament District
    Des Destroyers
    DES Director of Engineer Services
    DES Drummer Sergeant
    DESOIL Diesel Oil (U.S.)
    Desp Mentioned in Despatches
    Despatches Mentioned in Despatches
    Det Detachment
    Detn Detention
    Det'n Detention
    DEU Distinctive Environmental Uniform
    DevonR Devonshire Regiment
    DF Destroyer Flotilla
    DF Direction Finding
    DFASS Director of Fleet Accounting, Supply and Secretariat
    DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
    DFD Detailed for Duty
    DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
    DFMS Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
    DG Degaussing
    DG Director General
    DG Degaussing Gear
    DG Delivery Group
    DG Dragoon Guards
    DGAD Director General Arsenals Division
    DGC&AA Director General Coast and Anti-Aircraft Defences
    DGDS Director General Dental Services
    DGES Director General of Engineer Services
    DGHS Director General Health Services
    DGISD Director-General India Stores Department
    DGMC Director General Military Careers
    DGMS Director General of Medical Services
    Dgns Dragoons
    DGO Degaussing Officer (Naval)
    DgofMS Director General of Medical Services
    DGPA Director General Personnel Administration
    DGPA Director General (Public Affairs)
    DGPandI Director-General of Ports and Lights
    DGPCO Director General Postings and Careers Officers
    DGPCOR Director General Postings and Careers Other Ranks
    DGRC Director General (Reserves and Cadets)
    DGSP Director General Strategic Planning
    DGSR Director-General of Shipbuilding and Repairs
    DH Depot Hussars
    DH Deck Hand
    DH(No) His/Her Majesty's Canadian Ship " Scotian", Base Files
    DHD Director of Harbour Defence
    DHD Deck Hand
    DHGMR Drill Hall Guarding Maisonneuve Regiment
    DHH Directorate of History and Heritage
    DHist Director Historical Section
    DHMD District Headquarters Manning Depot OR Military District
    DHQCFC District Headquarters Canadian Forestry Corps
    DHQS District Headquarters Staff
    DHQSS District Headquarters Subordinate Staff
    DHS Director of Historical Section
    DI Daily Inspection (Vehicle)
    DI Drill Instructor
    DIB "D" Infantry Battalion
    DID Detail Issue Depot (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps)
    DiedofW Died of Wounds
    Diem Day
    Diet Dietician
    DIList Dangerously Ill List
    DIN Defence Information Network
    DIO Director of Internment Operations
    DIPC Director International Plans Coordination
    Dir Director
    DirGen Director General
    DIRMITRAIN Director of Military Training
    DIRU Division Infantry Reinforcement Unit
    dis Discharged - released from the military service, or from a hospital
    DIS Division Intelligence Section
    disch Discharged
    Discip Disciplinarian
    Disemb Disembarked
    DISO Defence Information Services Organization
    Dist District
    DistEngrs District Engineers
    Distr District
    DIT Director Individual Training
    Div Divisional Ammunition Column
    Div Division or Divisional - unit of approximately 12,000 men commanded by a major-general
    Div Divisional
    Div(nl) Division(al)
    DivBrPl(Tp) Divisional Bridge Platoon (Troop)
    DivSig Divisional Signal(s) (Company)
    DivStr Divisional Strength
    DJAG Deputy Judge Advocate General
    DlabTech Dental Laboratory Technician
    DLADRCOC Division Light Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    DLCO Deck Landing Control Officer
    DLI Durham Light Infantry
    DLOY Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry
    DLP Director of Electrical Personnel
    DLS Dominion Land Surveyor
    DM Driver of Mechanized Transport
    DM Defence Medal
    DM Light Mine Layer (High Speed) (U.S.)
    DM Deputy Minister
    DM&A Director(ate) of Mechanization and Artillery
    DM(A) Deputy Minister (Air)
    DM(N) Deputy Minister (Naval)
    DMech Driver Mechanic
    DMGO Deputy Master General of Ordnance
    DMH Dartmouth Military Hospital
    DMHRCAMC Debert Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    DMHRCAMC Dundurn Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    DMI Director Military Intelligence
    Dmin Deputy Minister
    Dmn Draughtsman
    DMNA Director Manning and Naval Assistant
    DmnAE Draughtsman Aeronautical Engineering
    DmnCE Draughtsman Construction Engineering
    DmnGA Draughtsman Graphic Arts
    DMO Director(ate) of Military Operations
    DMO&I Director(ate) of Military Operations and Intelligence
    DMO&P Director(ate) of Military Operations and Planning
    Dmr Drummer
    DMRD Director of Medical Research and Development
    DMS Director of Merchant Seaman
    DMS Director of Medical Services
    DMS Mine Sweeper (High Speed) (U.S.)
    DMS Driver Mechanics School
    DMS Department of Munitions and Supply
    DMS Driver Maintenance Staff
    DMS(Air) Director of Medical Services (Air)
    DMT Director(ate) of Military Training
    DMT District Mounted Troops
    DMT&SD Directorate of Military Training and Staff Duties
    DNA Director of Naval Accounts
    DNA Director of Naval Appropriations
    DNC Director Naval Construction
    DNC Director of Naval Communications (U.S.)
    DNCSEAC Deputy Naval Commander South East Asia Command
    DNCXF Deputy Naval Commander Expeditionary Force
    DND Department of National Defence
    DNE Director Naval Education
    DNES Director of Naval Engineering Service
    DNHS Director of the Naval Historical Section
    DNI Director of Naval Intelligence
    DNI Director Naval Information
    DNI Director of Naval Intelligence & Trade
    DNI and P Director of Naval Intelligence and Plans
    DNK Date Not Known
    DnkyMn Donkeyman
    DNLO Dutch Naval Liaison Officer
    DNO Director Naval Ordinance
    DNO Director of naval Ordnance (Torpedoes Mines)
    DNO Destroyer Navigating Officer
    DNOT Director of Naval Operations and Training
    DNP Director of Naval Personnel
    DNPA Director of Naval Pay Accounting
    DNR Director of Naval Reserves
    DNS Director of Naval Stores
    DNS Director of Naval Services
    DNS Dragoons
    DNSO Deputy Naval Store Officer
    DNT Director of Naval Training
    DO Dental Officer
    DO Duty Officer
    DO Daily Order
    DO Daily Order (Of a Unit) - administration orders issued to mark personnel changes of a unit (transfers, hospitalizations, etc.)
    DO Daily Order (Same as Part II Orders)
    DO District Orders
    DOC District Officer Commanding
    DOC Died of Other Causes
    DOC Driver Operation Course
    DOCO Drafting Officer Combined Operations
    DOD Director Operations Division
    DOD Died of Disease
    Dof P Director of Plans
    DofCornLI Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry
    DofLancsOY Duke of Lancashire's Own Yeomanry
    DofP Director of Plans
    DOFP Divisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    DofPR Director of Public Relations (Air)
    DofPR Director of Public Relations (Army)
    DofT Director of Trade
    DofT&M Director(ate) of Transport and Movements
    DofUERE Director of Underwater Experimental Research Establishment
    DofW Died of Wounds - official cause of death
    DofW Duration of War
    DOH Dominion Orthopaedic Hospital (Toronto)
    DomAff Dominion Affairs
    Dominion High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom (Address Used in Telegrams)
    DomOrthHosp Dominion Orthopaedic Hospital (Toronto)
    DoO&R Director of Organization & Recruiting
    DOR Director of Operational Research
    DORA Defence of the Realm Act
    DOrg Director(ate) of Organization
    DOrg Director of Organization
    DorsetR Dorset Regiment
    DorsetY Dorset Yeomanry
    DOS Director Ordnance Services
    DOS(A) Director of Ordnance Services (Administration)
    DOS(GS) Director of Ordnance Services (General Stores)
    DOS(TS) Director of Ordnance Services (Technical Stores)
    DOTP Dental Officer Training Plan
    DOW Duration of war
    DOW Died of Wounds
    DP Defence Platoon
    DP Developmental Period
    DP District Paymaster
    DPA Director of Procurement (Aircraft)
    DPB Defence Purchasing Board
    DPCRCASC Division Petrol Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DPCRCASC Depot Pacific Command, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DPD Director of Plans Division
    DPE Director of Procurement (Equipment) (Air)
    DPED Director Professional Education and Development
    DPersServ Director(ate) of Personal Services
    DPGRCOC Detachment Proving Grounds, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    DPI District Pay Instruction
    DPM Deputy Provost Marshal
    DPO Director of Plans and Operations (Air)
    DPofG Defended Port of Gaspe
    DPofS Defended Port of Shelburne
    DPR Director of Postings and Records (Air)
    DPR Director of Personnel Records
    DPS Director of Personnel Selection
    DPSE District Paymaster Sergeant
    DPTE Drummer Private
    DPW Director, Prisoners of War in Canada
    D-QLine Drocourt-Quéant Line
    DQMG Deputy Quartermaster General
    DQS Director(ate) of Quartermaster General Services
    Dr Driver
    DR Director Records
    DR Despatch Rider or motor cyclist
    DR Dead Reckoning (U.S.)
    DR Officer In Charge Records
    DR Dresser
    DR(WD) Director of Records (War Diaries)
    DRAE Director of Royal Aircraft Establishment
    DraftingEO Drafting Engineer Officer
    DRB Division Recce Battalion
    DRC District Rest Camp
    DRC District Recruiting Company
    DRD District Recruiting Detachment
    DRD Director Reserve Divisions
    DRD&MRU District Recruiting Detachment & Mobile Recruiting Units
    DREE Director of Research and Experimental Establishment
    Dresser Dresser of Wounds
    DRET Directorate of Recruiting, Education and Training
    DRI Driver
    DrillCoy Drilling Company
    DRLS Despatch Rider Letter Service
    DRO District Record Officer
    DRO District Routine Orders
    DRO Daily Routine Orders
    DRO Divisional Routing Order
    DROCAD Divisional Routine Orders Canadian Armed Division
    DRPATAA&TS Detention Rooms Port Arthur the Armouries Administration & Training Staff
    Drs District Recruiting Services
    DRS District Recruiting Staff
    DRS Divisional Rest Station
    DRS(LC)RCCS Despatch Rider Section (Light Car) Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    DRTD District Recruit Training Depot
    DRU Drummer
    DRV Driver
    DS Dutch Ship
    DS Dressing Station
    DS"Z"F Dental Section "Z" Force
    DS&TO District Supply & Transport Officer
    DS(Records) Discharge Section (Records)
    DSA Director of Supply Administration (Air)
    DSA Draw Subsistence Allowance
    DSANF Director South African Naval Forces
    DSB Director Shipbuilding
    DSC District Shipyard Controller
    DSC Distinguished Service Cross
    DSC(L) Director of Small Craft (Levant)
    DSCACOW/SRCOC Divisional Section Canadian Armoured Corps Ordinance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    DSCR Department of Soldiers Civil Re-establishment
    DSCRCASC Division Supply Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DSD District Sub-Depot
    DSD Director Signals Division
    DSD Director(ate) of Staff Duties
    DSD Desirable Sailing Date
    DSDF Director of Seaward Defence Force
    DSG Deputy Surgeon General
    DSISCIC District Security Intelligence Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    DSM Distinguished Service Medal
    DSM Drill Sergeant Major
    DSMD District Staff Military District
    DSO Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
    DSO District Supply Officer
    DSO Duty Signal Officer
    DSO District School Orders
    DSO Distinguished Service Order
    DSP Director of Seaman Personnel
    DSPC Divisional Signals Pacific Command
    DSPD Deputy Superintendent Pembroke Dock
    DSQ Dockyard Sick Quarters
    DSR Director of Ship Repairs
    DSRC Division Section Reception Camp
    DSRCCS District Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    DSS Director of Special Services
    DSSD Director of Supply Staff Duties (Air)
    DSSRCOC District Stores Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    DST Director(ate) of Supply and Transport
    DSTO(X) Divisional Sea Transport Officer, Alexandria
    DTC Discharge Transit Centre
    DTD Director of Trade Division
    DTM Director of Technical Maintenance (Air)
    DTNA Director Training and Naval Assistant
    DTO Director of Technical Division (Naval)
    DTPG Draw Trades Pay Group
    DTPR Director of Training Plans and Requirements (Air)
    DTR Director(ate) of Technical Research
    DTSS Dockyard Tower Signal Station
    DTT Director of Technical Training (Air)
    DTTC Dental Technical Training Centre
    DU Discrimination Unit
    DUKW Duck wagon (An amphibious six-wheeled vehicle of six-ton capacity)
    DurhLI Durham Light Infantry
    DV Diver
    DVA Department of Veterans Affairs
    DVGofC Detachment Veterans Guard of Canada
    Dvr Driver - designation or rank of a soldier who drives vehicles
    DvrSigs Driver Signals
    DW Director of Works
    DWA Director(ate) of Works and Accommodation
    DWB Director of Works and Building
    DWC Director(ate) of Works and Construction
    DWD Director of Welding Development
    DWR Director of Weapons and Tactics
    DWS Director of Women's Service
    DWT Director of Warfare and Training
    DWTF District Welfare Trust Fund
    DWTO District Weapons Training Officer
    DYRCH 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars

E - Abbreviation begining with the letter E

    Abbreviations Meaning
    E East
    E&M (Coy) Electrical and Mechanical (Company)
    E&SCID Eastern & Southern Commands Infantry Depot
    EA Enemy Action
    EA Electrical Artificer
    EA Enemy Aircraft
    EA Air Electrical Technician
    EA Electrical Technician (Air)
    EA Emergency Aerodromes
    EA(No) Distinguishing letters on files of Permanent Joint Board on Defence
    EA,1c(or2c,3c,4c,5c) Electrical Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Class)
    EAC Eastern Air Command
    EACC Enemy Alien Concentration Camp
    EAFC Empty Anti-Freeze Containers
    EAM Executive Assistant to the Honourable Minister
    EAM/BMO Electrical Anti-mining Base Maintenance Officer
    EAMGO Executive Assistant to the Master General of Ordnance
    EARS Enemy Alien Receiving Station
    EATS Equipment Accounting Training School
    EBSRVR East Bengal State Railway Volunteer Rifles
    EC Eastern Canada
    EC Educational Company
    ech Echelon
    ECMCourse Electronics Countermeasures Course
    ECr Engineer Commander
    ED Efficiency Decoration
    ED Equipment Depot
    ED Excused Duties
    ED&T Exempt From Drill and Training
    EDC Elementary Driving Corps
    EdmFus Edmonton Fusiliers
    EDR Radar Display Room
    EdServ Educational Services
    EDSRCASC Echelon Division Supply, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    EE Electrical Engineer
    EE Exercise Eskimo
    EEAD Chief Examiner of Armament Design
    EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
    EERCE Experimental Establishment, Royal Canadian Engineers
    EES Eastern Examination Service
    EF Eastern Fleet
    EF Edmonton Fusiliers
    EFC Expeditionary Forces Canteens
    EFERCCS Eastern Fortress Establishment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    EFM Expeditionary Force Message
    EFTS EFTS Elementary Flying Training School(s)
    EGSTech Electrical Generating Systems Technician
    EGSUP Eastern Group Supply Council
    EHU Engineer Holding Unit
    EI Essential Industry
    EinC Engineer-in-Chief
    EInC Engineer-in-Chief Naval Service
    EINLO Royal Indian Naval Liaison Officer
    EIS Equipment Issue Scale
    EISIS East Indies Merchant Shipping Intelligence
    EL Air Artificer (Electrics)
    EL Embarkation Leave
    ElA/Lieut-Cdr Electrical Acting Lieutenant-Commander
    ELanR East Lancashire regiment
    ElCr Electrical Commander
    Elect Electrician
    ElL Electrical Lieutenant
    ElLCr Electrical Lieutenant Commander
    ElMTech Electro-Mechanical Technician
    ELOC Essential Level of Capability
    ElSL Electrical Sub-Lieutenant
    EM Engineering Mechanic
    EM Electrical Mechanic
    EM Efficiency Medal
    EM Electrician's Mate
    Emb Embarked - went aboard ship for departure overseas; Canada to Britain or Canada to France
    EmbL Embarkation Leave
    EmbLve Embarkation Leave
    EMH Edmunston Military Hospital
    EMH Esquimalt Military Hospital
    EMHRCAMC Edmonton Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    EMHRCAMC Espanola Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    Emp Employed
    Emp Employment
    Empl'd Employed
    EN Ensign
    Engn Engineman
    Engr Engineer
    Engrs Director of Engineer Services
    Engrs Engineers
    Ens Ensign
    ENSA Entertainments National Services Association
    ent Entitled
    Entg. Entrenching
    EO Enabling Objective
    EO Engineer Officer
    EOFS Engineer Officer French Ships
    EOP Engineer Officer Personnel (Naval)
    EOR Eastern Ontario Regiment
    EORCE Executive Officer, Royal Canadian Engineers
    EORD Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot -facility in England used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    EP Employment Platoon
    EP Estimated Position
    EPB Exercise Polar Bear
    EPZ Enter Promotion Zone
    Eqpm.Ass't Equipment Assistant
    Eqpt Equipment
    Equipt(N) Equipment Division (Naval)
    ER Engine Room Artificer
    ER Engineering Technician
    ER Elgin Regiment
    ER Essex Regiment
    ERA(A) Engine Room Artificer (Apprentice)
    ERA,1c(or2c,3c,4c,5c) Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
    ERO Emergency Repair Officer
    ERofYorkY East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry
    ERRatings Engine Room Ratings
    ERU Engineer Reinforcement Unit
    ES Emergency Service
    ES&W Engineer Services & Works
    ES&WCoy Engineer Survey and Works Company
    ESBD Engineer Stores Base Depot
    ESCMFGHQ Educational Services Central Mediterranean Force General Headquarters
    ESO Embarkation Staff Officer
    ESR Essex Scottish Regiment
    EssexR Essex Regiment
    EssexYeo Essex Yeomanry
    ESSRCE Engineer Stores Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    Est Estimates
    Est Establish, established or establishment
    Estab Establishment
    ESurrR East Surrey Regiment
    ET Electrical Technician
    ETA Estimated / Expected Time of Arrival (U.S.)
    ETC Embarkation Transit Camp
    ETD Expected Time of Departure (U.S.)
    ETech Electrical Technician
    ETech(A) Electrical Technician (Air)
    ETOUSA European Theatre of Operations, U. S. A.
    ETP Estimated Time of Departure (U.S.)
    ETQMS Engineer Technical Quartermaster Sergeant
    ETU Embarkation Transit Unit
    EU Entertainment Unit
    Evac Evacuated
    Ex Expeditionary
    EXFCECAN Expeditionary Force Canteen
    Exp Expeditionary
    Exptl Experimental
    Ext Aff External Affairs
    External Canadian Department of External Affairs (Address used in telegrams)
    ExVes Examination Vessels
    EYorkR East Yorkshire Regiment

F - Abbreviation begining with the letter F

    Abbreviations Meaning
    F&E Furniture and Effects
    F&G France and Germany
    F(A)SCRCE Field (Air) Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    F/ Flight
    F/C Fire Control (Gunnery)
    F/C Flight Commander
    F/FS French Ship Manned by Fighting French
    F/L Flight Lieutenant
    F/Lt Flight Lieutenant
    F/O Flying Officer
    F/S Flight Sergeant
    FA Field Ambulance
    FA Field Artillery
    FA Financial Adviser, Joint Air Training Plan (Air)
    FA/SO Fleet Anti-Submarine Officer
    FAA Fleet Air Arm
    FAB Field Artillery Bridge
    FACRCAMC Field Ambulance Charlottetown, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FAD Field Ambulance Details
    FAD(D)RCASC Field Ambulance Details (Division) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    FADRCAMC Field Ambulance Detachments, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FAE Fleet Adviser of Education
    FAHRCAMC Field Ambulance Halifax, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    Famb Field Ambulance
    FANYC First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps
    FAO Fleet Accountant Officer
    FAP Farrier Sergeant
    FAP First Aid Post
    FAP For All Purpose
    FAPHRCAMC Field Ambulance Point Hawkesbury, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FARCAMC Field Ambulance Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    Farr Farrier
    FAS First Army Signals
    FATO Fleet Air Arm Technical Officer
    FAVO Fleet Aviation Officer
    FAW/SSRCOC Field Artillery Workshop Section Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    FB&JW Forest Bush & Jungle Warfare
    FBE Floating boat equipment
    FBRCA Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    FBRCACASF Field Brigade, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Active Service Force
    FBRCASC Field Bakery, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    FBSO Fleet Bomb Safety Officer
    FC Ferry Commands
    FC Fire Controlman
    FC Flag Captain
    FC"Z"F Fire Command "Z" Force
    FCAHQPRCE First Canadian Army Headquarters Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FCAIOPCIC First Canadian Army Intelligence Officers Pool, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    FCAIS First Canadian Army Intelligence School
    FCASIGPHQ First Canadian Army Service Increment Group Headquarters
    FCASS First Canadian Army Sniping School
    FCATCCRCASC First Canadian Army Troops Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    FCATRTC First Canadian Army Troops Reinforcement Transit Camp
    FCATW/SRCOC First Canadian Army Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    FCC Fleet Constructor Officer
    FCCP Forage Caps Concert Panty
    FCDCASS "Forage Caps" Detachment Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
    FCO Field Cash Office
    FCRCASC Fortress Company, Canadian Active Service Force
    FCRCECASF Field Company Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Active Service Force
    FCST Forecast (U.S.)
    FCtlmn Fire Controlman
    Fd Field
    FD Fuel Depots
    Fd Pk Coy Field (Park) Company
    Fd Pk Sqn (Tp) Field (Park) Squadron (Troop)
    Fd Svy Coy Field Survey Company
    FdAmb Field Ambulance
    FDC Fighter Direction Centre
    FDE Final Discharge Establishment
    FdeMR Fusiliers de Mont Royal (French only)
    FDL Fusiliers de Mont Royal
    FDO Fusiliers de Sherbrooke
    FDO Fleet Dental Officer
    FDS Field Dressing Station
    FDT Fighter Direction Tenders
    FduSL Fusiliers du St. Laurent
    FE Field Engineer
    FE Financial Encumbrance
    FE&MCRCE Fortress E. & M. Company Royal Canadian Engineers
    FECA Force Eskimo C.A.
    FEO Fleet Education Officer
    FEO Fleet Engineer Officer
    Fervour Government of Canada Hong Kong (Address used in telegrams)
    FES Field Educational Section
    FES Field Experimental Station
    FES Flight Engineer School
    FF Field Force
    FF Fire Fighter
    FF Fire Fighting
    FFH Frigate, Helicopter Equipped
    FFI French Forces of the Interior
    FFK Fort Frontenac Kingston
    FGCM Field General Court-Martial
    FGH Fort Garry Horse
    FGHRR Fort Garry Horse Reserve Regiment
    FGO Fleet Gunnery Officer
    Fgt Frigate
    FH Field Hospital
    FHP Force Health Protection
    FHPHIRCAMC Fort Henry Permanent Hospital Installation, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FHQS Farnham Headquarters Staff
    FI Fireman
    FIC Fredericton Internment Camp
    FID Field Intelligence Department
    FilmPL Film Projectionist Librarian
    Fin Financial
    Fin Clk Finance Clerk
    FinO Financial Officer
    Fireftr Fire Fighter
    FIS Flying Instructors School
    FIS Foreign Intelligence Section (Naval)
    FL Flag Lieutenant
    FL Flying List
    FLAMBO Allied Forces Headquarters OR Air Force Headquarters, Advanced Administrative Echelon
    FLC Flag Lieutenant Commander
    Fld Field
    Fld Eng Field Engineer
    Fld Pk Coy (or Sqn) Field Park Company
    FLD Pk Sqn Filed Park Squadron
    FLE Fleet (U.S.)
    FLE Flight Engineer
    FLO Flag Liaison Officer
    FLOT Flotilla (U.S.)
    FLS(PO) French Liaison Service, Portsmouth
    Flt Flight
    FLT Fleet (U.S.)
    Flt Eng Flight Engineer
    Flt/Sgt Flight Sergeant
    FltSLt Flight Sub-Lieutenant
    FLY Flight (U.S.)
    FM Air Mechanic (Air Frames)
    FM Field Marshall
    FMC Mobile Command
    FMHRCAMC Farnham Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FMHRCAMC Fredericton Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    Fmn Fireman
    FMO Field Marching Order
    FMO Fleet Mail Officer
    FMO Fleet Medical Officer
    FMO Fleet Meteorological Officer
    FMR Fusiliers de Mont Royal (French only)
    FMR Frontier Mounted Rifles
    FND Flinders Naval Depot
    FNGB French Navy in Great Britain
    FNO Fleet Navigating Officer
    FO(S) Flag Officer, Submarines
    FOA Field Operations Allowance
    FOAM Flag Officer Attached General Headquarters Middle East
    FOC Flag Officer Commanding
    FOCOS Flag Officer Commanding Orkneys and Shetlands
    FOCRF Flag Officer Commanding Reserve Fleet
    FOCRIN Flag Officer Commanding Royal Indian Navy
    FOCS Flag Officer Cruiser Squadron
    FOCT Flag Officer Carrier Training
    FOCWAF Flag Officer Commanding West Africa
    FOEA Flag Officer East Africa and Zanzibar
    FOGMA Flag Officer Gibraltar and Mediterranean Approaches
    FOGMO Fitting Out Gun Mounting Overseer
    FOGO Fitting Out Gunnery Officer
    FOH French Official History
    FOIC Flag Officer-in-Charge
    FOICNI Flag Officer-in-Charge, Northern Ireland
    Fol Folio
    FOLEM Flag Officer Levant and Eastern Mediterranean
    FOLUS Flag Officer Liaison with Cdr. U.S. Naval Forces
    FOMHRCAMC Fort Osborne Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FONAS Flag Officer Naval Air Stations
    FONF Flag Officer Newfoundland Force
    FOO Forward Observation Officer
    FOOAF Flag Officer Overseas Assault Force
    FOPS Future Operation Planning Section
    For Forestry
    FOR Force (U.S.)
    Forf Forfeits
    Form Formation
    FORSCA Flag Officer Red Sea and Canal Area
    Fort (E & M) Coy Fortress (Electrical and Mechanical) Company
    FOSY Flag Officer, Syracuse
    FOTALI Flag Officer Taranto, Royal Armoured Corps, Adriatic and for Liaison Duty With Italians
    FOW, Med Flag Officer Western Mediterranean
    FOWIT Flag Officer Western Italy
    FOYE Flag Officer, ''Y'' Entries
    FP Field Punishment
    FPB Force Polar Bear
    FPCRCE Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FPCRCE(AP) Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers (Advance Party)
    FPNo(or#)1or2 Field Punishment Number One or Two
    FPO Fire Prevention Officer
    FPS Fixed Period of Service
    FPSRCE Field Park Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FPSRCE(A)D Field Park Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers (Armoured) Division
    FPTCRCE Field Park Troop Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FR Fishermen's Reserve
    FR&I Financial Regulations & Instructions
    FR(S-P)RCA Field Regiment (Self-Propelled), Royal Canadian Artillery
    Fr,Fro From
    FRA Freetown Area
    Frac Fractured - medical term for a broken bone
    FRADO Fleet Radar Officer
    Freq Frequency
    Fri Frigate
    FRMO Fleet Royal Marine Officer
    FRO Fleet P. and Radio Telephony Officer
    FRRCHA Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
    FS Financial Superintendent
    FS Flat Scow
    FS Flight Sergeant
    FSA Fleet Signal Assistant
    FSA Food Service Attendant
    FSBRCA Flash Spotting Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    FSC Farnham Summer Camp
    FSDRCE Field Survey Depot, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FSgt Flight Sergeant
    FSjt Flight Sergeant
    FSMO Field Service Marching Order
    FSO Fleet Signal Officer
    FSP Foreign Service Premium
    FSqn Fighter Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force)
    FSR Field Service Regulations
    FSRCCS Fortress Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    FSRCE Field Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FSS Field Security Section
    FSSCRU Field Security Section Canadian Reinforcement Unit
    FST Forward Surgical Team
    FSVC Food Services
    FT French Translator
    FTC Field Trials Camp
    FtCdt Flight Cadet
    FTCE Field Troop Canadian Engineers
    FTO Fleet Torpedo Officer
    FTO French Technical Officer
    FtPayr Fleet Paymaster
    FtrCOp Fighter Control Operator
    FTS Flying Training School
    FTU Ferry Training Unit
    Furl Furlough
    Fus Fusilier(s)
    FusDuSher Fusiliers de Sherbrooke (French only)
    FW Fighter Wing
    FW Foreman of Works
    FW/SRCOC Fortress Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    FWA Fleet Wireless Assistant
    Fwd Forward or Forwarded
    Fwm Forewoman
    FWO Fleet Wireless Officer
    FWTCRCA Fortress Weapon Training Camp, Royal Canadian Artillery
    FY Patrol Vessel, Yacht (U.S.)
    FYA Fort York Armouries

G - Abbreviation begining with the letter G

    Abbreviations Meaning
    G General Staff Branch of the Staff
    G Gunnery
    G (Ops) General Staff (Operations)
    G&SF Grey & Simcoe Foresters
    G/C Group Captain
    GA Gunnery Armourer
    GAF Granted Annual Furlough
    GAT Guantanamo-Trinidad convoy
    GB Garrison Battalion
    GBCODRCOC Goose Bay Company Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    GBD Goose Bay Defences
    GBE Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire
    GBMS Great Britain Merchant Ships (a wireless message routine)
    GBSRCASC Goose Bay Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    GC George Cross
    GC Greek Catholic
    GC Good Conduct Badge - award for good conduct during service
    GCACon Ground Controlled Approach Controller
    GCB Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath
    GCCS Government Code and Cypher School
    GCM General Court Martial
    GCMG Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St.Michael and St.George
    GCMG Knight Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. George
    GCT Greenwich Civil Time
    GCVO Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order
    GD General Duties
    GD Group Duties
    Gdefmn Ground Defenceman
    Gdfk Goldflake
    GDL&RS Guard Detachment Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment
    Gdsm Guardsman
    GDSMGR Guards Machine Gun Regiment
    GE Garrison Engineer
    GEC General Employment Company
    Gen General - commanding officer at division or corps level
    Gen Hosp General Hospital
    Gen Pnr Coy General Pioneer Company
    Geo Geographical Section, General Staff
    GF Operation ''Goldflake''
    GFORCE Labrador
    GGBG Governor General's Body Guard
    GGDS Grenadier Guards
    GGFG Governor General's Foot Guards (Now 21st Armoured Regiment)
    GGHG Governor General's Horse Guards
    GH General Hospital
    GHMHRCAMC Gordon Head Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GHQ Group Headquarters
    GHQ General Headquarters - command centre from which corps or army commanders direct the war
    GHQ&LofCTSI General Headquarters and Line of Communication Troops Service Increment
    GHQEIC General Headquarters Echelon Indian Command
    GHQRUHofC General Headquarters Reconnaissance Unit Highlanders of Canada
    GHQSWPA General Headquarters South West Pacific Area
    GHRCAMC General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GI Gunnery Instructor
    GIRO General Instructions Routing Officers
    GIS Ground Instructors School
    GJL Granted Jewish Leave
    GlamYeo Glamorgan Yeomanry
    GLICHRCAMC Grande Ligne Internal Camp Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GloucR Gloucestershire Regiment
    GLS General Labour Section
    GM George Medal
    GMA Gibraltar, Morocco Area
    GMHRCAMC Gaspe Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GMHRCAMC Gravenhurst Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GMO Gun Mounting Overseer
    GMP Garrison Military Police
    GMT Greenwich Mean Time
    GN Guantanamo-New York convoy
    GNA Greek Naval Attache
    GNLO Greek Naval Liaison Officer
    Gnr Gunner - lowest rank in the Royal Canadian Artillery (equivalent to private)
    G'nr Gunner - lowest rank in the Royal Canadian Artillery (equivalent to private)
    GO Greek Orthodox (Church)
    GO Gunnery Officer
    GO General Order
    GO(s) General Order(s)
    GOC General Officer Commanding - highest ranking general, usually at corps level
    GOC (in C) General Officer Commanding (in Chief) - highest ranking general, usually at corps level
    GOCHMSRCAMC Garnons Officers Convalescent Home Military Staff, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GOCinC General Staff (Operations)
    GOCRA General Officer Commanding Royal Artillery
    GOCRM General Officer Commanding Royal Marines
    GOH German Official History
    GOR Gun Operational Room
    GordHighrs Gordon Highlanders
    GOSShip Norwegian Whaler
    Gov-Gen Governor General
    Gp Group
    GPCRCE General Pioneer Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    GPL Granted Privileged Leave
    GPMHRCAMC Grande Prairie Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GPO Gun Position Officer
    GPOA Gun Position Officer Assistant
    GPSRCE General Pioneer Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    GR Group (US)
    GRC Graves Registration Cross
    GreySimFor Grey & Simcoe Foresters
    Grn Garrison
    GRO General Routine Order
    GRP Group
    GRS General Reconnaissance School
    GRS General Reconnaissance Squadron
    GRSTD Gun Room Steward
    GRT Gross Registered Tonnage
    GRU General Reinforcement Unit
    GS Greek Ship
    GS Greenland-Sydney Convoy
    GS General Staff
    GS General Service
    GSB General Staff Branch
    GSC Gunnery Staff Course
    GSF Gulf Sea Frontier
    GSGS Geographical Section General Staff
    GSL Granted Short Leave
    GSO General Staff Officer
    GSO General Staff Order
    GSO 1, 2, or 3 General Staff Officer, 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade
    GSO1 General Staff Officer, Grade 1
    GSP General Staff Planning
    Gsr Greaser
    GSSR General Service Special Reserve
    GSW Gun Shot Wound - wound caused by a bullet
    GTC Government Telegraph Code
    GTC(RCASC)CD General Transport Company, (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps), Canadian Division
    Gtd Granted
    GU Gunner
    GU Gibraltar-United States Convoy
    GUI Guide
    Gunner (T) Torpedo Gunner
    GV Gate Vessels
    GWCBD "G" Wing Canadian Base Depot
    GWCFC General Workshop, Canadian Field Company OR Canadian Forestry Corps
    GZ Guantanamo-Panama convoy

H - Abbreviation begining with the letter H

    Abbreviations Meaning
    H&NPAO Hamilton & Niagara Peninsula Area Orders
    H&PER Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment
    H(21AG) Hospitalization Central Mediterranean Force (Allied Armies Italy)
    H/ Honourary (Rank)
    H/ Honorary (Rank)
    H/ Honorary or Honourable
    H/Capt Honorary Captain
    H/Capt Honorary Captain (Canadian Chaplain Service)
    H/F High Frequency
    HA Honours & Awards (Records)
    HA Hygiene Assistant
    HA Halifax-Aruba convoy
    HA(A)DRCE Headquarters (Armoured) Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
    HA/LA High Angle, Low Angle (gunnery)
    HAA Heavy Anti-Aircraft
    HAABRCA Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HAAR(M)RCS Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Mobile) Royal Canadian Signals
    HAARSRCASC Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Centre
    HAARW/SRCEME Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    HAARW/SRCOC Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    HAC Honourable Artillery Company
    HACArt Honourable Artillery Company, Artillery Section
    HACInf Honourable Artillery Company, Infantry Section
    HAL Halifax Approval Letter
    HalRif Halifax Rifles
    HampsR Hampshire Regiment
    HampsY Hampshire Yeomanry
    HC Harbour Craft
    HC Headquarters Company
    HC Honorary Captain
    HCB Halifax Coast Brigade
    HCC Hospital Conveyance Corps
    HCMF(AAI) Hospitalization Central Mediterranean Force (Allied Armies Italy)
    HCU Heavy Conversion Unit
    HD Holding Depot
    HD Home Defence
    HDC Harbour Defence Craft
    HDML Harbour Defence Motor Launch
    Hdmstr Headmaster
    HDPC Harbour Defence Patrol Crafts
    Hdqrs Headquarters
    HE Holding Establishment
    HE High Explosive
    HE His/Her Excellency
    HEP Height Filtering Position
    HerefordR Herefordshire Regiment
    HertsR Herefordshire Regiment
    HF Harassing Fire
    HF Home Fleet
    HF/DF High Frequency Direction Finding
    HFSC Headquarters Farnham Summer Camp
    HG Home Guard
    HGHRCAMC Horley General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    HHT House Hunting Trip
    HighCycBn Highland Cyclist Battalion
    HighLI Highland Light Infantry
    HKRgt Hong Kong Regiment
    HKS Hong Kong and Singapore
    HKVDC Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps
    HLD Higgins Tank Lighter
    HLI (29th Regiment) Highland Light Infantry of Canada
    HLIofC Highland Light Infantry of Canada
    HLMHRCAMC Howe Lake Military Hospital
    HLVW Heavy Logistics Vehicle Wheeled
    HM Hull Mechanic
    HM(C)S His/Her Majesty's (Canadian) Ship
    HMA Honorary Major
    HMAT His/Her Majesty's Auxiliary Transport
    HMB Heavy Mortar Battery
    HMCoastGd His/Her Majesty's Coast Guard
    HMCS His/Her Majesty's Canadian Ship
    HMFD Having Moved From District
    HMG Heavy Machine Gun
    HMHRCAMC Hamilton Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    HMHRCAMC Huntingdon Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    HMHRCAMC Halifax Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    HMS His/Her Majesty's Ship - vessel under the control of the Royal Navy
    HMS His/Her Majesty's Service
    HMT His/Her Majesty's Transport
    HMT His/Her Majesty's Troopship - designated ship carrying troops between Canada and England and England and France
    HMTS His/Her Majesty's Troopship - designated ship carrying troops between Canada and England and England and France
    HNU Head Nurse
    HO Hospital Orderly
    Hon Honourable
    Hon Honorary
    HONO Honolulu (U.S.)
    HOSE Hospital Sergeant
    Hosp Hospital - designated location where soldiers receive medical treatment
    HouseholdBn Household Battalion
    HOW Howitzer - an artillery weapon (various calibres) capable of firing shells in a low or high arc
    HPC Harbour Patrol Crafts
    HPMC Hasting Park Military Camp
    HQ Headquarters - command centre for a military unit in the field (company level and above)
    HQ"C"F Headquarters ''C'' Force
    HQ&BD Headquarters & Base Details
    HQ(A)D Headquarters (Armoured) Division
    HQ1stD Headquarters 1st Division
    HQ2CdnAGRA (Headquarters 2 Canadian) Army Group Royal Artillery
    HQAAB Headquarters Anti-Aircraft Brigade
    HQAABRCA Headquarters Anti-Aircraft Brigade, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQAC Headquarters Atlantic Command
    HQACS Headquarters Atlantic Command Signals
    HQADGB Headquarters, Air Defence Great Britain
    HQATAFCA Headquarters Army Troops Area First Canadian Army
    HQATD Headquarters Army Troops Details
    HQATSSRCS Headquarters Army Terminals Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
    HQ''B"GCHU Headquarters ''B'' Group Canadian Holding Unit
    HQBC Headquarters Bomber Command
    HQBD(GS&AS) Headquarters Botwood Defences (General Staff & Administrative Staff)
    HQBTNI Headquarters British Troops in Northern Ireland
    HQBU Headquarters Base Unit
    HQCA Headquarters Coastal Command
    HQCAA&A-TGRCA Headquarters Canadian Anti-Aircraft & Anti-Tank Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQCAC Headquarters Canadian Armoured Corps
    HQCACRCASC Headquarters Canadian Artillery Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCADARCA Headquarters Canadian Armoured Division Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQCADREME Headquarters Canadian Armoured Division, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    HQCAGRCA Headquarters Canadian Artillery Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQCAMG Headquarters Canadian Army Meteorological Group
    HQ-CAPO(GS&AS) Headquarters - Canadian Army Post Office (General Staff & Administrative Staff)
    HQCATB Headquarters Canadian Army Tank Brigade
    HQCC Headquarters Canadian Corps
    HQCCARCA Headquarters Canadian Corps Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQCCATRCASC Headquarters Canadian Army Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCCCTCRCASC Headquarters Command Canadian Corps Transport Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCCE Headquarters Canadian Constructional Engineers
    HQCCGTC Headquarters Command Canadian General Transport Column
    HQCCIDRCASC Headquarters Command Canadian Infantry Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCCTRCE Headquarters Canadian Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Engineers
    HQCCTREME Headquarters Canadian Corps Troops, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    HQCCTTCRCASC Headquarters Canadian Corps Tank Transporter Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCDECA(OS) Headquarters Canadian Divisional Engineers, Canadian Artillery OR Canadian Army (Overseas)
    HQCDRCASC Headquarters Canadian Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCDREME Headquarters Canadian Division, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    HQCEWRCE Headquarters Chief Engineer Works, Royal Canadian Engineers
    HQCFC Headquarters Canadian Forestry Corps
    HQCFN Headquarters Canadian Forces in the Netherlands
    HQCIB Headquarters Canadian Infantry Brigade
    HQCID Headquarters Canadian Infantry Division
    HQCProC Headquarters Canadian Provost Corps
    HQCPS Headquarters Canadian Postal Services
    HQCRCASCCCT Headquarters Commander, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Canadian Corps Troops
    HQCRCEMEFCAT Headquarters Commander, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, First Canadian Army Troops
    HQCRTCRCS Headquarters Canadian Railway Telegraph Company, Royal Canadian Signals
    HQCRU Headquarters Canadian Reinforcement Unit
    HQD Headquarters Details
    HQDCDCA Headquarters Deputy Commander First Canadian Army
    HQ''D''GRU Headquarters ''D'' Group Reinforcement Unit
    HQDIZB Headquarters Details Infantry "Z" Brigade
    HQDPCAPO Headquarters Defended Port Canadian Army Post Office
    HQDPofS Headquarters Defended Port of Sydney
    HQDPofSJ Headquarters Defended Port of Saint John
    HQDRCA Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQDRCASC Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQDRCE Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
    HQDRCE(AA) Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers, (Active Army)
    HQDRCE(RA) Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers, (Reserve Army)
    HQEAFME Headquarters Royal Air Force, Middle East
    HQEF Headquarters Esquimalt Fortress
    HQFCA Headquarters First Canadian Army
    HQFCACAS Headquarters First Canadian Army Civil Affairs Staff
    HQFCASRCS Headquarters First Canadian Army Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
    HQFCATC Headquarters First Canadian Army Training Camp
    HQFCATC Headquarters First Canadian Army Transport Column
    HQFMCCC Headquarters Field Maintenance Centre Canadian Corps
    HQFMCRCASC Headquarters Field Maintenance Centre, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQGB Headquarters Greek Bridge
    HQGCTU Headquarters Group Canadian Training Units
    HQGD Headquarters Gaspe Defences
    HQHF Headquarters Home Forces
    HQHFRCA Headquarters Halifax Fortress, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQLA-CWAC Headquarters London Area - Canadian Women's Army Corps
    HQMARCA Headquarters Medium Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQMD Headquarters Military District
    HQMD#1 Headquarters Military District # 1
    HQMD#2H&NPC Headquarters Military District # 2, Hamilton & Niagara Peninsula Command
    HQMD#3,K Headquarters Military District # 3, Kingston
    HQMDNo2(NCD) Headquarters Military District No. 2 (Niagara Camp Details)
    HQMDVB Headquarters Military District Vancouver Barracks
    HQNWACAF Headquarters North-West African Coastal Air Force
    HQPC Headquarters Pacific Command
    HQPRD Headquarters Prince Rupert Defences
    HQRCAF Headquarters Royal Canadian Air Force
    HQRCD Headquarters Reconstituted Canadian Division
    HQRCECAT Headquarters, Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Army Troops
    HQRCEMECCT Headquarters, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Canadian Troops
    HQRCEWO Headquarters, Royal Canadian Engineers, Works Organization
    HQS (No) Distinguishing letters on files of National Defence Headquarters (Army), Ottawa
    HQS&CD Headquarters Sydney and Canso Defences
    HQS&S-S Headquarters Staff and Sub-staff
    HQS(H)CAD Headquarters Squadron (Hussars) Canadian Armoured Division
    HQSAD Headquarters Squadron Armoured Division
    HQSATB (AD) Headquarters Squadron Army Tank Brigade (Armoured Division)
    HQSATB (NBRT) Headquarters Squadron Army Tank Brigade (New Brunswick Regt. Tank)
    HQSCABAP Headquarters Squadron Canadian Armoured Brigade Advance Party
    HQSCNPHQRCS Headquarters Signals Company, National Defence Headquarters Royal Canadian Signals
    HQSD Headquarters Shelburne Defences
    HQSD(CB)CADAF Headquarters Squadron Details (Camp Borden), Canadian Armoured Division Active Force
    HQSF Headquarters Sydney Fortress
    HQSG Headquarters Support Group
    HQSGCAD Headquarters Support Group Canadian Armoured Division
    HQSHDCAPO Headquarters St. John's Defences Canadian Army Post Office
    HQSMD Headquarters Staff Military District
    HQSPC Headquarters Staff Petawawa Camp
    HQS-SDTA Headquarters Sub-Staff Dunburn Training Area
    HQSVC Headquarters Staff Valcartier Camp
    HQTC Headquarters Tracadie Camp
    HQV&EF Headquarters Victoria & Esquimalt Fortress
    HQVB Headquarters Vancouver Barracks
    HQVD Headquarters Vancouver Defences
    HQVGofC Headquarters Veterans Guard of Canada
    HR Halifax Rifles
    HR Hospital Records
    HR Human Resources
    HRH His/Her Royal Highness
    HRR Heals Rifles
    Hrs Hours
    HRS Heavy Repair Shop
    HRS Hussars
    HRW(MT)RCASC Heavy Repair Workshop (Mechanical Transport) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HS Home Sister
    HS Hellenic Ship
    HSBPT High Speed Battle Practice Target
    HSCRFU Home Security Course Reserve Fleet Units
    HSS Hospital Staff Sergeant
    HST Hospital Steward
    HSTS High Speed Target Service
    HT Halifax-Trinidad Convoy
    HT Hull Technician
    HT Horse Transport
    HTech Hull Technician
    HTM Heavy Trench Mortar
    HTS Heavy Transport Squadron
    HU Holding Unit
    HuntsCyclistBn Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion
    Hvy Heavy
    HWE Home War Establishment
    Hwr Howitzer
    HX Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
    HXF Fast Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
    Hy Heavy
    Hyg Hygiene
    HygTech Hygiene Technician

I - Abbreviation begining with the letter I

    Abbreviations Meaning
    I Intelligence Branch of the General Staff
    I Interrogation
    I (b) Secret Service Branch of the General Staff
    I"E"toHQCT Increment ''E'' to Headquarters Canadian Troops
    I(A)HQCAGRA Increment (A) Headquarters Canadian, Army Group Royal Artillery
    I/C In Charge
    IAF Inspector of Admiralty Fuel
    IAM Institute of Aviation Medicine
    IAS Infantry Assault Ships
    IATC Infantry Advanced Training Center
    I''A''toCSGHQEAP Increment ''A'' to Canadian Section
    IAW In Accordance With
    IBD Infantry Base Depot
    IBDCASF(LS) Infantry Base Depot, Canadian Active Service Force, (Lorne Scots)
    IBDP Infantry Brigade Defence Platoon
    IBLAD Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment
    IBofUK&C Inspection Board of United Kingdom & Canada
    IBRS Infantry Brigade Recce Squadron
    IBSS&WT Infantry Brigade Signals Section & Wireless Telegraphy
    IC Instructional Cadre
    IC Internment Camp
    IC In Command
    ICB Inspection of Contract Built Ships
    ICB Inspector of Contract Built Ships
    ICB Inspector of Contract Built Ships (Naval)
    ICCDP Iceland Coastal Command Daily Programme
    ICCFS Inspecting Captain Of Coastal Force Schools
    ICCPC Internment Camp Canadian Provost Corps
    ICCSSMedal International Commission of Control and Supervision Service Medal (Vietnam)
    ICE Integrated Clothing Ensemble
    ICEPAT. Iceland Patrol (U.S.)
    ICFPC Increment Canadian Field Punishment Camp
    ICI Imperial Chemical Industries
    ICMHRCAMC Internment Camp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    ICSCS Medal International Commission for Supervision and Control Service Medal (Indo China)
    IDE Imperial Defence College or Inter-Department Cypher
    IdentTech Identification Technician
    IDGHRCAMC Infectious Diseases General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    IE Increased Endurance
    IE Intermediate Engagement
    IECS Improved Environmental Clothing System
    IETech Instrument Electrical Technician
    IF Irish Fusiliers
    IFofC Irish Fusiliers of Canada (11th Regiment)
    IFPP No. 1 Ferry Pilots Pool
    IFS Instrument Flying School
    IG(CC) Inspector-General (Central Canada)
    IGC Imperial General Council
    IGds Irish Guards
    I-GEC(A) Inspector-General Eastern Canada (Army)
    IGTCAC Instructors Gunnery Team, Canadian Armoured Corps
    IHU Infantry Holding Unit
    IMD Indian Medical Department
    IMHRCAMC Ipperwash Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    Imp Imperial
    IMS Indian Medical Service
    IMTU Inspector of Machine Tool Utilisation
    In Inch
    IN Inspector
    INAITCoy Infantry Brigade AIT Company
    Incl include, included, inclusive or including
    ind independent
    IndefLve Indefinite Leave
    indep independent
    Inf Infantryman
    Inf Infantry
    Infmn Infantryman
    INFO Information
    Inj Injured
    INO(W) Inspector of Naval Ordnance (Woolwick)
    Inspr Inspector
    inst Instruct, instructed, instruction or instructor
    Instr Instruction(al)
    Instr(s) Instructor(s)
    InstrCr Instructor Commander
    int Intelligence
    INT Interpreter
    Int. General Staff Officer 1 (Intelligence)
    IntC Internment Camp
    INTEL Intelligence (U.S.)
    IntOp Intelligence Operator
    Intrep Intelligence Report
    inv Invalid
    Inv"wd" Invalided Wounded - a soldier transferred away from the front as a result of wounds received in action
    INWE Infantry North West Echelon
    IO Intelligence Officer
    I-O Infantry Officers
    IO/SB.C.D.C. Intermediate Overseas Base, Canadian Dental Corps OR Canadian Disciplinary Centre
    IOA Indian Ocean Area
    IOB Inspector of Booms (Naval)
    IOC Instructional Officer Course
    IODE Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire
    IORAS Inspection of Reserve Army Stores
    IOS Inspector of Ordnance Services
    IPB Intelligence Preparation of Battlefield
    IPC Island Park Camp
    IPO Inshore Patrol Officer
    IR Instructor's Regiment
    Ir.Fus.(VR) Irish Fusiliers (Vancouver Regiment)
    IREM Inspector of Royal Engineer Machinery
    IrGds Irish Guards
    IrofC Irish Regiment of Canada
    IRS Intelligence Reports Section (Naval)
    IRVC Imperial Railways Volunteer Corps
    IS Tech Integral Systems Technician
    IS.C.B. Inter-Service Communications Board (U.S.)
    ISC Inter Service Committee
    ISC Inter-Service Cypher
    ISC Indian Staff Corps
    ISCC Infantry Section Commander's Course
    ISCO Intelligence Section, Combined Operations
    ISF Internal Security Force
    ISHQCC Intelligence Section Headquarters Canadian Corps
    ISO Imperial Service Order
    ISp Intelligence Specialist
    ISTAR Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
    ISTD Inter-Service Topographical
    ISTDC Interservice Training Defence Centre
    IT Instructional Technique
    ITB Infantry Training Battalion
    ITC Infantry Training Centre
    ITC(R) Infantry Training Centre (Reserve)
    ITD Infantry Training Depot
    ITDUCIC Infantry Training Demonstration Unit, Canadian Infantry Corps
    ITech Instrument Technician
    ITM Inspector of Torpedoes and Mines
    ItoHQCC Increment to Headquarters Canadian Corps
    ItoHQCID Increment to Headquarters Canadian Armoured Division
    ITS Initial Training School
    IW.C.B.D. 'I'' Wing Canadian Base Depot
    IWBB Improvised Widened Bailey Bridge
    IWDRE Inland Waterways & Docks, Royal Engineers
    IWGC Imperial War Graves Commission
    IWT Inland Water Transport
    IYB Imperial Yeomanry Bearer
    IYH Imperial Yeomanry Hospital

J - Abbreviation begining with the letter J

    Abbreviations Meaning
    J Jewish
    JABCA Joint Atomic, Biological and Chemical Defensive Warfare School
    JAG Judge Advocate General
    JAN Joint Army & Navy Radio Procedure
    JATP Joint Air Training Plan
    JEW Jewish
    JFHQ Joint Force Headquarters
    JIMRTTRG Job Inspector Mechanical Relations Transportation Training
    JINSTOR Job Instructor
    JIX Unclassified Ships (U.S)
    JLS Junior Leader's School
    JLS Japanese Language School
    JLTC Junior Leader's Training Centre
    JMC Johnson Method of Coaching
    JMHRCAMC Joliette Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    JMT Job method training
    Joiner Joiner
    JP Joint Planners
    JR Régiment de Joliette (available in french only)
    JRT Job Relations Training
    JSC Joint Services Committee
    JSM Joint Staff Mission
    JSU Junior Sergeant
    JTC Jasper Training Camp
    JTF2 Joint Task Force 2
    JWEC Junior War Establishments Committee
    JWPS Joint War Production Staff

K - Abbreviation begining with the letter K

    Abbreviations Meaning
    k knots
    K King or King's
    K&BMHRCAMC Kingston & Barriefield Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    KAR King's African Rifles
    KBO Kildare Barracks Ottawa
    KBR Kellogg Brown and Root
    KC King's Commendation
    KCB Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath
    KCMG Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George
    KEdwH King Edward's Horse
    Kent R Kent Regiment
    KentCycBn Kent Cyclist Battalion
    KG Knight of the Order of the Garter
    KHM King's Harbour Master
    KIA Killed In Action - designation of how a soldier died
    KMB Kabul Multi-National Brigade
    KMHRCAMC Kingston Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    KMHRCAMC Kitchener Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    KMW Senior Polish Naval Officer in London
    KORC King's Own Rifles of Canada
    KORofC King's Own Rifles of Canada
    KOSB King's Own Scottish Borderers
    KOYLI King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
    KPHIRCAMC Kingston Permanent Hospital Installation, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    KPIB Key Points Investigation Bureau
    KR King's Regulations
    KR Kent Regiment
    KR&ACI King's Regulations & Air Council Instructions
    KR&AI King's Regulations & Admiralty Instructions
    KR&O King's Regulations and Orders
    KRandAI King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions
    KRCN King's Regulations for the Government of the Canadian Naval Service
    KRR King's Royal Rifle Corps
    KRRC King's Royal Rifle Corps
    KRRifC King's Royal Rifle Corps
    KSLI King's Shropshire Light Infantry
    KTDRCA Kine Theodolite Detachment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    KTS Composite Training School (Royal Canadian Air Force)
    KUF Polish Drafting Officer, London

L - Abbreviation begining with the letter L

    Abbreviations Meaning
    L Lieutenant
    L of C Line(s) of Communication
    L&RSGD Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Guard Detachment
    L&RSR Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment
    L&WRegt Lincoln & Welland Regiment
    L/ Lance (rank)
    L/ Leading
    L/Bdr Lance Bombardier
    L/Cpl Lance Corporal
    L/S Leading Seaman
    L/SA Leading Stores Assistant
    L/Sgt Lance Sergeant
    L/Sjt Lance Sergeant
    L/Sto Leading Stoker
    LaA Light Aid Detachment
    LAA Light Anti-Aircraft
    LAARPRCASC Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    LAARRCA Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    LAARSRCASC Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    LAARSS Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Signals Section
    LAARW/SSRCOC Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    LAATTRCA Light Anti-Aircraft Training Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
    LAB Light Armoured Battery
    LabCorps Labour Corps
    LAC Leading Aircraftman
    LAD Light Aid Detachment
    LADC Lieutenant Aide-de-Camp
    LADCAPCS Light Aid Detachment Canadian Armoured Personnel Car Squadron
    LADRCEME Light Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    LADRCOC Light Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    LAFO Laboratory Foreman
    LanarkYeo Lanarkshire Yeomanry
    LanFus Lancashire Fusiliers
    LAW Leading Aircraftwoman
    LBandsmn Leading Bandsman
    LBE Landing Barge, Emergency Repair
    LBF Landing Barge, Flak
    LBF Landing Boats
    LBM Landing Boats
    LBO Landing Barge, Oiler
    LBS Landing Barge, Support
    LBV(1) Landing Barge Vehicle (Mark I)
    LBV(L)(2) Landing Barge Vehicle (Large, Mark II)
    LBV(S)(2) Landing Barge Vehicle (Small, Mark II)
    LBW Landing Barge Water
    LC Lieutenant-Colonel
    LC Landing Craft
    LCA Landing Craft Assault
    LCA(HR) Landing Craft (Hedgerow) (U.S.)
    LCB(D) Landing Craft Barge (Dumb) (U.S.)
    LCB(M) Landing Craft Barge (Mechanised) (U.S.)
    LCE Landing Craft Emergency - Repair
    LCF Levant Coast Flotilla
    LCF(L) Landing Craft, Flak (Large)
    LCG(M) Landing Craft Gun (Medium)
    LCG(T) Landing Craft Gun (Tower)
    LCH Land Craft Headquarters
    LCI(L) Landing Craft Infantry (Large)
    LCI(L) Landing Craft Infantry (Large) (U.S.)
    LCI(S) Landing Craft Infantry (Small)
    LCk Leading Cook
    LCM Landing Craft Mechanized
    LCM(1) Landing Craft Mechanised (Mark I)
    LCM(2) Landing Craft Mechanised (Mark 2) (U.S.)
    LCM(3) Landing Craft Mechanised (Mark 3) (U.S.)
    LCM(W) Landing Craft Mechanized (wood)
    LCMB Landing Craft Maintenance Base
    LCMSD Landing Craft Material Supply Depot
    LCMSO Landing Craft Maintenance Stores Officer
    LCN Landing Craft Navigational (U.S.)
    LCOCU Landing Craft Obstruction Clearance Unit
    LCP(2) Landing Craft Personnel (Mark II)
    LCP(L) Landing Craft Personnel (Large)
    LCP(L) Landing Craft Personnel (Large) (U.S.)
    LCP(M) Landing Craft Personnel (Medium) (U.S.)
    LCP(R) Landing Craft Personnel (Ramped) (U.S)
    LCP(S) Landing Craft Personnel (Small) (U.S.)
    LCPL Lance Corporal
    LCr Lieutenant Commander
    LCR(L) Landing Craft Rubber (Large)
    LCR(S) Landing Craft Rubber (Small)
    LCS(L) Landing Craft Support (Large) (U.S.)
    LCS(M)(3) Landing Craft Support (Medium, Mark III) (U.S.)
    LCS(S) Landing Craft Support (Small) (U.S.)
    LCT Landing Craft Tanks
    LCT(1) Landing Craft Tank (Mark I)
    LCT(2) Landing Craft Tank (Mark II) (U.S.)
    LCT(3) Landing Craft Tank (Mark III) (U.S.)
    LCT(4) Landing Craft Tank (Mark IV) (U.S.)
    LCT(5) Landing Craft Tank (V) (U.S.)
    LCT(R) Landing Craft Tank (Rocket)
    LCV Landing Craft Vehicle (U.S.)
    LCV(2) Landing Craft Vehicle (Mark II)
    LCV(P) Landing Craft Vehicle (Personnel)
    Ldng Leading
    LDRCAPC Lancaster Detachment Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    LDS Latter Day Saint Church
    LeicR Leicestershire Regiment
    LeicYeo Leicestershire Yeomanry
    LeinsR Leinster Regiment
    LEME Land Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
    LER Royal Edmonton Regiment
    LF Leave & Furlough
    LF de MR Les Fusiliers de Mont Royal (French only)
    LFA Régiment de Lévis
    LFA Le Régiment de Chateauguay
    LFAA Le Régiment de Hull
    LFC Les Voltigeurs de Québec
    LFCA Land Force Central Area (Toronto)
    LFDTS Land Forces Doctrine and Training System
    LFMHRCAMC Lesters Field Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LFQA Land Force Quebec Area
    LFRR Land Force Reserve Restructure
    LFWA Land Force Western Area (Edmonton)
    LG Lethbridge Garrison
    LG Lewis Gun
    LG London Gazette - official British government publication of decorations, honours and promotions
    LGC Landing Craft Control
    LGDS Life Guards
    LH Local Headquarters
    LI Light Infantry
    Lieut Lieutenant
    LIJIT Leader in Job Instruction Training
    LincR Lincolnshire Regiment
    LincYeo Lincolnshire Yeomanry
    litho Lithographic(al)
    LItoCSGHQEAGp (Legal) Increment to Canadian Section General Headquarters, Echelon Army Group
    LL Denotes that a ship is fitted for magnetic minesweeping
    LLEandLLV Landing Lighters
    LLV Loop Laying Vessel
    LMB Light Mortar Battery - front line unit of light mortars used for direct fire support
    LMG Light Machine-Gun
    LMHRCAMC Lauzon Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LMHRCAMC Lethbridge Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LMHRCAMC Lewisporte Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LMHRCAMC London Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LMHRCAMC Longueuil Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LMS London, Midland and Scottish (Railway)
    LMU Landline Maintenance Units
    LN Quebec-Labrador convoy
    LNER London and North-Eastern Railway
    LNLanR Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
    LNNo List of Navy Numbers
    LOAC Law of Armed Conflict
    LOCO Liaison Officers, Combined Operations
    LofC Line(s) of Communication
    LofCFSPS Line of Communication Field Security Police Station
    LofCPSCPC Line of Communication Provost Section C. Provost Corps
    LofCS(P)CGRU Line of Communication Section (Provost) Canadian General Reinforcement Unit
    LofCSRCCS Line of Communication Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    LofCTrpsSerIncr Line of Communication Troops Service Increment
    LondR London Regiment
    LonGaz London Gazette - official British government publication of decorations, honours and promotions
    LONN Liaison Officer Norwegian Navy
    Loth&BordH Lothian and Border Horse
    LOU Localization of Units
    LP Listening Post
    LPC Last Pay Certificate
    LPF Last Post Fund
    LPhoto Leading Photographer
    LPODRCOC Longue Pointe Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    LPtlmn Leading Patrolman
    LR Régiment de Lévis (French only)
    LR Layer Rating
    LR Layer Ratings
    LRAM Licentiate, Royal Academy of Music
    LRdeC Le Régiment de Chateauguay (French only)
    LRdeH Le Régiment de Hull (French only)
    LS Leading Seaman
    LS Landing Ships
    LS(CASF) Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin & Halton Regiment), Canadian Active Service Force
    LS(Postal) Leading Seaman (Postal)
    LS(R) Leading Seaman (Regulating)
    LS(Records) Localization Section (Records)
    LSA Leading Stores Assistant
    LSA Leading Supply Assistant
    LSBA Leading Sick Berth Attendant
    LSC Landing Ship, Carrier (Derrick-hoisting)
    LSCTC Light Scout Car Training Centre
    LSD Landing Ship, Dock (U.S.)
    LSE Landing Ship, Emergency Repair
    LSgt Lance Sergeant
    LSH Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) - cavalry unit first established for the South African War
    LSI Landing Ship, Infantry
    LSig Leading Signalman
    LSjt Lance Sergeant
    LST Landing Ship, Tank
    LSto Leading Stoker
    LSto(FF) Leading Stoker (Fire Fighter)
    LStwd Leading Stewart
    LSVW Light Support Vehicle Wheeled
    Lt Light
    Lt Lieutenant
    Lt INF Lieutenant Infirmiere
    LtCdr Lieutenant Commander
    Lt-Col Lieutenant-Colonel
    Ltech Electronic Technician (Sea)
    LTel Leading Telegraphist
    LTO Leading Torpedoman
    LVoltdeQ Les Voltigeurs de Québec (French only)
    LVT Landing Vehicle, Tracked
    LWCA (TC) 'L'' Wing Canadian Army (Training Centre)
    LWOP Leave Without Pay and Allowances
    LWP Leave With Pay
    LWtr Leading Writer
    LZ London Division

M - Abbreviation begining with the letter M

    Abbreviations Meaning
    M Matron
    M Miscellaneous
    M Major
    M Minister, National Defence
    M Minelayer
    M & D Medals and Decorations
    M & S Munitions and Supply
    M&D Medals & Decorations - list of theatre medals or decorations received for military service, as well as special citations
    M&D Medicine and Return to Duty
    M&JWS Mountain & Jungle Warfare School
    M&Wasst Munitions and Weapons Assistant
    M&Wtech Munitions and Weapons Technician
    M(N) Minister for Naval Services
    M(No) Captain "M" (Number) Mine Laying Squadron
    M/A Meal Allowance
    M/F Medium Frequency
    m/n Marginally Named
    M/S Minesweeper(s)
    M/SAux Minesweepers Auxiliary
    M/SBan Minesweepers Bangor
    M/SBas Minesweepers Bassett
    M/SMotor Minesweepers Motor
    M/SWood Minesweepers Wooden
    M/T Motor Transport
    M1 Army Service Corps, Mechanical Transport Section
    M2 Army Service Corps, Electricians
    MA Meal Allowance
    MA Medical Assistant
    MA Master
    MA/SBI Motor Torpedo Boat fitted with asdic set and depth charges
    MA/STU Mobile Asdic Training Unit
    MAA Medium Anti Aircraft (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    MAA Master at Arms
    MAAF Mediterranean Allied Air Forces
    MAC Motor Ambulance Convoy
    MAC Minesweeping Craft
    MAC Merchant Aircraft Carriers
    MAC Merchant-Ship Aircraft Carrier
    MAC Minesweeping Attendant
    MAC Motor Ambulance Car or Convoy
    Mach Machinist
    MachAccOp Machine Accounting Operator
    MACR(A)D (Manitoba) Armoured Car Regiment (Armoured) Division
    MACRCAMC Motor Ambulance Convoy, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MACRI Maritime Atlantic Coastal Routing Instructions
    MAD Magnetic Air Detector
    mag Magazine