Military Abbreviations used in Service Files

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

# - Abbreviation begining with the letter #

    11thIFofC11th Regiment (Irish Fusiliers of Canada)
    15thALI15th Regiment (Argyll Light Infantry)
    21AG21st Army Group
    29thHLI29th Regiment (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    2ndCOR2nd Battalion (Central Ontario Regiment)
    60thVRC60th Battalion (Victoria Rifles of Canada)

A - Abbreviation begining with the letter A

    A&DbooksAdmission & Discharge Books
    A&FFAcceptance & Ferry Flight (129-Trenton)
    A&QAdministrative Branches of the Staff
    A&QAdministrative Branches to the Staff
    A&SHighArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's)
    A&TAdministration and Training
    A&T StaffAdministrative and Training Staff
    A/Acting (Rank) - higher rank held on a temporary basis - also known as a brevet rank for officers
    A/AArmy Act
    A/BandsmnAssisting Bandsman
    A/BlkmthActing Blacksmith
    A/CAir Commodore
    A/CAir Crew
    A/C/MAir Chief Marshall
    A/CaptActing Captain
    A/CNAS(E)Assistant Chief of Naval Administration and Supply (Equipment)
    A/DMinAssistant Deputy Minister
    A/DNSAssistant Director of Naval Stores
    A/EAeronautical Engineering in the Fleet Air Arm
    A/EAActing Electrical Artificer
    A/ERAActing Engine Room Artificer
    A/JoinerActing Joiner
    A/MAir Marshall
    A/NCSOActing Naval Control Service Officer
    A/OAActing Ordnance Artificer
    A/pAll Purpose
    A/PlbrActing Plumber
    A/PntrActing Painter
    A/RAActing Radio Artificer
    A/SAAnti-Submarine Artificer
    A/SDAnti-Submarine Detector
    A/SecAssistant Secretary
    A/ShptActing Shipwright
    A/SO(CO)Acting Staff Officer (Combined Operations)
    A/SSFOAnti-Submarine Ship Fitting Officer
    A/STTVAnti-Submarine Target Towing Vessels
    A/SYachtAnti-Submarine Yacht
    A/V/MAir Vice-Marshall
    AAAnti-Aircraft Rate
    AAAssistant Adjutant
    AAActive Army
    AAArmy Act
    AA&CDAnti-Aircraft Coast Defence
    AA&QMGAssistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
    AA(MG)BRCAAnti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AA(MG)BRCASTAnti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery Searchlight Troop
    AA(MG)TRCAAnti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AA/SAActing Anti-Submarine Artificer
    AAAAppointed Assistant Adjutant
    AAAFCRCAAnti-Aircraft Artillery Formation Camp, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AAARCArtillery Anti-Aircraft Reinforcement Camp
    AAB"Z"FAnti-Aircraft Battery "Z" Force (Iceland)
    AABS/LTRCAAnti-Aircraft Battery Searchlight Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AABSRCCSAnti-Aircraft Brigade Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    AABW/SRCOCAnti-Aircraft Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    AAGAssistant Adjutant-General
    AAGORRCAAnti-Aircraft Gun Operations Room, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AAIAllied Armies in Italy
    AANSArmy Auxiliary Nursing Service
    AARRCAAnti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AASAir Armament School
    AAS/LCoyAnti-Aircraft Searchlight Company
    AAUS&FWTCAnti-Aircraft Unit Staging & Fortress Weapon Training Camp
    ABAble Seaman
    ABCDAtomic, Biological, Chemical & Defensive Warfare Course
    ABOCRCOCArmoured Brigade Ordnance Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    ABPOArmy Base Post Office, Canadian Postal Corps
    ABPostalAble Seaman (Postal)
    ABranchAdjutant General's Branch
    AbsAbsent, Absence
    ABW/SRCOCAdvanced Base Workshop (Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps)
    ACAircraft Controlman
    ACArmourer's Crew
    ACArmoured Car
    ACAmbulance Corps
    ACArmy Corps
    ACAircraft Carrier
    AC&RAppointments, Commissions and Rewards
    AC&WSqnAircraft Control & Warning Squadron
    AC1Aircraftman 1st Class
    AC2Aircraftman 2nd Class
    ACBOActing Bombardier
    ACCAnglican Church of Canada
    ACC(I)Atlantic Convoy Conference Minutes
    AccKdAccidentally Killed
    ACCPTActing Captain
    ACGSAssistant Chief of the General Staff
    ACHQAir Command Headquarters
    ACHRCAMCAlton Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    ACHUArmoured Corps Holding Unit
    ACIArmy Council Instruction
    ACIAFAppraisal Course Interim Army Force
    ACkAssistant Cook
    AC-LTActing Lieutenant
    ACMFAllied Central Mediterranean Force
    ACNIAssistant Commander of Naval Information
    ACNSAssistant Chief of the Naval Staff
    ACOAir Cadet Officer
    ACOpAircraft Control Operator
    AC-OSAILSArmy Co-operative Squad Air Intelligence Liaison Section
    ACO-WPAArea Commandant Order - Work Point Area
    ACPLofHActing Corporal of Horse
    AC-QMActing Quarter Master
    ACRArmoured Car Regiment
    ACR(RCD)Armoured Car Regiment, Royal Canadian Dragoons
    ACR(RCD)APArmoured Car Regiment, Royal Canadian Dragoons Advanced Party
    ACSAir Cadet Squadron
    ACSDistinguishing Letters on Files of Joint Service Committee, Atlantic Coast
    ACSAtlantic Command Signals
    ACSAILSCASFAtlantic Command Squadron Army Intelligence Liaison Section, Canadian Active Service Force
    AC-SEActing Sergeant
    ACSICAtlantic Command Security Intelligence Section
    ACSILSAtlantic Command Squadron Intelligence Liaison Section
    ACSqnArmy Co-operation Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force)
    ACSUActing Surgeon
    ActActing (Rank)
    ACTAnnual Camp Training
    ACUAircrew Conditioning Units
    ACVAircraft Carrier Vessels
    ACYCCorpsArmy Cyclist Corps
    ADAdministration & Discipline (Director of Organization)
    ADArvida Defences
    ADAir Radio Mechanic (Air Radar)
    AD&MAdvanced Driving and Maintenance
    AD&MSAdvanced Driving and Maintenance School
    AD&MTCRCARAdvanced Driving and Maintenance Training Centre, Royal Canadian Artillery Reinforcements
    AD(Svy)Assistant Director of Surveys
    ADAGAssistant Deputy Adjutant-General
    ADB(RdeC)CICECAirfield Defence Battalion (Regiment de Chateauguay) Canadian Infantry Corps, East Coast
    ADCAerodrome Defence Company
    ADCP(N)Assistant Director Civilian Personnel (Navy)
    ADDSAssistant Director of Dental Services
    ADEDAssistant Director of Engineer Development
    ADESAssistant Director of Educational Services
    ADESAssistant Director of Engineer Services
    ADHOC(G)Ad Hoc Greek Battalion
    ADIOAssistant Director of Internment Operations
    AdjAdjutant - administrative assistant to a commanding officer
    AdjtAdjutant - administrative assistant to a commanding officer
    AdmAdmitted - soldiers entering hospital for medical treatment
    ADMAssistant Deputy Minister
    ADM(N)Assistant Deputy Minister (Naval)
    AdmClkAdministrative Clerk
    ADMGOAssistant Deputy Master General of Ordnance
    ADMNAssistant Deputy Minister (Naval)
    ADMSAssistant Director of Medical Services
    ADNOAssistant Director Naval Ordnance
    ADNPAssistant Director of Naval Personnel
    ADOSAssistant Director of Ordnance Services
    ADPAerodrome Defence Platoon
    ADQMGAssistant Deputy Quartermaster General
    ADQMG(AE)Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General (Army Equipment)
    ADRCAPCAldershot Detachments, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    ADRCASCArea Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    ADSAdvanced Dressing Station
    ADSArmy Dressing Station
    ADSRCSArmoured Divisional Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    ADTC(CAD)RCASCArmoured Division Troops Company (Canadian Armoured Division), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    ADTCSRCASC(Armoured) Division Troop Carrying Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    ADTDAssistant Director Technical Division
    ADTechAir Defence Technician
    ADUCAdvanced Driving Universal Carriers
    ADVSAssistant Director of Veterinary Services
    AdvtrgAdvanced Training
    ADW/SPACRCASCAdvanced Detachment Workshop Pl Art Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    AEAlgerine Escorts
    AECArmy Enlistment Centre
    AEDAmmunition Empties Detachment
    AEFAllied Expeditionary Force
    AEFAmerican Expeditionary Force
    AEinCAssistant Engineer in Chief (Naval)
    AEMAir Engine Mechanic
    AEREAerospace Engineer
    AETechAero Engine Technician
    AFAir Fitter
    AFActive Force
    AFBRCCSArmy Field Brigade, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    AFCArmed Forces Council
    AFCAir Force Cross
    AFHQAllied Forces Headquarters
    AFHQAir Force Headquarters
    AFMAir Frame Mechanic
    AFMAir Force Medal
    AFOAdmiralty Fleet Orders
    AFPacAllied Forces Pacific
    AFRSArmed Forces Radio Service
    AFRSArmy Field Regiment Signal
    AFRSRCASCArmy Field Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    AFSAdvanced Flying School
    AFSCArmed Forces Staff College
    AFSCRCASCArmed Forces Sleeper Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    AFSSArmy Field Security Section
    AFTechAirframe Technician
    AFUAir Fighting Unit
    AFUAdvance Flying Unit
    AFVArmoured Fighting Vehicle
    AFVW/SSRCOCArmoured Fighting Vehicle Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    AFW/SRCOCArmy Field Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    AGAdjutant General
    AGAir Gunner
    AG1,2or3Adjutant General Staff Officer 1, 2 or 3
    AGBAdjutant General's Base
    AGCBAwarded Good Conduct Badge
    AGGTSAir Gunners Ground Training School
    AGHU"A" Group Holding Unit
    AGRAArmy Group Royal Artillery
    AGRCAArmy Group Royal Canadian Artillery
    AGRCASArmy Group Royal Canadian Artillery Signals
    AGREArmy Group, Royal Engineers
    AGRU"A" Group Reinforcement Unit
    AGTSAircrew Graduate Training Schools
    AGYMSTArmy Gymnastic Staff
    AHAircraft Handler
    AHAdmiralty Fleet Order
    AHCArmy Hospital Corps
    AHQArmy Headquarters
    AHQCAPOArea Headquarters Canadian Army Post Office
    AHUArtillery Holding Unit
    AHUAdministrative and Holding Unit(s)
    AIAssistant Instructor
    AIActing Interpreter
    AIB"A" Infantry Battalion
    AICVGofCAngler Internment Camp Veterans Guard of Canada
    AIDAeronautical Inspection District
    AIEMSuptAircraft Instrument and Electrical Maintenance Superintendent
    AIFAustralian Imperial Force
    AIGAddress Indicating Group
    AILS(A)DArmy Intelligence Liaison Section (Armoured) Division
    AILSectionArmy Intelligence Liaison Section
    AILSectionAir Intelligence Liaison Section
    AIRAssistant Instructor's Regiment
    AirBAir Bomber
    AirBosnAir Boatswain
    AirlineCoyAirline Company, Royal Engineers
    AirTConAir Traffic Controller
    AISAeronautical Inspectors School
    AITC(R)Advanced Infantry Training Centre (Reserve)
    AKAAlso Known As
    ALAir Mechanic (Electrics)
    AL/CPLActing Lance Corporal
    ALCAssault Landing Craft
    AlgAlgerine Escorts
    AlgRAlgonquin Regiment
    ALI(15th Regiment) Argyll Light Infantry
    ALOAustralian Liaison Officer (Air)
    ALOCAdvanced Logistics Officers Course
    ALQRAlgonquin Regiment
    AMAir Mechanic (1st, 2nd or 3rd Class)
    AMAlbert Medal
    AMNaval Airman
    AM(No)Admiralty Publication
    AMAEAir Member for Aeronautical Engineering
    AMAPAir Member Air Plan
    AMASAir Member for Air Staff
    AMBArmoured Motor Battery
    AMCArmed Merchant Cruiser
    AMCAlberni Military Camp
    AMCArnprior Military Camp
    AMCArmy Medical Centre
    AMCAustralian Medical Corps
    AMCArmed Merchant Cruiser
    AMCUAnti-Malarial Control Unit
    AMDAuxiliary Manning Depot
    AMEArmament Maintenance Establishment
    AMERCAArmament Maintenance Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AMHRCAMCAlberni Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    AMHRCAMCAldershot Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    AMHRCAMCAngler Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    AMHRCAMCArvida Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    AmmnColAmmunition Column
    AmoTechAmmunition Technician
    AMPAir Member for Personnel
    AMPTEAmbulance Private
    AMSArmy Medical Staff
    AMSAir Member for Supply
    AMSAssistant Military Secretary
    AMSCAdvanced Military Studies course
    AMSuptAircraft Maintenance Superintendent
    AMTAir Member for Training
    AMTRSArea Mechanical Transport Repair Shops
    AMUAir Movements Unit
    ANAir Mechanic (Engines)
    ANAVAir Navigator
    ANDAdmiralty Net Defence
    ANSAir Navigation School
    ANSecAssistant Naval Secretary
    ANZACAustralia and New Zealand Army Corps
    AOAfter Order
    AOAir Mechanic (Ordnance)
    AOAccountant Officer
    AOArmy Order
    AOCAir Officer Commanding
    AOCArmy Ordnance Corps
    AOC-in-CAir Officer Commanding in Chief
    AODRCOCAdvanced Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    AOPAir Observation Post
    AOPSRCAAir Observation Post Squadron, Royal Canadian Artillery
    AOPSRCAFAir Observation Post Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
    AOSAir Observer School
    AOW/SRCOCArmy Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    APAdministration & Personnel Section (Organization)
    APAir Police
    APAid Post
    AP&RsAppointments, Promotions and Retirement List
    APA-TR(Advanced Party) Anti-Tank Regiment
    APCArmy Pay Corps
    APCASAdministration Personnel Canadian Army Shows
    APCASEU(AS)Administration Personnel Canadian Auxiliary Services Entertainment Unit (Army Shows)
    APCBOW/SRCOCAdvanced Party Canadian Base Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    APCFCAdvance Party Canadian Forestry Corps
    APCHRCAMCAlderbrooke Park Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    APCinCAir Officer Commanding-in-Chief
    APDArmy Provost Depot
    APDArmy Pay Department
    APDOFPRCOCAdvance Party Divisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    APEAddress Prior to Enlistment
    APFARCAMCAdvance Party Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    APHQADADHQAdvanced Party Headquarters Armoured Division Advance Divisional Headquarters
    APISAir Photo Interpretation Section
    APISArmy Photographic Interpretation Section
    APISCintCArmy Photographic Interpretation Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    APLUArmy Pay Ledger Unit
    APMAssistant Provost Marshal
    APOCArmy Post Office Corps
    APPU(Canadian) Army Photo Processing Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    APPUCPCAdvance Party Postal Unit Canadian Postal Corps
    APSArmy Postal Service
    APS(N)Assistant Private Secretary To the Minister (Navy)
    APTo"Z" FAttached Personnel to "Z" Force (Iceland)
    AQMGAssistant Quartermaster-General
    ARAlgonquin Regiment
    ARAir Radio
    ARAir Rigger
    AR(1H)CACAPArmoured Regiment, (1st Hussars) Canadian Armoured Corps Advance Party
    AR(BCD)Armoured Regiment, British Columbia Dragoons
    AR(FGH)Armoured Regiment, (Fort Garry Horse)
    AR(GGFG)ADArmoured Regiment, (Governor General's Horse Guards) Armoured Division
    AR(GGHG)CAArmoured Regiment, (Governor General's Horse Guards) Canadian Army
    AR(H)Armoured Regiment, (Hussars)
    AR(LSH)(RC)AFArmoured Regiment, (Lord Strathcona's Horse) (Royal Canadians) Active Force
    AR(LSH)APArmoured Regiment, (Lord Strathcona's Horse) Advance Party
    ARCArmy Reception Centre
    ARCAppraisal and Refresher Course
    ARCMAssociate, Royal College of Music
    ARCRArmourer's Crew
    ARDAlberta Regimental Depot - facility in England used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    AreaEngrArea Engineer
    ARHArmy Rail Head
    ARITCICArmy Refugee Interrogation Team, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    ARLAdmiralty Research Laboratory
    Arm(BorG)Armourer (Bombs or Guns)
    ARmtSPCArmament Systems Performance Checker
    AROAdmiralty Record Office
    AROAdministrative Routine Orders
    ARPAir Raid Precautions
    ARRCAssociate of the Royal Red Cross
    ARTechAircraft Refinishing Technician
    ArtEngrArtificer Engineer
    Arty SvyArtillery Surveyor
    Arty TechArtillery Technician
    ArtyLocArtillery Locator
    ARUArtillery Reinforcement Unit
    ASAir Radio Mechanic (Air Wireless)
    ASAir Secretary
    AS and ACSUAssistant and Acting Surgeon
    AS&DBArmy Salvage & Disposal Board
    ASADJand2LAssistant Adjutant and Second Lieutenant
    ASCAdvanced Surgical Centre
    ASCArmy Service Corps
    ASCAerospace System Engineering Projects Officer
    ASCAAuxiliary Services Canadian Army
    ASCLAssistant Clerk
    ASCOAssistant Commodore
    ASCRCEArea Signal Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    ASDArmy Schools Department
    ASEArmy Survey Establishment
    ASFActive Service Force
    ASGTActing Sergeant
    ASINAssistant Engineer
    ASJTActing Sergeant
    ASLAdmiral Superintendent, Alexandria
    ASLADArmy Signals Light Aid Detachment
    ASNUAssistant Nurse
    ASOAssistant Supply Officer
    ASOArmament Supply Officer
    ASOArea Security Officer
    ASO(I)Assistant Staff Officer (Intelligence)
    ASPAir Stores Park (406) (Royal Canadian Air Force)
    ASPAdmiralty Salvage Pontoon
    ASPUAssistant Purveyor
    ASRSubmarine Rescue Vessel, Auxiliary (US)
    ASSArmy Staff Section
    ASSAMVLHAssam Valley Light Horse
    AsstNSecAssistant Naval Secretary
    AsstPayrAssistant Paymaster
    ASSUAssistant Superintendent
    ASSUAir Support Signal Unit
    ASTOAssistant Transport Officer
    ASUAir Supply Unit
    ASUAssistant Surgeon
    ASUAircraft Storage Units
    ASVAnti-Surface Vessel
    ASvyCoyAir Survey Company
    ASWAnti-Submarine Warfare
    ATAir Artificer (Airframes and Engines)
    ATAuxiliary Tanker
    ATOcean-going Tug, Auxiliary (US)
    ATAviation Technician
    ATArmoured Train
    ATAAir Transport Auxiliary (British)
    ATBAllied Torpedo Boats
    ATB(OR)Army Tank Battalion (Ontario Regiment)
    ATBHSSRCOCArmy Tank Brigade, Heavy Support Squadron, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    ATBOFPRCOCArmy Tank Brigade, Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    ATCAdvance Training Centre
    ATCAirport Traffic Control (US)
    ATCAir Traffic Control
    ATCDEAwarded the Canadian Efficiency Decoration
    ATCoyArmy Troops Company
    ATCRAdvanced Training Centre Reserve
    ATCRCEArmy Troops Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    ATIAccess to Information Act
    AtmstSTechArmament Systems Technician
    ATOAir Treasury Office
    ATOAircraft Torpedo Office
    ATOAmmunition Technical Officer
    ATPAnnual Training Pay
    ATpsArmy Troops Company
    ATpsArmy Troops
    ATpsArmy Troops
    ATRRescue Tug, Auxiliary (US)
    ATR(1H)Army Tank Regiment (1st Hussars)
    ATRRCACASFAnti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Active Service Force
    ATSArmy Trades School
    AttAttached - to be made part of a specific unit on a temporary basis
    ATTAFull duties and return for treatment
    AttachAttached - to be made part of a specific unit on a temporary basis
    AttachdAttached - to be made part of a specific unit on a temporary basis
    ATTBAdvance Tactical Training Base
    ATTBLight Duties - Excused Physical Training Drill and Commanding Officer's Parades
    ATTCExcused all duties - Confined to barracks or home
    ATTC-48Excused all duties for 48 hours
    Att'dAttached - to be made part of a specific unit on a temporary basis
    AttPAttached Personnel
    ATTUAir Target Towing Unit
    ATXAdmiralty Trunk Exchange
    AUAmplifier Unit
    AUCWACAdministrative Unit Canadian Women's Army Corps
    AudGeneralAuditor General (National Defence Staff)
    AUSArmy of the United States
    AuthAuthorized - designation of the individual or organization permitting the action noted
    AuthAuthority - designation of the individual or organization permitting the action noted
    AuxDivision of Auxiliary Services
    Aux ServCanadian Auxiliary Services
    Aux(A)Senior Auxiliary Services Officer (Air)
    Aux(N)Senior Auxiliary Services Officer (Naval)
    AuxA/ASAuxiliary Anti-Aircraft Ships
    AuxMSAuxiliary Minesweepers
    AuxServCanadian Auxiliary Services
    AVCArmy Veterinary Corps
    AVDSeaplane Tender, Destroyer, Auxiliary (US)
    AVGOAuxiliary Vessels Gunnery Officer
    AVGPArmoured Vehicle General Purpose (Grizzly, Cougar and Bison)
    AVMAir Vice-Marshal
    AvnTechAviation Technician
    AVPSeaplane Tender (small) Auxiliary (US)
    AVRAircraft Rescue Vessel (US)
    AVREArmoured Vehicle, Royal Engineers
    AVSArmy Veterinary Service
    AvsTechAvionics Technician
    AWAdministrative Writer
    AW1Aircraftwoman 1st Class
    AW2Aircraftwoman 2nd Class
    AWCAir War College
    AWCAir Weapons Control
    AWCoyArtizan Works Company
    AWFArmy War College Fellowship (U.S.)
    AWLAbsent With Leave
    AWOLAbsent Without Leave - away from a unit without permission; an offence under military law
    AWSArmy War College Fellowship (U.S.)
    AWSqnAll-weather Squadron
    AyrYeoAyrshire Yeomanry

B - Abbreviation begining with the letter B

    B & GFUBombing and Gunnery Flying Unit
    B & GSBombing and Gunnery School
    B of the MG of the ONDHQBranch of the Master General of the Ordnance, National Defence Headquarters
    B ReportBurial Report
    BABermuda Area
    BACBritish Air Commission
    BACBrigade Ammunition Column
    BADBritish Admiralty Delegation
    BADR(PC)British Admiralty Delegation Representative, Pacific Coast
    BAFOBritish Air Force Overseas
    BAKSBarracks (US)
    BAMLarge Minesweeper
    BAMRBritish Admiralty Maintenance Representative
    BAMSBroadcasts to Allied Merchant Ships
    Bandsmn(Prob)Bandsman (Probationer)
    BAOBase Accounting Officer
    BARMBritish Advisory Repair Mission
    BARSSalvage Vessel
    BarTdrBar Tender
    BAS(O)British Army Staff (Officers)
    BAS(OR)British Army Staff (Other Ranks)
    BASMBattalion Sergeant Major
    BASRBritish Admiralty Supply and Repairs
    BASRBritish Admiralty Supply Representative
    BATBeam Approach Training
    BATMBritish Admiralty Technical Mission
    BattBattalion - unit of approximately 1,000 men commanded by a lieutenant-colonel
    Batt'nBattalion - unit of approximately 1,000 men commanded by a lieutenant-colonel
    BATUSBritish Army Training Unit, Suffield
    BAVBoom Attendant Vessels
    BBBattleship (US)
    BBBugle Band
    BBBailey Bridge
    BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation (U.K.)
    BCBritish Columbia
    BCBattery Commander
    BCABattery Commander Assistant
    BCABiscay and Channel Area
    BCDBritish Columbia Dragoons
    BCHBarriefield Camp Hospital
    BcookBoy Cook
    BCPOBase Civilian Personnel Officer
    BCQBase Commander, Queensborough
    BCRBritish Columbia Regiment
    BCRCASCBridge Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    BCRDBritish Columbia Regimental Depot - facility in England used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    BCRMBritish-Canadian Recruiting Mission
    BCSOBritish Central Scientific Office
    BDBase Depot
    BDBlood Donor
    BDBBranch Detention Barracks
    BDCBattle Drill Course
    BDCASS"Bandoliers" Detachment - Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
    BDCREBomb Disposal Company Royal Engineers
    BDDBoom Defence Depot
    BdeBrigade - unit of approximately 4,000 men commanded by a brigadier-general
    BDEBalloon Development Establishment
    BDEConvoy Escort Vessel
    BdeGpBrigade Group
    BDOBoom Defence Officer
    BDofMSBase Depot of Medical Stores
    BdrBombardier (Cpl in the Artillery)
    BDSBomb Disposal School
    BDSBattle Drill School
    BD-SEBand Sergeant
    BDTCBattle Drill Training Centre
    BDVBoom Defence Vessel
    BDZCommander in Chief Netherlands Navy, London
    BECBasic Electronics Course
    BECBritish Escort Craft
    BedfRBedfordshire Regiment
    BedfYeoBedfordshire Yeomanry
    BEFBritish Expeditionary Force - army of more than 3,000,000 men established by the Government of Britain for service overseas
    BEMBasic Electronics Mechanic
    BEMBritish Empire Medal
    BerksRBerkshire Regiment
    BerksYeoBerkshire Yeomanry
    BETBasic Educational Test
    BFBring Forward
    BFABlank Firing Attachment
    BFABattle First Aid
    BFPOBritish Forces Post Overseas
    BFTSBritish Flying Training Schools
    BGBase Gagetown (Theatres of Service)
    BGBrigade Group
    BGBattle Group
    BGC(C)RCASCBrigade Group Company (Company) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    BGGSBrigadier General of General Staff
    BGHBritish General Hospital
    BGSBrigadier, General Staff
    BGSBombing and Gunnery Schools
    BH&MDATKRRCABeachy Head & Michel Dean Anti-Tank Ranges Royal Canadian Artillery
    bhpBrake Horse Power
    BHQBrigade Headquarters
    BHQSBarriefield Headquarters Staff
    BHRRCABeachy Head Ranges, Royal Canadian Artillery
    BHXBermuda Portion of Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
    BIBandsman Instrumentalist
    BIB"B" Infantry Battalion
    BICBowmanville Interment Camp
    BioTechBiosciences Technician
    BItoCSGHQEAGP(Brussels) Increment to Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon Army Group
    BJCBBritish Joint Communications Board
    BKBattery Captain
    BLBreech Loading
    BLOCBasic Logistics Officers Course
    BLPBombing Landplane (US)
    BMBand Master
    BMBrevet Major
    BMBrigade Major
    BMABand Master
    BMCABritish Maintenance Commander, Argentina
    BMDBengal Medical Department
    BMETBio-Medical Engineering Technician
    BMHBrandon Military Hospital
    BMHBrantford Military Hospital
    BMH(PHI)Brockville Military Hospital (PHI)
    BMHRCAMCBotwood Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    BMHRCAMCBowmanville Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    BMHRCAMCBrampton Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    BMQBasic Military Qualification
    BMSBrigade Medical Station
    BMSMBritish Merchant Shipping Mission
    BMVBoom Maintenance Vessels
    BMWTBritish Ministry of War Transport
    BMWTRBritish Ministry of War Transport Representative
    BN & PSH RCAMCBasingstoke Neurological & Plastic Surgery Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    BNABritish Naval Attache
    BNHBasingstoke Neurological Hospital
    BNLOBritish Naval Liaison Officer
    BNLOBritish Naval Liaison Officer to French Naval Headquarters, London
    BNLO(RHN)British Naval Liaison Officer (Royal Hellenic Navy)
    BOCBase Officer, Chasseurs
    BODBase Ordnance Depot
    BOHBritish Official History
    BOIBoiler (US)
    BORBattalion Orderly Room
    BordRBorder Regiment
    BOSBattalion Orderly Sergeant
    BOTCBasic Officers Training Course
    BOWBase Ordnance Workshop
    Boy1Boy 1st Class
    BoySigBoy Signaller
    BPABureau of Pensions Advocates
    BPCBeach Protection Craft
    BPCBase Planning Committee
    BPETBattle Physical Efficiency Test
    BPOBase Post Office
    BPOCPCBase Post Office Canadian Postal Corps
    BPSOBase Personnel Selection Office
    BPTBattle Practice Target
    BPTVosper Motor Torpedo Boat
    BPVBeach Protection Vessel
    BQMSBattery Quartermaster-Sergeant
    BRBrockville Rifles
    BRBombing and Reconnaissance Squadron
    BRBook of Reference
    br(s)Bridge(s) or bridging
    BRCABattery Royal Canadian Artillery
    BRCEBattalion Royal Canadian Artillery
    BRCHABattery Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
    BrColRgtBritish Columbia Regiment
    BRCSBritish Red Cross Society
    BRCS & OStJJBritish Red Cross Society and Order of St. John of Jerusalem
    BRGBearing (US)
    BRLOBritish Routing Liaison Officer
    BROBritish Routing Officer
    Brock RBrockville Rifles
    BRP RCOCBoot Rebuilding Plant, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    BRSqnBomber Reconnaissance Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
    BSBrigade School
    BSBattle Squadron
    BS(M)RCASCBakery Section (Mechanical), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    BSABarents Sea Area
    BSASSRCSBase Sub Area Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
    BSCBase Staging Camp
    BSDBase Supply Depot
    BSDBrandon Supply Depot
    BSMBattery Sergeant-Major
    BSMABrigade Sergeant Major
    BSO(Commander in Chief) Netherlands Forces in the East
    BSOBritish Staff Officer
    BSRCEBoring Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    BSSBase Supply Ship
    BTCBasic Training Centre
    BTC(A)Basic Training Centre (Active)
    BTC(R)Basic Training Centre (Reserve)
    BttyBattery - artillery unit commanded by a major and composed of four or six guns or mortars
    BtyBattery - artillery unit commanded by a major and composed of four or six guns or mortars
    BUACPATSOBritish Units Affecting Canadian Personnel Army Trades School Officers
    BucksYeoBuckinghamshire Yeomanry
    BUDOCKSBureau of Yards and Docks (US)
    BUMABugle Major
    BUMEDBureau of Medicine and Surgery (US)
    BUPERSBureau of Naval Personnel (US)
    BUPTEBugler Private
    BUSANDABureau of Supplies and Accounts (US)
    BUSEBugle Sergeant
    BUSHIPSBureau of Ships (US)
    BUSRABritish US Routing Agreement
    BUSRSBritish-United States Routing Agreement
    BUSUPBureau of Supplies and Accounts (US)
    BWBlack Watch
    BW(RHC)Black Watch (Royal Highlanders of Canada)
    BWIBritish West Indies
    BWRCEMEBase Workshop Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    BXBoston-Halifax Convoy
    BYHCBuckinghamshire Cavalry Hussars
    BYMSBritish "Y" Class Minesweeper
    BZBristol Division, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
    BZABrazilian Area

C - Abbreviation begining with the letter C

    C&ACorrections & Amendments
    C&AAACoast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery
    C&AAATCCoast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Centre
    C&PCounselling and Probation
    C&TCCommissariat and Transport Corps
    C&YRCarleton & York Regiment
    C(A)D(I)HUCanadian (Armoured) Division (Infantry) Holding Unit
    C(A)TBOW/SRCOCCanadian (Army) Tank Brigade Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    C(O)on"Q"LCanadian (Officers) on "Q" List
    C(W/T)VCalibration (Wireless Telegraphy) Vessel
    C/BlkmthChief Blacksmith
    C/BTCCanadian Base Training Centre
    C/EAChief Electrical Artificer
    C/ERAChief Engine Room Artificer
    C/ERA(M)Chief Engine Room Artificer (Mechanic)
    C/JoinerChief Joiner
    C/MechChief Mechanic
    C/MMChief Motor Mechanic
    C/OCommanding Officer
    C/PlbrChief Plumber
    C/PntrChief Painter
    C/PO(Postal)Chief Petty Officer (Postal)
    C/POCdrChief Petty Officer Coder
    C/POCkChief Petty Officer Cook
    C/POPhotoChief Petty Officer Photographer
    C/POPtlmnChief Petty Officer Patrolman
    C/POStwdChief Petty Officer Steward
    C/POTelChief Petty Officer Telegraphist
    C/POWtrChief Petty Officer Writer
    C/RAChief Radio Artificer
    C/ShptChief Shipwright
    C/SPOChief Stoker Petty Officer
    C/StoChief Stoker
    C/Sto(FF)Chief Stoker (Fire Fighter)
    C1Chief Petty Officer 1st Class
    C1DivClearance Diver
    C2Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class
    CACanadian Army
    CAControl Armourer
    CAHeavy Cruiser (U.S.)
    CA"Y"FCanadian Army British West Indies Force
    CA&AACoastal Artillery and Anti-Aircraft
    CA(A)Canadian Army (Active)
    CA(A)TCCanadian Army (Advanced) Training Centre
    CA(AF)Canadian Army (Active Force)
    CA(B)TCCanadian Army (Basic) Training Centre
    CA(M)Canadian Army (Militia)
    CA(NRMA)Canadian Army (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
    CA(PF)Canadian Army (Permanent Force)
    CA(R)Canadian Army (Regular)
    CA(Res)or(R)Canadian Army (Reserve)
    CA(RF)Canadian Army (Reserve Force)
    CA(RR)Canadian Army (Regular Reserve)
    CA(SF)Canadian Army (Special Force)
    CA/SAChief Anti-Submarine Artificer
    CA/SEECaptain, Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment
    CA/TKRPRCASCCanadian Anti-Tank Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CA2PSCanadian Army 2 Pounder School
    CAACCrown Assets Allocation Committee
    CAAFCanadian Army Active Force
    CAAORRCACanadian Anti-Aircraft Operations Room, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CAASCanadian Army Administration School
    CABCanadian Armoured Brigade
    CABCanadian Army Band
    CABCCanadian Armoured Corps Band
    CABCRCASCCanadian Armoured Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CABOCCanadian Armoured Brigade Ordnance Company
    CABRRCanadian Artillery Base Reinforcement Regiment
    CABSCanadian Armoured Brigade Signals
    CABTCA&TSCanadian Army Basic Training Centre Administrative and Training Staff
    CABW/SRCEMECanadian Advance Base Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CABW/SRCEMECanadian Armoured Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CACCanadian Armoured Corps
    CAC(A)TC(CA)Canadian Armoured Corps (Advanced) Training Centre (Canadian Army)
    CACBTCCanadian Armoured Corps Basic Training Centre
    CACCRCASCCanadian Army Car Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CACFCommander Captain-in-Command, Araken Coastal Forcer
    CACHUCanadian Armoured Corps Holding Unit
    CACOFPCanadian Armoured Corps Ordnance Field Park
    CACPRCASCCanadian Army Catering Pool, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CACRUCanadian Armoured Corps Reinforcement Unit
    CACSCACCanadian Air Control Section, Canadian Armoured Corps
    CACSqnCoast Artillery Co-operation Squadron, (Royal Canadian Air Force)
    CACTCCanadian Armoured Corps Training Centre
    CACTC(A)Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre (Active)
    CACTCRCanadian Armoured Corps Training Centre Reserve
    CACTECanadian Armoured Corps Training Establishment
    CACTRCanadian Armoured Corps Training Regiment
    CACTSCanadian Armoured Corps Training Squadron
    CACTSRCanadian Armoured Corps Trained Soldiers Regiment
    CACTUCanadian Armoured Corps Training Unit
    CADCCanadian Army Dental Corps - corps of military dentists and other personnel providing dental services to soldiers
    CadetsCadet Services (Directorate of Military Training)
    CADISCanadian Armoured Division Intelligence Section
    CADMSCanadian Advance Depot Medical Stores
    CADOFPRCOCCanadian Armoured Division Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CADPATCanadian Disruptive Pattern
    CADPUCPCCanadian Armoured Division Postal Unit, Canadian Postal Corps
    CADR(ER)CACCanadian Armoured Delivery Regiment (Elgin Regiment), Canadian Armoured Corps
    CADRCASCCanadian Armoured Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CADRSSRCCSCanadian Armoured Delivery Regiment Signal Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CADRTCCanadian Armoured Division Reinforcement Transit Camp
    CADSCDCCanadian Army Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
    CADSGCRCASCCanadian Armoured Divisional Support Group, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CADSPCanadian Armoured Division Sub Park
    CADTCRCASCCanadian Armoured Division Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CADTSCanadian Armoured Division Training School
    CADUCanadian Army Demonstration Unit
    CADW/SRCOCCanadian Armoured Division Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CAEBTCCanadian Army Engineer Basic Training Centre
    CAEC(B&NY)Canadian Army Enlistment Centre (Boston and New York)
    CAESUCanadian Army Equipment Selection Unit
    CAFACCommander, Allied Force, Aruba and Curacao (U.S.)
    CAFHSR-CAMCCanadian Army Field Hygiene Section, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CAFOConfidential Admiralty Fleet Order
    CAFRSSRCSCanadian Army Field Regiment Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
    CAFSSCanadian Army Field Security Section
    CAFVSCanadian Armoured Fighting Vehicles School
    CAFVTCCanadian Armoured Fighting Vehicles Training Centre
    CAGCanadian Artillery Group
    CAGRECommander, Army Group Royal Engineers
    CAGSCanadian Army Gymnastic Staff
    CAHCCanadian Army Hydrological Corps
    CAHQDC(RMR)Canadian Army headquarters Defence Company (Royal Montreal Regiment)
    CAHUCanadian Artillery Holding Unit
    CAIBCanadian Army Identification Bureau
    CAIPCICCanadian Army Interrogation Pool, Canadian Infantry Corps
    CAISCanadian Army Intelligence Section
    CALECanadian Army Liaison Establishment
    CalgHCalgary Highlanders
    CalgRCalgary Regiment
    CALOCommand Amenities Liaison Officer
    CALSCanadian Air Liaison Section
    CAMCatapult Aircraft Merchant Vessel
    CAMBCentral Air Medical Board
    CambRCambridgeshire Regiment
    CAMBUCanadian Army Mobile Bath Unit
    CAMCCanadian Army Medical Corps - corps of military doctors, nursing sisters and other personnel providing medical treatment to soldiers
    CAMCTCCanadian Army Medical Corps Training Centre
    CA-MCURCAMCCanadian Anti-Malaria Control Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CAMMSCanadian Army Motor Mechanic School
    CamnHighsCameron Highlanders
    CAMSCatapult Aircraft Merchant Ships
    CAMSIConfidential Admiralty Merchant Shipping Instructions
    CanavhedCanadian Naval Headquarters
    CanCavBdeCanadian Calvary Brigade
    CanCycBnCanadian Cyclist Battalion
    CanCyclistBnCanadian Cyclist Battalion
    Cand WCable and Wireless Company
    CanDCycCanadian Divisional Cyclists
    CanDivCavCanadian Divisional Calvary
    CanDivCycCanadian Divisional Cyclists
    CanDivHQCanadian Divisional Headquarters
    CanDivSigCanadian Divisional Signals
    CanEngCanadian Engineers
    CanFdArtCanadian Field Artillery
    CanForCCanadian Forestry Corps
    CanForGenCanadian Forces General Order
    CanFusCanadian Fusiliers
    CanHighCommCanadian High Commissioner
    CanHyByCanadian Heavy Battery
    CanInfBdeCanadian Infantry Brigade
    CanInfWksCCanadian Infantry Works Corps
    CanLabrBnCanadian Labour Battalion
    CanLHCanadian Light Horse
    CANMILCanadian Military Headquarters
    CANMILITRYCanadian Military Headquarters
    CanMMGBdeCanadian Machine Gun Brigade
    CanMtdRifCanadian Mounted Rifles
    CanordCCanadian Ordnance Corps
    CanPnrBnCanadian Pioneer Battalion
    CanPostalCCanadian Postal Corps
    CanRemtDCanadian Remount Depot
    CanRlyConsCCanadian Railway Construction Corps
    CanSanSecCanadian Sanitary Section
    CanSctsCanadian Scouts
    CanSiberianExpFceCanadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
    CanTankCCanadian Tank Corps
    CAOCanadian Army Order
    CAOCanadian Army Overseas
    CAOCommand Account Officer
    CAO(s)Canadian Army Orders
    CAOCCanadian Army Ordnance Corps
    CAOFCanadian Army Occupation Force
    CAOFPCanadian Army Ordnance Field Park
    CAOPSCanadian Air Observation Post Squadron
    CAORGCanadian Army Operational Research Group
    CAORO(s)Canadian Army Overseas Routine Order(s)
    CAPCanadian Army Projectionist
    CAPCommon Army Phase
    CAPCorps Ammunition Park Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CAPCCanadian Army Pay Corps
    CAPCRCACCanadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment, Canadian Armoured Corps
    CAPCRSTRCSCanadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment Signal Troop, Royal Canadian Signals
    CAPFCanadian Army Pacific Force
    CapINFCapitaine Infirmiere
    CAPISCanadian Air Photo Interpretation Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    CAPOCanadian Army Post Office
    CAPPUCICCanadian Army Photo Processing Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    CAPRCASCCorps Ammunition Park Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CAPSCanadian Army Pay Services
    CAPSCaptain, Auxiliary Patrol, Scapa
    Capt(D)Captain (Destroyers)
    CAPTMLCCaptain, Major Landing Craft
    CAPUCanadian Army Postal Unit
    CARCanadian Airborne Regiment
    CARCanadian Armoured Regiment
    CARCanadian Army Representative
    CAR(CR)Canadian Armoured Regiment (Calgary Regiment)
    CARADSFRCanadian Armoured Regiment Advance Details Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment
    CARBRCACanadian Army Radar Battery Royal Canadian Artillery
    CARCCanadian Army Recovery Company
    CARCRCOCCanadian Army Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corp
    CARDCanadian Artillery Reinforcement Depot
    CARDECanadian Armament Research Development Establishment
    CareerTrgCareer Training
    CARFTUCanadian Artillery Reinforcement Unit
    CARIBCaribbean (U.S.)
    CARIBSEAFRONCaribbean Sea Frontier (U.S.)
    CARNBHCanadian Armoured Regiment New Brunswick Hussars
    CARO(s)Canadian Army Routine Order(s)
    CARR(GGHG)Canadian Armoured Recce Regiment (Governor General's Horse Guards)
    CARTCCanadian Army Rehabilitation Training Centre
    CartDmnCartographic Draughtsman
    CartymnChief Artilleryman
    CARUCanadian Army Reinforcement Unit
    CasCasualty (ies)
    CASCanadian Administration School
    CASCanadian Army Shows
    CASCanadian Army Staff
    CASCanadian Artillery School
    CASChief of the Air Staff
    CASCCanadian Air Support Control
    CASCCanadian Army Service Corps - branch of the military responsible for supplying troops in the field
    CASCICCensorship Advisory Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    CASCRCECanadian Air Survey Company Royal Canadian Engineers
    CASCRUCanadian Army Service Corps Reinforcement Unit
    CASDRCASCCanadian Advance Stationary Depot, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CASEUCanadian Auxiliary Service Entertainment Unit
    CASFCanadian Active Service Force
    CASofICanadian Army School of Instruction
    CASofICoast Artillery School of Instruction
    CASSCanadian Auxiliary Services Section
    CASSUCanadian Air Support Signal Unit
    CASSURCCSCanadian Air Support Signal Unit, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CATBCanadian Army Tank Brigade
    CATBCRCASCCanadian Army Tank Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CATBHSCCanadian Army Tank Brigade Heavy Support Company
    CATBnCanadian Army Tank Battalion
    CATBSCanadian Army Tank Brigade Signals
    CATBSPRCOCCanadian Army Tank Brigade Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CATCCanadian Army Training Centre
    CATCACCanadian Army Troop, Canadian Armoured Corps
    CATCCRCASCCanadian Assault Troops Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CATCRCASCCanadian Administrative Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CATMCanadian Army Training Memorandum
    CATOFPCanadian Army Tank Ordnance Field Park
    CATRCanadian Army Tank Regiment
    CATSCanadian Army Tank School
    CATSCanadian Army Training School
    CATW/SRCOCCanadian Armoured Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CAUCanadian Administration Unit
    CAUCivil Affairs Unit
    CAUCCanadian Army University Course
    CavCavalry - soldiers who fought on horseback
    CAVCCanadian Army Veterinary Corps
    CAWCanadian Army Staff, Washington
    CAWCCanadian Artizan Works Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CBCoast Brigade
    CBCompanion of the Order of the Bath
    CBConfidential Book
    CBConfined to Barracks
    CBOrder of the Bath (Companion)
    CBACanadian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting Station
    CBBDBCamp Borden Branch Detention Barracks
    CBCCanadian Broadcasting Corporation
    CBDCanadian Base Depot
    CBDCanadian Base Details - small units charged with maintaining and improving camp areas
    CBDCCanadian Base Dental Company
    CBDCMSCCamp Borden Detachment, Corps of Military Staff Clerks
    CBDMSRCAMCCanadian Base Depot Medical Stores, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CBDRCOCCamp Borden Details, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CBDSCDCCanadian Base Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
    CBECommander of the Order of the British Empire
    CBEOrder of the British Empire (Commander)
    CBGCanadian Brigade Group
    CBH(RB)Cape Breton Highlanders (Rifle Battalion)
    CBHQSCamp Borden Headquarters Staff
    CBMHRCAMCCamp Borden Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CBMHRCAMCCoteau Barracks Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CBMHRCAMCCurrie Barracks Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CBODCanadian Base Ordnance Depot
    CBOI(ACSRRCA)Canadian Base Ordnance Increment (Attached Canadian Survey Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery)
    CBOSRCACounter Battery Officers Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CBOSRCACCCounter Battery Officers Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Corps
    CBOStaffCounter Battery Officers Staff
    CBOW/SRCOCCanadian Base Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CBPCanadian Base Park
    CBPRCECanadian Base Park, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CBRCACentaur Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CBRCACoast Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CBRDCanadian Base Reinforcement Depot
    CBRGCanadian Base Reinforcement Group
    CBRGSofCRCACSCanadian Base Reinforcement Group School of Cookery, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CBSCCanadian Base Staging Camp
    CBSOCounter Battery Staff Officer
    CBSRCASCCanadian Barracks Services, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CBSS(CMF)Canadian Base Signal Section (Central Mediterranean Force)
    CBSSRCCSCamp Borden Signal Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CBTCCanadian Base Transport Company
    CBTDCanadian Base Transit Depot
    CBTPRCASCCanadian Base Transport Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CBU(Headquarters) Canadian Base Unit
    CBUCCRCECanadian Base Units Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CCCamouflage Course
    CCCamp Commandant Royal Canadian Air Force Headquarters
    CCCanadian Corps
    CCCancellations & Corrections
    CCChief Constructor
    CCCivil Convictions
    CCClerk's Course
    CCCommunicator ( C )
    CCCompanion of the Order of Canada
    CCConditioning Centre
    CC&A-AASCanadian Coast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery School
    CC&ATSPRCOCCanadian Corps & Army Troops Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CCACCanadian Casualty Assembly Centre - centre where wounded were assessed for either further treatment or return to duty
    CCACS(Construction), Company Atlantic Command Signals
    CCASCanadian Coast Artillery School
    CCASS-1 Victoria
    CCASS-2 Petawawa
    CCBCanadian Calvary Brigade
    CCBCanadian Cyclist Battalion
    CCBCombined Communications Board
    CCBMGSCanadian Cavalry Brigade Machine Gun Squadron
    CCBPNoCombined Communications Board, Publication Number
    CCCCanadian Construction Company
    CCCCasualty Clearing Centre
    CCCCommonwealth Communications Council
    CCCCCanadian Corps Composite Company - unit of men unfit for active duty at the front and attached to Corps Headquarters for employment
    CCCCCape Colony Cyclist Corps
    CCCCRCASCCanadian Corps Car Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CCCRCECanadian Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CCCSCanadian Casualty Clearing Station
    CCCSCaptain (later Commodore) Commanding Canadian Ships and Establishments in the United Kingdom
    CCCTRCASCCanadian Command Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CCCUCanadian Cemetery Construction Unit
    CCDCanadian Command Depot
    CCDCanadian Convalescent Depot - facility where soldiers could recover from wounds and rebuild their strength
    CCDCanadian Corps Depot
    CCDCCanadian Corps Defence Company
    CCDRCAMCCanadian Convalescent Depot, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CCDSSTRCCSCanadian Corps Delivery Squadron Signal Troop, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CCDUCoastal Command Development Unit
    CCERCECanadian Constructional Engineers, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CCFCommander Coastal Forces
    CCFCCompany Canadian Forestry Corps
    CCFCORCAPCCanadian Corps Field Cash Office, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    CCFPCCanadian Corps Field Park Company
    CCFPCCanadian Corps Field Punishment Camp
    CCHACanadian Corps Heavy Artillery
    CCISCanadian Corps Intelligence Section
    CCMCanadian Centennial Medal (1967)
    CCMCombined Cypher Machine
    CCM&HCCanadian Courts Martial & Holding Centre
    CCMACanadian Corps Medium Artillery
    CCMHQSRCSCompany Canadian Military Headquarters Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
    CCMOSCanadian Counter Mortar Officers Staff
    CCMOSRCACanadian Counter Mortar Officer Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CCMSRCACanadian Corps Meteorological Section, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CCNFCommodore Commanding Newfoundland Force
    CCOChief of Combined Operations
    CCOCivilian Contracts Officer, Joint Air Training Plan
    CCOCoder and Cypher Office
    CCOCommunications, Coding and Cyphering Arrangements
    CCODCanadian Central Ordnance Depot
    CCOSCombined Chiefs of Staff
    CCPCasualty Clearing Post
    CCPCCompany Canadian Provost Corps
    CCPPRCASCCanadian Corps Petrol Park, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CCPSComputerized Central Pay System
    CCPUCanadian Corps Postal Unit
    CCPUCanadian Corps Protective Company
    CCR(C)ACommander Corps Royal (Canadian) Artillery
    CCRACommander Corps, Royal Artillery
    CCRCCanadian Corps Reinforcement Camp - centre in France where troops were held before being sent to reinforce existing units
    CCRCAMCConditioning Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CCRCASCComposite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CCRTCCanadian Corps Reinforcement Transit Camp
    CCRUCanadian Combined Reinforcement Unit
    CCSCanadian Censor Section
    CCSCanadian Chaplain Services
    CCSCasualty Clearing Station - first medical unit (after the Aid Post) for wounded soldiers evacuated from the front lines
    CCSCode and Cypher School
    CCSCombined Chiefs of Staff
    CCSOContraband Control Service Officer
    CCSRCCSCanadian Cipher Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CCSRCSCanadian Corps Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
    CCTCanadian Calibration Troop
    CCTCCanadian Corps Transport Company
    CCTCCommandant, Combined Training Centre
    CCTCCCanadian Corps Troops Carrying Column
    CCTCCRCASCCommander Corps Troops Carrying Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CCTORCOCCanadian Corps Troops Ordnance, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CCTSICanadian Corps Troops Service Increment
    CCTW/SRCEMECanadian Corps Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CCTW/SRCOCCanadian Corps troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CCUCanadian Concentration Unit
    CCWACCompany Canadian Women's Military Corps
    CCWACMDCompany Canadian Women's Army Corps Military Corps
    CCWDLCanadian Chemical Warfare Defence Laboratory
    CCWSCanadian Chemical Warfare School
    CCZCanadian Coastal Zone
    CDCanada Draft
    CDCanadian Forces Decoration
    CDCaptain of the Dockyard
    CDClearance Diver
    CDCoast Defence (Artillery)
    CDConvalescent Detachments
    CD&AACoast Defence & Anti-Aircraft
    CD&AAATCCoast Defence & Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Centre
    CD&AAW/SSCoast Defence & Anti-Aircraft Workshop Section
    CD&EPCanadian Defence & Employment Platoon
    CD&FPBCanadian Detention and Field Punishment Barracks
    CD&MSCanadian Driving and Maintenance School
    CD(Records)Correction on Documents
    CDACanadian Divisional Artillery
    CDACCanadian Divisional Ammunition Column - railhead where divisional ammunition was stored before being shipped to the front
    CDBCanadian Detention Barracks
    CDBCoast Defence Battery
    CDBPRCECanadian Divisional Bridging Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CDCCanadian Dental Corps
    CDCCanadian Disciplinary Centre
    CDCCanadian Divisional Calvary
    CdCkOCommissioned Cookery Officer
    CDCRCECanadian Drilling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CdCtOCommissioned Catering Officer
    CDDCanadian Discharge Depot - centre in Canada where soldiers returning from war were released from service
    CdeGCroix de Guerre
    CdeG(B)Croix de Guerre Belgium
    CdeG(F)Croix de Guerre France
    CdElCommissioned Electrician
    CdEngCommissioned Engineer
    CdG'nrCommissioner Gunner
    CDHQCanadian Divisional Headquarters
    CDISCanadian Division Intelligence Section
    CDISRCASCCanadian Detail Issue Depot, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CDLSCanadian Defence Liaison Staff
    CDMDCanada Draft Military District
    CdnConstlEngrsCanadian Constructional Engineers
    CdnEngrsCanadian Engineers
    Cdn-GdsCanadian Guards
    CDOFFrench Western Africa colony
    CDofDSCanadian Depot of Dental Stores
    CDOSCCamp Daily Orders Sarcee Camp
    CDOW/SRCOCCanadian Divisional Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CDPUCanadian Division Postal Unit
    Cdr(D)Commander (Destroyers)
    CDRAS&TDCanadian Detachment Royal Armoured Corps School & Training Depot
    CDRBCAO/SCanadian Division Reece Battalion, Canadian Army Overseas
    CDRJCommander, Force J.
    CDRSRCSCanadian Despatch Rider Section Royal Canadian Signals
    CDSCanadian Divisional Signals
    CDSChief of the Defence Staff
    CDSBCanadian Division Support Battalion
    CDSBCommissioned Signal Boatswain
    CDSCCRCCanadian Division Section - Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp
    CDSCDCCentral Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
    CDSCRCASCCanadian Division Supply Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CdShptCommissioned Shipwright
    CdSOCommissioned Stores Officer
    CDSRCCanadian Division Section Reinforcement Camp
    CDTCommissioned Telegraphist
    CDTCRCASCCanadian Division Troops Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CdTelegrCadet Telegraphist
    CDTSCanadian Divisional Training School
    CDVGofCCMHQGeneral Duty Veterans Guard of Canada, Canadian Military Headquarters
    CdWOCommissioned Writer Officer
    CECanadian Engineers - corps of men who built bridges, railway depots, camps, bases and other military installations
    CEChief Engineer
    CECivil Engineer
    CE&MPRCECanadian Electrical & Mechanical Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CE&MSRCECanadian Electrical & Mechanical Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CE(Wks)Chief Engineer (Works)
    CEAChief Electrical Artificer
    CEAURCOCCanadian Equipment Assembly Unit, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CECCorps expéditionnaire canadien (French only) - force of more than 600,000 men established by the Government of Canada for service overseas
    CEEW(A)RCEMECanadian Engineer Equipment Workshop (Active), Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CEEW/SRCEMECanadian Engineer Equipment Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CEEW/SRCOCCanadian Engine Equipment Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CEFCanadian Expeditionary Force - force of more than 600,000 men established by the Government of Canada for service overseas
    CEG(B)Canadian Employment Group "B"
    CEHUCanadian Engineer Holding Unit
    CELECommunications/Electronics Engineer
    CEOCamp Engineer Officer
    CEOCommand Engineer Officer
    CEPCanadian Employment Platoon
    CEPFCanadian Echelon Pacific Force
    CERAChief Engine Room Artificer
    CERDCanadian Engineer Reinforcement Depot - centre from which reinforcements were allocated to existing engineering units
    CERUCanadian Engineer Reinforcement Unit
    CESFCommander, Eastern Sea Frontier (U.S.)
    CESUCanadian Educational Services Unit
    CETCCanadian Engineer Training Centre
    CETechConstruction Engineering Technician
    CEURCAMCCanadian Exhaustion Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CeylonPLRCCeylon Planters Rifle Corps
    CFCanadian Forces
    CFCanadian Fusiliers
    CFComposite Flights
    CF&PSCanadian Film and Photo Section
    CF(SP)RRCACanadian Field (Self Propelled) Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CF98Canadian Forces Form #98 - Report on Injuries
    CFACalvary Field Ambulance
    CFACanadian Field Ambulance - unit responsible for evacuating the wounded from the front lines to medical centres
    CFACanadian Field Artillery - organization responsible for using medium-calibre guns in direct or indirect support of infantry
    CFAOCanadian Forces Administrative Order
    CFASSCanadian Field Auxiliary Services Section
    CFBCoastal Force Base
    CFBMEKCoast Force Base, Mers-El-Kebir
    CFBRCA(AF)Canadian Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery, (Active Force)
    CFCCanadian Forces College
    CFCCanadian Forestry Corps - units designated to cut down and process trees to provide wood and lumber
    CFCCDRCECanadian Field Company, Canadian Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CFCRCECanadian Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CFCSCCanadian Forces Command and Staff Course
    CFCTWCanadian Forestry Corps Training Wing
    CFDSCanadian Field Dressing Station
    CFDSRCAMCCanadian Field Dressing Station, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CFECommander, Coastal Forces, Eastern Mediterranean
    CFEFCanadian Far East Force
    CFESCanadian Field Educational Section
    CFFCommunication and Ferry Flights
    CFFCorps of Civilian (Canadian) Fire Fighters For Service in the United Kingdom
    CFFSCanadian Forces Fleet School
    CFFTCoastal Forces Fuelling Tender
    CFHCanadian Field Hospital
    CFHCanadian Forces Hospital
    CFHACanadian Forces Housing Agency
    CFHSCanadian Field Historical Section
    CFHSvcsGpCanadian Forces Health Services Group
    CFLCompassionate Farm Leave
    CFMGCanadian Forces Medical Group
    CFMSOCoastal Forces Material Supply Officer
    CFMTPCanadian Forces Musician Training Plan
    CfnCraftsman (Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
    CFNCanadian Forces in the Netherlands
    CFNISCanadian Forces National Investigation Service
    CFOCSCanadian Forces Officer Candidate School
    CFORSCourse for Orderly Room Sergeants
    CFPCanadian Forces Publication
    CFPASCanadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System
    CFPCCanadian Field Punishment Camp
    CFPCRCECorps Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CFPCUCICCanadian Field Press Censor Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    CFPSACanadian Forces Personnel Support Agency
    CFRCommissioning From the Ranks
    CFRCCanadian Forces Recruiting Centre
    CFRETSCanadian Forces Recruiting, Education and Training System
    CFRPCommissioning from the Ranks Plan
    CFRRCAAPCanadian Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Advance Party
    CFSCanadian Field Squadron
    CFSCentral Flying Schools
    CFSCCanadian Field Survey Company
    CFSCRCECanadian Field Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CFSDCanadian Forces Supply Depot
    CFSEMECanadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
    CFSRDCanadian Field Security Reserve Detachment
    CFSSCanadian Field Security Section
    CFSURCAMCCanadian Field Surgical Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CFTC(ID)RCASCCanadian General Transport Company (Infantry Division), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CFTOCanadian Forces Technical Order
    CFTSHQCanadian Forces Training System Headquarters
    CFTUCanadian Field Transfusion Unit
    CFWCommander, Coastal Forces, Western Mediterranean
    CGCanada Gazette
    CGColdstream Guards
    CGCommanding General (U.S.)
    CGCompassionate Grounds
    CGACanadian Garrison Artillery - organization responsible for using large-calibre guns against heavily fortified positions
    CGBCanadian Garrison Battalion
    CGBDCanadian General Base Depot
    CGBRBCanadian General Base Reinforcement Battalion
    CGCUCanadian Graves Concentration Unit
    CgdsColdstream Guards
    CGGCanadian Grenadier Guards (Now 22nd Armoured Regiment)
    CGHCanadian General Hospital - permanent hospital where extensive treatment was given to the wounded
    CGHRCAMCCanadian General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CGHUCanadian General Holding Unit
    CGLSCanadian General Labour Section
    CGMConspicuous Gallantry Medal
    CGMUCombat Group Medical Unit
    CGPCCanadian General Pioneer Company
    CGRCanadian Garrison Regiment - unit of 13 battalions formed in April 1918 to perform garrison duty in Canada's 13 military districts
    CGRCanadian Graves Registrar or Registration
    CGRUCanadian General Reinforcement Unit
    CGRUCanadian Graves Registration Unit
    CGSCanadian Government Ship
    CGSChief of the General Staff
    CGSChief of the Imperial General Staff
    CGSFCommander Gulf Sea Frontier
    CGTCCanadian General Transport Company
    CGTWRCEMECanadian General Troop Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CH14th Canadian Hussars
    CHChatham Division, Royal Marines
    CHCompanion Of Honour
    CHConstruction Hand
    CHConvalescent Hospital
    CHAPCanadian Harassment and Abuse Prevention
    Chap(F)Chaplain of the Fleet
    Chap(P)Chaplain (Protestant)
    Chap(RC)Director of Chaplain Services (Roman Catholic)
    CHBCanadian Highland Battalion (Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada)
    CHDCalgary Highlanders Depot
    CHENGChief Engineer
    ChesRCheshire Regiment
    ChesYeoCheshire Yeomanry
    CHETCanadian Higher Education Test
    ChOChief Officer
    CHofO(MG)Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Machine Gun)
    CHOPLine near 47th Meridian dividing the British and Canadian areas of responsibility
    CHPChaplain (Protestant)
    CHQ&NDHQCRCAMCCorps Headquarters & National Defence Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CHQAGRCECanadian Headquarters Army Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CHQCDCCorps Headquarters, Canadian Dental Corps OR Canadian Disciplinary Centre
    CHQCPC(C)Corps Headquarters Canadian Postal Corps (Canada)
    CHQCWACCorps Headquarters Canadian Women's Army Corps
    CHQEOFSCRCOCCorps Headquarters Element of Salvage Control, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CHQofBSACanadian Headquarters of Base Sub Area
    CHQPMCCamp Headquarters, Petawawa Military Camp
    CHQRCECACorps Headquarters Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Army
    CHQRCEMECorps Headquarters Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CHQRCOCCorps Headquarters, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CHQSDRCOCCanadian Headquarters Salvage Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CHRACanadian Human Rights Act
    CHRCCanadian Human Rights Commission
    CHRCChaplain Roman Catholic
    CHRSRCEMECanadian Heavy Recovery Section, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CHRSRCOCCanadian Heavy Recovery Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CHSCanadian Hospital Ship
    CHSBChief Signal Botswain
    CHSHPTChief Shipwright
    ChSkrChief Skipper
    CHTCorps of Horse Transport
    CHUCanadian Holding Unit
    CHWRChief Writer
    CHYeoSIGChief Yeoman of Signals
    CI(I)HQSCanadian Intelligence (Interrogation) Headquarters Section
    CIAChief Inspector of Armaments
    CIALCommercial Cable Company
    CIBCanadian Infantry Brigade
    CIBCCanadian Infantry Corps Band
    CIBCRCASCCanadian Infantry Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CIBGDP(LS)Canadian Light Infantry Brigade Ground Defence Platoon (Lorne Scot)
    CIBRBCanadian Infantry Base Reinforcement Battalion
    CIBSG(SLI)Canadian Infantry Brigade Support Group (Saskatoon Light Infantry)
    CIBUSCommunication Instructions for British Warships in the U.S.A.
    CIBW/SCanadian Infantry Brigade Workshop (Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps or Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
    CIBW/SRCEMECanadian Infantry Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CIBW/SRCOCCanadian Infantry Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CICCadet Instructor Cadre
    CICCanadian Infantry Corps
    CICCanadian Intelligence Corps
    CIDBCanadian Infantry Depot Battalion
    CIDBnCanadian Infantry Depot Battalion
    CIDCC(M)RCASCCanadian Infantry Division Composite Company (Main), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CIDCMOSCanadian Infantry Division Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CIDM/GBn(SLI)Canadian Infantry Division Machine Gun Battalion (Saskatoon Light Infantry)
    CIDOFPRCOCCanadian Infantry Division Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CIDRTCCanadian Infantry Division Reinforcement Transit Camp
    CIDSICanadian Infantry Division Service Increment
    CIDSPRCOCCanadian Infantry Division Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CIDTCRCASCCanadian Infantry Division Troops Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CIDTSCanadian Infantry Division Training School
    CIETCanadian Intermediate Education Test
    CIETCanadian Intermediate Educational Test
    CIF"C" Infantry Battalion
    CIGSChief of the Imperial General Staff
    CIHUCanadian Infantry Holding Unit
    CILCadet Instructors List
    CIMGCoy(NBR)Canadian Independent Machine Gun Company (New Brunswick Regiment)
    Cin CCNACommander in Chief, Canadian North West Atlantic
    C-in-CCommander in Chief
    C-in-C,CNACommander in Chief, Canadian Northwest Atlantic
    C-in-CAandWICommander in Chief, Atlantic and West Indies Station
    C-in-CCWACommander in Charge Canadian North Atlantic
    C-in-CEFCommander in Chief Eastern Fleet
    C-in-CHFCommander in Chief Home Fleet
    C-in-CLANTCommander in Chief, US Atlantic Fleet
    CInfCCanadian Infantry Corps
    CIntCCanadian Intelligence Corps
    CIofCMChief Inspector of Catering & Messing
    CIOSPRCOCCanadian Infantry Ordnance Sub-Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CIPCICCanadian Interpreters Pool, Canadian Infantry Corps
    CIRUCanadian Infantry Reinforcement Unit
    CITBCanadian Infantry Training Brigade
    CITCCanadian Infantry Centre
    CITCCanadian Infantry Training Centre
    CitoanMTIBRCASCCanadian Increment to a (Mobilization Training Centre / Mechanical Transport / Military Training OR Movement Train) Inspection Branch, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CITRCanadian Infantry Training Regiment
    CITW/SRCEMECanadian Infantry Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CITW/SRCOCCanadian Infantry Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance corps
    CIUClinical Investigation Units
    CIWBCanadian Infantry Works Battalion
    CIWCCanadian Infantry Works Corps
    CJATCCanadian Joint Air Training Centre (Rivers, Manitoba)
    CJLSCorps Junior Leaders School
    CJWSCCanadian Junior War Staff Course
    CKCook (Ship's)
    Ck(O)Cook (Officers)
    Ck(Prob)Cook (Probationer)
    Ck(S)Cook (Seamen)
    CKMTECook's Mate
    CKS&DUCanadian Kit Storage & Disposal Unit
    CKSDCanadian Kit Storage Depot
    CLCanloan List
    CLCasualty List - list of soldiers wounded, killed, missing or taken prisoner by the enemy
    CLCompassionate Leave
    CLConvalescent Leave
    CLA-ABCanadian Light Anti-Aircraft Battalion
    CLBCanadian Labour Battalion
    CLCCanadian Leave Centre
    CLDAFHQCanadian Liaison Detachment, Allied Forces OR Air Force Headquarters
    CLESCanadian Legion Educational Service
    CLFCSCCanadian Land Force Command and Staff College
    CLFHSRCAMCCanadian Light Field Hygiene Sections, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CLHCanadian Light Horse - cavalry unit, originally intended as a scouting force
    ClkAccClerk Accounting
    ClkAdmSuprClerk Administrative Supervisor
    ClkEngClerk Engineering
    ClkGenClerk General
    ClkStatsClerk Statistics
    ClkStenoClerk Stenographer
    ClkTypClerk Typist
    ClocChief Locator
    ClofCPC(C)Canadian Line of Communication Provost Company (Consolidated)
    CLofCTCanadian Line of Communication Terminal
    CLPCanadian Labour Pool
    CLQClass Qualified
    CLRSRCOCCanadian Light Recovery Station, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CLSChief of the Land Staff
    CL-SEColour Sergeant
    CLURCECanadian Landmark Unit, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CLWSCanadian Legion War Services
    CMCanadian Centennial Medal (1967)
    CMMember of the Order of Canada
    CM/LControlled Mine Laying
    CMACentral Mediterranean Area
    CMACRCASCCanadian Motor Ambulance Convoy, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CMASCLCanadian Military Attache Staff Canadian Legation
    CMBGCanadian Mechanized Brigade Group
    CMBURCAMCCanadian Mobile Bath Units, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMCCanadian Medical Centre
    CMCCanadian Military College
    CMCLGCanadian Movement Control Liaison Group
    CMCR(PLNBH)AFCanadian Motorcycle Regiment (Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars) Active Force
    CMCUCanadian Movement Control Unit
    CMDBSNCommissioner Boatswain
    CMDLondonMD1Central Mechanization Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CmdrCommander (Naval)
    CMECCanadian Mechanical Equipment Company
    CMFCentral Mediterranean Force
    CMGCanadian Medical Group
    CMGCompanion of the Order of St Michael and St George
    CMGOrder of St. Michael and St. George (Companion)
    CMGBdeCanadian Machine Gun Brigade
    CMGCCanadian Machine Gun Corps - soldiers with machine guns responsible for supporting or defending against infantry attack
    CMGCMFCanadian Meteorological Group - Central Mediterranean Force
    CMGHUCanadian Machine Gun Holding Unit
    CMGOCorps Machine Gun Officer
    CMGRUCanadian Machine Gun Reinforcement Unit
    CMGTCCanadian Machine Gun Training Centre
    CMHCalgary Military Hospital
    CMHCanadian Military Hospital
    CMHLCanadian Mobile Hygiene Laboratory
    CMHQCanadian Military Headquarters
    CMHQCCanadian Military Headquarters Course
    CMHQROX-LPSOWCanadian Military Headquarters Records Office X-List, PSOW
    CMHRCAMCCamp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMHRCAMCCamrose Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMHRCAMCCharlottetown Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMHRCAMCChatham Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMHRCAMCChicoutimi Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMHRCAMCChilliwack Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Hospital
    CMHRCAMCCornwall Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Military Hospital
    CMMOrder of Merit (Commander)
    CMMGCanadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade
    CMMGCCanadian Motor Machine Gun Corps
    CMMPCorps of Military Mounted Police
    CMMSCanadian Motorcycle Maintenance School
    CMN-SURCAMCCanadian Mobil Neuro-Surgical Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMOSCounter Mortar Officer Staff
    CMPCorps of Military Police
    CMP&DBCanadian Military Prison & Detention Barracks
    CMPCCanadian Military Police Corps
    CMPLRCASCCanadian Mobile Pet. Laboratories, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CMPSCanadian Map Photographic Section
    CMPSCanadian Military Police Corps
    CMRCollège militaire royal de Saint-Jean
    CMRCanadian Mounted Rifles - mounted soldiers originally, later used largely as infantry
    CMRCape Mounted Riflemen
    CMR(GGHG)AFCanadian Motorcycle Regiment (Governor General's Horse Guards) Active Force
    CMRCASF(DYRCH)Canadian Motorcycle Regiment, Canadian Active Service Force (17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars)
    CMRPRCASCCanadian Medium Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CMRSCanadian Medical Rest Station
    CMRSRCAMCCanadian Medical Rest Station, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CMSCanadian Military Staff
    CMSCanadian Mission Staff
    CMSACo-operations with the British Ministry of War Transport in the United States
    CMSCCape Medical Staff Corps
    CMSCCo-operations with the British Ministry of War Transport in Canada
    CMSCCorps of Military Clerks
    CMSCCorps of Military Staff Clerks
    CMSCCOCorps of Military Staff, Clerks Corps Orders
    CMSPECCanadian Military Section Port Executive Committee
    CMSTMUSACamp Myles Standish, Tauton Massachusetts, U.S.A.
    CMTCorps of Motor Transport, Army Service Corps
    CMTCCMCanadian Militia Training Course, Camp Macauley
    CMTechConstruction and Maintenance Technician
    CMTRCACanadian Modelling Team, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CMTRURCEMECanadian Mobile Tire Repair Unit, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CMTSCentral Mechanical Transport Stores
    CMUConstruction and Maintenance Units
    CNCoyCannon Company
    CndDetnBksCanadian Detention Barracks
    CNDHQCommandant National Defence Headquarters
    CNECanadian National Exhibition
    CNECChief Naval Engineering and Construction
    CNESChief Naval Equipment and Supply
    CNKChange Next of Kin
    CNMOCanadian Naval Mission Overseas
    CNOCanadian Naval Order
    CNPChief of Naval Personnel
    CNPWRCAMCCanadian Neuro Psychiatric Wing, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CNRCanadian National Railways
    CNRCanadian Naval Regulations
    CNSChief of the Naval Staff
    CNSRHRCAMCCanadian Nursing Sister's Rest Home, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CNVT&TUCanadian Night Vision Training & Testing Unit
    CNW-44Canadian Naval War Plan
    COCommanding Officer - any officer in command of a specific unit (usually battalion level and up)
    COCook (Officer's)
    COCorps Orders
    CO&MERUCanadian Ordnance & Mechanical Engineer Reinforcement Unit
    CO(A)Camp Orders (Angler)
    CO/SPDCanadian Overseas Postal Depot
    COAChief Ordnance Accountant
    COACorps of Ordnance Artificers
    COACourse of Action
    COACCommanding Officer Atlantic Coast
    COAVCommanding Officer Auxiliary Vessels
    COBDCanadian Ordnance Beach Detachment
    COBDCanadian Ordnance Branch Detachment
    COCCanadian Ordnance Corps
    COCCombined Operations Centre
    COC&BTCCombined Operations Centre & Basic Training Centre
    COC(AC)Combined Operations School (Army Camp)
    COCDCCorps Orders, Canadian Dental Corps
    COCPCCorps Orders Canadian Postal Corps
    COCTCCanadian Ordnance Corps Training Centre
    COCTUSCCanadian Officer Cadet Training Unit Selection Centre
    COCWACCorps Orders, Canadian Women's Army Corps
    CODCentral Ordnance Depot
    CODCRCOCCentral Ordnance Depot Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CODRCOCCamp Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    COEMETCCanadian Ordnance Electrical Mechanical Engineer Training Course
    COFCanadian Army Occupation Force
    COFCanadian Occupational Force
    CofASCorps of Army Schoolmasters
    CofCQueen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
    CofFChaplain of the Fleet
    CofHRSCorps of Hussars
    CofICourt of Inquiry - group of officers convened to investigate specific questions or events
    CofLondYeoCounty of London Yeomanry
    CofLRSCorps of Lancers
    COFPRCOCCanadian Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CofSChief of Staff
    CofSCross of Sacrifice (Memorial Cross)
    CofWCable or Wireless
    COHQCombined Operations Headquarters
    COICourt of Inquiry
    ComCommand - unit under the command of one officer or non-commissioned officer
    Com10thFleetCandRCommander 10th Fleet Convoy and Routeing (US)
    ComBtswnCommissioned Boatswain
    COMC&SCanadian Ordnance Maintenance Company & Sections
    ComdCommand - unit under the command of one officer or non-commissioned officer
    Com'dCommand - unit under the command of one officer or non-commissioned officer
    ComdEngrCommand Engineer
    COMDGENCommanding General (U.S.)
    COMEChief Ordnance Mechanical Engineer
    COMERUCanadian Ordnance and Mechanical Engineer Reinforcement Unit
    COMINCHCommander in Chief, US Fleet
    CominchCandRCommander in Chief, US Fleet, Convoy and Routeing
    Commande (D)Commander (Destroyers)
    Commodore(D)WACommodore (Destroyers), Western Approaches
    CommofCustomsCommissioner of Customs
    ComOpCommunications Operator
    ComOpSuprCommunications Operator Supervisor
    ComPC(A)Communications Performance Checker (Air)
    ComPC(G)Communications Performance Checker (Ground)
    ComTechCommunications Technician
    ComTech(A)Communications Technician (Air)
    ComTech(G)Communications Technician (Ground)
    CONDCommanding Officer Naval Divisions
    Connav (No)Navy Authority, Washington
    ConnRangConnaught Rangers
    ConstrCConstructor Captain
    ConvConvalescent - a soldier recovering from wounds or illness
    ConvoyCYeoSigsConvoy Chief Yeoman of Signals
    ConvoyLSigConvoy Leading Signalman
    ConvoyOSigConvoy Ordinary Signalman
    ConvoySigConvoy Signalman
    ConvoyYeoSigsConvoy Yeoman of Signals
    Cook(O)Cook (Officer's)
    Cook(S)Cook (Ship's)
    COOS(M)RCOCCanadian Ordnance Officer's Shop (Mobile), Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    COPCommander of Port
    COPCCommanding Officer Pacific Coast
    COPDCanadian Overseas Postal Depot
    COpSOChief Operational Services Officer
    CORConfirmation of Rank
    CORCCanadian Ordnance Railhead Company
    CORCAMCCorps Orders, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CORCCCanadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps
    CORCRCOCCanadian Ordnance Railhead Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Company
    CORCTCanadian Overseas Railway Construction Troops
    CORDCentral Ontario Regimental Depot - facility in England used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    CORDCommanding Officer Reserve Divisions
    CORUCanadian Ordnance Reinforcement Unit
    CoSChief(s) of Staff
    COSChange of Strength
    COSComing Off Strength
    COSCompany Orderly Sergeant
    COS&CBCanadian Officers Survey & Classification Board
    COSAICanadian Ordnance Stores Accounting Inspectorate
    COSSACChief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander (Designate)
    COTCCanadian Officer Training Centre
    COTCCanadian Officer Training Corps
    COTCCanadian Overseas Telecommunication Corporation
    COUCalled Out Under
    COVGofCCorps Orders Veterans Guard of Canada
    CoyCompany - unit of approximately 200 men, divided into 4 platoons
    CPChaplains Pool
    CPCommand Post
    CPACRCAMCCanadian Prophylactic Ablution Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CPBCanadian Parachute Battalion
    CPBCanadian Pioneer Battalion
    CPBRCECanadian Pioneer Battalion, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CPCCanadian Pension Commission (Department of Veterans Affairs)
    CPCCanadian Postal Corps
    CPCCanadian Provost Corps
    CPCCorps Protection Company
    CPCCMF(ADHOC)Canadian Pioneer Company, Central Mediterranean Force
    CPCDCanadian Provost Corps Depot
    CPCO/S(PU)Canadian Postal Corps Overseas, (Postal Units)
    CPCURCASCCanadian Port Clearance Unit, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CPDPRCECanadian Pile Driving Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CPDRCAPCCommand Pay Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    CPFCanadian Patriotic Front
    CPICorps of Permanent Instructors
    CPinMECanadian Personnel in Middle East
    CPLAMCorporal Ambulance
    CPMHCamp Petawawa Military Hospital
    CPMHRCAMCChorley Park Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CPMMLRCOCCanadian Pilot Model Mobile Laundry, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CPOChief Petty Officer
    CPOCivilian Personnel Officer
    CPRCanadian Pacific Railway
    CPRDCanadian Public Relations Detachment
    CProCCanadian Provost Corps
    CPRSCanadian Public Relations Services
    CPRUCanadian Public Relations Unit
    CPSCanadian Planning Staff
    CPSCanadian Publishing Section
    CPTCCanadian Parachute Training Centre
    CPTCACCanadian Pioneer Troop, Canadian Armoured Corps
    CPTHOCaptain of Hospital Orderlies
    CPTRECaptain Royal Engineers
    CPTUCanadian Parachute Training Unit
    CPTUCPCCanadian Postal Tracing Unit, Canadian Postal Corps
    CPW/S(ADHOC)RCEMECanadian Port Workshop (Ad Hoc), Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CPW/S(ADHOC)RCOCCanadian Port Workshop (Ad Hoc), Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CPWEUCanadian Petroleum Warfare Experimental Unit
    CQMSCompany Quartermaster-Sergeant
    CRRégiment de la Chaudière (French only)
    CRCentral Registry
    CRConfirmation of Rank
    CRControl Rate
    CRControl Rating
    CRControl Ratings
    CR(C)ECommander, Royal (Canadian) Engineers
    CR(T)Calgary Unit (Tank)
    CR/ACCanadian Re-allocation Centre
    CRACommander, Royal Artillery
    CRACommanding Royal Artillery
    CRACompulsory Retirement Age
    CRASCCommander, Royal Army Service Corps
    CRBCanadian Rifle Battalion
    CRBCareer Review Board
    CRB(M)Career Review Board (Medical)
    CRBRCACanadian Rocket Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CRBW/SRCEMECanadian Radar Battery Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CRCCanadian Reception Camp
    CRCCasualty Retraining Centre
    CRCChief Registration Clerk
    CRCAMCCompany Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CRCASCATBCCompany Royal Canadian Army Service Army Tank Brigade Company
    CRCASCATBCCompany Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CRCCCanadian Railway Construction Corps
    CRCCCanadian Road Construction Company
    CRCECompany Royal Canadian Engineers
    CRCE(PB)Commander Royal Canadian Engineers (Permanent Bridges)
    CRCE(W)Commander Royal Canadian Engineers (Works)
    CRCEMECompany Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CRCLCanadian Red Cross List
    CRCORUCanadian Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Reinforcement Unit
    CRCRCanadian Reserve Calvary Regiment - cavalry reserve unit based in England
    CRCRCAMCCasualty Retraining Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CRCRCEMECanadian Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CRCRCOCCanadian Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CRDCanadian Reception Depot
    CRDCanadian Remount Depot
    CRD(LS)Canadian Repatriation Depot (LS)
    CRDFT(S)CCanadian Radio Detection Finder Training (School) Centre
    CRDFTCCanadian Radio Direction Finder Training Centre
    CRECommander Royal Engineers
    CRecsController of Records (Air)
    CREMECommander Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CRFTTCCanadian Reinforcement Transit Camp
    CRGTPRCASCCanadian Reinforcement Group Transit Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CRGWPCanadian Reinforcement Group Workshop Platoon
    CRIChinese Regiment of Infantry
    CRLECanadian Radio Location Establishment
    CRNChange Regimental Number
    CROCanadian Records Office
    CROChief Recruiting Officer
    CROCorps Reserve of Officers
    CROOfficer in Charge Central Registry
    CROCRCECanadian Railway Operation Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CRR(PLDG)Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment (Princess Louise Dragoon Guards)
    CRRCACoast regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CRSCanadian Recce Squadron
    CRSCaptured Records Section (US Dept of the Army)
    CRSCentral Recruiting Troop
    CRS-CIBCanadian Recce Squadron-Canadian Infantry Brigade
    CrStGeoCross of Saint George (Russia)
    CRTCanadian Railway Troops - men recruited and organized to operate railways in rear areas
    CRTContinuous Reserve Training
    CRTCCanadian Radar Training Centre
    CRTC(A)Canadian Reconnaissance Training Centre (Active)
    CRTC(R)Canadian Reconnaissance Training Centre (Reserve)
    CRUCanadian Reinforcement Unit
    CRUPUCanadian Reinforcement Units Postal Units
    CRURCACanadian Rocket Unit, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CSChristian Science (Church)
    CSCommandant Staff
    CSCommunicator (Ship's)
    CSCommunicator (Supplementary)
    CSCypher Section
    CS&ACCanadian Selection & Appraisal Centre
    CS&TOCamp Supply & Transport Officer
    CS(No)Admiralty File Number
    CSACanadian Small Arms
    CSAConsular Shipping Adviser
    CSAFVIRCEMECanadian Section Armoured Fighting Vehicles Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CSAFVTSCanadian Section Armoured Fighting Vehicles Technical Staff
    CSAICanadian School of Army Instruction
    CSAS(E)Canadian Small Arms School (Eastern)
    CSAS(WC)Canadian Small Arms School (Western Canada)
    CSATCCanadian Small Arms Training Centre
    CSBCanadian Shipping Board
    CSBASRACCanadian Special BASRA Company
    CSBDCanadian Special Base Depot
    CSCCadet Services of Canada
    CSCCanadian Service College
    CSCChiefs of Staff Committee
    CSCCommissariat Staff Corps
    CSCCorporal Signal Corps
    CSCCCanadian Section Claims Commission
    CScotRCanadian Scottish Regiment
    CSCRCOCCanadian Salvage Corps, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CSDSCanadian Special Driving School
    CSEColour Sergeant
    CSEAFHQCanadian Section Echelon Allied Forces, Headquarters
    CSECCanadian Special Employment Company
    CSEECanadian Signals Experimental Establishment
    CSEFCanadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
    CSGClerk Stenographer Group
    CSGHQ2ndEchCanadian Section General Headquarters, 2nd Echelon
    CSGHQECanadian Section General Headquarters Echelon
    CSgtColour Sergeant
    CSHQBGNRCanadian Section Headquarters, Brussels, GRN
    CSHQCCCypher Section Headquarters Canadian Corps
    CSICompanion of the Star of India
    CSIBCanadian Special Infantry Battalion
    CSICCanadian Special Infantry Company
    CSICoyCanadian Special Infantry Company
    CSISCanadian Security and Intelligence Service
    CSKSUCanadian Surplus Kit Storage Unit
    CSMCompany Sergeant-Major - senior non-commissioned officer in a company
    CSMECanadian School of Military Engineering
    CSMHChristie Street Military Hospital
    CSOChief Signal Officer
    CSofACanadian School of Artillery
    CSofAACanadian School of Army Administration
    CSofICanadian School of Infantry
    CSOICommandant School of Instruction
    CSORChief Staff Officer Reserves
    CSR&DECanadian Signals Research & Development Establishment
    CSR(MG)Canadian Scottish Regiment (Machine Gun)
    CSRCCSConstruction Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    CSRUCanadian Signals Reinforcement Unit
    CSSBCanadian Special Service Battalion
    CSSCRCOCCanadian Special Stores Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CSSDCanadian Special Salvage Detachment
    CSTCCanadian Signal Training Centre
    CSTechCommunications Systems Technician
    CSTTBCanadian Standing Trades Test Board
    CSTVCoil Skids Towing Vessel
    CSuptCommodore Superintendant
    CSURCEMECanadian Servicing Unit, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CSURCOCCanadian Salvage Units, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CSVCamp Staff Volunteer
    CSWSTRCCSCanadian Shock Wave Section Type, Royal Canadian Signals Corps
    CSWTSCanadian Section Weapons Technical Staff
    CTCommunication Trench
    CTComponent Transfer
    CT(CFC)TCCamp Tremblay (Canadian Forestry Corps) Training Centre
    CTACanadian Troop Aldershot
    CTACRCASCCorps Troop Ammunition Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CTCCanadian Tank Corps
    CTCCanadian Transit Camp
    CTCCanadian Troops Colchester
    CTC(TB)CPCCanadian Tobacco Depot (Type B), CPC (see above for various meanings of CPC)
    CTCRCECanadian Tunnelling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CTCSPCProCCanadian Traffic Control Section Provost, Canadian Provost Corps
    CTCURCACMFCanadian Traffic Control Unit, Royal Canadian Artillery, Central Mediterranean Force
    CTCWCanadian Transit Camp Wing
    CTDCanadian Training Division
    CTDCPCCanadian Tobacco Depot, CPC (see above for various meanings of CPC)
    CTDS(ER)Canadian Tank Delivery Squadron (Elgin Regiment)
    CTDSSDCanadian Tank Delivery Squadron Signals Detachment
    CTDUCACCanadian Tank Demonstration Unit, Canadian Armoured Corps
    CTFCommander Task Force
    CTFARCAMCCanadian Training Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CTHCanadian Troops Hereford
    CTLCCanadian Technical Liaison Group
    CTMUCanadian Town Major Unit
    CtnAsstCanteen Assistant
    CtnMngrCanteen Manager
    CTOCentral Telegraph Office
    CTOChief Treasury Officer
    CTO(N)Chief Treasury Officer (Navy)
    CTOO/SCanadian Treasury Office Overseas
    CTPCanadian Transport Platoon
    CTPCourse Training Plan
    CTPCRCASCCorps Troops Petrol Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CTPRCASCCanadian Tipper Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CTPRCASCCanadian Transport Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CTpsCorps Troops
    CTRCACalibration Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
    CtRepCourt Reporter
    CTSCanadian Training School
    CTSClothe the Soldier
    CTSComposite Training School
    CTSConversion Training Squadron
    CTSCCorps Troops Supply Column
    CTSCRCASCCorps Troop Supply Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    CTTCCanadian Tank Transport Company
    CTTW/SRCEMECanadian Tank Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CTTW/SRCOCCanadian Tank Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    CTUCommander Task Unit (U.S.)
    CUCamp Utopia
    CUCaribbean-United Kingdom Convoy
    CUConducting Unit
    CUConversion Unit
    CUNEFCanadian Component United Nations Emergency Force (Middle East)
    CUSCourse (U.S.)
    CUTCutter (U.S.)
    CVAircraft Carrier (U.S.)
    CVCommunicator (V)
    CVCross of Valour
    CVA&CGCanadian Vehicle Assembly & Control Group
    CVDCommercial Vessel Defensive
    CVDtURCAMCCanadian Venereal Disease Treatment Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CVEAuxiliary Aircraft Carrier (U.S.)
    CVECarrier Vessel Escort
    CVHGCASFCompany Veterans Home Guard, Canadian Active Service Force
    CVIRCEMECanadian Vehicle Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    CVOCommander of the Royal Victorian Order
    CVORoyal Victorian Order (Commander)
    CVPConvoy Programme
    CVSMCanadian Volunteer Service Medal
    CVWSCanadian Vehicle Waterproofing School
    CWChemical Warfare
    CWCommissioned Warrant
    CWCommunicator (W)
    CW(No)Admiralty Record Office File
    CW/S&PCCanadian Workshop and Park Company
    CWAAFCanadian Women's Auxiliary Air Force
    CWACCanadian Women's Army Corps
    CWACBTCCanadian Women's Army Corps, Basic Training Centre
    CWACCSCanadian Women's Army Corps, Composite Stores
    CWACDOCanadian Women's Army Corps, District Orders
    CWACMBCanadian Women's Army Corps, Military Band
    CWACOCanadian Women's Army Corps, Ottawa
    CWACPBCanadian Women's Army Corps, Pipe Band
    CWACTCCanadian Women's Army Corps, Training Centre
    CWBCanadian Wives Bureau
    CWCChemical Warfare Course
    CWDLChemical Warfare Defence Laboratory
    CWGCCommonwealth War Graves Commission
    CWLChemical Warfare Laboratories
    CWMCanadian War Museum
    CWNSCanadian War Narrative Section
    CWROCanadian War Records Office
    CWS(IC)Canadian Wireless Section (Intelligence Corps)
    CWSFCommander Western Sea Frontier
    CWSRCECanadian Works Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    CWTCChemical Warfare Training Centre
    CWTDCold Weather Test Trail Detachment
    CWTVCalibration Wireless Telegraph Vessel
    CXOChief Examination Officer
    CYSChief Yeoman of Signals
    CZCanal Zone (Panama) (U.S.)
    CZClyde Division - Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
    CZTCivil Zone Time

D - Abbreviation begining with the letter D

    DDragoon Guards and Dragoons Regimental Number Prefix
    D(iv)HQDivisional Headquarters
    D/CDepth Charge
    D/DEMSDirector of Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
    D/DSRDeputy Director of Scientific Research
    D/DWTDeputy Director of Warfare and Training
    D/FDirection Finding / Finder
    D/JAPDeputy Judge Advocate of the Fleet
    D/WRCNSDirector of Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service
    D:CTRCASCDrivers: Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DADistributing Authority
    DADominion Arsenal
    DADirector of Accounts (Air)
    DADisturbance Allowance
    DA&PCDivision Ammunition & Petrol Company
    DA&QMGDeputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General
    DA/SDirector of Anti-submarine
    DAAGDeputy Assistant Adjutant-General
    DAAG(Sigs)Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (Signals)
    DAANDQMGDeputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General
    DAAPDependent's Allowance & Assigned Pay
    DABDependent's Allowance Board
    DAB12Dependent's Allowance Board Claimant's Statement
    DAB28Dependent's Allowance Board (Medical Examiner's Report) Statutory Declaration
    DACDivisional Ammunition Column - organization responsible for supplying ammunition to a division
    DACDivisional Ammunition Company - organization responsible for supplying ammunition to a division
    DACRCAMCDivision Ammunition Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    DAD(Svy)Deputy Assistant Director of Surveys
    DAD(Tn)Deputy Assistant Director of Transportation
    DADAPSDeputy Assistant Director Army Postal Services
    DADCSDeputy Assistant Director of Chaplain Services
    DADESDeputy Assistant Director of Engineer Services
    DADMSDeputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
    DADOSDeputy Assistant Director of Ordnances Services
    DADRDeputy Assistant Director of Roads
    DADSTDeputy Assistant Director Supply & Transport
    DADVSDeputy Assistant Director of Veterinary Services
    DAEDirector of Aeronautical Engineering
    DAEFDistributing Authority, Eastern Fleet
    DAEMDistributing Authority, Eastern Mediterranean
    DAFMDirector of Air Force Manning
    DAFRDirector of Air Force Recruiting
    DAGDeputy Adjutant General
    DAG(M)Deputy Adjutant General (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
    DAGBDefended Area Goose Bay
    DAIDirector of Aeronautical Inspection
    DAL&KINGCDalhousie & King Contingent
    DAODistrict Audit Office
    DAODirector of Air Organization
    DAODental Associate
    DAODDefence Administrative Orders and Directives
    DAPDirector of Air Personnel
    DAPDivisional Aid Post
    DAP(P2)P.2 Branch, Director of Air Personnel (Civilian Personnel Administration)
    DAPADirector of Air Personnel Administration
    DAPSDirector of Airmen Personnel Services
    DAQMGDeputy Assistant Quartermaster General
    DARDesignation of Acting Ranks
    DASDirector of Air Signals
    DASDDirector of Air Staff Duties
    DASODeputy Armament Supply Officer
    DASRSDirector of Air Sea Rescue Services
    DATDirector of Air Training
    DataPData Processor
    DBDischarge Badge (For Services Rendered)
    DBSDistressed British Seaman
    DBURCASCDivision Bath Unit, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DCDuty Captain
    DCDirector of Contracts
    DCASDeputy Chief of the Air staff
    DCASDetachment Canadian Auxiliary Section
    DCASEU(AS)Detachment Canadian Auxiliary Section Entertainment Unit (Army Show)
    DCCDistrict Cadet Camp
    DCCMSCDetachment Corps, Corps of Military Staff Clerks
    DCCODeputy Chief of Combined Operations
    DCCRDepot Canadian Cavalry Regiment
    DCCRCAMCDivision Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    DCCWACDepot Company, Canadian Women's Army Corps
    DCCWAC(CSW)Depot Company, Canadian Women's Army Corps (Composite Stores Wing)
    DCDRCASCDebert Camp Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DCDSDeputy Chief of the Defence Staff
    DCE(PB)Deputy Chief Engineer (Permanent Bridges)
    DCE(Wks)(Adm)(Rear)Deputy Chief Engineer (Works) (Administration) (Rear)
    DCFCDetachment Canadian Forestry Corps
    DCGSDeputy Chief of the General Staff
    DCIADeputy Chief Inspector of Armament
    DCLIDuke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
    DCMDistrict Court Martial
    DCMDistinguished Conduct Medal - medal for bravery awarded to other ranks (non-officers)
    DCMCDistrict Course Methods of Coaching
    DCNSDeputy Chief of the Naval Staff
    DCODeputy Commanding Officer
    DCODistrict Cadet Orders
    DCORDuke of Connaught's Own Rifles (28th Armoured Regiment)
    DCOSDeputy Chief of Staff
    DCPDirector of Civilian Personnel
    DCRCASCDistrict Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DCRCH6th Duke of Connaught's Royal Canadian Hussars
    DCREDeputy Commander, Royal Engineers
    DCSDirector of Chaplain Services
    DCSDamage Control School
    DCSDistrict Chaplain Services
    DCSDaily Casualty Summary
    DCSODistrict Camp School Orders
    DCTDirector Combined Training
    DCTSDistrict Course Training Staff
    DCVMDistrict Course Vehicle Maintenance
    DCW&SDirector Chemical Warfare & Smoke
    DDDistrict Depot
    DDDeputy Director
    DDDestroyer Division (U.S.)
    DDDischarge Dead
    DDDuty Discipline
    DD(A)WDDistrict Depot (Active) Windsor Detachment
    DD(NRMA)District Depot (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
    DD(Svy)Deputy Director of Surveys
    DD(tanks)Duplex-Drive (amphibious)
    DDADDeputy Director of Aircraft Development
    DDArmDDeputy Director of Armament Development (Air)
    DDCDivision Dental Company
    DDCDCDental Detachment Canadian Dental Corps
    DDEDDeputy Director of Engine Development (Air)
    DDEMDirector(ate) of Design, Equipment and Mechanization
    DDESDeputy Director of Engineer Services
    DDHDestroyer, Helicopter Carrying
    DDHSDeputy Director Historical Section
    DDMO(O)Deputy Director of Military Operations (Overseas)
    DDMPDeputy Director of Maintenance Plans
    DDMSDeputy Director of Medical Services
    DDPDDistrict Depot Provost Detachment
    DDRDDeputy Director of Radio Development (Air)
    DDSDirector Dental Services
    DDSMDeputy Director of Service Maintenance (Air)
    DDSPDeputy Director of Supply Planning (Air)
    DDSSDeputy Director of Supply Services (Air)
    DDTCODeputy Director Training Combined Operations
    DDVETDeputy Director of Victualling, Eastern Theatre
    DDWBDistrict Depot Wolseley Barracks
    DEConvoy Escort Vessel
    DEDestroyer Escort Vessel (U.S.)
    DE&CDDirector Electrical & Communication Designs
    DEALDeal Division, Royal Marines
    DEDDirector(ate) of Engineer Development
    DEEDirector of Electrical Engineering
    DefensorNational Defence Headquarters (Address used in telegrams)
    DEMSDefensively Equipped Merchant Ships
    DEMTechDental Equipment Maintenance Technician
    DenbighYeoDenbigh Yeomanry
    DEngrsDirector(ate) of Engineers
    DentADental Assistant
    DentADental Association
    DentClADental Clinic Assistant
    DentsDirector Dental Services
    Dents(Air)Staff Officer Dental Services (Air)
    DentThrDental Therapist
    DEODistrict Engineer Officer
    DEODirect Entry Officer
    DEOVRDuke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
    DEPDirector Engineering and Personnel
    DERCADistrict Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    DERCAHADDistrict Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Halifax Armament District
    DESDirector of Engineer Services
    DESDrummer Sergeant
    DESOILDiesel Oil (U.S.)
    DespMentioned in Despatches
    DespatchesMentioned in Despatches
    DEUDistinctive Environmental Uniform
    DevonRDevonshire Regiment
    DFDestroyer Flotilla
    DFDirection Finding
    DFASSDirector of Fleet Accounting, Supply and Secretariat
    DFCDistinguished Flying Cross
    DFDDetailed for Duty
    DFMDistinguished Flying Medal
    DFMSDefensively Equipped Merchant Ships
    DGDirector General
    DGDegaussing Gear
    DGDelivery Group
    DGDragoon Guards
    DGADDirector General Arsenals Division
    DGC&AADirector General Coast and Anti-Aircraft Defences
    DGDSDirector General Dental Services
    DGESDirector General of Engineer Services
    DGHSDirector General Health Services
    DGISDDirector-General India Stores Department
    DGMCDirector General Military Careers
    DGMSDirector General of Medical Services
    DGODegaussing Officer (Naval)
    DgofMSDirector General of Medical Services
    DGPADirector General Personnel Administration
    DGPADirector General (Public Affairs)
    DGPandIDirector-General of Ports and Lights
    DGPCODirector General Postings and Careers Officers
    DGPCORDirector General Postings and Careers Other Ranks
    DGRCDirector General (Reserves and Cadets)
    DGSPDirector General Strategic Planning
    DGSRDirector-General of Shipbuilding and Repairs
    DHDepot Hussars
    DHDeck Hand
    DH(No)His/Her Majesty's Canadian Ship " Scotian", Base Files
    DHDDirector of Harbour Defence
    DHDDeck Hand
    DHGMRDrill Hall Guarding Maisonneuve Regiment
    DHHDirectorate of History and Heritage
    DHistDirector Historical Section
    DHMDDistrict Headquarters Manning Depot OR Military District
    DHQCFCDistrict Headquarters Canadian Forestry Corps
    DHQSDistrict Headquarters Staff
    DHQSSDistrict Headquarters Subordinate Staff
    DHSDirector of Historical Section
    DIDaily Inspection (Vehicle)
    DIDrill Instructor
    DIB"D" Infantry Battalion
    DIDDetail Issue Depot (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps)
    DiedofWDied of Wounds
    DIListDangerously Ill List
    DINDefence Information Network
    DIODirector of Internment Operations
    DIPCDirector International Plans Coordination
    DirGenDirector General
    DIRMITRAINDirector of Military Training
    DIRUDivision Infantry Reinforcement Unit
    disDischarged - released from the military service, or from a hospital
    DISDivision Intelligence Section
    DISODefence Information Services Organization
    DistEngrsDistrict Engineers
    DITDirector Individual Training
    DivDivisional Ammunition Column
    DivDivision or Divisional - unit of approximately 12,000 men commanded by a major-general
    DivBrPl(Tp)Divisional Bridge Platoon (Troop)
    DivSigDivisional Signal(s) (Company)
    DivStrDivisional Strength
    DJAGDeputy Judge Advocate General
    DlabTechDental Laboratory Technician
    DLADRCOCDivision Light Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    DLCODeck Landing Control Officer
    DLIDurham Light Infantry
    DLOYDuke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry
    DLPDirector of Electrical Personnel
    DLSDominion Land Surveyor
    DMDriver of Mechanized Transport
    DMDefence Medal
    DMLight Mine Layer (High Speed) (U.S.)
    DMDeputy Minister
    DM&ADirector(ate) of Mechanization and Artillery
    DM(A)Deputy Minister (Air)
    DM(N)Deputy Minister (Naval)
    DMechDriver Mechanic
    DMGODeputy Master General of Ordnance
    DMHDartmouth Military Hospital
    DMHRCAMCDebert Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    DMHRCAMCDundurn Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    DMIDirector Military Intelligence
    DminDeputy Minister
    DMNADirector Manning and Naval Assistant
    DmnAEDraughtsman Aeronautical Engineering
    DmnCEDraughtsman Construction Engineering
    DmnGADraughtsman Graphic Arts
    DMODirector(ate) of Military Operations
    DMO&IDirector(ate) of Military Operations and Intelligence
    DMO&PDirector(ate) of Military Operations and Planning
    DMRDDirector of Medical Research and Development
    DMSDirector of Merchant Seaman
    DMSDirector of Medical Services
    DMSMine Sweeper (High Speed) (U.S.)
    DMSDriver Mechanics School
    DMSDepartment of Munitions and Supply
    DMSDriver Maintenance Staff
    DMS(Air)Director of Medical Services (Air)
    DMTDirector(ate) of Military Training
    DMTDistrict Mounted Troops
    DMT&SDDirectorate of Military Training and Staff Duties
    DNADirector of Naval Accounts
    DNADirector of Naval Appropriations
    DNCDirector Naval Construction
    DNCDirector of Naval Communications (U.S.)
    DNCSEACDeputy Naval Commander South East Asia Command
    DNCXFDeputy Naval Commander Expeditionary Force
    DNDDepartment of National Defence
    DNEDirector Naval Education
    DNESDirector of Naval Engineering Service
    DNHSDirector of the Naval Historical Section
    DNIDirector of Naval Intelligence
    DNIDirector Naval Information
    DNIDirector of Naval Intelligence & Trade
    DNI and PDirector of Naval Intelligence and Plans
    DNKDate Not Known
    DNLODutch Naval Liaison Officer
    DNODirector Naval Ordinance
    DNODirector of naval Ordnance (Torpedoes Mines)
    DNODestroyer Navigating Officer
    DNOTDirector of Naval Operations and Training
    DNPDirector of Naval Personnel
    DNPADirector of Naval Pay Accounting
    DNRDirector of Naval Reserves
    DNSDirector of Naval Stores
    DNSDirector of Naval Services
    DNSODeputy Naval Store Officer
    DNTDirector of Naval Training
    DODental Officer
    DODuty Officer
    DODaily Order
    DODaily Order (Of a Unit) - administration orders issued to mark personnel changes of a unit (transfers, hospitalizations, etc.)
    DODaily Order (Same as Part II Orders)
    DODistrict Orders
    DOCDistrict Officer Commanding
    DOCDied of Other Causes
    DOCDriver Operation Course
    DOCODrafting Officer Combined Operations
    DODDirector Operations Division
    DODDied of Disease
    Dof PDirector of Plans
    DofCornLIDuke of Cornwall Light Infantry
    DofLancsOYDuke of Lancashire's Own Yeomanry
    DofPDirector of Plans
    DOFPDivisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    DofPRDirector of Public Relations (Air)
    DofPRDirector of Public Relations (Army)
    DofTDirector of Trade
    DofT&MDirector(ate) of Transport and Movements
    DofUEREDirector of Underwater Experimental Research Establishment
    DofWDied of Wounds - official cause of death
    DofWDuration of War
    DOHDominion Orthopaedic Hospital (Toronto)
    DomAffDominion Affairs
    DominionHigh Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom (Address Used in Telegrams)
    DomOrthHospDominion Orthopaedic Hospital (Toronto)
    DoO&RDirector of Organization & Recruiting
    DORDirector of Operational Research
    DORADefence of the Realm Act
    DOrgDirector(ate) of Organization
    DOrgDirector of Organization
    DorsetRDorset Regiment
    DorsetYDorset Yeomanry
    DOSDirector Ordnance Services
    DOS(A)Director of Ordnance Services (Administration)
    DOS(GS)Director of Ordnance Services (General Stores)
    DOS(TS)Director of Ordnance Services (Technical Stores)
    DOTPDental Officer Training Plan
    DOWDuration of war
    DOWDied of Wounds
    DPDefence Platoon
    DPDevelopmental Period
    DPDistrict Paymaster
    DPADirector of Procurement (Aircraft)
    DPBDefence Purchasing Board
    DPCRCASCDivision Petrol Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DPCRCASCDepot Pacific Command, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DPDDirector of Plans Division
    DPEDirector of Procurement (Equipment) (Air)
    DPEDDirector Professional Education and Development
    DPersServDirector(ate) of Personal Services
    DPGRCOCDetachment Proving Grounds, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    DPIDistrict Pay Instruction
    DPMDeputy Provost Marshal
    DPODirector of Plans and Operations (Air)
    DPofGDefended Port of Gaspe
    DPofSDefended Port of Shelburne
    DPRDirector of Postings and Records (Air)
    DPRDirector of Personnel Records
    DPSDirector of Personnel Selection
    DPSEDistrict Paymaster Sergeant
    DPTEDrummer Private
    DPWDirector, Prisoners of War in Canada
    D-QLineDrocourt-Quéant Line
    DQMGDeputy Quartermaster General
    DQSDirector(ate) of Quartermaster General Services
    DRDirector Records
    DRDespatch Rider or motor cyclist
    DRDead Reckoning (U.S.)
    DROfficer In Charge Records
    DR(WD)Director of Records (War Diaries)
    DRAEDirector of Royal Aircraft Establishment
    DraftingEODrafting Engineer Officer
    DRBDivision Recce Battalion
    DRCDistrict Rest Camp
    DRCDistrict Recruiting Company
    DRDDistrict Recruiting Detachment
    DRDDirector Reserve Divisions
    DRD&MRUDistrict Recruiting Detachment & Mobile Recruiting Units
    DREEDirector of Research and Experimental Establishment
    DresserDresser of Wounds
    DRETDirectorate of Recruiting, Education and Training
    DrillCoyDrilling Company
    DRLSDespatch Rider Letter Service
    DRODistrict Record Officer
    DRODistrict Routine Orders
    DRODaily Routine Orders
    DRODivisional Routing Order
    DROCADDivisional Routine Orders Canadian Armed Division
    DRPATAA&TSDetention Rooms Port Arthur the Armouries Administration & Training Staff
    DrsDistrict Recruiting Services
    DRSDistrict Recruiting Staff
    DRSDivisional Rest Station
    DRS(LC)RCCSDespatch Rider Section (Light Car) Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    DRTDDistrict Recruit Training Depot
    DSDutch Ship
    DSDressing Station
    DS"Z"FDental Section "Z" Force
    DS&TODistrict Supply & Transport Officer
    DS(Records)Discharge Section (Records)
    DSADirector of Supply Administration (Air)
    DSADraw Subsistence Allowance
    DSANFDirector South African Naval Forces
    DSBDirector Shipbuilding
    DSCDistrict Shipyard Controller
    DSCDistinguished Service Cross
    DSC(L)Director of Small Craft (Levant)
    DSCACOW/SRCOCDivisional Section Canadian Armoured Corps Ordinance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    DSCRDepartment of Soldiers Civil Re-establishment
    DSCRCASCDivision Supply Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    DSDDistrict Sub-Depot
    DSDDirector Signals Division
    DSDDirector(ate) of Staff Duties
    DSDDesirable Sailing Date
    DSDFDirector of Seaward Defence Force
    DSGDeputy Surgeon General
    DSISCICDistrict Security Intelligence Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    DSMDistinguished Service Medal
    DSMDrill Sergeant Major
    DSMDDistrict Staff Military District
    DSOCompanion of the Distinguished Service Order
    DSODistrict Supply Officer
    DSODuty Signal Officer
    DSODistrict School Orders
    DSODistinguished Service Order
    DSPDirector of Seaman Personnel
    DSPCDivisional Signals Pacific Command
    DSPDDeputy Superintendent Pembroke Dock
    DSQDockyard Sick Quarters
    DSRDirector of Ship Repairs
    DSRCDivision Section Reception Camp
    DSRCCSDistrict Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    DSSDirector of Special Services
    DSSDDirector of Supply Staff Duties (Air)
    DSSRCOCDistrict Stores Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    DSTDirector(ate) of Supply and Transport
    DSTO(X)Divisional Sea Transport Officer, Alexandria
    DTCDischarge Transit Centre
    DTDDirector of Trade Division
    DTMDirector of Technical Maintenance (Air)
    DTNADirector Training and Naval Assistant
    DTODirector of Technical Division (Naval)
    DTPGDraw Trades Pay Group
    DTPRDirector of Training Plans and Requirements (Air)
    DTRDirector(ate) of Technical Research
    DTSSDockyard Tower Signal Station
    DTTDirector of Technical Training (Air)
    DTTCDental Technical Training Centre
    DUDiscrimination Unit
    DUKWDuck wagon (An amphibious six-wheeled vehicle of six-ton capacity)
    DurhLIDurham Light Infantry
    DVADepartment of Veterans Affairs
    DVGofCDetachment Veterans Guard of Canada
    DvrDriver - designation or rank of a soldier who drives vehicles
    DvrSigsDriver Signals
    DWDirector of Works
    DWADirector(ate) of Works and Accommodation
    DWBDirector of Works and Building
    DWCDirector(ate) of Works and Construction
    DWDDirector of Welding Development
    DWRDirector of Weapons and Tactics
    DWSDirector of Women's Service
    DWTDirector of Warfare and Training
    DWTFDistrict Welfare Trust Fund
    DWTODistrict Weapons Training Officer
    DYRCH17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars

E - Abbreviation begining with the letter E

    E&M (Coy)Electrical and Mechanical (Company)
    E&SCIDEastern & Southern Commands Infantry Depot
    EAEnemy Action
    EAElectrical Artificer
    EAEnemy Aircraft
    EAAir Electrical Technician
    EAElectrical Technician (Air)
    EAEmergency Aerodromes
    EA(No)Distinguishing letters on files of Permanent Joint Board on Defence
    EA,1c(or2c,3c,4c,5c)Electrical Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Class)
    EACEastern Air Command
    EACCEnemy Alien Concentration Camp
    EAFCEmpty Anti-Freeze Containers
    EAMExecutive Assistant to the Honourable Minister
    EAM/BMOElectrical Anti-mining Base Maintenance Officer
    EAMGOExecutive Assistant to the Master General of Ordnance
    EARSEnemy Alien Receiving Station
    EATSEquipment Accounting Training School
    EBSRVREast Bengal State Railway Volunteer Rifles
    ECEastern Canada
    ECEducational Company
    ECMCourseElectronics Countermeasures Course
    ECrEngineer Commander
    EDEfficiency Decoration
    EDEquipment Depot
    EDExcused Duties
    ED&TExempt From Drill and Training
    EDCElementary Driving Corps
    EdmFusEdmonton Fusiliers
    EDRRadar Display Room
    EdServEducational Services
    EDSRCASCEchelon Division Supply, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    EEElectrical Engineer
    EEExercise Eskimo
    EEADChief Examiner of Armament Design
    EEFEgyptian Expeditionary Force
    EERCEExperimental Establishment, Royal Canadian Engineers
    EESEastern Examination Service
    EFEastern Fleet
    EFEdmonton Fusiliers
    EFCExpeditionary Forces Canteens
    EFERCCSEastern Fortress Establishment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    EFMExpeditionary Force Message
    EFTSEFTS Elementary Flying Training School(s)
    EGSTechElectrical Generating Systems Technician
    EGSUPEastern Group Supply Council
    EHUEngineer Holding Unit
    EIEssential Industry
    EInCEngineer-in-Chief Naval Service
    EINLORoyal Indian Naval Liaison Officer
    EISEquipment Issue Scale
    EISISEast Indies Merchant Shipping Intelligence
    ELAir Artificer (Electrics)
    ELEmbarkation Leave
    ElA/Lieut-CdrElectrical Acting Lieutenant-Commander
    ELanREast Lancashire regiment
    ElCrElectrical Commander
    ElLElectrical Lieutenant
    ElLCrElectrical Lieutenant Commander
    ElMTechElectro-Mechanical Technician
    ELOCEssential Level of Capability
    ElSLElectrical Sub-Lieutenant
    EMEngineering Mechanic
    EMElectrical Mechanic
    EMEfficiency Medal
    EMElectrician's Mate
    EmbEmbarked - went aboard ship for departure overseas; Canada to Britain or Canada to France
    EmbLEmbarkation Leave
    EmbLveEmbarkation Leave
    EMHEdmunston Military Hospital
    EMHEsquimalt Military Hospital
    EMHRCAMCEdmonton Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    EMHRCAMCEspanola Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    EngrsDirector of Engineer Services
    ENSAEntertainments National Services Association
    EOEnabling Objective
    EOEngineer Officer
    EOFSEngineer Officer French Ships
    EOPEngineer Officer Personnel (Naval)
    EOREastern Ontario Regiment
    EORCEExecutive Officer, Royal Canadian Engineers
    EORDEastern Ontario Regimental Depot -facility in England used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    EPEmployment Platoon
    EPEstimated Position
    EPBExercise Polar Bear
    EPZEnter Promotion Zone
    Eqpm.Ass'tEquipment Assistant
    Equipt(N)Equipment Division (Naval)
    EREngine Room Artificer
    EREngineering Technician
    ERElgin Regiment
    EREssex Regiment
    ERA(A)Engine Room Artificer (Apprentice)
    ERA,1c(or2c,3c,4c,5c)Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
    EROEmergency Repair Officer
    ERofYorkYEast Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry
    ERRatingsEngine Room Ratings
    ERUEngineer Reinforcement Unit
    ESEmergency Service
    ES&WEngineer Services & Works
    ES&WCoyEngineer Survey and Works Company
    ESBDEngineer Stores Base Depot
    ESCMFGHQEducational Services Central Mediterranean Force General Headquarters
    ESOEmbarkation Staff Officer
    ESREssex Scottish Regiment
    EssexREssex Regiment
    EssexYeoEssex Yeomanry
    ESSRCEEngineer Stores Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    EstEstablish, established or establishment
    ESurrREast Surrey Regiment
    ETElectrical Technician
    ETAEstimated / Expected Time of Arrival (U.S.)
    ETCEmbarkation Transit Camp
    ETDExpected Time of Departure (U.S.)
    ETechElectrical Technician
    ETech(A)Electrical Technician (Air)
    ETOUSAEuropean Theatre of Operations, U. S. A.
    ETPEstimated Time of Departure (U.S.)
    ETQMSEngineer Technical Quartermaster Sergeant
    ETUEmbarkation Transit Unit
    EUEntertainment Unit
    EXFCECANExpeditionary Force Canteen
    Ext AffExternal Affairs
    ExternalCanadian Department of External Affairs (Address used in telegrams)
    ExVesExamination Vessels
    EYorkREast Yorkshire Regiment

F - Abbreviation begining with the letter F

    F&EFurniture and Effects
    F&GFrance and Germany
    F(A)SCRCEField (Air) Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    F/CFire Control (Gunnery)
    F/CFlight Commander
    F/FSFrench Ship Manned by Fighting French
    F/LFlight Lieutenant
    F/LtFlight Lieutenant
    F/OFlying Officer
    F/SFlight Sergeant
    FAField Ambulance
    FAField Artillery
    FAFinancial Adviser, Joint Air Training Plan (Air)
    FA/SOFleet Anti-Submarine Officer
    FAAFleet Air Arm
    FABField Artillery Bridge
    FACRCAMCField Ambulance Charlottetown, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FADField Ambulance Details
    FAD(D)RCASCField Ambulance Details (Division) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    FADRCAMCField Ambulance Detachments, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FAEFleet Adviser of Education
    FAHRCAMCField Ambulance Halifax, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FambField Ambulance
    FANYCFirst Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps
    FAOFleet Accountant Officer
    FAPFarrier Sergeant
    FAPFirst Aid Post
    FAPFor All Purpose
    FAPHRCAMCField Ambulance Point Hawkesbury, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FARCAMCField Ambulance Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FASFirst Army Signals
    FATOFleet Air Arm Technical Officer
    FAVOFleet Aviation Officer
    FAW/SSRCOCField Artillery Workshop Section Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    FB&JWForest Bush & Jungle Warfare
    FBEFloating boat equipment
    FBRCAField Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    FBRCACASFField Brigade, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Active Service Force
    FBRCASCField Bakery, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    FBSOFleet Bomb Safety Officer
    FCFerry Commands
    FCFire Controlman
    FCFlag Captain
    FC"Z"FFire Command "Z" Force
    FCAHQPRCEFirst Canadian Army Headquarters Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FCAIOPCICFirst Canadian Army Intelligence Officers Pool, Canadian Intelligence Corps
    FCAISFirst Canadian Army Intelligence School
    FCASIGPHQFirst Canadian Army Service Increment Group Headquarters
    FCASSFirst Canadian Army Sniping School
    FCATCCRCASCFirst Canadian Army Troops Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    FCATRTCFirst Canadian Army Troops Reinforcement Transit Camp
    FCATW/SRCOCFirst Canadian Army Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    FCCFleet Constructor Officer
    FCCPForage Caps Concert Panty
    FCDCASS"Forage Caps" Detachment Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
    FCOField Cash Office
    FCRCASCFortress Company, Canadian Active Service Force
    FCRCECASFField Company Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Active Service Force
    FCSTForecast (U.S.)
    FCtlmnFire Controlman
    FDFuel Depots
    Fd Pk CoyField (Park) Company
    Fd Pk Sqn (Tp)Field (Park) Squadron (Troop)
    Fd Svy CoyField Survey Company
    FdAmbField Ambulance
    FDCFighter Direction Centre
    FDEFinal Discharge Establishment
    FdeMRFusiliers de Mont Royal (French only)
    FDLFusiliers de Mont Royal
    FDOFusiliers de Sherbrooke
    FDOFleet Dental Officer
    FDSField Dressing Station
    FDTFighter Direction Tenders
    FduSLFusiliers du St. Laurent
    FEField Engineer
    FEFinancial Encumbrance
    FE&MCRCEFortress E. & M. Company Royal Canadian Engineers
    FECAForce Eskimo C.A.
    FEOFleet Education Officer
    FEOFleet Engineer Officer
    FervourGovernment of Canada Hong Kong (Address used in telegrams)
    FESField Educational Section
    FESField Experimental Station
    FESFlight Engineer School
    FFField Force
    FFFire Fighter
    FFFire Fighting
    FFHFrigate, Helicopter Equipped
    FFIFrench Forces of the Interior
    FFKFort Frontenac Kingston
    FGCMField General Court-Martial
    FGHFort Garry Horse
    FGHRRFort Garry Horse Reserve Regiment
    FGOFleet Gunnery Officer
    FHField Hospital
    FHPForce Health Protection
    FHPHIRCAMCFort Henry Permanent Hospital Installation, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FHQSFarnham Headquarters Staff
    FICFredericton Internment Camp
    FIDField Intelligence Department
    FilmPLFilm Projectionist Librarian
    Fin ClkFinance Clerk
    FinOFinancial Officer
    FireftrFire Fighter
    FISFlying Instructors School
    FISForeign Intelligence Section (Naval)
    FLFlag Lieutenant
    FLFlying List
    FLAMBOAllied Forces Headquarters OR Air Force Headquarters, Advanced Administrative Echelon
    FLCFlag Lieutenant Commander
    Fld EngField Engineer
    Fld Pk Coy (or Sqn)Field Park Company
    FLD Pk SqnFiled Park Squadron
    FLEFleet (U.S.)
    FLEFlight Engineer
    FLOFlag Liaison Officer
    FLOTFlotilla (U.S.)
    FLS(PO)French Liaison Service, Portsmouth
    FLTFleet (U.S.)
    Flt EngFlight Engineer
    Flt/SgtFlight Sergeant
    FltSLtFlight Sub-Lieutenant
    FLYFlight (U.S.)
    FMAir Mechanic (Air Frames)
    FMField Marshall
    FMCMobile Command
    FMHRCAMCFarnham Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FMHRCAMCFredericton Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FMOField Marching Order
    FMOFleet Mail Officer
    FMOFleet Medical Officer
    FMOFleet Meteorological Officer
    FMRFusiliers de Mont Royal (French only)
    FMRFrontier Mounted Rifles
    FNDFlinders Naval Depot
    FNGBFrench Navy in Great Britain
    FNOFleet Navigating Officer
    FO(S)Flag Officer, Submarines
    FOAField Operations Allowance
    FOAMFlag Officer Attached General Headquarters Middle East
    FOCFlag Officer Commanding
    FOCOSFlag Officer Commanding Orkneys and Shetlands
    FOCRFFlag Officer Commanding Reserve Fleet
    FOCRINFlag Officer Commanding Royal Indian Navy
    FOCSFlag Officer Cruiser Squadron
    FOCTFlag Officer Carrier Training
    FOCWAFFlag Officer Commanding West Africa
    FOEAFlag Officer East Africa and Zanzibar
    FOGMAFlag Officer Gibraltar and Mediterranean Approaches
    FOGMOFitting Out Gun Mounting Overseer
    FOGOFitting Out Gunnery Officer
    FOHFrench Official History
    FOICFlag Officer-in-Charge
    FOICNIFlag Officer-in-Charge, Northern Ireland
    FOLEMFlag Officer Levant and Eastern Mediterranean
    FOLUSFlag Officer Liaison with Cdr. U.S. Naval Forces
    FOMHRCAMCFort Osborne Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    FONASFlag Officer Naval Air Stations
    FONFFlag Officer Newfoundland Force
    FOOForward Observation Officer
    FOOAFFlag Officer Overseas Assault Force
    FOPSFuture Operation Planning Section
    FORForce (U.S.)
    FORSCAFlag Officer Red Sea and Canal Area
    Fort (E & M) CoyFortress (Electrical and Mechanical) Company
    FOSYFlag Officer, Syracuse
    FOTALIFlag Officer Taranto, Royal Armoured Corps, Adriatic and for Liaison Duty With Italians
    FOW, MedFlag Officer Western Mediterranean
    FOWITFlag Officer Western Italy
    FOYEFlag Officer, ''Y'' Entries
    FPField Punishment
    FPBForce Polar Bear
    FPCRCEField Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FPCRCE(AP)Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers (Advance Party)
    FPNo(or#)1or2Field Punishment Number One or Two
    FPOFire Prevention Officer
    FPSFixed Period of Service
    FPSRCEField Park Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FPSRCE(A)DField Park Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers (Armoured) Division
    FPTCRCEField Park Troop Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FRFishermen's Reserve
    FR&IFinancial Regulations & Instructions
    FR(S-P)RCAField Regiment (Self-Propelled), Royal Canadian Artillery
    FRAFreetown Area
    FracFractured - medical term for a broken bone
    FRADOFleet Radar Officer
    FRMOFleet Royal Marine Officer
    FROFleet P. and Radio Telephony Officer
    FRRCHAField Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
    FSFinancial Superintendent
    FSFlat Scow
    FSFlight Sergeant
    FSAFleet Signal Assistant
    FSAFood Service Attendant
    FSBRCAFlash Spotting Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    FSCFarnham Summer Camp
    FSDRCEField Survey Depot, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FSgtFlight Sergeant
    FSjtFlight Sergeant
    FSMOField Service Marching Order
    FSOFleet Signal Officer
    FSPForeign Service Premium
    FSqnFighter Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force)
    FSRField Service Regulations
    FSRCCSFortress Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    FSRCEField Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers
    FSSField Security Section
    FSSCRUField Security Section Canadian Reinforcement Unit
    FSTForward Surgical Team
    FSVCFood Services
    FTFrench Translator
    FTCField Trials Camp
    FtCdtFlight Cadet
    FTCEField Troop Canadian Engineers
    FTOFleet Torpedo Officer
    FTOFrench Technical Officer
    FtPayrFleet Paymaster
    FtrCOpFighter Control Operator
    FTSFlying Training School
    FTUFerry Training Unit
    FusDuSherFusiliers de Sherbrooke (French only)
    FWFighter Wing
    FWForeman of Works
    FW/SRCOCFortress Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    FWAFleet Wireless Assistant
    FwdForward or Forwarded
    FWOFleet Wireless Officer
    FWTCRCAFortress Weapon Training Camp, Royal Canadian Artillery
    FYPatrol Vessel, Yacht (U.S.)
    FYAFort York Armouries

G - Abbreviation begining with the letter G

    GGeneral Staff Branch of the Staff
    G (Ops)General Staff (Operations)
    G&SFGrey & Simcoe Foresters
    G/CGroup Captain
    GAGunnery Armourer
    GAFGranted Annual Furlough
    GATGuantanamo-Trinidad convoy
    GBGarrison Battalion
    GBCODRCOCGoose Bay Company Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    GBDGoose Bay Defences
    GBEKnight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire
    GBMSGreat Britain Merchant Ships (a wireless message routine)
    GBSRCASCGoose Bay Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    GCGeorge Cross
    GCGreek Catholic
    GCGood Conduct Badge - award for good conduct during service
    GCAConGround Controlled Approach Controller
    GCBKnight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath
    GCCSGovernment Code and Cypher School
    GCMGeneral Court Martial
    GCMGKnight Grand Cross of the Order of St.Michael and St.George
    GCMGKnight Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. George
    GCTGreenwich Civil Time
    GCVOKnight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order
    GDGeneral Duties
    GDGroup Duties
    GdefmnGround Defenceman
    GDL&RSGuard Detachment Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment
    GDSMGRGuards Machine Gun Regiment
    GEGarrison Engineer
    GECGeneral Employment Company
    GenGeneral - commanding officer at division or corps level
    Gen HospGeneral Hospital
    Gen Pnr CoyGeneral Pioneer Company
    GeoGeographical Section, General Staff
    GFOperation ''Goldflake''
    GGBGGovernor General's Body Guard
    GGDSGrenadier Guards
    GGFGGovernor General's Foot Guards (Now 21st Armoured Regiment)
    GGHGGovernor General's Horse Guards
    GHGeneral Hospital
    GHMHRCAMCGordon Head Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GHQGroup Headquarters
    GHQGeneral Headquarters - command centre from which corps or army commanders direct the war
    GHQ&LofCTSIGeneral Headquarters and Line of Communication Troops Service Increment
    GHQEICGeneral Headquarters Echelon Indian Command
    GHQRUHofCGeneral Headquarters Reconnaissance Unit Highlanders of Canada
    GHQSWPAGeneral Headquarters South West Pacific Area
    GHRCAMCGeneral Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GIGunnery Instructor
    GIROGeneral Instructions Routing Officers
    GISGround Instructors School
    GJLGranted Jewish Leave
    GlamYeoGlamorgan Yeomanry
    GLICHRCAMCGrande Ligne Internal Camp Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GloucRGloucestershire Regiment
    GLSGeneral Labour Section
    GMGeorge Medal
    GMAGibraltar, Morocco Area
    GMHRCAMCGaspe Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GMHRCAMCGravenhurst Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GMOGun Mounting Overseer
    GMPGarrison Military Police
    GMTGreenwich Mean Time
    GNGuantanamo-New York convoy
    GNAGreek Naval Attache
    GNLOGreek Naval Liaison Officer
    GnrGunner - lowest rank in the Royal Canadian Artillery (equivalent to private)
    G'nrGunner - lowest rank in the Royal Canadian Artillery (equivalent to private)
    GOGreek Orthodox (Church)
    GOGunnery Officer
    GOGeneral Order
    GO(s)General Order(s)
    GOCGeneral Officer Commanding - highest ranking general, usually at corps level
    GOC (in C)General Officer Commanding (in Chief) - highest ranking general, usually at corps level
    GOCHMSRCAMCGarnons Officers Convalescent Home Military Staff, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GOCinCGeneral Staff (Operations)
    GOCRAGeneral Officer Commanding Royal Artillery
    GOCRMGeneral Officer Commanding Royal Marines
    GOHGerman Official History
    GORGun Operational Room
    GordHighrsGordon Highlanders
    GOSShipNorwegian Whaler
    Gov-GenGovernor General
    GPCRCEGeneral Pioneer Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    GPLGranted Privileged Leave
    GPMHRCAMCGrande Prairie Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    GPOGun Position Officer
    GPOAGun Position Officer Assistant
    GPSRCEGeneral Pioneer Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    GRGroup (US)
    GRCGraves Registration Cross
    GreySimForGrey & Simcoe Foresters
    GROGeneral Routine Order
    GRSGeneral Reconnaissance School
    GRSGeneral Reconnaissance Squadron
    GRSTDGun Room Steward
    GRTGross Registered Tonnage
    GRUGeneral Reinforcement Unit
    GSGreek Ship
    GSGreenland-Sydney Convoy
    GSGeneral Staff
    GSGeneral Service
    GSBGeneral Staff Branch
    GSCGunnery Staff Course
    GSFGulf Sea Frontier
    GSGSGeographical Section General Staff
    GSLGranted Short Leave
    GSOGeneral Staff Officer
    GSOGeneral Staff Order
    GSO 1, 2, or 3General Staff Officer, 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade
    GSO1General Staff Officer, Grade 1
    GSPGeneral Staff Planning
    GSSRGeneral Service Special Reserve
    GSWGun Shot Wound - wound caused by a bullet
    GTCGovernment Telegraph Code
    GTC(RCASC)CDGeneral Transport Company, (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps), Canadian Division
    GUGibraltar-United States Convoy
    Gunner (T)Torpedo Gunner
    GVGate Vessels
    GWCBD"G" Wing Canadian Base Depot
    GWCFCGeneral Workshop, Canadian Field Company OR Canadian Forestry Corps
    GZGuantanamo-Panama convoy

H - Abbreviation begining with the letter H

    H&NPAOHamilton & Niagara Peninsula Area Orders
    H&PERHastings & Prince Edward Regiment
    H(21AG)Hospitalization Central Mediterranean Force (Allied Armies Italy)
    H/Honourary (Rank)
    H/Honorary (Rank)
    H/Honorary or Honourable
    H/CaptHonorary Captain
    H/CaptHonorary Captain (Canadian Chaplain Service)
    H/FHigh Frequency
    HAHonours & Awards (Records)
    HAHygiene Assistant
    HAHalifax-Aruba convoy
    HA(A)DRCEHeadquarters (Armoured) Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
    HA/LAHigh Angle, Low Angle (gunnery)
    HAAHeavy Anti-Aircraft
    HAABRCAHeavy Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HAAR(M)RCSHeavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Mobile) Royal Canadian Signals
    HAARSRCASCHeavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Centre
    HAARW/SRCEMEHeavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    HAARW/SRCOCHeavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    HACHonourable Artillery Company
    HACArtHonourable Artillery Company, Artillery Section
    HACInfHonourable Artillery Company, Infantry Section
    HALHalifax Approval Letter
    HalRifHalifax Rifles
    HampsRHampshire Regiment
    HampsYHampshire Yeomanry
    HCHarbour Craft
    HCHeadquarters Company
    HCHonorary Captain
    HCBHalifax Coast Brigade
    HCCHospital Conveyance Corps
    HCMF(AAI)Hospitalization Central Mediterranean Force (Allied Armies Italy)
    HCUHeavy Conversion Unit
    HDHolding Depot
    HDHome Defence
    HDCHarbour Defence Craft
    HDMLHarbour Defence Motor Launch
    HDPCHarbour Defence Patrol Crafts
    HEHolding Establishment
    HEHigh Explosive
    HEHis/Her Excellency
    HEPHeight Filtering Position
    HerefordRHerefordshire Regiment
    HertsRHerefordshire Regiment
    HFHarassing Fire
    HFHome Fleet
    HF/DFHigh Frequency Direction Finding
    HFSCHeadquarters Farnham Summer Camp
    HGHome Guard
    HGHRCAMCHorley General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    HHTHouse Hunting Trip
    HighCycBnHighland Cyclist Battalion
    HighLIHighland Light Infantry
    HKRgtHong Kong Regiment
    HKSHong Kong and Singapore
    HKVDCHong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps
    HLDHiggins Tank Lighter
    HLI(29th Regiment) Highland Light Infantry of Canada
    HLIofCHighland Light Infantry of Canada
    HLMHRCAMCHowe Lake Military Hospital
    HLVWHeavy Logistics Vehicle Wheeled
    HMHull Mechanic
    HM(C)SHis/Her Majesty's (Canadian) Ship
    HMAHonorary Major
    HMATHis/Her Majesty's Auxiliary Transport
    HMBHeavy Mortar Battery
    HMCoastGdHis/Her Majesty's Coast Guard
    HMCSHis/Her Majesty's Canadian Ship
    HMFDHaving Moved From District
    HMGHeavy Machine Gun
    HMHRCAMCHamilton Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    HMHRCAMCHuntingdon Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    HMHRCAMCHalifax Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    HMSHis/Her Majesty's Ship - vessel under the control of the Royal Navy
    HMSHis/Her Majesty's Service
    HMTHis/Her Majesty's Transport
    HMTHis/Her Majesty's Troopship - designated ship carrying troops between Canada and England and England and France
    HMTSHis/Her Majesty's Troopship - designated ship carrying troops between Canada and England and England and France
    HNUHead Nurse
    HOHospital Orderly
    HONOHonolulu (U.S.)
    HOSEHospital Sergeant
    HospHospital - designated location where soldiers receive medical treatment
    HouseholdBnHousehold Battalion
    HOWHowitzer - an artillery weapon (various calibres) capable of firing shells in a low or high arc
    HPCHarbour Patrol Crafts
    HPMCHasting Park Military Camp
    HQHeadquarters - command centre for a military unit in the field (company level and above)
    HQ"C"FHeadquarters ''C'' Force
    HQ&BDHeadquarters & Base Details
    HQ(A)DHeadquarters (Armoured) Division
    HQ1stDHeadquarters 1st Division
    HQ2CdnAGRA(Headquarters 2 Canadian) Army Group Royal Artillery
    HQAABHeadquarters Anti-Aircraft Brigade
    HQAABRCAHeadquarters Anti-Aircraft Brigade, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQACHeadquarters Atlantic Command
    HQACSHeadquarters Atlantic Command Signals
    HQADGBHeadquarters, Air Defence Great Britain
    HQATAFCAHeadquarters Army Troops Area First Canadian Army
    HQATDHeadquarters Army Troops Details
    HQATSSRCSHeadquarters Army Terminals Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
    HQ''B"GCHUHeadquarters ''B'' Group Canadian Holding Unit
    HQBCHeadquarters Bomber Command
    HQBD(GS&AS)Headquarters Botwood Defences (General Staff & Administrative Staff)
    HQBTNIHeadquarters British Troops in Northern Ireland
    HQBUHeadquarters Base Unit
    HQCAHeadquarters Coastal Command
    HQCAA&A-TGRCAHeadquarters Canadian Anti-Aircraft & Anti-Tank Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQCACHeadquarters Canadian Armoured Corps
    HQCACRCASCHeadquarters Canadian Artillery Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCADARCAHeadquarters Canadian Armoured Division Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQCADREMEHeadquarters Canadian Armoured Division, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    HQCAGRCAHeadquarters Canadian Artillery Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQCAMGHeadquarters Canadian Army Meteorological Group
    HQ-CAPO(GS&AS)Headquarters - Canadian Army Post Office (General Staff & Administrative Staff)
    HQCATBHeadquarters Canadian Army Tank Brigade
    HQCCHeadquarters Canadian Corps
    HQCCARCAHeadquarters Canadian Corps Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQCCATRCASCHeadquarters Canadian Army Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCCCTCRCASCHeadquarters Command Canadian Corps Transport Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCCEHeadquarters Canadian Constructional Engineers
    HQCCGTCHeadquarters Command Canadian General Transport Column
    HQCCIDRCASCHeadquarters Command Canadian Infantry Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCCTRCEHeadquarters Canadian Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Engineers
    HQCCTREMEHeadquarters Canadian Corps Troops, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    HQCCTTCRCASCHeadquarters Canadian Corps Tank Transporter Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCDECA(OS)Headquarters Canadian Divisional Engineers, Canadian Artillery OR Canadian Army (Overseas)
    HQCDRCASCHeadquarters Canadian Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQCDREMEHeadquarters Canadian Division, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    HQCEWRCEHeadquarters Chief Engineer Works, Royal Canadian Engineers
    HQCFCHeadquarters Canadian Forestry Corps
    HQCFNHeadquarters Canadian Forces in the Netherlands
    HQCIBHeadquarters Canadian Infantry Brigade
    HQCIDHeadquarters Canadian Infantry Division
    HQCProCHeadquarters Canadian Provost Corps
    HQCPSHeadquarters Canadian Postal Services
    HQCRCASCCCTHeadquarters Commander, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Canadian Corps Troops
    HQCRCEMEFCATHeadquarters Commander, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, First Canadian Army Troops
    HQCRTCRCSHeadquarters Canadian Railway Telegraph Company, Royal Canadian Signals
    HQCRUHeadquarters Canadian Reinforcement Unit
    HQDHeadquarters Details
    HQDCDCAHeadquarters Deputy Commander First Canadian Army
    HQ''D''GRUHeadquarters ''D'' Group Reinforcement Unit
    HQDIZBHeadquarters Details Infantry "Z" Brigade
    HQDPCAPOHeadquarters Defended Port Canadian Army Post Office
    HQDPofSHeadquarters Defended Port of Sydney
    HQDPofSJHeadquarters Defended Port of Saint John
    HQDRCAHeadquarters Division, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQDRCASCHeadquarters Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQDRCEHeadquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
    HQDRCE(AA)Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers, (Active Army)
    HQDRCE(RA)Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers, (Reserve Army)
    HQEAFMEHeadquarters Royal Air Force, Middle East
    HQEFHeadquarters Esquimalt Fortress
    HQFCAHeadquarters First Canadian Army
    HQFCACASHeadquarters First Canadian Army Civil Affairs Staff
    HQFCASRCSHeadquarters First Canadian Army Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
    HQFCATCHeadquarters First Canadian Army Training Camp
    HQFCATCHeadquarters First Canadian Army Transport Column
    HQFMCCCHeadquarters Field Maintenance Centre Canadian Corps
    HQFMCRCASCHeadquarters Field Maintenance Centre, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HQGBHeadquarters Greek Bridge
    HQGCTUHeadquarters Group Canadian Training Units
    HQGDHeadquarters Gaspe Defences
    HQHFHeadquarters Home Forces
    HQHFRCAHeadquarters Halifax Fortress, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQLA-CWACHeadquarters London Area - Canadian Women's Army Corps
    HQMARCAHeadquarters Medium Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    HQMDHeadquarters Military District
    HQMD#1Headquarters Military District # 1
    HQMD#2H&NPCHeadquarters Military District # 2, Hamilton & Niagara Peninsula Command
    HQMD#3,KHeadquarters Military District # 3, Kingston
    HQMDNo2(NCD)Headquarters Military District No. 2 (Niagara Camp Details)
    HQMDVBHeadquarters Military District Vancouver Barracks
    HQNWACAFHeadquarters North-West African Coastal Air Force
    HQPCHeadquarters Pacific Command
    HQPRDHeadquarters Prince Rupert Defences
    HQRCAFHeadquarters Royal Canadian Air Force
    HQRCDHeadquarters Reconstituted Canadian Division
    HQRCECATHeadquarters, Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Army Troops
    HQRCEMECCTHeadquarters, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Canadian Troops
    HQRCEWOHeadquarters, Royal Canadian Engineers, Works Organization
    HQS (No)Distinguishing letters on files of National Defence Headquarters (Army), Ottawa
    HQS&CDHeadquarters Sydney and Canso Defences
    HQS&S-SHeadquarters Staff and Sub-staff
    HQS(H)CADHeadquarters Squadron (Hussars) Canadian Armoured Division
    HQSADHeadquarters Squadron Armoured Division
    HQSATB (AD)Headquarters Squadron Army Tank Brigade (Armoured Division)
    HQSATB (NBRT)Headquarters Squadron Army Tank Brigade (New Brunswick Regt. Tank)
    HQSCABAPHeadquarters Squadron Canadian Armoured Brigade Advance Party
    HQSCNPHQRCSHeadquarters Signals Company, National Defence Headquarters Royal Canadian Signals
    HQSDHeadquarters Shelburne Defences
    HQSD(CB)CADAFHeadquarters Squadron Details (Camp Borden), Canadian Armoured Division Active Force
    HQSFHeadquarters Sydney Fortress
    HQSGHeadquarters Support Group
    HQSGCADHeadquarters Support Group Canadian Armoured Division
    HQSHDCAPOHeadquarters St. John's Defences Canadian Army Post Office
    HQSMDHeadquarters Staff Military District
    HQSPCHeadquarters Staff Petawawa Camp
    HQS-SDTAHeadquarters Sub-Staff Dunburn Training Area
    HQSVCHeadquarters Staff Valcartier Camp
    HQTCHeadquarters Tracadie Camp
    HQV&EFHeadquarters Victoria & Esquimalt Fortress
    HQVBHeadquarters Vancouver Barracks
    HQVDHeadquarters Vancouver Defences
    HQVGofCHeadquarters Veterans Guard of Canada
    HRHalifax Rifles
    HRHospital Records
    HRHuman Resources
    HRHHis/Her Royal Highness
    HRRHeals Rifles
    HRSHeavy Repair Shop
    HRW(MT)RCASCHeavy Repair Workshop (Mechanical Transport) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    HSHome Sister
    HSHellenic Ship
    HSBPTHigh Speed Battle Practice Target
    HSCRFUHome Security Course Reserve Fleet Units
    HSSHospital Staff Sergeant
    HSTHospital Steward
    HSTSHigh Speed Target Service
    HTHalifax-Trinidad Convoy
    HTHull Technician
    HTHorse Transport
    HTechHull Technician
    HTMHeavy Trench Mortar
    HTSHeavy Transport Squadron
    HUHolding Unit
    HuntsCyclistBnHuntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion
    HWEHome War Establishment
    HXHalifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
    HXFFast Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
    HygTechHygiene Technician

I - Abbreviation begining with the letter I

    IIntelligence Branch of the General Staff
    I (b)Secret Service Branch of the General Staff
    I"E"toHQCTIncrement ''E'' to Headquarters Canadian Troops
    I(A)HQCAGRAIncrement (A) Headquarters Canadian, Army Group Royal Artillery
    I/CIn Charge
    IAFInspector of Admiralty Fuel
    IAMInstitute of Aviation Medicine
    IASInfantry Assault Ships
    IATCInfantry Advanced Training Center
    I''A''toCSGHQEAPIncrement ''A'' to Canadian Section
    IAWIn Accordance With
    IBDInfantry Base Depot
    IBDCASF(LS)Infantry Base Depot, Canadian Active Service Force, (Lorne Scots)
    IBDPInfantry Brigade Defence Platoon
    IBLADInfantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment
    IBofUK&CInspection Board of United Kingdom & Canada
    IBRSInfantry Brigade Recce Squadron
    IBSS&WTInfantry Brigade Signals Section & Wireless Telegraphy
    ICInstructional Cadre
    ICInternment Camp
    ICIn Command
    ICBInspection of Contract Built Ships
    ICBInspector of Contract Built Ships
    ICBInspector of Contract Built Ships (Naval)
    ICCDPIceland Coastal Command Daily Programme
    ICCFSInspecting Captain Of Coastal Force Schools
    ICCPCInternment Camp Canadian Provost Corps
    ICCSSMedalInternational Commission of Control and Supervision Service Medal (Vietnam)
    ICEIntegrated Clothing Ensemble
    ICEPAT.Iceland Patrol (U.S.)
    ICFPCIncrement Canadian Field Punishment Camp
    ICIImperial Chemical Industries
    ICMHRCAMCInternment Camp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    ICSCS MedalInternational Commission for Supervision and Control Service Medal (Indo China)
    IDEImperial Defence College or Inter-Department Cypher
    IdentTechIdentification Technician
    IDGHRCAMCInfectious Diseases General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    IEIncreased Endurance
    IEIntermediate Engagement
    IECSImproved Environmental Clothing System
    IETechInstrument Electrical Technician
    IFIrish Fusiliers
    IFofCIrish Fusiliers of Canada (11th Regiment)
    IFPPNo. 1 Ferry Pilots Pool
    IFSInstrument Flying School
    IG(CC)Inspector-General (Central Canada)
    IGCImperial General Council
    IGdsIrish Guards
    I-GEC(A)Inspector-General Eastern Canada (Army)
    IGTCACInstructors Gunnery Team, Canadian Armoured Corps
    IHUInfantry Holding Unit
    IMDIndian Medical Department
    IMHRCAMCIpperwash Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    IMSIndian Medical Service
    IMTUInspector of Machine Tool Utilisation
    INAITCoyInfantry Brigade AIT Company
    Inclinclude, included, inclusive or including
    IndefLveIndefinite Leave
    INO(W)Inspector of Naval Ordnance (Woolwick)
    instInstruct, instructed, instruction or instructor
    InstrCrInstructor Commander
    Int.General Staff Officer 1 (Intelligence)
    IntCInternment Camp
    INTELIntelligence (U.S.)
    IntOpIntelligence Operator
    IntrepIntelligence Report
    Inv"wd"Invalided Wounded - a soldier transferred away from the front as a result of wounds received in action
    INWEInfantry North West Echelon
    IOIntelligence Officer
    I-OInfantry Officers
    IO/SB.C.D.C.Intermediate Overseas Base, Canadian Dental Corps OR Canadian Disciplinary Centre
    IOAIndian Ocean Area
    IOBInspector of Booms (Naval)
    IOCInstructional Officer Course
    IODEImperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire
    IORASInspection of Reserve Army Stores
    IOSInspector of Ordnance Services
    IPBIntelligence Preparation of Battlefield
    IPCIsland Park Camp
    IPOInshore Patrol Officer
    IRInstructor's Regiment
    Ir.Fus.(VR)Irish Fusiliers (Vancouver Regiment)
    IREMInspector of Royal Engineer Machinery
    IrGdsIrish Guards
    IrofCIrish Regiment of Canada
    IRSIntelligence Reports Section (Naval)
    IRVCImperial Railways Volunteer Corps
    IS TechIntegral Systems Technician
    IS.C.B.Inter-Service Communications Board (U.S.)
    ISCInter Service Committee
    ISCInter-Service Cypher
    ISCIndian Staff Corps
    ISCCInfantry Section Commander's Course
    ISCOIntelligence Section, Combined Operations
    ISFInternal Security Force
    ISHQCCIntelligence Section Headquarters Canadian Corps
    ISOImperial Service Order
    ISpIntelligence Specialist
    ISTARIntelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
    ISTDInter-Service Topographical
    ISTDCInterservice Training Defence Centre
    ITInstructional Technique
    ITBInfantry Training Battalion
    ITCInfantry Training Centre
    ITC(R)Infantry Training Centre (Reserve)
    ITDInfantry Training Depot
    ITDUCICInfantry Training Demonstration Unit, Canadian Infantry Corps
    ITechInstrument Technician
    ITMInspector of Torpedoes and Mines
    ItoHQCCIncrement to Headquarters Canadian Corps
    ItoHQCIDIncrement to Headquarters Canadian Armoured Division
    ITSInitial Training School
    IW.C.B.D.'I'' Wing Canadian Base Depot
    IWBBImprovised Widened Bailey Bridge
    IWDREInland Waterways & Docks, Royal Engineers
    IWGCImperial War Graves Commission
    IWTInland Water Transport
    IYBImperial Yeomanry Bearer
    IYHImperial Yeomanry Hospital

J - Abbreviation begining with the letter J

    JABCAJoint Atomic, Biological and Chemical Defensive Warfare School
    JAGJudge Advocate General
    JANJoint Army & Navy Radio Procedure
    JATPJoint Air Training Plan
    JFHQJoint Force Headquarters
    JIMRTTRGJob Inspector Mechanical Relations Transportation Training
    JINSTORJob Instructor
    JIXUnclassified Ships (U.S)
    JLSJunior Leader's School
    JLSJapanese Language School
    JLTCJunior Leader's Training Centre
    JMCJohnson Method of Coaching
    JMHRCAMCJoliette Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    JMTJob method training
    JPJoint Planners
    JRRégiment de Joliette (available in french only)
    JRTJob Relations Training
    JSCJoint Services Committee
    JSMJoint Staff Mission
    JSUJunior Sergeant
    JTCJasper Training Camp
    JTF2Joint Task Force 2
    JWECJunior War Establishments Committee
    JWPSJoint War Production Staff

K - Abbreviation begining with the letter K

    KKing or King's
    K&BMHRCAMCKingston & Barriefield Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    KARKing's African Rifles
    KBOKildare Barracks Ottawa
    KBRKellogg Brown and Root
    KCKing's Commendation
    KCBKnight Commander of the Order of the Bath
    KCMGKnight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George
    KEdwHKing Edward's Horse
    Kent RKent Regiment
    KentCycBnKent Cyclist Battalion
    KGKnight of the Order of the Garter
    KHMKing's Harbour Master
    KIAKilled In Action - designation of how a soldier died
    KMBKabul Multi-National Brigade
    KMHRCAMCKingston Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    KMHRCAMCKitchener Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    KMWSenior Polish Naval Officer in London
    KORCKing's Own Rifles of Canada
    KORofCKing's Own Rifles of Canada
    KOSBKing's Own Scottish Borderers
    KOYLIKing's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
    KPHIRCAMCKingston Permanent Hospital Installation, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    KPIBKey Points Investigation Bureau
    KRKing's Regulations
    KRKent Regiment
    KR&ACIKing's Regulations & Air Council Instructions
    KR&AIKing's Regulations & Admiralty Instructions
    KR&OKing's Regulations and Orders
    KRandAIKing's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions
    KRCNKing's Regulations for the Government of the Canadian Naval Service
    KRRKing's Royal Rifle Corps
    KRRCKing's Royal Rifle Corps
    KRRifCKing's Royal Rifle Corps
    KSLIKing's Shropshire Light Infantry
    KTDRCAKine Theodolite Detachment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    KTSComposite Training School (Royal Canadian Air Force)
    KUFPolish Drafting Officer, London

L - Abbreviation begining with the letter L

    L of CLine(s) of Communication
    L&RSGDLanark & Renfrew Scottish Guard Detachment
    L&RSRLanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment
    L&WRegtLincoln & Welland Regiment
    L/Lance (rank)
    L/BdrLance Bombardier
    L/CplLance Corporal
    L/SLeading Seaman
    L/SALeading Stores Assistant
    L/SgtLance Sergeant
    L/SjtLance Sergeant
    L/StoLeading Stoker
    LaALight Aid Detachment
    LAALight Anti-Aircraft
    LAARPRCASCLight Anti-Aircraft Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    LAARRCALight Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
    LAARSRCASCLight Anti-Aircraft Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    LAARSSLight Anti-Aircraft Regiment Signals Section
    LAARW/SSRCOCLight Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    LAATTRCALight Anti-Aircraft Training Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
    LABLight Armoured Battery
    LabCorpsLabour Corps
    LACLeading Aircraftman
    LADLight Aid Detachment
    LADCLieutenant Aide-de-Camp
    LADCAPCSLight Aid Detachment Canadian Armoured Personnel Car Squadron
    LADRCEMELight Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    LADRCOCLight Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    LAFOLaboratory Foreman
    LanarkYeoLanarkshire Yeomanry
    LanFusLancashire Fusiliers
    LAWLeading Aircraftwoman
    LBandsmnLeading Bandsman
    LBELanding Barge, Emergency Repair
    LBFLanding Barge, Flak
    LBFLanding Boats
    LBMLanding Boats
    LBOLanding Barge, Oiler
    LBSLanding Barge, Support
    LBV(1)Landing Barge Vehicle (Mark I)
    LBV(L)(2)Landing Barge Vehicle (Large, Mark II)
    LBV(S)(2)Landing Barge Vehicle (Small, Mark II)
    LBWLanding Barge Water
    LCLanding Craft
    LCALanding Craft Assault
    LCA(HR)Landing Craft (Hedgerow) (U.S.)
    LCB(D)Landing Craft Barge (Dumb) (U.S.)
    LCB(M)Landing Craft Barge (Mechanised) (U.S.)
    LCELanding Craft Emergency - Repair
    LCFLevant Coast Flotilla
    LCF(L)Landing Craft, Flak (Large)
    LCG(M)Landing Craft Gun (Medium)
    LCG(T)Landing Craft Gun (Tower)
    LCHLand Craft Headquarters
    LCI(L)Landing Craft Infantry (Large)
    LCI(L)Landing Craft Infantry (Large) (U.S.)
    LCI(S)Landing Craft Infantry (Small)
    LCkLeading Cook
    LCMLanding Craft Mechanized
    LCM(1)Landing Craft Mechanised (Mark I)
    LCM(2)Landing Craft Mechanised (Mark 2) (U.S.)
    LCM(3)Landing Craft Mechanised (Mark 3) (U.S.)
    LCM(W)Landing Craft Mechanized (wood)
    LCMBLanding Craft Maintenance Base
    LCMSDLanding Craft Material Supply Depot
    LCMSOLanding Craft Maintenance Stores Officer
    LCNLanding Craft Navigational (U.S.)
    LCOCULanding Craft Obstruction Clearance Unit
    LCP(2)Landing Craft Personnel (Mark II)
    LCP(L)Landing Craft Personnel (Large)
    LCP(L)Landing Craft Personnel (Large) (U.S.)
    LCP(M)Landing Craft Personnel (Medium) (U.S.)
    LCP(R)Landing Craft Personnel (Ramped) (U.S)
    LCP(S)Landing Craft Personnel (Small) (U.S.)
    LCPLLance Corporal
    LCrLieutenant Commander
    LCR(L)Landing Craft Rubber (Large)
    LCR(S)Landing Craft Rubber (Small)
    LCS(L)Landing Craft Support (Large) (U.S.)
    LCS(M)(3)Landing Craft Support (Medium, Mark III) (U.S.)
    LCS(S)Landing Craft Support (Small) (U.S.)
    LCTLanding Craft Tanks
    LCT(1)Landing Craft Tank (Mark I)
    LCT(2)Landing Craft Tank (Mark II) (U.S.)
    LCT(3)Landing Craft Tank (Mark III) (U.S.)
    LCT(4)Landing Craft Tank (Mark IV) (U.S.)
    LCT(5)Landing Craft Tank (V) (U.S.)
    LCT(R)Landing Craft Tank (Rocket)
    LCVLanding Craft Vehicle (U.S.)
    LCV(2)Landing Craft Vehicle (Mark II)
    LCV(P)Landing Craft Vehicle (Personnel)
    LDRCAPCLancaster Detachment Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    LDSLatter Day Saint Church
    LeicRLeicestershire Regiment
    LeicYeoLeicestershire Yeomanry
    LeinsRLeinster Regiment
    LEMELand Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
    LERRoyal Edmonton Regiment
    LFLeave & Furlough
    LF de MRLes Fusiliers de Mont Royal (French only)
    LFARégiment de Lévis
    LFALe Régiment de Chateauguay
    LFAALe Régiment de Hull
    LFCLes Voltigeurs de Québec
    LFCALand Force Central Area (Toronto)
    LFDTSLand Forces Doctrine and Training System
    LFMHRCAMCLesters Field Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LFQALand Force Quebec Area
    LFRRLand Force Reserve Restructure
    LFWALand Force Western Area (Edmonton)
    LGLethbridge Garrison
    LGLewis Gun
    LGLondon Gazette - official British government publication of decorations, honours and promotions
    LGCLanding Craft Control
    LGDSLife Guards
    LHLocal Headquarters
    LILight Infantry
    LIJITLeader in Job Instruction Training
    LincRLincolnshire Regiment
    LincYeoLincolnshire Yeomanry
    LItoCSGHQEAGp(Legal) Increment to Canadian Section General Headquarters, Echelon Army Group
    LLDenotes that a ship is fitted for magnetic minesweeping
    LLEandLLVLanding Lighters
    LLVLoop Laying Vessel
    LMBLight Mortar Battery - front line unit of light mortars used for direct fire support
    LMGLight Machine-Gun
    LMHRCAMCLauzon Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LMHRCAMCLethbridge Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LMHRCAMCLewisporte Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LMHRCAMCLondon Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LMHRCAMCLongueuil Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    LMSLondon, Midland and Scottish (Railway)
    LMULandline Maintenance Units
    LNQuebec-Labrador convoy
    LNERLondon and North-Eastern Railway
    LNLanRLoyal North Lancashire Regiment
    LNNoList of Navy Numbers
    LOACLaw of Armed Conflict
    LOCOLiaison Officers, Combined Operations
    LofCLine(s) of Communication
    LofCFSPSLine of Communication Field Security Police Station
    LofCPSCPCLine of Communication Provost Section C. Provost Corps
    LofCS(P)CGRULine of Communication Section (Provost) Canadian General Reinforcement Unit
    LofCSRCCSLine of Communication Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    LofCTrpsSerIncrLine of Communication Troops Service Increment
    LondRLondon Regiment
    LonGazLondon Gazette - official British government publication of decorations, honours and promotions
    LONNLiaison Officer Norwegian Navy
    Loth&BordHLothian and Border Horse
    LOULocalization of Units
    LPListening Post
    LPCLast Pay Certificate
    LPFLast Post Fund
    LPhotoLeading Photographer
    LPODRCOCLongue Pointe Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    LPtlmnLeading Patrolman
    LRRégiment de Lévis (French only)
    LRLayer Rating
    LRLayer Ratings
    LRAMLicentiate, Royal Academy of Music
    LRdeCLe Régiment de Chateauguay (French only)
    LRdeHLe Régiment de Hull (French only)
    LSLeading Seaman
    LSLanding Ships
    LS(CASF)Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin & Halton Regiment), Canadian Active Service Force
    LS(Postal)Leading Seaman (Postal)
    LS(R)Leading Seaman (Regulating)
    LS(Records)Localization Section (Records)
    LSALeading Stores Assistant
    LSALeading Supply Assistant
    LSBALeading Sick Berth Attendant
    LSCLanding Ship, Carrier (Derrick-hoisting)
    LSCTCLight Scout Car Training Centre
    LSDLanding Ship, Dock (U.S.)
    LSELanding Ship, Emergency Repair
    LSgtLance Sergeant
    LSHLord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) - cavalry unit first established for the South African War
    LSILanding Ship, Infantry
    LSigLeading Signalman
    LSjtLance Sergeant
    LSTLanding Ship, Tank
    LStoLeading Stoker
    LSto(FF)Leading Stoker (Fire Fighter)
    LStwdLeading Stewart
    LSVWLight Support Vehicle Wheeled
    Lt INFLieutenant Infirmiere
    LtCdrLieutenant Commander
    LtechElectronic Technician (Sea)
    LTelLeading Telegraphist
    LTOLeading Torpedoman
    LVoltdeQLes Voltigeurs de Québec (French only)
    LVTLanding Vehicle, Tracked
    LWCA (TC)'L'' Wing Canadian Army (Training Centre)
    LWOPLeave Without Pay and Allowances
    LWPLeave With Pay
    LWtrLeading Writer
    LZLondon Division

M - Abbreviation begining with the letter M

    MMinister, National Defence
    M & DMedals and Decorations
    M & SMunitions and Supply
    M&DMedals & Decorations - list of theatre medals or decorations received for military service, as well as special citations
    M&DMedicine and Return to Duty
    M&JWSMountain & Jungle Warfare School
    M&WasstMunitions and Weapons Assistant
    M&WtechMunitions and Weapons Technician
    M(N)Minister for Naval Services
    M(No)Captain "M" (Number) Mine Laying Squadron
    M/AMeal Allowance
    M/FMedium Frequency
    m/nMarginally Named
    M/SAuxMinesweepers Auxiliary
    M/SBanMinesweepers Bangor
    M/SBasMinesweepers Bassett
    M/SMotorMinesweepers Motor
    M/SWoodMinesweepers Wooden
    M/TMotor Transport
    M1Army Service Corps, Mechanical Transport Section
    M2Army Service Corps, Electricians
    MAMeal Allowance
    MAMedical Assistant
    MA/SBIMotor Torpedo Boat fitted with asdic set and depth charges
    MA/STUMobile Asdic Training Unit
    MAAMedium Anti Aircraft (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    MAAMaster at Arms
    MAAFMediterranean Allied Air Forces
    MACMotor Ambulance Convoy
    MACMinesweeping Craft
    MACMerchant Aircraft Carriers
    MACMerchant-Ship Aircraft Carrier
    MACMinesweeping Attendant
    MACMotor Ambulance Car or Convoy
    MachAccOpMachine Accounting Operator
    MACR(A)D(Manitoba) Armoured Car Regiment (Armoured) Division
    MACRCAMCMotor Ambulance Convoy, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MACRIMaritime Atlantic Coastal Routing Instructions
    MADMagnetic Air Detector
    MAGUMaster Gunner
    maintMaintain, maintained or maintenance
    MAMSMobile Air Movement Section
    ManchRManchester Regiment
    MANSRMiramichi Area North Shore Regiment
    MAOMedical Associate
    MARCOMMaritime Command
    MAREMaritime Engineering
    MarEngTMarine Engineering Technician
    MARIMercantile Atlantic Routing Instructions
    MARSMaritime Surface and Sub-surface
    MARURCOCMobile Ammunition Repair Unit, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    MATPMobilization Assignment Training Plan
    MBMedal of Bravery
    MBMilitary Band
    MB(EGB)Military Band (Esquimalt Garrison Band)
    MB(M)Motordrome Barracks (Montreal)
    MBCMotorboat Crewman
    MBEMember of the Order of the British Empire
    MBEOrder of the British Empire (Member)
    MBLRCAMCMobile Bacteriological Laboratory, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MBM1Soldiers Pay Book
    MBRCAMedium Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
    MBSSMMedical Board Sault St. Marie
    MBTCMines Booby Traps Course
    MBURCOCMobile Bath Unit, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    MCMilitary Cross - award given to officers for specific act(s) of bravery, or for meritorious service
    MCMemorial Cross
    MCMobile Canteen
    MCMotorcycle Course
    MC of SMilitary College of Science
    MC(I)Mule Convoy (India)
    Mc/sMegacycles per second
    MCCMilitary Career Counsellor
    MCDManager Constructive Dept.
    MCDVMaritime Coastal Defence Vessel
    MCHMalton Convalescent Hospital
    MCIMercantile Convoy Instructions
    MCMHRCAMCMaple Creek Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MCMHRCAMCMacdonald College Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MCRCAMCMedical Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MCS(C)Movement Control Staff (Canada)
    MCS(C)Motor Landing Craft Carrying Ship
    MDManning Depot
    MDMilitary Depot - designated military administrative areas in Canada (13 in number)
    MDMilitary District - (or Depot) designated military administrative areas in Canada (13 in number)
    MD#5&CCVCMilitary District #5 & Camp Commander Valcartier Camp
    MD1Military District 1 Western Ontario (London)
    MD11Military District 11 British Columbia (Victoria)
    MD12Military District 12 Saskatchewan (Regina)
    MD13Military District 13 Alberta (Calgary)
    MD2Military District 2 Central Ontario (Toronto)
    MD3Military District 3 Eastern Ontario (Kingston)
    MD4Military District 4 Western Quebec (Montreal)
    MD5Military District 5 Eastern Quebec (Quebec)
    MD6Military District 6 Maritime Provinces (Halifax)
    MDBMilitary Detention Barracks
    MDBBOMilitary Detention Barracks Brampton, Ontario
    MDBSBCPCMilitary Detention Barracks Stanley Barracks Canadian Provost Corps
    MDCMobile Deperming Craft
    MDGMedical Director-General
    Md'HonMédaille d'Honneur (France)
    MDHQSMilitary District Headquarters Staff
    MDSMain Dressing Station
    MDUMobile Deperming Unit
    MEACMilitary Engineers Association of Canada
    MechDirector of Mechanization
    MechMechanic, mechanical or machanized
    MechEqpt(Pk)(Coy)Mechanical Equipment (Park) (Company)
    MechTprMechanical Transport
    MEDManager Engineering Dept. or Mediterranean and Red Sea Area
    MedAMedical Assistant
    MedBdMedical Board
    MedCTRMedical Centre
    Med-EvacMedical Evacuation
    MedsDirector General of Medical Services
    MEFMediterranean Expeditionary Force
    MEFMesopotamian Expeditionary Force
    MEIRIMercantile East Indies Routing Instructions
    MEOMercantile Equipment Office (Naval)
    MESPSRCEMechanical Equipment Spare Parts Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
    MESRCECMFMechanical Equipment Section, Royal Canadian Engineers, Central Mediterranean Force
    MESuptMobile Equipment Superintendent
    METMeteorology or meteorological
    METechMobile Equipment Technician
    MetOMeteorological Observer
    MetTechMeteorological Technician
    MEXEMechanical Equipment Experimental Establishment
    MFMediterranean Fleet
    MFAMercantile Fleet Auxiliary
    MFBMaster File Maintenance
    MFB1444Re/Engagement Form - Non-Permanent Active Militia
    MFB1481Absentees and Deserters - Transportation particulars
    MFB1482Absentees and Deserters - Incidental Expense Statement
    MFB227Medical History of an Invalid
    MFB235Attestation Paper - Permanent Force
    MFB241Discharge Certificate - Permanent Force of Canada (Duplicate copy of)
    MFB241aDischarge Certificate - Permanent Force of Canada (Duplicate copy of - French)
    MFB241bDischarge Certificate of Permanent Force of Canada
    MFB264Charge Report
    MFB287Appointment to a Commission
    MFB292Morning Sick Report
    MFB313aMedical Case History Sheet
    MFB313bMedical History Sheet - Permanent Force
    MFB350Certificate of Discharge - Non-Permanent Active Militia
    MFB375Court of Inquiry - Record of Declaration
    MFB465Dental History Sheet
    MFB483Description of a Deserter
    MFC800Individuals Clothing and Equipment statement
    MFD930aLast Pay Certificate Canadian Active Service Force
    MFMMaster File Maintenance
    MFM1Officer's Declaration Paper
    MFM1&2bFollow Sheet for Master File Maintenance 1 and Master file Maintenance 2
    MFM10Form of Will
    MFM103Enrolment Form National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940 Personnel
    MFM12Certificate of Medical Unfitness
    MFM141Certificate of Medical Unfitness national Resources Mobilization Act of 1940
    MFM141Index Pay Card (Pay)
    MFM150Certificate of Medical Examination, Canadian Women's Army Corps
    MFM153Attestation From, Canadian Women's Army Corps
    MFM154Canadian Women's Army Corps Discharge Certificate
    MFM16Application for Dependent's Allowance (Wife & Child)
    MFM16aApplication for Dependent's Allowance (Other Supplementary)
    MFM16bApplication for Dependent's Allowance (Other Dependents)
    MFM16dCertificate of Examination (Births, Marriages, Deaths)
    MFM16eCanadian Active Service Force Request for Investigation
    MFM16fList of Documents (Evidence of Claim)
    MFM16gCard Re: Application for Dependent's Allowance
    MFM17Assignment of Pay Form (All Ranks)
    MFM18Stop Payment Form (Assigned Pay)
    MFM181Fingerprint Form
    MFM182Identification Form
    MFM18aStop Payment Form (Assigned Pay)
    MFM19Changes in Assigned Pay
    MFM2Attestation Papers, Other Ranks, English
    MFM216Certificate of Apprehension (Absent without leave or Deserter) Canadian Women's Army Corps
    MFM23Proceedings on Discharge
    MFM24Certificate of Service General Order 139/39
    MFM30Records Cards
    MFM30X-Ray, Inspection of Chests
    MFM4Service and Casualty Form (Part 1)
    MFM55Particulars of Family
    MFM55Receipt for a Soldier's Documents
    MFM6Field Conduct Sheet
    MFM7Discharge Certificate - Original - (linen)
    MFM8Certificate of Service, Officers and Nursing Sisters
    MFM81Proceedings of an Officer or Nursing Sister
    MFM88Protection Certificate
    MFM9Extension of Service - Permanent Force
    MFM94Application for War Service Badge 'General Service Class'
    MFM99Voluntary Transfer Form
    MFPMilitary Foot Police
    MFRCMilitary Family Resource Centre
    MFVMotor Fishing Vessel
    MFW2463Report of Death of a Soldier (Location of grave)
    MFW2570Report of Death of a Soldier (Location of grave)
    MGMachine Gun
    MGMedical Guard
    MGAMajor General in charge of Administration
    MGBMotor Gun-Boat
    MGCMachine Gun Corps
    MGCCavMachine Gun Corps Cavalry
    MGCTMajor-General Combined Training
    MGGSMajor General, General Staff
    MGHUMachine Gun Holding Unit
    MGOMaster General of the Ordnance
    MGRAMajor General, Royal Artillery
    MGRUMachine Gun Reinforcement Unit
    MGSMachine Gun Squadron
    MGTCMachine Gun Training Centre
    MGTC(NRMA)Machine Gun Training Centre (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
    MGTC(RF)Machine Gun Training Centre (Reserve Fleet)
    MHMilitary Hospital
    MHCMiscellaneous Harbour Craft
    MHHRCAMCMontmagny Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MHHRCAMCMontreal Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MHHRCAMCMulgrave Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MHLRCAMCMobile Hygiene Laboratory, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MIAMissing in Action - casualty whose whereabouts and status (alive, dead or captured) after an action are unknown
    MIAMounted Infantry
    MICMedical Instructions Camp
    MIDMentioned in Despatches - commendation by commanding officer for outstanding or meritorious service
    Midd'xRMiddlesex Regiment
    MidRMidland Regiment
    MilMilitary - organization responsible for defending a country or for the conduct of a war
    MILEMilitary Engineering
    MilHosMilitary Hospital
    MilMedMilitary Medal for Good Service (Portugal)
    MILOMilitary Intelligence Liaison Officer
    MINMine, minecraft (U.S.)
    Min(A)Minister for Air
    MIOMaritime Interdiction Operations
    MIRMedical Inspection Room
    MISMinistry of Information
    MISMercantile Intelligence Section (Naval)
    MissMissing - location of an individual is unknown
    MJGEMajor General
    MLMotor Launch
    MLMissing List
    ML&BUMobile Laundry and Bath Unit
    ML&FDUMobile Laundry & Forward Decontamination Unit
    MLBMotor Landing Barge (U.S.)
    MLBMotor Lifeboat (GG) (U.S.)
    MLCMotor Landing Craft
    MLOMilitary Liaison Officer or Military Landing Officer
    MLOCMinimum Level of Capability
    MLRUMobile Land Repair Units
    MLVMine Laying Vessels
    MLVWMedium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled
    MMMotor Mechanic
    MMMilitary Medal - medal for bravery awarded to other ranks (non-officers)
    MMMeteorologist's Mate
    MMGMotor Machine Gun
    MMGMedium Machine Gun
    MMGCMotor Machine Gun Corps
    MMHRCAMCMagantic Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MMHRCAMCMewata Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MMHRCAMCMimico Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MMHRCAMCMonteith Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    MmilMédaille Militaire (France) (French only)
    MMLManual of Military Law
    MMMMember of the Order of Military Merit
    MMPMiscellaneous Military Personnel
    MMPMilitary Mounted Police
    MMPITestMinnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test
    MMRManitoba Mounted Rifles
    MMRMercantile Marine Reserve
    MMSMercantile Movements Section (Naval)
    MMSMotorcycle Maintenance School
    MMTPMilitary Medical Training Plan
    MMUMulti-National Medical Unit
    MNBMobile Naval Base
    MNBDOMobile Naval Base Defence Organization
    MNCMerchant Navy Code
    MNDMinister of National Defence
    MNEUMission Navale Etats Unis, Washington
    MNOPFMerchant Navy Officer's Pension Fund
    MNPMerchant navy Privilege
    MNSManager of Naval Stores
    MOMedical Officer
    MOMeteorological Observer
    MOMeteorological Technician
    MO(D)Medical Officer (Dental)
    MO(s)Militia Order
    MobMobile or mobilization
    MOBMan overboard
    MobnMobile or mobilization
    MOCMilitary Occupation Code
    MOCMilitary Operation Code
    MOCOMPMaintenance of Competency (Physicians Only)
    MOEFMid-Ocean Escort Force
    MOFMaster of the Fleet
    MofWTMinistry of War Transport
    MOGMedical Officer of the Guard
    MOMPMid Ocean Meeting Point
    MonmouthRMonmouthshire Regiment
    MORTMaintenance Officer Rescue Tugs
    MOSIDMilitary Occupation Structure Identification Description
    MOTPMedical Officer Training Plan
    MOUMemorandum of Understanding
    MovMovement Control Staff
    MPMemorial Plaque
    MPMilitary Police
    MPMilitary Policeman
    MPMuster Parade
    MP&DBMain Party
    MP&DBMilitary Prison & Detention Barracks
    MPCCMilitary Police Complaints Commission
    MPCRIMercantile Pacific Coastwise Routeing Instructions
    MPDMilitary Prisons Department
    MPIMean Point of Impact
    MPOMoving Picture Operators
    MPRIMercantile Pacific Routeing Instructions
    MPSManning Priority System
    MPSCMilitary Provost Staff Corps
    MPSCAO/SMobile Printing Section Canadian Army Overseas
    MQMSMechanic Quartermaster-Sergeant
    MRMounted Rifles
    MRRégiment de Maisonneuve (French only)
    MRRégiment de Montmagny (French only)
    MRMotor Regiment
    MRMedium Regiment
    MRMidland Regiment
    MRMobilization & Recruiting Section of Organization
    MRCMilitary Research Centre
    MRDMoncton Recruiting Depot
    MRDManitoba Regimental Depot - facility behind front used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    MRFLes Fusiliers de Mont-Royal (French only)
    MRSSMedium Regiment Signals Section
    MSMotor Ship (U.S.)
    MSMedical Staff
    MSMilitary Secretary
    MSMaster Sergeant
    MSMechanical Specials
    MS(No)Senior Officer (Number) Minesweeping Flotilla
    MSAMilitary Service Act (Canada 1917)
    MSBMedical Selection Boards
    MSBMilitary Service Branch
    MSCMedical Staff Corps
    MSDMedical Stores Depot
    MSDMunitions & Supply Depot
    MSEMobile Support Equipment
    MSEOMobile Support Equipment Officer
    MSEOPMobile Support Equipment Operator
    MSF(No)(Number) Minesweeping Group
    MSFFMoroccan Sea Frontier
    MSG(No)(Number) Minesweeping Group
    MsgtMaster Sergeant
    MSLCMount Saint Louis Contingent
    MSLSH(Mechanized) Squadron Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
    MSMMeritorious Service Medal
    MSMMechanic Sergeant-Major
    MSRTMMarine Superintendent Rescue Tugs Mediterranean
    MSSMechanist Staff Sergeant
    MSSCMilitary Store Staff Corps
    MSTechMechanical Systems Technician
    MStGeoMedal of Saint George (Russia)
    MTMotor Transport
    MTMechanical Transport
    MTAPMilitary Training Assistance Program
    MTBMotor Torpedo Boat
    MTCMilitia Training Centre
    MTC(A&TS)Military Training Centre (Administrative & Training Staff)
    MTCDSMilitary Training Centre District School
    MTCRCOCMechanics Training Centre, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    MTCTMilitia Training Centre Trainees
    MTDGB(B)Mechanical Transport Depot Guard Borden (Borden)
    MTDRCOCMechanized Transport Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    MTEMechanical Training Establishment
    MtechMetals Technician
    MTHUMechanical Transport Holding Units
    MTICMHQRCOCMechanical Transport Inspectorate Canadian Military Headquarter, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    MTIRCASCMechanical Transport Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    MTIRCEMEMechanical Transport Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and mechanical Engineers
    MtlTechMetals Technician
    MTMUMechanical Training Mobile Unit or Mobile Torpedo Maintenance Unit
    MTOMotor Transport Officer
    MTOMechanical Transport Officer (Air)
    MTOCMaintenance Training Officer Course
    MTOCMechanical Training Officer Course
    MTRMechanical Transport Regiment
    MTSMotor Transport Service
    MTSDRCOCMechanical Transport Sub Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    MtStBSCMount St. Bruno Summer Camp (Bruno Training Battalion & Bruno Summer Camp Headquarters)
    MTTSCRCOCMechanical Transport Technical Stores Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    MTVRDMechanical Transport Vehicle Reception Depot
    MTW/SSRCOCMechanical Transport Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    MTW/SSRCOCMilitary Training
    MTW/SSRCOCMobilization Training Centre
    MTW/SSRCOCMobilization Training Centre
    MTW/SSRCOCMovement Train
    MUMedically Unfit
    MUMaintenance Unit
    MVMuzzle Velocity
    MVMotor Vehicle
    MVOMember of the Royal Victorian Order
    MvtConMovements Controller
    MWMaintenance Wing
    MW,SSuptMetals Workshops Superintendent
    MWT(British) Ministry of War Transport
    MWTelOMarine Wireless Telegraph Operator
    MXMemorial Cross

N - Abbreviation begining with the letter N

    N/ANot applicable
    N/E UnitNon-Effective Unit
    N/KNot Known
    N/KNext of kin
    N/SNursing Sister(s)
    NANaval Attache
    NANaval Aircrewman
    NA(P and P)Naval Assistant (Policy and Plans)
    NAAFNorthwest African Air Force
    NAAFINavy, Army and Air Force Institute
    NABNaval Auxiliary Boats
    NACNaval Accommodation Camp
    NACNaval Assignment Sub-Committee for U.S. Ammunition Pool
    NACNew Apostle Church
    NACAFNorth African Air Force
    NACO(I)Naval Adviser, Combined Operations (India)
    nadNo Active Disease
    NADNaval Ammunition Depot
    NAFDUNaval Air Fighting Development Unit
    NAGSNaval Air Gunners School
    NAMPCBNaval Air Maintenance Party China Bay
    NAPNormal (sometimes Nieuw) Amsterdams(che) Peil
    NARNaval Air Representative
    NASNaval Air Station
    NASAFNorth African Strategic Air Force
    NASONaval Armament Supply Officer
    NASOLNaval Armament Supply Officer, Levant
    NATAFNorthwest African Tactical Air Force
    NATAFNorth African Tactical Air Force
    NatDefNational Defence
    NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
    NATOUSANorth African Theatre of Operations, U.S. Army
    NAVOPNaval Operations (U.S.)
    NAYNaval Auxiliary Yachts
    NBNew Brunswick
    NBGNew Barracks, Gosport
    NBHNew Brunswick Hussars
    NBMHRCAMCNorth Bay Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    NBONaval Stores Officers
    NBRNew Brunswick Rangers
    NBR(T)New Brunswick Regiment (Tank)
    NBRangersNew Brunswick Rangers
    NCETFNaval Commander Expeditionary Task Force
    NCGroupNaval Co-Operation Group
    NCMNon-Commissioned Members
    NCNAFNaval Commander Northern Attack Force
    NCONon-Commissioned Officer
    NCRNaval Central Registry
    NCR(Conf)Naval Central Registry (Confidential Section)
    NCSNaval Control Service
    NCSINaval Control Service Instructions
    NCSONaval Control Service Officer
    NCXFNaval Commander, Expeditionary Force
    NCycBnNorthern Cyclist Battalion
    NDANaval Distributing Authority
    NDANational Defence Act
    NDANaval Discipline Act
    NDCPCNewfoundland Detachment "C" Provost Corps
    NDHQNational Defence Headquarters
    NDHQCNational Defence Headquarters Constabulary
    NDHQCCDCNational Defence Headquarters Company, Canadian Disciplinary Centre OR Canadian Dental Corps
    NDHQCRCASCNational Defence Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    NDHQCRCOCNational Defence Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    NDHQS&SCIntCNational Defence Headquarters Security & Security Section Canadian Intelligence Corps
    NDHQSRSCNational Defence Headquarters Section, Royal Canadian Signals
    NDHQTCRCASCNational Defence Headquarters Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    NDHQVPENational Defence Headquarters Vehicle Proving Establishment
    NDONorthern Drafting Officer
    NDOCNational Defence Operations Centre
    NDOFPNon-Divisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    N-DOW/SRCOCNon-Divisional Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    NEANorth East Atlantic Area
    NECRINorthern Europe Coastal Route Instructions
    NEONew Entry Officer
    NEOCDENaval Experiment Officer, Chemical Defence Experimental Section
    N-EPNon-Effective Personnel
    NESNon-Effective Strength
    NETDNon-Effective Transit Depot
    N-ETWBNon-Effective Transit Wing Battalion
    NFNeutralising Fire
    NFCIEFNaval Force Commander, India Experimental Force
    NFORCENassau, Bahamas (Special Company The Pictou Highlanders)
    NGNew York-Guantanamo Convoy
    NGCSNaval General Call Sign
    NGONon Governmental Organization
    NHRNaval Historical Records
    NI(S)Naval Instructions to Salaried Consular Officers
    NI(U)Naval Instructions to Unsalaried Consular Officers
    NIMHRCAMCNeys Internment Camp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    NInfNaval Information Section
    NInfNaval Information
    NIrHNorth Irish Horse
    NISNational Investigation service
    NJTPNational Joint Training Plan
    NKBNot Kite Balloons
    NLNutrition Laboratories
    NLLabrador-Quebec Convoy
    NLO(A)Naval Liaison Officer (Australia)
    NLOTsNaval Liaison Officers Transports
    NMCNanaimo Military Camp
    NMCJSNaval Member Canadian Joint Staff
    NMCSNaval Member Canadian Staff
    NMedNaval Medical Officer, Naval Headquarters
    NMHNewmarket Military Hospital
    NMHRCAMCNanaimo Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    NMHRCAMCNeill Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    NMHRCAMCNeys Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    NMHRCAMCNiagara Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    NMOHSCNon-Medical Officers Hygiene Sanitation Course
    NNLONetherlands Naval Liaison Officer
    NNSHNorth Nova Scotia Highlanders
    NONaval Officer
    NOBNaval Operation Base (U.S.)
    NOBARGENNaval Operating Base, Argentina (U.S.)
    NOBERMNaval Operating Base, Bermuda (U.S.)
    NOBGTMONaval Operating Base, Guantanamo (U.S.)
    NOBHALIXNaval Operating Base, Halifax (U.S.)
    NOBSYDNaval Operating Base, Sydney (U.S.)
    NOBTRINNaval Operating Base, Trinidad (U.S.)
    NOCommNaval Orders Committee (Judge Advocate General)
    NOCSONeglecting Obey Camp Standing Orders
    NofKNext of Kin
    NOi/cNaval Officer-in-Charge
    NOICNaval Officer in charge
    NorfRNorfolk Regiment
    NorfYeoNorfolk Yeomanry
    NORIBNaval Officer's Relatives Information Bureau
    North'dFusNorthumberland Fusiliers
    North'dYeoNorthumberland Yeomanry
    North'nRNorthamptonshire Regiment
    North'nYeoNorthamptonshire Yeomanry
    Notts&DerbyRNottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment (The Sherwood Foresters)
    NOTWTNot Wireless Telegraphy
    NPANorth Pacific Area
    NPAMNon-Permanent Active Militia
    NPAMFNon-Permanent Active Militia Force
    NPAMTCA&TSNon Permanent Active Militia Training Centre Administrative & Training Staff
    NPDNaval Purchasing Division
    NPFNon Public Funds
    NPMNaval Provost Marshal
    NPPNon Public Property
    NPRNaval Personnel Records
    NPTNorthern Patrol Trawlers
    NRNumber (U.S.)
    NRCNavigational Raiding Craft
    NRCNational Research Council
    NREAtheist, Agnostic or no Religion
    NREFNorth Russia Expeditionary Force
    NRMA(of 1940)National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940
    NRSSTPNaval Reserve Summer Student Training Program
    NSNursing Sister
    NSNaval Storesman
    NSNorwegian Ship
    NSNova Scotia
    NS(No)Naval Service file number
    NSANorth Sea Area
    NSBNaval Servicing Boat
    NSCNaval Shore Code
    NSCRCSNewfoundland Signal Company, Royal Canadian Signals
    NSDCNaval Surplus Disposal Committee
    NSDRCOCNanaimo Sub-Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    NSecNaval Secretary
    NSHQNaval Service Headquarters
    NSISNaval Store Issuing Ship
    NSONaval Store(s) Officer
    NSomYeoNorth Somerset Yeomanry
    NSR(NB)North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
    NSRDNova Scotia Regimental Depot - facility behind front used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    NSSCNational Security Studies Course
    NStaffsRNorth Staffordshire Regiment
    NSTCNova Scotia Technical College
    NStrNursing Sisters
    NSTS(No)Naval Services Top Secret file number
    NT&YRSNorthwest Territories & Yukon Radio System
    NTA(East)(West)Northern Transit Area East/West
    NTSNaval Transportation Service (U.S.)
    NursANursing Assistant
    NVACNaval Volunteer Ambulance Corps
    NVT&TSNight Vision Training & Testing School
    NWANorth West Atlantic Area
    NWAAFNorth West African Air Force
    NWACNorth West Air Command
    NWACFNorth West African Coastal Air Force
    NWBNew Wellington Barracks
    NWDRCCSNorth West Detachment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    NWENorth West Echelon
    NWENorthwest Europe
    NWHMENorthwest Highway Maintenance Establishment
    NWHSNorthwest Highway System
    NWRNaval Weekly Report
    NWS1Medical Examination and Certificate Form, National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940
    NWT&YRSRCSNorthwest Territories & Yukon Radio System Royal Canadian Signals
    NXNaval Exchange
    NXFRONCommander New Zealand Frontier
    NYBOSNavy Yard, Boston (U.S.)
    NYDNaval Yard (U.S.)
    NYDNot Yet Determined - a medical condition not yet diagnosed
    NYDNot Yet Diagnosed - a medical condition not yet diagnosed
    NYPEATLNavy Yard Pearl Harbour (U.S.)
    NZNew Zealand
    NZLONew Zealand Liaison Officer
    NZMRNew Zealand Mounted Rifles
    NZNBNew Zealand Naval Board
    NZRBNew Zealand Rifle Brigade

O - Abbreviation begining with the letter O

    OOperations Branch of the General Staff
    OQualified Naval Observer
    O/COfficer Commanding
    O/CdtOfficer Cadet
    O/SOrdinary Seaman
    O/SDCCODRCOCOverseas Detachment Canadian Camp Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    OAOrdnance Artificer
    OA,1c(or2c,3c,4c,5c)Ordnance Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
    OACOntario Agricultural College
    OACOttawa Area Command
    OACOrdnance Ammunition Company
    OACRCOCOrdnance Ammunition Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    OACROOttawa Area Command Routine Orders
    OAMCUOverseas Air Movements Control Unit
    OAPObservation Amphibian Plane (U.S.)
    OARCEOfficer Administering, Royal Canadian Engineers
    OBEOrder of the British Empire
    OBLIOxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
    OBVOcean Boarding Vessel
    OCOfficer Commanding
    OCOfficer Cadet
    OCOfficer of the Order of Canada
    OCOfficer's Clerk
    OCDPOfficer Career Development Plan
    OCdrOrdinary Coder
    OCommOrders Committee
    OCRCRCAMCOakville Casualty Retraining Centre, Royal Canadian army Medical Corps
    OCRNOfficer Commanding, Royal Navy
    OCTOfficer Cadet in Training
    OCTPOfficer Candidate Training Plan
    OCTPOfficer Cadet Training Plan
    OCTUOfficers Cadet Training Unit
    OCWOfficer-in-Charge Works
    ODAir Mechanic (Ordnance)
    ODCOrdnance Depot Company
    ODSRCOCOrdnance Depot Saskatoon, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    ODTOffice of Defence Transportation
    OEOOrdnance Engineer Office
    OffcCdtOfficer Cadet
    OGpOrders Group
    OGSOfficer General Specification
    OHAOsmali Horse Artillery
    OHFOccupational History Form
    Oi/cOfficer of Charge
    OICOsmali Irregular Cavalry
    OinCOrder in Council
    OItoCSGHQEA(Ordnance) Increment to Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon Army Group
    OKHOberkommando des Heeres (Army High Command, Berlin)
    OKWOberkommando der Wehrmacht (Armed Forces High Command)
    OLPObservation Landplane (U.S.)
    OMOverseas Minister
    OMOrder of Merit
    OMDOrdnance Medical Department
    OMERUOrdnance Mechanical Engineers Reinforcement Unit
    OMFCOverseas Military Forces of Canada - Canadian cabinet ministry that conducted Canadian military affairs in London, England
    OMHRCAMCOrillia Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    OMHRCAMCOttawa Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    OMHRCAMCOzada Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    OMMOfficer of the Order of Military Merit
    OMOOrdnance Mechanical Officer
    ONUnited Kingdom-North America Convoy
    ONOfficial Number
    ONSUnited Kingdom-North America Slow Convoy
    OntROntario Regiment
    OntRgtOntario Regiment
    ONUCOrganisation des Nations Unies au Congo
    OOOrdnance Officer
    OOOperation(al) Order
    OODOfficer of the Day
    OofPCTintheFAAIOffice of the Paymaster Canadian Troops in the Field Allied Armies in Italy
    OoftheI-GOffice of the Inspector-General
    OoftheJAGOffice of the Judge Advocate General
    OOGOfficer of the Guard
    OOPOfficer of Patrol
    OOPEOfficer in charge Office Practice & Equipment (Naval)
    OOWOfficer of the Watch
    opOperate, operated, operation, operational or operator
    OPObservation Post
    OPDOther Protestant Denomination
    OPDPOfficer Professional Development Program
    OpEEqptOperator Engineering Equipment
    OPIOffice of Primary Interest
    OPMEOfficer Professional Military Education
    OpMMEOperator Mechanic Mobile Equipment
    OPNAVChief of Naval Operations (U.S.)
    OpRmAOperating Room Assistant
    OprsDirector of Military Operations & Intelligence
    OpSbdOperator Switchboard
    OpsOOperations Officer
    OpSSEOperator (Special Engineering Equipment)
    OPtlmnOrdinary Patrolman
    OPVOffshore Patrol Vessel
    OQOccupation Qualification
    OROperating Room Assistant
    OROther Rank(s)
    OROrderly Room
    OROther Rank
    OROntario Regiment
    OROxford Rifles
    ORBSOverseas Recorded Broadcasting Service
    ORDOrdinary Seaman
    OrgDirector of Organization
    ORPPolish Ship
    ORSOrderly Room Sergeant
    ORSOttawa Routeing Summary
    ORSEOrderly Room Sergeant
    OSOfficers School
    OSOrdinary Seaman
    OSOverseas - all areas outside the territorial waters of North America
    OSOfficer's Steward
    OS(Records)Observation Section
    OSABOfficer's Selection Appraisal Board (O-1 Officers' Training Centre)
    OSACOfficer Selection Appraisal Centre
    OSAIRCOCOrdnance Stores Accounting Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    OSCOrdnance Staff Corps
    OSCOrdnance Store Company
    OSCRCOCOrdnance Store Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    OSigOrdinary Signalman
    OSMSCMHQRCOCOrdnance Services Mobilization Staff, Canadian Military Headquarters, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    OSQOccupation Specialty Qualification
    OSRDOffice of Scientific Research and Development
    OSSDRCOCOfficers Shop Supply Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    OTAruba-Dakar convoy
    OTOccupation Transfer
    OTCOfficers Training Centre
    OTCOfficer Training Corps
    OTCOfficer in Tactical Command (U.S.)
    OTCOfficer Training Candidate
    OTC"R"Officers Training Centre "Reserve"
    OTelOrdinary Telegraphist
    OTSOfficers Training School
    OTSOperational Training Squadron
    OTUOperational Training Unit(s)
    OUOfficial Use
    OW/SCoyRCOCOttawa Workshop Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    OW/SRCEMEOttawa Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    OW/SRCOCOrdnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    Ox&BucksLIOxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
    OxfYeoOxfordshire Yeomanry
    OXVOuter Examination Vessel

P - Abbreviation begining with the letter P

    PQualified Pilot duties
    P&APay and Allowance
    P&JSURCAMCPlastic & Jaw Surgery Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    P&NHDepartment of Pensions & National Health
    P&NH100Department of Pensions and National Health Hospital (Cases)
    P&NH102X-Ray Report Department of Pensions and National Health
    P&OPeninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co
    P&RTPhysical and Recreational
    P&SPlaque & Scroll (Memorial) - given to the families of soldiers who died during service
    P/LPlain Language
    P/LPrivilege Leave
    P/OPilot Officer
    P1Petty Officer 1st Class
    P2Petty Officer 2nd Class
    PAPut away
    PAPersonal Assistant
    PAPhysiotherapy Aide
    PAPrince Albert Volunteers
    PAProphylactic Ablution Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    PACPublic Archives of Canada
    PADSPassive Air Defence Section
    PaffPublic Affairs
    PAFU(Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit
    PAICPersian and Iran Commands
    PALOPort Amenities Liaison Officer
    PAMPermanent Active Militia
    PAMPermanent Active Militia of Canada
    PAMHRCAMCPort Arthur Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    PAMHRCAMCPrince Albert Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    PandRTPhysical and Recreational Training Officer
    PAO(I)Principal Administrative Officer (India)
    PAPDO(I)Plastic Armour Protection Development Officer (India)
    PAPO(I)Plastic Armour Protection Officer (India)
    Part IIPart II Orders
    Part II OPart II Orders
    Part II OCAPPart II Orders Civil Affairs Pool
    Part II ODHQCAPOPart II Orders Defence Headquarters Canadian Army Post Office
    Part II'sPart II Orders
    Part III OCADPart III Orders Civil Affairs Depot
    Part/ServParticulars of Service
    PatPatrol Boat
    PATSPre/aircrew Training Schools
    PAVPrince Albert Volunteers
    PAVGPrince Albert's Volunteer Guard
    PayDirectory of Pay Services
    Paymr(Rank)Paymaster (Rank)
    PBPipe Band
    PBPatrol Boat
    PBPounder Battery
    PBFRPatrol Boat Fisherman's Reserve
    PBMPrincipal Beach Master
    PBSPrefabricated Bituminous Surfacing
    PBTUPort Bn. Training Unit
    PCPlane Captain
    PCPacific Command
    PCPrivy Council
    PCPrivy Council (Orders)
    PCPractical Course
    PCPatrol Vessel Submarine Chaser (US)
    PC180 ft. Army Salvage or At Sea Vessel
    PCPaymaster Clerk
    PC(RCMP)Provost Company (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
    PC2ndEPacific Command 2nd Echelon
    PCBProtected Communications Building
    PCCFProgress Captain Coastal Forces
    PCCWACKDPlatoon Company Canadian Women's Army Corps, Kingston Detachment
    PCETPersonnel Controller Eastern Theatre
    PCforQMSPractical Course for Quarter Master Sergeants
    PCMRPacific Coast Militia Rangers
    PCPTPaymaster Captain
    PCRCASCPacific Command, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    PCRCASCPort Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    PCSPersonnel Counsellors School
    PCSPilot Conversation School
    PCSISPacific Command Security Intelligence Section
    PCTPaymaster Canadian Troops
    PCTCProvost Corps Training Centre
    PCWTCRCASCPacific Command Water Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    PDPer Day
    PDProfessional Development
    PD (No)Admiralty Record Office File Number
    PD CoordPersonnel and Defence Co-ordinator
    PD&HregtPeel, Dufferin & Halton Regiment
    PDCProfessional Development Council
    PDCPCPostal Detachment, Canadian Postal Corps
    PDEVPersonnel Development (to be issued)
    PDGPaymaster Director General
    PDOPassive Defence Officer
    PDOPort Defence Officer
    PDRCAPCPetawawa Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    PDSCPermanent Degaussing Specification Centre
    PEPermanently Employed
    PEPermanent Establishment
    PE&RPhysical Education and Recreation
    PEARLPeal Harbour (U.S.)
    PEIPermanently Employed Instructor
    PEIPrince Edward Island
    PEIHPrince Edward Island Highlanders
    PEILHPrince Edward Island Light Horse
    PembrokeYeoPembroke Yeomanry
    PENTPentecostal Church
    PEOPrincipal Engineering Officer
    PERPersonnel Evaluation Report
    PERIPhysical Education and Recreation Instructor
    PermBr(s)Permanent Bridge(s)
    PEROPrincipal Emergency Repair Officer
    PersDirectory of Personnel Services
    PFPermanent Force
    PFLOPort Facilities Liaison Officer
    PFOProbationary Flight Officer
    PGPatrol Vessel, Gunboat (U.S.)
    PGProving Ground
    PG FtrPlumber Gas Fitter
    PGDRCEMEProving Ground Detachment, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    PGMHRCAMCPrince George Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    phPhotograph, Photographer, Photographic
    PHPictou Highlanders
    PHEPlastic High Explosive
    Photo(N)Photo Section (Naval)
    PhtTechPhotographic Technician
    PhysoOTAidePhysio-Occupations Therapy Aide
    PIPlot and Radar Instructor
    PIATProjector, Infantry, Anti-Tank
    PISEPioneer Sergeant
    PITBPacific Infantry Training Battalion
    PJBDPermanent Joint Board on Defence
    PLPrincess Louise Fusiliers (Now 23rd Army Tank Regiment)
    PLPrivileged leave
    PL(NB)HPrincess Louise (New Brunswick) Hussars
    PLDPost Living Differential
    PLDGPrincess Louise Dragoon Guards
    PLEPrudent Limit of Endurance
    PLFusPrincess Louise Fusiliers
    PLPMHRCAMCPortage La Prairie Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    PLQPrimary Leadership Qualification
    PLTPilot Officer
    PLYPlymouth Division
    PMProvost Marshall
    PMPolar Medals
    PMatPrincipal Matron
    PMatronPrincipal Matron
    PMCCMSCPetawawa Military Camp Corps of Military Staff Clerks
    PMCTPay Master Corps Troops
    PMCTDRCAPCPaymaster Canadian Troops Detachment Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    PMedPreventive Medicine
    PMHRCAMCPetawawa Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    PMHRCAMCPeterboro Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    PMLPreferred Manning Level
    PMMLPilot Model Mobile Laundry
    PMOPrincipal Medical Officer
    PMPSPermanent Military Provost Staff
    PMQPermanent Married Quarters
    PMTOPrincipal Medical Transport Officer
    PNPatrol Vessel, Eagles (Eagle Boat) (U.S.)
    PNAPolish Naval Attache
    PNLOPrincipal British Naval Liaison Officer to Allied Navies
    PnrPioneer - member of a pioneer battalion, used for specialized engineering work in rear areas
    Pnr(Bn)Pioneer (Battalion)
    PNSOPort Minesweeping Officer
    POPetty Officer
    POPerformance Objective
    POPilot Officer
    POPortsmouth Division
    PO(Postal)Petty Officer (Postal)
    POAPacific Ocean Area
    POCdrPetty Officer Coder
    POCkPetty Officer Cook
    POEPort of Embarkation
    POETPerformance Oriented Electronic Training
    PofWORPrincess of Wales Own Regiment
    PofWRPrince of Wales Rangers
    POMPetty Officer Mechanic
    POMMDPrincipal Officer Mercantile Marine Depot
    POSMPetty Officer Stoker Mechanic
    PostBase Post Office
    PostClkPostal Clerk
    POStwdPetty Officer Steward
    POTelPetty Officer Telegraphist
    POWPrisoner of War
    POWEDCProCPrisoner of War Escort Detachment Canadian Provost Corps
    POWtrPetty Officer Writer
    PPPalestinian Ports
    PPParachutist Pay
    PPPrincess Pat's (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry)
    PPAPO(I)Port Plastic Armour Protection Officers (India)
    PPCBPresident, Pensions & Claims Board
    PPCLIPrincess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry - Canadian regiment of experienced soldiers privately established by Hamilton Galt
    PPOPrincipal Priority Officer
    PPOpPower Plant Operator
    PPSPriority Point Score
    PQPractical Qualifications
    PQProvince of Quebec
    PRRiver Gunboat (U.S.)
    PRPhysical and Recreational trainer
    PRPublic Relations
    PR(M)Perth Regiment (Motor)
    PRADOPort Radar Officer
    PRAHQPrince Rupert Area Headquarters
    PRBPerformance Review Board
    PRBProgress Review Board
    PRCProgress Review Committee
    PreOCTUSPre. Officers Cadet Training Unit School
    PRESPrimary Reserve
    PrintChief of Printing & Stationery
    PrivLeavePrivileged Leave
    PrivLvePrivileged leave
    PRLOPrincipal Repair Liaison Officer
    PRMHRCAMCPeace River Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    PRMHRCAMCPrince Rupert Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    PRO(Officer)Director of Public Relations (Army)
    ProvProvost Corps
    PRTOPrincipal Railway Transport Officer
    PRVPatrol Service Central Depot
    PSPublic Schools
    PS(Army)Private Secretary to the Minister (Army)
    PS(N)Private Secretary to the Minister (Naval)
    PSAPersonnel Support Agency
    PSEPaymaster Sergeant
    PSERPay Sergeant
    PSFPanama Sea Frontier
    PSMPlatoon Sergeant-Major
    PSMPlatoon Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer III)
    PSOPersonnel Selection Officer
    PSODPermanent Staff Organization Duty
    PSPPierced Steel Plank
    PS-SProvost Sub-Sections
    PSTOPrincipal Sea Transport Officer
    PSTOMEPrincipal Sea Transport Officer, Middle East
    PSVOPrincipal Salvage Officer
    PSWQPlatoon Support Weapons Qualifications
    PTPhysical Training
    PTPhysical and Recreational Training Instructor
    PTPatrol Vessel, Motor Torpedo Boat (U.S.)
    Pt IIPart II (orders relating to personnel of unit: promotions, courses attended, leave, disciplinary matters, etc)
    Pt II DOPart II Daily Orders
    Pt II OPart II Order(s) - administrative orders issued by a unit (see DO)
    PTBPacific Training Brigade
    PTCMotorboat, Submarine Chaser
    PTCOPrincipal Technical Costs Officer
    PtePrivate - lowest rank of enlisted soldier
    PTEAMPrivate Ambulance
    PTEBUPrivate Bugler
    PTEDRUPrivate Drummer
    PTEPIPrivate Pioneer
    PTFPacific Task Force
    PTIPhysical Training Instructor
    PTOPart II Order(s)
    PTPRCASCPetrol Tanker Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    PTSParachute Training School
    PTTRCASCPBFPack Transport Troop, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Polar Bear Force
    PTUPort Transit Unit
    PUOPyrexia - of unknown origin fever of an undetermined cause
    PWPlatoon Weapons
    PWPay Writer
    PWPhotographic Wing
    PWPrisoner(s) of War
    PWPublic Works
    PW/TOPort Wireless Telegraphy Officer
    PWDBPrisoner of War Detention Barracks
    PWEDPrisoner of War Information Bureau
    PWIBPrisoner of War Escort Detachment
    PWORPrincess of Wales Own Regiment
    PWPPost War Planning Committee
    PWRPrince of Wales Rangers
    PWSSPost War Signal Station
    PYcCoastal Yacht (U.S.)

Q - Abbreviation begining with the letter Q

    Q&RQuarters and Rations
    QAQuarters Allowance
    QAIMNSQueen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
    QAIMNSRQueen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Special Reserve
    QAPCoyQuebec Arsenal Protective Company
    QARNNSQueen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service
    QbranchQuartermaster General's Branch
    QCRCEQuarrying Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    QDMQualified Driver Mechanic
    QFQuick Firing
    QGMQueen's Gallantry Medal
    QIQuartermaster Instructor
    QLQualification Level
    QL"Q" List
    QMAACQueen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps
    QMCPLQuartermaster Corporal
    QMCPTQuartermaster Captain
    QMessagesA series of numbered messages giving changes in navigational information due to war conditions
    QMGQuartermaster General
    QMHRCAMCQuebec Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    QMSQuartermaster Sergeant
    QMSQuarter Master Sergeant (Warrant Officer Class II)
    QMSEQuartermaster Sergeant
    QMSIQuartermaster Sergeant Instructor
    QOCGQueen's Own Rifle Guards
    QOCHofCQueen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
    QOHCQueen's Own Corps of Guides
    QOLQuality of Life
    QOLPMOQuality of Life Management Office
    QOLSRBQuality of Life Senior Review Board
    QORQueen's Own Rifles of Canada
    QORGlasgowYeoQueen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry
    QORofCQueen's Own Rifles of Canada
    QOYDQueen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons
    QPBQueen's Park Barracks Staff
    QPBSQueen's Park Barracks
    QPMHRCAMCQueen's Park Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    QRQuebec Regiment
    QRQuarter Ratings
    QRQuarters Rate
    QRQuarters Rating
    QRQueen's Regulations
    QR&OQueen's Regulations and Orders
    QRDQuebec Regimental Depot - facility in England used to assemble men and to store and administer equipment and materials
    QSQuebec-Sydney Convoy
    QSMQuartermaster Sergeant-Major
    QueensSRQueen's Royal West Surrey Regiment
    QYR(1st AR)Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment)

R - Abbreviation begining with the letter R

    R&ARations and Allowances
    R&DRedesignated & Disbanded Units
    R&DURedesignated and Disbanded Units
    R&IRepair & Inspection
    R&ISECResearch & Information Section
    R&QRations & Quarters
    R&SofSRemission & Suspension of Sentence
    R/ARadio Acoustic
    R/S/LReturned Sailing List
    R/TRadio Telephony
    R22eRRoyal 22e Régiment (Available in french only)
    RAAir Electronic Technician
    RARadio Artificer
    RARadio Technician (Air)
    RARear Admiral
    RARegiment of Artillery
    RARoyal Artillery
    RA 3rd BSRear Admiral Third Battle Squadron
    RA(A)Rear Admiral Aircraft Carriers
    RA(M)Rear Admiral (Minelayers)
    RA(No)Rear Admiral (Number) Battle Squadron
    RA(V)Rear Admiral (''V'' Force)
    RA,1c(or2c,3c,4c,5c)Radio Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
    RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force
    RACRoyal Armoured Corps
    RAChDRoyal Army Chaplain's Department
    RACOB(WA)Rear Admiral Combined Operations Base (Western Approaches)
    RADRear Admiral Destroyers
    RadNavRadio Navigator
    RadOpRadio Operator
    RadSeaRadioman (Sea)
    RadTechRadio Technician
    RAERadio Equipment Assistant
    RAERoyal Aircraft Establishment
    RAECRoyal Army Education Corps
    RAECEFRear Admiral Escort Carriers Eastern Fleet
    RAEFACRear Admiral Eastern Fleet Aircraft Carriers
    RAFRoyal Air Force British - air force (Royal Flying Corps [RFC] before April 1918)
    RAGRifles Armoury Guards
    RALSURear Admiral Landing Ships Unallocated
    RAMCRoyal Army Medical Corps
    RAMCORoyal Army Medical Corps Officers
    RANRoyal Australian Navy
    RANAS(IO)Rear Admiral Naval Air Stations (Indian Ocean)
    RANVRRoyal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve
    RAORoyal Artillery Officers
    RAOCRoyal Army Ordnance Corps
    RAOCORoyal Army Ordnance Corps Officers
    RAPRegimental Aid Post
    RAPCRoyal Army Pay Corps
    RASCRoyal Army Service Corps
    RASpecRecreation and Athletic Specialist
    RATERear Admiral Training Establishments
    RAVCRoyal Army Veterinary Corps
    RBRifle Brigade
    RB(IC)Reconnaissance Battalion (In Canada)
    RBerksRRoyal Berkshire Regiment
    RCRecruiting Centre
    RCRelease Centre
    RCReselection Centre
    RCRoman Catholic
    RCRoyal Canadians
    RC(IaN)Refugee Camp (Ile aux Noix)
    RCARoyal Canadian Artillery
    RCA(CD)Royal Canadian Artillery (Coast Defence Branch)
    RCABRoyal Canadian Artillery Band
    RCACRoyal Canadian Armoured Corps
    RCACRoyal Canadian Army Cadets
    RCAC(MP)Royal Canadian Artillery Camp (Macauley Plains)
    RCACCRoyal Canadian Army Chaplain Corps
    RCACDRoyal Canadian Artillery Canadian Division
    RCAFRoyal Canadian Air Force
    RCAF(Aux)Royal Canadian Air Force (Auxiliary)
    RCAF(PR)Royal Canadian Air Force (Primary Reserve)
    RCAF(R)Royal Canadian Air Force (Regular)
    RCAHWENDHQSRoyal Canadian Artillery, Home War Establishment, National Defence Headquarters Section
    RCAMCRoyal Canadien Army Medical Corps
    RCAMCPSTRoyal Canadian Army Medical Corps Plastic Surgery Team
    RCAMCTCRoyal Canadian Army Medical Corps Training Centre
    RCAMCTC(R)Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Training Centre (Reserve)
    RCanDnsRoyal Canadian Dragoons
    RCanHArtRoyal Canadian Horse Artillery
    RCanRRoyal Canadian Regiment
    RCanSigEngRoyal Canadian Signal Engineers
    RCAPCRoyal Canadian Army Pay Corps
    RCARURoyal Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Unit
    RCASCRoyal Canadian Army Service Corps
    RCASCBRoyal Canadian Army Service Corps Band
    RCASC-CASFRoyal Canadian Army Service Corps - Canadian Active Service Force
    RCASCCFRoyal Canadian Army Service Corps Company Force
    RCASCGRoyal Canadian Army Service Corps Group
    RCASCHURoyal Canadian Army Service Corps Holding Unit
    RCASCRURoyal Canadian Army Service Corps Reinforcement Unit
    RCASCTCRoyal Canadian Army Service Corps Training Centre
    RCASCTCRRoyal Canadian Army Service Corps Training Centre Reserve
    RCATCRoyal Canadian Artillery Training Centre
    RCATC(R)Royal Canadian Artillery Training Centre Reserve
    RCCRailway Construction Company
    RCCRemote Control Officer
    RCCRCERoad Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
    RCCSRoyal Canadian Corps of Signals
    RCCSTC(R)Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Training Centre (Reserve)
    RCDRoyal Canadian Dragoons - heavy cavalry unit
    RCDCRoyal Canadian Dental Corps
    RCERoyal Canadian Engineers
    RCE(NP)Royal Canadian Engineers (Non-Permanent Active Militia)
    RCEBRoyal Canadian Engineers Bands
    RCECORoyal Canadian Engineers Corps Orders
    RCEDFRoyal Canadian Detachment Force
    RCEMERoyal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    RCESAbyHQRoyal Canadian Engineers Section Administered by Headquarters
    RCETCRoyal Canadian Engineers Training Centre
    RCETC(R)Royal Canadian Engineers Training Centre (Reserve)
    RCEWDCMHQRoyal Canadian Engineers Works Directorate, Canadian Military Headquarters
    RCFCRefresher Course for Officers
    RCFQRefugee Camp Farnham Quebec
    RCHARoyal Canadian Horse Artillery - specific regiment of artillery inside the Royal Canadian Artillery
    RCHQRear Canadian Headquarters
    RCICRoyal Canadian Infantry Corps
    RCLRoyal Canadian Legion
    RCMMilitary Sub-Committee Of the Ministerial Committee on Reconstruction Problems
    RCMPRoyal Canadian Mounted Police
    RCNRoyal Canadian Navy
    RCN(R)Royal Canadian Navy (Reserve)
    RCNBRoyal Canadian Naval Barracks
    RCNHRoyal Canadian Naval Hospital
    RCNMRRoyal Canadian Naval Monthly Reserve
    RCNRRoyal Canadian Navy Reserve
    RCNR(FR)Royal Canadian Naval Reserve (Fisherman's Reserve)
    RCNVRRoyal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve
    RCOCRoyal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    RCOCAMRoyal Canadian Ordnance Corps Army Magazine
    RCOCBRoyal Canadian Ordnance Corps Band
    RCOCCORoyal Canadian Ordnance Corps Orders
    RCOCHURoyal Canadian Ordnance Corps Holding Unit
    RCOCMG(MD)PRoyal Canadian Ordnance Corps Magazine Guard (McGivney Depot) Petawawa
    RCOCTC(R)Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Training Centre (Reserve)
    RCPCRoyal Canadian Postal Corps
    RCRRoyal Canadian Regiment - one of the oldest Canadian infantry regiments, founded in 1883
    RCSRadar and Communications School
    RCSRouting & Convoy Section (Naval)
    RCSRoyal Canadian Signals
    RCSBRoyal Canadian Signals Band
    RCSCRoyal Canadian Sea Cadets
    RCSERoyal Canadian Signal Engineers
    RCSigsRoyal Canadian Corps of Signals
    RCSMERoyal Canadian School of Military Engineering
    RCSTCRoyal Canadian Signals Training Centre
    RDReception Depot
    RDRelease Depot
    RDRepair Depot
    RDRepatriation Depot
    RDBW(RHR)Regimental Depot The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
    RDCRoyal Defence Corps
    RdConstCoyRoad Construction Company
    RdeChatRégiment de Chateauguay (Disponible en français seulement)
    RdeChaudRégiment de Chaudiere (Disponible en français seulement)
    RdeHRégiment de Hull (Disponible en français seulement)
    RdeJolRégiment de Joliette (Disponible en français seulement)
    RdeMaisRégiment de Maisonneuve (Disponible en français seulement)
    RdeMontRégiment de Montmagny (Disponible en français seulement)
    RdeStHyaRégiment de St-Hyacinthe (Disponible en français seulement)
    RDevonYeoRoyal Devon Yeomanry
    RDFRadio Direction Finder (Radar)
    RDFRadio Direction Finding
    RDFMURadio Direction Finder Maintenance Units
    RDFORadio Direction Finder Officer (Naval)
    RDFOURadio Direction Finder Operating Unit
    RDFSRadio Direction Finder School
    RDIRCASCRelief Driver Increment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    RDMHRCAMCRed Deer Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    RDOVIReinforcing Draft Overseas, 14th Reinforcement Draft Overseas
    RdrPC(A)Radar Performance Checker (Air)
    RdrPC(G)Radar Performance Checker (Ground)
    RdrPltrRadar Plotter (Sea)
    RdrTec(A)Radar Technician (Air)
    RdrTec(G)Radar Technician (Ground)
    RdrTechRadar Technician
    RDubFusRoyal Dublin Fusiliers
    RduSagRégiment du Saguenay (Disponible en français seulement)
    REResearch Establishment
    RERoyal Engineers
    RE(CW)Research Establishment (Chemical Warfare)
    REAReal Estate Advisor
    RECCEReconnaissance or Reconnoitre
    RECONReconnaissance (U.S.)
    RecruitsNaval Recruiting Office (Permanent Naval Force)
    REFRadio Experimental Flight
    RefTechRefinisher Technician
    regRegulate, regulated, regulating or regulation
    RegRegiment / Regimental
    RE-HCRe-Habilitation Course
    REKentYeoRoyal East Kent Yeomanry
    remRemained - stayed in an area, or stayed on duty
    REMERoyal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    REMSReserve Equipment Maintenance Satellites
    REMUReserve Equipment Maintenance Units
    Rep BnReplacement Battalion