Ocean Arrivals, Form 30A, 1919-1924


About the records

From 1865 to June 30, 1921, passenger lists (RG 76), which contain information such as name, age, country of origin, occupation and intended destination were the official record of immigration. The passenger lists from 1865 to 1921 are arranged by port and date of arrival. Between 1919 and 1924 the Department of Immigration and Colonization introduced the use of the Form 30A as the official record of immigration.

From June 1, 1921, to December 31, 1924, passengers were required to complete and submit to the immigration officer the individual manifests (Form 30A, RG 76 C1j) at the ports of arrival. The Form 30A was a substitute for the large sheet passenger list manifests that had been previously in use. A separate form was required for each passenger and a parent or guardian was asked to fill out the form for a child. Passengers in transit to the United States were not required to fill out the Form 30A.

The use of Form 30A was inconsistent. Some immigration offices were using them as early as 1919, while some offices continued to use the sheet manifests as late as 1922. For the years from 1919 to 1922, a passenger's name might appear in one or both series. If you cannot find a reference to your ancestor in Forms 30A, then we recommend that you search the passenger lists for that period.

The use of Form 30A was discontinued as of January 1, 1925. From that date, the use of large sheet manifests was reinstated.

The Form 30A records were transferred to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in 1997. The microfilm reels were produced by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration during the 1950s and 1960s. The originals were destroyed after the microfilming.

Each Form 30A usually included the following details:

  • name of ship;
  • date of sailing;
  • port and date of arrival;
  • name;
  • age;
  • occupation;
  • birthplace;
  • race;
  • citizenship;
  • religion;
  • destination; and
  • name of the nearest relative in the country from which the immigrant came.

Note that in the earlier version of Form 30A used in 1919, the names of accompanying dependents were usually included with the head-of-household, not on separate forms.

Definitions and explanations of terms used on Form 30A

Returning Canadians: That question was intended to identify passengers who were born in Canada who had not become aliens and British subjects who had been residents in Canada and were returning to Canada after a temporary absence. Returning Canadians were required to answer only questions 1,2,4,5,6,8,9, 13 and 14. All other passengers were required to answer all questions.

Race or people: Race was traced through the father; for example if the father was English and the mother was Scottish, the race or people was English.

Object in going to Canada: Passengers were instructed to write “To make my home” or “to visit”. Returning Canadians were instructed to write “Returning to my home”.

Destined to: An explanation was required concerning the passenger’s intended destination and their relationship to the person whose name was given as well as the Canadian address. If no name was given; passengers were instructed to write the full Canadian address of the destination.

How the Records Are Arranged on the Microfilm Reels

Forms 30A were microfilmed in quasi-alphabetical order. For each letter of the alphabet, surnames are arranged in groupings based on the initial letters of each name. For example, surnames starting with Ada, Adc and Add are grouped together starting with given names beginning with A. Such a grouping could include the following arrangement of forms:

Anne Adair, Benjamin Adcock, Christopher Addison, David Adair, etc.

Other examples:

Johann Wurmlinger, Kaarlo Wutala, Katarzyna Wusik, Ulrich Wurzer

Giovanni Lemmetti, Joseph Lemoigne, Margaret Lemon, Yvonne Lemoine

Adam Downey, Alexander Dow, Ann Dowd, Arthur Downes

Some of the more common surnames, such as Smith, Adams, MacLeod and Bennett, are grouped separately.

The microfilm reels have been digitized and the images appear in the same order as on the microfilm reels. You can browse through the images as you would through a microfilm reel. You can move through the images one by one, or skip ahead by entering a new page number in the page navigation box. The records are not searchable by name.

For more information about the Form 30A records, consult the archival description.

Important Note

When consulting the Form 30A records, be aware that in most cases each form was microfilmed with the backside first, followed by the front of the form.

Form 30A: Dmytro Zmendak, 1923

Form 30A: Dmytro Zmendak, 1923.
Library and Archives Canada,
RG 76 C1j, reel T-15248.



Please note that spelling variations of names were common before the mid-1900s. Many names were written phonetically, as they sounded to the person recording them.

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Other archival immigration records exist. Consult our Genealogy and Family History page on What to Search – Topics: Immigration and Citizenship for more information about those records.

List of Content of Microfilm

Microfilm Names Surname groupings
t-14939 Aagard, Bjarre - Adams, Julua Aagard, Aa, Ab, Abbott, Ab, Abraham, Ab, Ac, Abbott, Ad, Adam, Adams
t-14940 Adams, Kate - Aizenberg, Fenta Adams, Ad, Adamson, Ad, Ae-Af interfiled, Ag, Ah, Ai, Ainsworth, Ai-Aj-Ak interfiled, Aizenberg
t-14941 Aitken, Amy - Allan, Agnes Aitken, Aitkin, Al, Alexander, Al, Allan
t-14942 Allan, Alexander - Aly, Mohamad Kaddoura Allan, Allen, Al, Allison, Al, Aly
t-14943 Alzinger Nicolas Victor - Anderson, John Alzinger, Al, Am, Ambrose, Am, An, Andersen, Anderson
t-14944 Anderson, John - Angielczyk, Morris Anderson, An, Andersson, Andrew, Andrews, An, Angielczyk
t-14945 Andriet, Nicolai - Archibald, Archibald Andriet, An, Anglin, Angus, An, Ansell, An, Ap, Appleby, Appleton, Ar, Archambault, Archer, Ar, Archibald
t-14946 Arnott, Archibald - Aschenmühl, Moise Arnott, Archibald, Ar, Armitage, Armstrong, Ar, Arnold, Ar, Arnott, Aronson, Ar-Arrowsmith interfiled, Arsenault, Ar, Arthur, As, Aschenmühl
t-14947 Asada, Naosuke - Atkinson, Ronald Asada, As, Ashworth-As interfiled, Ashley, Ashton, As, Aston, At, Atherton, Atkins, Atkinson
t-14948 Atkinson, Samuel James - Bacon, James Atkinson, At, Au, Austin, Au, Av, Avery, Ax, Ay, Ayers-Ay interfiled, Ay, Ay-Az interfiled, Az, Azzopardi, Ba, Babcock, Ba, Bacon
t-14949 Bacon, Jeanette Margaret - Bakewell, William Y. Bacon, Ba, Bailey, Bain, Ba, Bakewell
t-14950 Bak, Zalom - Ballantyne, Henrietta Carrill Bak, Ba, Baird, Ba, Baker, Ba, Baldwin, Ba-Balfour interfiled, Ball, Ba-Ballard interfiled, Ballantine, Ballantyne
t-14951 Ballantyne, Hilda - Barber, Thomas Leslie Ballantyne, Ba, Banks, Ba, Bannerman, Bannister, Ba, Barber
t-14952 Barber, U. - Barr, Arthur George Barber, Ba, Barclay, Ba, Barker, Ba, Barlow, Barnard-Ba interfiled, Barnes, Ba, Barnett, Ba, Baron, Barr
t-14953 Barr, Barbara - Barton, Norman Hughes Barr, Ba, Barett, Barrie-Ba interfiled, Barron, Barrow-Ba interfiled, Barry, Ba, Bartlett, Ba, Barton
t-14954 Barton, Olive - Baxter, Julia Barton, Ba, Batchelor-Batchellor interfiled, Bate, Bateman, Bates, Batten-Battersby-Ba interfiled, Ba, Bauer-Bauerle interfiled, Ba, Baxter
t-14955 Baxter, Karl E. - Bechet, Eugene Baxter, Ba, Be, Beaton, Beattie, Beatty, Be, Beauchemin, Beaudry, Beaulieu, Beaumont, Beaupré, Be, Bechet
t-14956 Bechro, Fehime - Bell, Godfrey Bechro, Be, Beck, Becker, Be, Bédard, Be, Bélanger, Be, Bell
t-14957 Bell, Gordon - Bending, William S. Bell, Be, Bending
t-14958 Bell, Kate - Bennett, Frank Bell, Be, Bennett
t-14959 Bennett, Frank - Bergson, Isaac Bennett, Ben, Benson, Ben, Bergson
t-14960 Bergmann, Jacob - Bett, Isabella Murray Bergmann, Bergman, Be, Bernard, Be, Bernier, Be, Bernstein, Berry, Be, Bertram-Be interfiled, Be, Bertrand, Be, Bessette, Bert, Be, Bett
t-14961 Bethon, James Edgar - Binder, Bluma Bethon, Be, Betts, Be, Bi, Biggs, Bi, Binder
t-14962 Binders, Benorion - Bjerre, M. Binder, Bi, Bingham, Bi, Birch, Bird, Bi, Bishop, Bi, Bisset-Bi interfiled, Bj, Binders
t-14963 Bjorn, Jene Magnus - Blakeman, Arthur Bjorn, Bj, Bl, Black, Bl, Blackwell-Blackwood interfiled, Bl, Blair, Blais, Bl, Blake, Bl, Blakeman
t-14964 Blakemore, Beatrice - Bochno, Dmytro Blakemore, Bl-Bland interfiled, Blanchard, Bl, Blyth, Bo, Bochno
t-14965 Bocla, Dumitrio - Bone, Samuel Bocla, Bo, Bolton, Bo, Bond, Bo, Bone
t-14966 Bonis, Samuel - Bosnic, Mila Bonis, Bo-Bonner interfiled, Bo, Boone, Booth, Bo, Bosnic
t-14967 Bosovska, Mindel - Bowman, Elizabeth Montgomery Bosovska, Bo, Boswell-Bosworth-Bo interfiled, Bo, Bouchard, Boucher, Bo, Bourne, Bo, Bowden, Bowen, Bo-Bower interfiled, Bowers, Bo, Bowler, Bowman
t-14968 Bowman, Ellen - Bradley, Austin W. Bowman, Bo, Boyce, Boyd, Bo, Boyle, Bo, Br, Bradley
t-14969 Bradley, Beatrice - Brazzier, George Thomas Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Br, Brand-Branch-Br interfiled, Braun-Br interfiled, Br, Brazzier
t-14970 Brayley, Harold - Briggs, Alice Brayley, Br, Bray, Br, Bremner-Br interfiled, Brennan, Br, Br-Brewer interfiled, Br, Brewster,Br-Bridge interfiled, Br, Brierley, Briggs
t-14971 Briggs, Alice Maud - Brookes, Winifred Briggs, Bright, Br, Brock, Br, Brodie, Br, Brooke, Brookes
t-14972 Brooks, A. W. - Brown, Elizabeth Wilson Brooks, Br-Broom interfiled, Br, Brousseau, Brown
t-14973 Brown, Price F. - Brown, Walter Oscar Brown
t-14974 Brown, William - Bryunas Pranas Brown, Browne-Br interfiled, Br, Browning, Brownlee, Br, Bruce, Br, Bryan, Bryans, Bryant, Br, Bryunas
t-14975 Brymner, R. T. - Bullen, Gladys Lilian Brymner, Br, Bryce, Bryson, Bu, Buchan, Buchanan, Bu, Buck, Bu, Buckingham, Buckley, Bu, Bull, Bu, Bullen
t-14976 Bulley, Harry Albert - Burman, Gustav Birger Bulley, Bu-Bulloc interfiled, Burgess, Bu, Burke, Bu, Burman
t-14977 Burling, Helen - Bush, Rose Hannah Burling, Bu, Burn, Burnet, Burnett, Bu, Burns, Bu, Burrows, Bu, Burton, Bu, Bush
t-14978 Bush, Sadie Evelyn - Byrtus, Jozef Bush, Bu, Butcher, Butler, Bu, Butterworth, Bu, By, Byers, Byrne, By, Byrtus
t-14979 Byszkiewicz, Katarzyna - Calway, William Roland Byszkiewicz, By, Ca, Cairns, Ca, Calder, Calderwood, Caldwell, Ca, Callaghan, Ca, Calway
t-14980 Camarta, Agostino - Campbell, James Camarta, Ca, Cameron, Ca, Campbell
t-14981 Campbell, James - Capon, Sydney Campbell, Ca-Campion interfiled, Ca-Candy interfiled, Ca-Canning interfiled, Cannon, Ca-Cant interfiled, Ca, Capon
t-14982 Capodagli, Temistocle - Carrier, Evelyn May Capodagli, Ca, Carey, Ca-Carlson interfiled, Carmichael, Ca, Carpenter, Carr, Ca, Carrier
t-14983 Carrick, Florence - Casper, Fredereck Carrick, Ca, Carroll, Ca, Carson, Carter, Ca, Cartwright, Ca, Casey, Ca, Casper
t-14984 Caspersen, Henrik - Cesal, Zdenka Caspersen, Ca, Cassidy, Ca, Ce, Cesal
t-14985 Chacksfield, A. - Charlebois, Eva Chacksfield, Ch, Chadwick, Ch, Chalmers, Ch, Chamberlain, Chambers, Ch, Champion, Ch, Chandler, Ch, Chapman, Ch, Charlebois
t-14986 Charles, Fannie - Chinnock, Walter George Charles, Ch, Chard, Ch, Charlton, Ch, Child-Childs-Ch interfiled, Ch, Chinnock
t-14987 Chipman, Warwick Fielding - Churchill, Zachius Chipman, Ch, Chisholm, Ch, Christensen, Ch-Christian interfiled, Ch, Christie, Ch, Churchill
t-14988 Ciancone, Alessio - Clark, Sylvia Ciancon, Ci, Cl, Clark
t-14989 Clark, Thomas - Clemas, Winifred Clark, Clarke, Cl-Clarkson interfiled, Cl, Clay, Claydon, Clayton, Cl, Clemas
t-14990 Cleman, Yvonne - Cocking, Gwendoline Cleman, Clegg, Cl, Clements, Cl, Cliff, Clifford, Cl, Cloutier, Cl, Co, Coates, Co, Cobb, Coburn, Co, Cocking
t-14991 Cockton, Harold - Coles, Edward Samuel Cockton, Co, Cochrane, Co, Cohen, Co, Cole, Coleman, Co, Coles
t-14992 Coles, Edwin Albert - Compagnon, Xavier Coles, Collet-Collett-Collette interfiled, Colley, Co, Collier, Collie, Collingwood, Collins, Collinson, Collis-Colliss interfiled, Co, Compagnon
t-14993 Compton, Ada - Cook, Ivy Violet Compton, Co, Connell, Connelly, Conner, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Co, Conroy, Co, Conway, Co, Cook
t-14994 Cook, J. F. - Cope, Winifred Mary Cook, Cooke, Cookson, Co, Cooper, Co, Cope
t-14995 Copple, A. - Costana, Zoi Copple, Co, Copeland, Co, Cormier, Cornelius, Co, Costana
t-14996 Costello, Agnes - Cowie, Eveline Marry Costello, Co, Coté, Co, Couture, Cowan, Co, Cowie
t-14997 Cowell, Florence - Crandall, Stephen Harry Cowell, Co, Cox, Co, Coyle, Cr, Craig, Cr, Crandall
t-14998 Cramp, Vernon - Crispin, Muriel Gladys Cramp, Crane, Cr, Crawford, Cr, Creighton, Cresswell-Cr interfiled, Crichton, Cr, Crispin
t-14999 Cristopoli, Nella - Crutcher, Isabella Park Cristopoli, Cr, Crook, Crooks, Cr, Crosbie, Cross, Cr, Crowe, Crowley, Cr, Crutcher
t-15000 Crusham, James E. - Cunningham, Rose Crusham, Cr, Cruickshank, Cr, Cu, Cumming, Cummings, Cummin, Cu, Cunningham
t-15001 Cunningham, Samuel - Czaczkes, Zygmunt Cunningham, Cu, Curran, Cu, Currie, Curry, Curtis, Cu, Cv, Cu-Cw-Cx-Cy-Cz interfiled, Czaczkes
t-15002 D'Achille, Adolfo - Daneliuk, Katerina D'Achille, Da, Dale, Da, Daly, Da, Daneliuk
t-15003 Danforth, Leola Frances - Davidson, Jessie Danforth, Da, Daniel, Daniels, Da, Dann-Da interfiled, Da, Davenport, Davey, David, Davidson
t-15004 Davidson, Jessie - Davis, Isabella French Smith Davidson, Davie, Davies, Davis
t-15005 Davis, Henry - De Busschere, Zoe Davis, Davison, Davy, Da, Dawson, Day, Da, De A, De B, De Busschere
t-15006 De Clercq, Achilla - De Wit, Zweitse De Clerq, De C-De D interfiled, De F, De G, De H-De I interfiled, De J, De K, De L, De M, De N-De O interfiled, De P-De Q interfiled, De R, De S, De T-De V interfiled, De W-De Z interfiled, De Wit
t-15007 Deakin, Agnes - Delves, William George Deakin, De, Dean, Deane, Deans, De, Decker-Deckers interfiled, De, Delaney, De, Delves
t-15008 Demirdjian, Adria - Deviney, Gladys Demirdjian, De, Dempster-De-Dempsey interfiled, De, Dennis, De, Deviney
t-15009 Devine, Harry T. - Dickson, Fredrick J. Devine, De, Devlin, De, Dewar, De, Dh, Di, Dick, Dickens, Di, Dickinson, Di, Dickson
t-15010 Dickson, Mrs. G. - Dlugary, Zudik Dickson, Di, Dillon, Di, Di-Dj-Dl-Dm interfiled, Dlugary
t-15011 Dixon, A. St. John - Domaille, Nora Dixon, Do, Dobson, Do, Docherty-Do interfiled, Dodd, Dodds, Do, Doherty, Do-Dolan interfiled, Do, Domaille
t-15012 Domenico, Papeto - Doughty, Robert Domenico, Do, Donald, Donaldson, Do, Donnelly, Do, Donovan, Do, Doughty
t-15013 Dougher, Sadie - Drabble, Violet Dougher, Douglas, Do, Dow, Do, Down-Downey-Downer interfiled, Downes, Downing-Downie-Do interfiled, Do, Doyle, Dr, Drabble
t-15014 Draycott, Walter - Dueck, Hedwig Draycott, Dr, Drake, Dr, Draper, Dr, Dr-Drew interfiled, Dr, Drummond, Drury, Drysdale, Du, Dubeau, Dubois, Du, Dueck
t-15015 Duffus, Helen - Dunlap, Ruth Iva Duffus, Du, Duff, Duffy, Du, Duggan-Duguid-Dugdale-Du interfiled, Du, Dunbar, Duncan, Du, Dunlap
t-15016 Dunlop, Sadie - Dyer, Leslie Dunlop, Du, Dunn, Dunning-Dunnet-Dunne interfiled, Du, Durrant, Du, Du-Dr-Dv interfiled, Dw, Dwyer, Dyck-Dy interfiled, Dy, Dyer
t-15017 Dyer, Lilian May - Ediger, Wladimir Dyer, Dy-Dz interfiled, Dykes, Dyson, Ea, Earl, Ea-Easton interfiled, Eastman, Eastwood, Ea, Eaton, Eb, Ec, Ed, Eden-Ed interfiled, Ed, Ediger
t-15018 Edgar, Ada Mary - Ekstrom, Gustaf Georg Edgar, Ed, Edmonds-Edmondson interfiled, Edmunds-Edmundson interfiled, Edwards, Ee-Ef-Eg-Ei interfiled, Egan, Eg, Eh, Ei, Ej, Ei-Ej-Ek interfiled, Ekstrom
t-15019 Ekengren, Helge - Eloranta, Otto Ekengren, Ei-Ej-Ek interfiled, El, Elder, Eldred-Eldrett-Eldrud interfiled, Eldridge, El, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison-El interfiled, El, Eloranta
t-15020 Eloquin, Paul - Eriksen Alfhital Eloquin, El, Em, Emerson, Em, En, England-En interfiled, Enns-Ennis-En interfiled, English, En-Ep interfiled, En-Ep interfiled, Epstein, Er, Erickson, Er, Eriksen
t-15021 Erman, Abram - Evans, Owen Elias Erman, Er, Erikson-Eriksson-Eriksen-Er interfiled, Er, Erskine, Er, Es, Essex, Es, Et, Ev, Evans
t-15022 Evans, Patricia - Falkner, Muriel Joy Evans, Ev, Everett, Ev, Ew, Ewen, Ewing, Ex-Ey-Ez interfiled, Fa, Fair, Fairbanks, Fa, Fair, Fairley, Fa, Falkner
t-15023 Falcioni, Nazzareno - Fawdry, Lydia Falcioni, Fa, Falconer, Fa, Farley-Farlow-Fa interfiled, Fa, Farmer, Farquhar-Farquharson interfiled, Fa, Farrell, Fa, Farrington, Fa, Faulkner, Fa, Fawdry
t-15024 Fawcett, Margaret Jane - Ferguson, Jane Fawcett, Fa, Fe, Fe-Feldman interfiled, Fe-Fell interfiled, Fellowes, Fellows, Fe, Fenwick-Fe interfiled, Fenton, Fe, Ferguson
t-15025 Ferguson, Janet - Findlay, Isabella W. Ferguson, Fergusson, Fe, Fernandez, Fe, Ferrari, Ferris, Fe, Fi, Field, Fields, Fi, Fielding, Fi, Finch, Findlay
t-15026 Findlay, Jack - Fitch, K. B. Findlay, Fi, Finkelstein-Fi interfiled, Fi, Finlay, Finlayson, Finon-Fi interfiled, Fi, Firth, Fi, Fischer, Fish-Fi interfiled, Fisher, Fi, Fitch
t-15027 Fitt, Lancelot R. - Fliegel, Ruth Fitt, Fi, Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon, Fitzherbert, Fitzmaurice, Fitzpatrick, Fi-Fitzsimons-Fitzsimmons interfiled, Fj, Fl, Flanagan, Flannigan-Flanigan-Fi interfiled, Fl, Fleming, Flett-Fleury-Fl interfiled, Fletcher, Fl, Fliegel
t-15028 Fligel, Sholim - Ford, William Fligel, Fl, Flynn, Fo, Foley, Fo, Foot-Foote-Fo interfiled, Fo, Forbes, Ford
t-15029 Ford, William Albert - Foster, Muriel Bernice Ford, Fo, Forrest, Forster-Fo interfiled, Forsyth, Fo, Foster
t-15030 Foster, Nan - Frank, Barbara Foster, Fo, Fowler, Fox, Fo, Fr, Frame-Frampton-Fo interfiled, Fr, Francis, Frank
t-15031 Frank, Carl - Frejdman, Sura Frank, Fr, Franklin, Franks, Fr, Fraser, Fr, Freeman, Freemantle, Fr, Frejdman
t-15032 Freimuth, Wilhelm - Frymet, Zysser Freimuth, French, Fr, Freidman-Fr interfiled, Friend-Frier-Fr interfiled, Friesen, Fr, Frost, Fr, Fry, Fryer-Fr interfiled, Fu, Frymet
t-15033 Fukuda, Asa - Galandij, Wasyl Fukuda, Fu, Fuller, Fullerton, Fulton, Fu, Fu-Fy interfiled, Ga, Gagnon, Ga, Galandij
t-15034 Galbraith, Aggie - Gardiner, Peter Galbraith, Gale, Ga, Gallagher, Ga, Galloway-Ga interfiled, Ga, Gamble, Ga, Garden-Garder interfiled, Gardiner
t-15035 Gardiner, Rachel - Gaunt, Lydia Gardiner, Gardner, Ga, Garland-Garlick interfiled, Garner, Ga, Garrett-Grarratt-Ga interfiled, Ga, Garvie-Garvey-Garwood-Ga interfiled, Ga, Gaunt
t-15036 Gauthier, J. M. - Gerigt T. George Gauthier, Ga, Ge, Gear-Geary-Ga interfiled, Ga, George, Georges, Ga, Gerigt
t-15037 Gerhardi, Victor - Gibson, Julia L. Gerhardi, Ge, Germain-Ge interfiled, Ge, Gh, Gi, Gibb, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson
t-15038 Gibson, Kathleen G. - Gillett, Earnest G. Gibson, Gi, Gilbert, Gi-Gilchrist interfiled, Gi, Giles, Gill, Gi, Gillespie, Gi, Gillett
t-15039 Gillett, Florence - Gleaves-Doyle, Freda Gillett, Gi, Gilmour, Gi, Gl, Glass, Gl, Gleaves-Doyle
t-15040 Gleboff, G. A. - Goldenberg, Tysia Gleboff, Gl, Glen, Gl, Glover, Gl, Go, Gold-Go interfiled, Goldenberg, Goddard, Go, Godfrey, Godwin,Go, Goldberg, Golden-Goldenberg-Go interfiled, Goldenberg
t-15041 Goldenberg, Ucher - Goodwin, Winifred Goldenberg, Goldenberg-Golder interfiled, Go, Goldman, Go, Goldsmith, Goldstein, Go, Gonzales-Gonzalez interfiled, Go, Goodall, Go, Goodman, Go, Goodwin
t-15042 Gorbatow, Awrum - Gout, May Gorbatow, Go, Gordon, Go, Gorman, Go, Gould, Go, Gout
t-15043 Goutz, Moishe - Grant, Duncan Campbell Goutz, Go, Gr, Gr-Grace interfiled, Gr, Graham, Grahame, Grainger, Gr, Grant
t-15044 Grant, E. C. - Gray, Winnie Grant, Gr, Graves, Gray
t-15045 Greaves, Ada - Greer, Archibald Greaves, Gr, Green, Gr, Greenberg, Greene, Gr, Greenwood, Greer
t-15046 Greer, Cecil - Griffiths, Sidney Greer, Gr, Gregory, Gr, Greig, Gr, Griffin, Griffith, Griffiths
t-15047 Griffiths, Stanley - Grycan, Zofja Griffiths, Gr, Gross, Gr, Grossman, Gr, Grove-Groves-Grover-Gr interfiled, Gr, Grycan
t-15048 Gualazza, Adolfo - Gyolaji, Anton Gualazza, Gu, Guest, Gunn, Gu, Guthrie, Gu, Guy, Gw, Gy, Gyolaji
t-15049 Gvora, Antonin - Hakansson, Sven Johan Gvora, Gu-Gw-Gy interfiled, Ha, Hackett, Ha, Hagen, Ha, Haigh, Ha, Haines, Ha, Hakansson
t-15050 Hakkinen, Tilda - Halliday, Ophelia Hakkinen, Ha, Hale, Ha, Hall, Ha, Halliday
t-15051 Halliday, Peter - Hammond, Julia Halliday, Ha, Hamer-Hamill-Ha interfiled, Hamilton, Ha, Hammer, Hammond
t-15052 Hammond, Kathleen - Hansen, Yorgen C. Hammond, Hampson-Hampton-Ha interfiled, Ha-Hancock interfiled, Ha, Ha-Hanlon interfiled, Hann-Hanna-Ha interfiled, Ha, Hansen
t-15053 Hanson, Agnes Mary - Harmanmaa, Kustaa Wihtori Hanson, Hansson, Ha, Harden-Harder interfiled, Ha, Hardie, Harding, Hardman, Ha, Hardwick, Hardy, Ha, Hargreaves, Ha, Harmanmaa
t-15054 Harmon, Leo - Harrison, Frederick William Harmon, Harman-Ha interfiled, Harper, Ha, Harrington, Harris, Harrison
t-15055 Harrison, G. F. - Harvey, Lucy Helen Harrison, Ha, Hart, Ha, Hartley-Ha interfiled, Hartmann, Ha, Harvey
t-15056 Harvey, Mary Florence - Hawthorn, Winifred Joan Harvey, Ha, Hastings, Ha, Hatton, Ha, Hawkins, Ha, Hawthorn
t-15057 Haworth, Ada - Healy, Kate Haworth, Hawson, Hay, Ha, Hayes, Ha, Haynes, Ha, Hayward, Ha, Head-He interfiled, Heal, Healey, Healy
t-15058 Healy, Laurence - Helle, Peter Healy, Healy-Healey interfiled, He, Hearn, Heath, He, Hecht, He, Helle
t-15059 Heller, Ronald - Henry, Minnie Heller, He, Henderson, Hendrie-Hendry-He interfiled, He, Hennesy-Hennesey-He interfiled, He, Henry
t-15060 Henry, Norman - Hewitt, Monica Henry, He, Hepburn-Hepworth-He interfiled, Herbert-He interfiled, He-Heid interfiled, He, Herman, He, Hetherington-He interfiled, He, Hewett-Hewitt interfiled, Hewett
t-15061 Hewitt, Pearl - Hill, Dykers Campbell Hewitt, Hewlett, Hewson-He interfiled, He, Heyward-He interfiled, Hi, Hickman-Hickson-Hi interfiled,Hicks, Hi, Higgins, Higginson, Higgs, Hi, Hill
t-15062 Hill, E. B. - Hislop, Cornelius Hill, Hi, Hills, Hi, Hilton, Hi, Hislop
t-15063 Hisanaga, Daisaburo - Hoff, Mikal Hisanaga, Hi, Hj-Hl-Hm-Hn interfiled, Ho-Hoare interfiled, Ho, Hobbs, Hobson, Ho, Hodge, Hodges, Ho, Hodgkins, Hodgkinson, Hodgson, Ho, Hoff
t-15064 Hoff, Peter - Holm, Axel Hoff, Ho, Hoffman, Hoffmann, Ho, Hogan, Hogarth, Ho, Hogg, Ho, Holbrook, Ho, Holden, Holder, Ho, Holland, Ho, Holliday, Ho, Holloway-Ho interfiled, Holm-Ho interfiled, Holm
t-15065 Holm, Bjarne - Hooper, Winifred, Margaret Holm, Ho, Holmes, Ho, Holt, Ho, Home, Ho, Hood, Ho, Hooper
t-15066 Hooydonk, A. - Hothersall, Elizabeth Hooydonk, Ho, Hope, Hopkins, Hopkinson, Ho, Horn, Ho, Horne, Horner, Ho, Horton, Ho, Hosking, Hoskins, Ho, Hothersall
t-15067 Hotson, Frederick - Howson, William John Hotson, Ho, Hough, Houghton, Ho, Ho-House interfiled, Ho, Houston, Ho, Howard, Howarth, Howe, Howells-Ho interfiled, Howell, Howes, Ho-Howlett-Howitt interfiled, Howie, Ho, Ho-Howson interfiled, Howson
t-15068 Hoyle, Ada - Hughes, William Hoyle, Ho, Hr, Hu, Hudson, Hu, Hughes
t-15069 Hughes, William - Hunter, Muriel Hughes, Hughson, Hu, Hull, Hu, Humphries-Hu interfiled, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hu, Hunt, Hunter
t-15070 Hunter, Nellie - Huziuk, Paraskewan Hunter, Hu-Hunter interfiled, Hu, Hurley, Hu, Hurst, Hu, Hutcheson, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hu-Hv-Hy interfiled, Huziuk
t-15071 Huxley, Patricia - Inman, Ivy Mary Huxley, Hu-Hv-Hy interfiled, Hyde, Hy, Ia-Ib-Ic interfiled, Id-Ie-If-Ig-Ih-Ij-Ik interfiled, Il, Im, In, Ingham, Inglis, In, Ingram, In, Inman
t-15072 Innerst, Jacob Stuart - Ivens, Grace Mabel Innerst, In, Innes, In-Io interfiled, Ir, Ireland, Ir, Irvine, Irving, Irwin, Is, It, Iv-Iw-Iy-Iz interfiled, Ivens
t-15073 Izukawa, Hei-Ichi - Jacobs, Phyllis Izukawa, Iv-Iw-Ix-Iz interfiled, Ja, Jack, Jackson, Ja-Jacobs interfiled, Jacobs
t-15074 Jacobs, Richard Henry - Jantsen Iwan Jacobs, Ja, Ja-Jacobs interfiled, Jacobsen, Ja, Jacques, Ja, James, Jameson, Ja, Jamieson, Jamison, Ja, Jantsen
t-15075 Janzen, Jakob - Jenner, Kathleen Emily Janzen, Janzen-Jansen-Ja interfiled, Ja, Jardine, Jarman, Ja, Jarvis, Ja, Je, Jefferson, Jeffery, Jeffrey, Je, Jenkins, Jenkinson, Je, Jenner
t-15076 Jennet, Leon - Johansson, Mathilda Linnea Jennet, Je, Jennings, Je, Jensen, Je, Ji, Jo, Johansen, Johanson-Johansson-Jo interfiled, Johansson
t-15077 Johannesen, Nils - Johnston, Iza Johannesen, Johanson-Johansson-Jo interfiled, Jo, Johns, Johnsen, Johnson, Johnsson, Johnston
t-15078 Johnston, J. G. - Jones, Ellen Mary Johnston, Johnstone, Jo, Jones
t-15079 Jones, Ellen Rose - Jones, William Arthur Jones
t-15080 Jones, William Aubery - Jzbinska, Dwoira Jones, Jonsson, Jo, Jorgensen-Jo interfiled, Jordan, Jo, Joseph, Jo, Joyce, Ju, Jzbinska
t-15081 Juteau, Edgar - Karasewsky, Wladislaw Juteau, Ju, Ka, Kane-Ka interfiled, Ka, Karasewsky
t-15082 Kariya, Yasuye - Kearney, Joseph Kariya, Ka, Katz, Ka, Kaufman-Kaufmann interfiled, Ka, Kay, Ka, Ke, Kearney
t-15083 Kearney, Laura H. - Kelly, Timothy Kearney, Ke, Keen, Keenan, Keene, Ke-Keenan interfiled, Keir, Keith, Ke, Keller-Kellett-Ke interfiled, Kelley-Kelly interfiled, Ke, Kelly
t-15084 Kelly, Vernon - Keresztes, Friderik Kelly, Ke, Kemp, Ke, Kendall, Ke, Kennedy, Ke, Kenny, Kent, Ke, Kenyon, Ke, Keresztes
t-15085 Kerkoulas, George - Kiezerman, Tojba Kerkoulas, Ke, Kerr, Ke, Kh-Ki interfiled, Kidd, Ki, Kiezerman
t-15086 Kieman, V. - Kinney, Minnie L. Kieman, Ki, Kilpatrick, Ki, King, Ki, Kingston, Ki, Kinney
t-15087 Kinoshita, Nao - Klaver Van Bueren, J. Kinoshita, Ki, Kirby, Ki, Kirk, Ki, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Ki, Ki-Kj interfiled, Kl, Klassen-Kl interfiled, Klaver Van Bueren
t-15088 Klabbers, Karel - Knudsen, Niels Klabbers, Kl-Klassen interfiled, Kl, Klein, Kl, Knapp, Kn, Knight, Knights, Kn, Knott-Kn interfiled, Kn, Knowles, Knox, Kn, Knudsen
t-15089 Knudsen, Niels Ivar Krause - Koskimies, August Knudsen, Kn, Ko, Koch, Ko, Ko-Koehler interfiled, Ko, Ko-Kogan-Kohler interfiled, Ko-Kohn interfiled, Ko, Ko-Kondo interfiled, Ko-Kopp interfiled, Ko, Koskimies
t-15090 Kosovic, Barisa - Kristoffersen, Nilo Kosovic, Ko, Kr, Kristoffersen
t-15091 Kristiansen, Olaf - Kyle, Mary Jane Kristiansen, Kr, Kr-Kroeker interfiled, Kr-Krueger interfiled, Kr, Ku, Ku-Kw-Ky-Kz interfiled, Kyle
t-15092 Kyle, Mary Jane - Lalonde, Stella Kyle, Ku-Kv-Kw-Ky interfiled, La, Labbe, Labelle, Labrecque, Lacey, La, Lachance, La, Lacroix, Lacy, La, Laflamme, Lafleur, La, Laidlaw, Laing, Laird, Lajoie, La, Lake, La, Lalonde
t-15093 Lamb, Agnes - Langslow, Harry R Lamb, La, Lambert, Lambie, La, Lamont, Lamontagne, Lamothe, La, Lancaster, La, Landry, Lane, Lang-Langdon-Lange-La interfiled, La, Langford, La, Langslow
t-15094 Langmuir, Helen - Laughton, Minnie Langmuir, La, Langley, Langlois, La, Lapierre, Lapointe, La, Lareau, Larivière, La, Larkin, Laroche, La Rochell, La Rose, Larsen, Larson, Larssen-Larsson-La interfiled, La, Latham, Latimer, La, Lauder, La, Laughton
t-15095 Laukkonen, Nikolaj - Lazdan, B. Laukkonen, La, Laurie, La, Lavigne, Law, La, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Lawton-La interfiled, La, Lazdan
t-15096 Lazdan, Brasia - Lee, William Lazdan, La, Lea-Le interfiled, Leach, Le, Le Blanc, Le, Leckie, Leclerc, Le, Lee
t-15097 Lee, William - Lemon, Alma Lee, Le, Lees, Leese, Lefebvre-Lefevre interfiled, Le, Leigh-Leighton-Le interfiled, Le, Leitch, Le, Lemay, Lemieux, Le, Lemon
t-15098 Lemoine, Amélia - Levette, Alice Lemoine, Le, Lennox, Le, Leonard, Le, Leslie, Le, Lester, Le, Levette
t-15099 Lever, Annie - Liebing, Hedwig Lever, Le-Lever interfiled, Levesque, Le, Levin, Levine-Le interfiled, Le, Levy, Le, Lewis, Le-Lh interfiled, Li, Liddell, Li, Liebing
t-15100 Liebman, Henry - Link, Maude Liebman, Li, Lightfoot, Li, Lindsay, Li, Link
t-15101 Linka, Miklos - Lloyd, Ruth Linka, Li, Linton, Li, Lister, Li, Little, Li, Livingston, Livingstone, Ll, Lloyd
t-15102 Lloyd, Sarah - Lonvik, Elizabeth Lloyd, Lo, Locke, Lo, Lodge, Lo, Logan, Lo, Long, Lo, Lonvik
t-15103 Longton, Elizabeth - Lowe, Bertram Longton, Lo, Lord, Lo, Lorimer, Lo, Love, Low-Lo interfiled, Lowe
t-15104 Lowe, Beatrice - Luoma, Wilho Lowe, Lo, Lo-Lu interfiled, Lubin, Lu, Lucas, Lu, Luck, Lu, Ludwig-Lu interfiled, Lu, Luke, Lu, Lund, Lu, Luoma
t-15105 Lunney, William - MacBride, Mary Lunney, Lu, Lupton, Lu, Ly, Lyle, Lynch, Ly, Lyon, Ly-Lyons interfiled, Lyttle, Ma-MacA interfiled, MacAuley, MacA-MacB-MacC-MacD interfiled, MacBride
t-15106 MacCallum, Mary - Machin, Winifred M. MacCallum, MacB-MacC-MacD interfiled, MacDonald, MacDougall-MacDougal interfiled, Ma-MacE-MacF-MacG interfiled, MacFarlane, MacGregor, MacH-MacI-Ma interfiled, Machin
t-15107 Machalek, Janka - Mackie, John Roy Machalek, MacInnes, MacIntosh, MacIntyre, Mack, Ma-MacK interfiled, MacKay, MacKenzie, MacKey, MacK, MacKie
t-15108 Mackie, James - MacPherson, Hume Mackie, MacKinnon, MacIntosh, MacL-McL, MacLean, MacLennan, MacLeod, MacM-McM, MacMillan, MacN, MacO, MacP-MacQ-MacR-MacS-MacT-MacU-MacV-MacW-MacX-MacY-MacZ interfiled, MacPherson
t-15109 MacPherson, Ian James - Maitland, Jeanie MacPherson, MacRae, Mad, Madden, Mad-Mae-Maf interfiled, Madsen, Mag, Mah, Mahoney, Mai, Maitland
t-15110 Maitland, Jeanie - Manabe, Yoshita Maitland, Ma, Major, Ma, Malcolm, Ma, Manabe
t-15111 Mandara - Marcioz, Primo Mandara, Ma, Mann, Manning, Ma, Mansfield, Ma, Marchand, Ma, Marcioz
t-15112 Marewutski, Rachel - Marshall, George William Marewutski, Ma, Marks, Ma, Marlow, Ma, Marsden, Marsh, Marshall
t-15113 Marshall, H. A. C. - Martin, Sylvia Grace Marshall, Ma, Martel, Martens, Martin
t-15114 Martin, T. - Matalamaki, Ivari Martin, Ma, Martineau, Ma, Mason, Ma, Massey, Masson, Ma, Masters, Ma, Matalamaki
t-15115 Matcham, Jame - Mauroshat, Gustav Matcham, Ma, Mather, Matheson, Mathew-Mathewson-Ma interfiled, Mathews, Mathiesen-Ma interfiled, Ma, Matthew-Ma interfiled, Matthews, Ma, Mauroshat
t-15116 Maurin, A - McArthur, William H. Maurin Ma, Maxwell, May, Ma, Mayer-Mayers-Mayes-Ma interfiled, Ma, McA-McAdam-McAlister-McAllister interfiled, McAlpine, McArthur
t-15117 McArdle, Adele - McClean, William McArdle, McA, McAulay, McAuley, McAvoy, McB, McBain, McBeth, McBride, McCabe, McC, McCaffery, McC, McCall, McCallum, McCann, McC, McCarthy, McC, McClean-McCleary-McC interfiled, McClean
t-15118 McClellan, Agnes - McCullum, Henry William McClellan, McC, McClelland, MaC, MaClintock, McC, McClure, McC, McColl, McConnell, McC, McCormack, McCormick, McCoy, McC, McCracken, McC, McCullum
t-15119 McCulloch, A. Leslie - McEachern, William McCulloch, McCullough, McC, McCutcheon, McCurdy, McD-McDermott interfiled, McDonald, McD, McDowall-McD interfiled, McDougall, McDowell, McE, McEachern
t-15120 McElroy, Agnes - McGrath, Roy McElroy, McE, McEwen-McEwan interfiled, McFadyen-McFarland-McF interfiled, McFadden, McFarlane, McG, McGee-McGhee-McG interfiled, McGill-McGillivray-McG interfiled, McGilvray, McG, McGowan, McG, McGrail-McGraw-McG interfiled, McGrath
t-15121 McGrath, Sara - McKay, Isabella M. McGrath, McG, McGuinness-McG interfiled, McGregor, McGuire, McH, McI, McInnes, McI-McIver-McIvor-McJ interfiled, McIntosh, McIntyre-McInosh interfiled, McKay
t-15122 McKay, James - McKibbin, Willie McKay, McK-McKean interfiled, McKee, McKellar, McK-McKendrick interfiled, McKenna, McKenzie, McK, McKeown, McKinlay-McK interfiled, McKibbin
t-15123 McKinley, Adela - McLeod, Duncan Clarence McKinley, McKinna-McKinney-McKinnie-McK interfiled, McKnight-McK interfiled, McKinnon, McLachlan-McL interfiled, McLaren, McLaughlan-McLauchlan-McL interfiled, McLaughlin, McLellannd-McLeish-McL interfiled, McLean, McL, McLellann, McLeod
t-15124 McLeod, E. Audrey - McNeilly, Isobella McLeod, McL, McLoughlin-McLuckie-McL interfiled, McMahon, McManus-McMaster-McM interfiled, McM, McMillan, McMullan-McMullen-McMurray-McM interfiled, McNab-McN interfiled, McNeil-McNeilly-McN interfiled, McNeilly
t-15125 McNeilly, J. H. - Mead, William James McNeilly, McNeil-McNeilly-McN interfiled, McNeill, McNicoll-McN-McO interfiled, McP-McPhee interfiled, McPherson, McQ-McR interfiled, McRae, McS-McT interfiled, McV, McW, McWilliam-McWilliams interfiled, Me, Mead
t-15126 Meadows, Ada - Melville, W. Meadows, Me, Mee-Meehan-Me interfiled, Me, Meek-Me interfiled, Me, Meikle, Me, Melville-Me interfiled, Melville
t-15127 Menard, A. - Miatello, Luigi Menard, Me, Menzies, Me, Mercer, Me-Meredith interfiled, Me, Merrett-Me interfiled, Merrick, Merrill-Me interfiled, Merry-Merritt-Me interfiled, Me, Metcalfe, Me, Meyer, Me, Mi, Miatello
t-15128 Miceli, Maria - Millar, W. P. Miceli, Mi, Michael, Mi, Mi-Middlemiss-Middlemass interfiled, Middleton, Mi, Miles, Mi, Millar
t-15129 Millard, A - Mills, Winifred Ann Millard, Millard-Mill-Mi interfiled, Miller, Millagan-Millington-Mi interfiled, Mills
t-15130 Milner, Ada Hannah - Mitchell, George Milner, Mi, Milne, Milroy, Milton-Mi interfiled, Mi, Minns-Minor-Mi interfiled, Mi, Mitchell
t-15131 Mitchell, George - Molesworth, Ivy Frederica Mitchell, Mi, Mo, Moe, Mo, Moffat, Moffatt, Mo, Moir, Mo, Molesworth
t-15132 Molewyk, Jennecke - Moore, Charles William Molewyk, Mo, Moller-Mo interfiled, Molson-Mo interfiled, Mo, Monk-Mo interfiled, Monroe-Mo interfiled, Mo, Montgomery, Mo, Moodie, Moody, Moon, Mo, Mooney, Moore
t-15133 Moore, Charles William - Morgan, Sydney Moore, Mo-Moorhouse interfiled, Moran, Mo, Morey, Morgan
t-15134 Morgan, T. H. - Morrison, Grace Campbell Morgan, Mo, Morin-Morison-Mo interfiled, Morley-Mo interfiled, Morrell-Morrice-Mo interfiled, Morris, Morrison
t-15135 Morrison, Grace Walker - Mottram, Thomas Frank Morrison, Morriss-Morrissey-Mo interfiled, Morrow, Morse, Mortimer-Mo interfiled, Morton, Mo, Moser, Moses, Mo, Moss, Mo, Mottram
t-15136 Mottishaw, Walter Bud - Muller, Willi Mottishaw, Mo, Mott, Mould-Moule-Mo interfiled, Mould, Mo-Mountain-Montfort interfiled, Mount, Mo, Mowat, Moyer-Moyes-Mo interfiled, Mo, Mu-Mudd interfiled, Mueller, Mu-Muirhead interfiled, Muir, Mu-Muldoon interfiled, Mu, Mulholland, Mullen, Muller
t-15137 Mulock, Adele - Murphy, Rowland Mulock, Mullin-Mulligan-Mu interfiled, Mullins, Mu-Mumford interfiled, Mu, Munday, Mu-Munn interfiled, Munroe, Munro, Mu, Murakami-Mu interfiled, Murdoch-Murdock interfiled, Mu, Murphy
t-15138 Murphy, Sadie - Myles, Charles Murphy, Murray, Mu, Mu-Mutch interfiled, My-Myatt-interfiled, Myers, My, Myles
t-15139 Myron, David McKenzie - Naylor, William Henry Myron, My, Myles, Na, Nadeau, Nagy-Na interfiled, Na, Napier-Na interfiled, Na, Nash, Na, Naughton, Na, Naylor
t-15140 Neakes, Ada - Neufeld, Kornelius Neakes, Ne-Neame interfiled, Neal, Neale, Ne, Neely-Ne interfiled, Needham, Ne, Neil, Neill, Neilsen, Neilson, Ne, Nelson, Ne, Nesbit, Nesbitt, Ness-Ne interfiled, Ne, Neufeld-Ne interfiled, Neufeld
t-15141 Neubaer, Leo - Nichols, Norman Neubaer, Ne-Neufeld interfiled, Ne-Neumann interfiled, Ne-Nevin-Neve interfiled, Neville, New-Newall-Ne interfiled, Ne, Newcombe, Ne-Newey interfiled, Newell, Ne-Newland-Ne interfiled, Newman, Ne, Newton, Ne-Ng-Nh-Ney interfiled, Ni-Nichol-Nicholas interf
t-15142 Nichols, Pery - Nimoy, Motel Nichols, Nicholson, Ni, Nicol, Nicolson, Ni-Nicoll interfiled, Ni, Nielsen, Nielson, Ni, Niemi, Ni, Nimoy
t-15143 Nimoy, Motel - Nordahl, Petter Nimoy, Ni, Nilsen, Nilson-Nilsson interfiled, Ni, Ni-Niven interfiled, Nixon, No, Noble, No, Noel, No, Nolan, No, No-Noon interfiled, No, Nordahl
t-15144 Nordal, Ragnhild - Nyburg, Constance Nordal, No, Norman, Norris, No-North interfiled, No, Norton, No, No-Nott interfiled, No, Novak, No-Noyes-Noxon interfiled, Nowak, Nu, Nu-Nugent interfiled, Nu, Nu-Nunn interfiled, Nu-Nuttall interfiled, Ny, Nyburg
t-15145 Nygaard, D. - Ogjbowski, Gladyslaw Nygaard, Ny, Oa-Oak-Oakes interfiled, Oa-Oakley-Oates interfiled, Ob, O'Brien, Oc, O'Connell, O'Connor, Od, O'Donnell, O'Donoghue, Oe, Of-Offord interfiled, Og-Ogg interfiled, Ogjhowski
t-15146 Ogden, Alan Whittaker - Olscher, Isak Ogden, Ogilvie, Og, Oh, O'Hara, Oh-Oi-Oj interfiled, Ok-O'Keeffe interfiled, Ol, Oldfield, Oldham, Ol, Oliver, Ol, Olscher
t-15147 Olmsted, Jeff D. - Ormerod, Kathleen Mary Olmsted, Ol, Olsen, Olson-Olsson interfiled, Ol, Om, O'Mara, O'Neil-On interfiled, O'Neill, On-Oo-Op interfiled, Op-Oq interfiled, Or-O'Ragan interfiled, Or, O'Reilly, Or, Ormerod
t-15148 Orme, Laura Uppercu - Overland, Robert F. Orme, Or, O'Rourke, Or-Orr interfiled, Or-Orton interfiled, Os-Osborn interfiled, Osborne, Os, Osgood, Os, Os-O'Sullivan interfiled, Ot-O'Toole interfiled, Ot, Ouellette, Ov, Overland
t-15149 Ovenden, Thomas - Palin, Gwynedd Marion Ovenden, Ov, Ow-Ox-Oy-Oz interfiled, Owen, Owens, Ox-Oy-Oz interfiled, Pa-Pace interfiled, Pa-Packer interfiled, Pa, Page, Pa, Pa-Paine-Painter interfiled, Pa, Palin
t-15150 Palliser, Harry Cecil - Parker, Audrey Isabel Palliser, Pa, Palmer, Pa, Pa-Pape-Papineau interfiled, Pappas, Paquette, Paquin, Pa, Parent, Pa, Park, Parker
t-15151 Parker, Baden Powell - Parton, W Parker, Pa-Parkin interfiled, Parkes, Parkinson, Parks, Pa, Pa-Parr interfiled, Parry, Pa, Parsons, Pa, Parton
t-15152 Partridge, Charles - Patterson, Lydia Partridge, Pa, Partridge, Pa, Paterson, Pa, Paton, Pa-Patrick-Pattison-Pattinson interfiled, Patterson
t-15153 Patterson, M. - Pearce, Stuart Patterson, Pa, Patton, Paul, Pa-Pauls-Pauwels interfiled, Paulson, Pa, Payette, Payne, Pe-Peacock interfiled, Pe-Pears interfiled, Pearce
t-15154 Pearce, Thomas - Pelton, Ross D. Pearce, Pearson, Pe-Peat interfiled, Peck, Pe, Pedersen, Pe-Peek-Peebles interfiled, Pe, Pelletier, Pe, Pelton
t-15155 Peltzer, Rudolf - Perry, Evelyn Peltzer, Pe, Penner-Pe interfiled, Pe, Pe-Pepper interfiled, Pe, Perkins, Pe, Perrault, Perry
t-15156 Perry, F. S. - Petker, Rudolf Perry, Pe, Persson-Person interfiled, Pe, Peters, Pe-Petersson interfiled, Petersen, Peterson, Pe, Pe-Petrie interfiled, Petker
t-15157 Petrovich, S. - Picard, Mélanie Petrovich, Pe, Pettersen-Petterssen-Pettersson-Pe interfiled, Pe, Pf-Pfeiffer interfiled, Pf-Pfister interfiled, Ph-Phelan interfiled, Ph-Phelps-Phenix interfiled, Philip-Philippe-Phillip-Ph interfiled, Philips, Phillips, Ph-Phipps-Philpot interfiled, Pi,
t-15158 Pickard, A. H. - Piot, Charles Pickard, Pi-Pickering interfiled, Pi, Pierce-Piercy-Pi interfiled, Pi, Pi-Pilling interfiled, Pi, Pi-Pinkerton interfiled, Pi, Piot
t-15159 Piper, Charles - Pobjanen, Arvo Vilhelm Piper, Pi, Pirie, Pi-Pitt interfiled, Pi, Pl-Plant interfiled, Platt-Pl interfiled, Pl, Pl-Plummer interfiled, Po, Pobjanen
t-15160 Point, Beatrice - Porteous, Robert Williamson Point, Po, Poirier, Po, Po-Pollard interfiled, Po, Pollock, Po-Pomeroy interfiled, Po, Po-Pool interfiled, Poole, Po, Pope, Po, Po-Porteous interfiled, Porteous
t-15161 Porte, Sadie - Poyser, Jos. Revill Porte, Po, Porter, Po, Po-Post interfiled, Po, Potter, Po-Potts interfiled, Poulin, Po-Pow interfiled, Powell, Power, Po-Powley interfiled, Poyser
t-15162 Powlton, Kate - Priestland, Grace Powlton, Po, Pr, Pratt, Pr, Pr-Prentice interfiled, Pr-Prescott interfiled, Pr, Preston, Pr, Price, Pr-Price interfiled, Pr, Priestland
t-15163 Priestley, Hannah - Purcell, Bertha Priestley, Pr, Pr-Prince interfiled, Pringle-Pr interfiled, Pr, Pritchard, Procter-Proctor interfiled Pr, Provost, Pr, Pu, Puddicombe, Pu, Pugh, Pu, Purcell
t-15164 Purdie, Catherine - Rach, Ludwig Purdie, Pu-Purdie-Purcell interfiled, Purdy, Pu, Py-Pye-Pyke interfiled, Qu, Quigley-Quick-Qu interfiled, Qu, Quin, Quinn, Qu-Quinton interfiled, Ra, Rach
t-15165 Raboy, Malca - Ramsay, Josephine Raboy, Ra, Radcliffe, Radford, Ra, Rae, Ra, Raeburn, Raf, Ra, Rafferty, Ra, Ra-Raine-Raines interfiled, Ra, Ralph-Ra interfiled, Ralston, Ra, Ra-Ramsey interfiled, Ramsay
t-15166 Ramsay, Kate - Ray, Gladys Amelia Ramsay, Ra, Randall, Ra, Randle, Ra, Rankin, Ra, Ra-Rasmussen interfiled, Ra, Ratcliff-Ratcliffe interfiled, Rattray, Ra, Ra-Rawlings interfiled, Ra-Ray interfiled, Ray
t-15167 Ray, Hannah - Redford, Victor Ray, Ra-Ray interfiled, Ra-Rayner interfiled, Raymond, Re-Rea interfiled, Read, Re-Reade-Reading interfiled, Re, Redford
t-15168 Redhead, Thomas - Reid, Rush B. Redhead, Re, Redmond, Reed, Re-Rees interfiled, Reeder, Reesor-Reeson-Reese interfiled, Re, Reeve, Reeves, Re-Regan interfiled, Re, Reid
t-15169 Reid, Saada - Reynaurt, Courtandt Reid, Re, Reidy, Reilly, Re-Reimer interfiled, Re, Re-Relf-Relph interfiled, Re-Rempel interfiled, Re-Renaud interfiled, Rendall, Rendle, Re, Rennie, Re, Re-Revell-Revill interfiled, Re, Reynaurt
t-15170 Rezniroff, David - Richardson, Annie Elizabeth Rezniroff, Re, Reynolds, Rh-Rhind-Rhoades interfiled, Rhodes, Ri-Rice interfiled, Ri-Rich-Richer interfiled, Richard, Richards, Richardson
t-15171 Richardson, Annie Elizabeth - Riley, Rose M. Richardson, Richmond-Richardson-Re interfiled, Richter, Ri-Ricketts interfiled, Ri-Ridell-Ridley interfiled, Ri, Ri-Riedel interfiled, Ri, Ri-Rigby interfiled, Riley
t-15172 Riley, Rupert George - Robbins, Ethel Riley, Ri, Ritchie, Ri, Ro, Robb, Robbins
t-15173 Robbins, Ethel Adelaide - Robertson, John Robbins, Robert, Roberts, Robertson
t-15174 Robertson, J. - Robinson, W. Robertson, Ro-Robin-Robins interfiled, Robinson
t-15175 Robinson, William George - Rojtman, Szewa Robinson, Robson, Ro-Roche interfiled, Ro-Rock interfiled, Ro-Roden interfiled, Ro, Rodger, Rodgers, Rodgerson, Ro-Roe interfiled, Ro-Roger-Rogan interfiled, Rogers, Ro, Rogerson, Ro, Rojtman
t-15176 Rojtman, Szlama - Rosenkranz, Markus Rojtman, Ro-Rolfe-Rolland interfiled, Ro, Ro-Rook-Rooke-Roome interfiled, Rooney, Ro-Roose interfiled, Ro-Roper interfiled, Rose, Ro, Rosen, Rosebaum, Rosenberg, Ro, Rosenfeld-Rosenfield interfiled, Ro-Rosenberg interfiled, Ro, Rosenkranz
t-15177 Rosenstien, M. - Roudi, Zima Rosenstien, Ro, Rosenthal-Rosental-Ro interfiled, Ro, Ross, Ro, Roth, Ro, Ro-Rothwell interfiled, Ro, Roudi
t-15178 Rourke, Allan - Ruddock, Evelyn Annie Rourke, Ro, Ro-Rowan interfiled, Rowe-Ro-Rowen interfiled, Ro-Rowland-Rowley interfiled, Ro-Roy-Rozenberg interfiled, Ru, Ruddock
t-15180 Rudawec, Fedor - Sairanen, Otto Vilhelm Rudawec, Ru, Ru-Rule interfiled, Ru, Ru-Rush-Rushton interfiled, Ry-Rz interfiled, Sa, Sadler, Sa, Sairanen
t-15179 Russell, Winifred Maud - Russo, Adolfa di Carmine Russell, Ry-Ryall interfiled, Ryan W to A, Ru, Rutherford, Ru, Russo
t-15181 Sakuda, Bunzaburo - Sande, Petron Sakuda, Sa, St. A to St. Z interfiled, Sa, Salisbury, Sa, Sa-Salt interfiled, Salter, Sa, Sa-Sampson interfiled, Sa-Samuel interfiled, Sa, Sande
t-15182 Sanborn, Rachel Rice - Saunders, Constance Olive Sanborn, Sa, Sanders, Sanderson, Sa, Sa-Sands interfiled, Sa-Sanford interfiled, Sangster, Sa, Sankey, Sa, Sargeant, Sargent, Sa, Sa-Sato interfiled, Sa-Sault interfiled, Sa, Saunders
t-15183 Saunders, Daisy - Scheerpf, Anna Saunders, Saunderson, Sa, Savage, Sa, Sawyer, Saxby-Saxton interfiled, Sa, Sayer-Sayers interfiled, Sc, Schaeffer, Sc, Sc-Schafer interfiled, Sc, Scheerpf
t-15184 Schechter, Beila - Schlesinger, Violet Schechter, Sc, Sc-Schellenberg interfiled, Sc, Schlesinger
t-15185 Schlissel, Abraham - Schroder, Christian Schlissel, Sc, Sc-Schmid interfiled, Schmidt, Sc, Schmitz, Sc, Schneider, Sc, Sc-Scholes interfiled, Schofield, Sc, Sc-Schreiber interfiled, Schroeder-Sc interfiled, Schroder
t-15186 Schroder, Daisy Ethel - Scott, Lady Margaret Schroder, Schroder-Schroeder-Sc interfiled, Sc, Schultz, Sc, Schwartz, Schwarz-Sc interfiled, Sc, Scott
t-15187 Scott, Margaret - Sellen, Cyril Arthur Scott, Sc, Se, Searle-Seal-Se interfiled, Se-Seaton interfiled, Se, Se-Seed interfiled, Se, Segal, Segall, Se, Selby, Se, Sellen
t-15188 Sellers, David Harry - Shapero, James Sellers, Se, Semple, Se, Se-Sewell interfiled, Se, Seymour, Sh, Shackleton, Sh, Shaffer, Sh, Sh-Shand interfiled, Shanks, Sh-Shannon interfiled, Sh-Shapiro interfiled, Shapero
t-15189 Shapcott, James - Sheldon, Lucy Ann Shapcott, Sh-Shapiro interfiled, Sh-Sharman-Sharkey interfiled, Sharp, Sharpe, Sharples, Sharps, Sh, Shaw, Sh, Shea, Sh, Shearer, Sh, Sh-Shedden interfiled, Sh, Sheehan, Sh, Sheffield, Sh-Sheldon interfiled, Sheldon
t-15190 Sheldon, Mabel - Shiraye, Shinzo Sheldon, Sh-Shelton interfiled, Sh-Shepard-Shephard interfiled, Shepherd, Sheppard, Sh, Shepperd, Sheridan, Sh, Sherman, Sh, Sherwood, Sh, Shields, Sh, Shiraye
t-15191 Shihara, Sen - Sim, William Massie Shihara, Sh, Sh-Shore-Short interfiled, Short, Sh, Shuttleworth, Si, Sibley, Si, Silver, Si, Silvester, Sim
t-15192 Simmard - Sinclair, Archie Simmard, Si, Simmonds, Simmons, Simms, Si-Simon interfiled, Si, Simons, Simpkin-Simpkins interfiled, Simpson, Sims, Si-Simson interfiled, Si, Sinclair
t-15193 Sinclair, Barbara - Skintey, Ivan Sinclair, Sinfield, Si-Singer interfiled, Singleton, Singh, Si, Sister (nuns), Si, Sk, Skintey
t-15194 Skillen, James - Small, Ruth E. Skillen, Sk, Skinner, Sk, Sl, Slack, Slade, Sl-Slattery interfiled, Slater, Sl, Sloan, Sl, Small
t-15195 Small, Sadie - Smith, Daisy M. Small, Sm-Small interfiled, Sm-Smalley-Smallwood interfiled, Smart, Sm-Smellie interfiled, Sm-Smillie-Smithson-Smithers interfiled, Sm, Smith
t-15196 Smith, Daisy M. - Smith, Jane Smith
t-15197 Smith, Jane - Smith, Volera Smith
t-15198 Smith, William - Sodo, Gosta Valfird Smith, Sm, Sm-Smyth interfiled, Sn, Sn-Snowden-Snider interfiled, Snow, Snyder, So, Sodo
t-15199 Socovan, Hana - Spalding, Dolly R. Socovan, So, Solomon-So interfiled, So, So-Somers interfiled, So-Sommer-Sommerville interfiled, So, So-Sorensen interfiled, So, Sp, Spalding
t-15200 Spalding, Edith - Sprackles, Thomas Spalding, Sp, Sparks, Sp-Spear interfiled, Sp-Speed-Spedding interfiled, Sp, Spence, Spencer, Sp, Spicer, Sp, Sp-Spooner interfiled, Sp, Sprackles
t-15201 Sprague, Walter - Starcevie, Stephan Sprague, Sp, Sq-Squire-Squires interfiled, St, Stacey, St-Stafford interfiled, St, Stalker, St, St-Stanley interfiled, St-Stanton interfiled, St-Stapleton-Stapley interfiled, St, Starcevie
t-15202 Stares, Walter - Stephan, Charles Stares, Stark, St-Starkey-Starkman interfiled, St, St-Staton interfiled, St, Stead, St-Stedmond interfiled, St, Steel, Steele, St, Stein, St-Steinberg interfiled, St, St-Stephan-stephen interfiled, Stephan
t-15203 Stephen, Charles - Steward, Daisy Marion Stephen, St-Stephen interfiled, Stephens, Stephenson, St, Sterling, Stern, St, Stevens, Stevenson, Steward
t-15204 Steward, Ellen - Stobbe, Cornelius Steward, Stewart, St, St-Stiles interfiled, St-Still-Stilwell-Stimson interfiled, St, Stirling, St, Stobbe
t-15205 Stock, David - Stragier, I. Stock, St, Stokes, St, Stone, St, Storey, St, Story, Stott, St, Stragier
t-15206 Strachan, Jack - Sturdzik, Josef Strachan, St, Street, Streeter, St, Stringer, St, St-Strong interfiled, St, Stuart, Stubbs-St interfiled, St, Sturdzik
t-15207 Sturm, Kremens - Sutherland, Evelyn Sturm, St, Su, Sullivan, Su, Su-Summers interfiled, Su, Sunderland, Sundstrom, Su, Sutherland
t-15208 Sutherland, Findlay Ross - Swift, Gladys Mary Sutherland, Su-Sv-Svensson-Suziki interfiled, Sutton, Sw-Swain-Swaine-Swallow interfiled, Swan, Sw-Swanton-Swanston interfiled, Swann, Swanson, Sw-Sweeny interfiled, Sweet, Sw-Sweeting-Sweetman interfiled, Sw, Swift
t-15209 Swift, Harold - Tadman, Monica Swift, Su, Sy, Sykes, Sy-Symons-Syme interfiled, Sz, Ta, Tadman
t-15210 Tabara, Noboru - Taradasz, Szejwa Tabara, Ta, Taggart, Tait, Ta, Talbot, Ta, Taradasz
t-15212 Taylor, John - Tenenvurzel, Lipa Taylor, Tc, Te, Te-Temple-Templeton interfiled, Te, Tenenvurzel
t-15213 Tenma, Masuichi - Thomas, Ivor Tenma, Te, Terry, Te-Tester-Tessier interfiled, Te, Th-Thatcher interfiled, Th, Th-Thiessen interfiled, Th, Thom, Thomas-Thomasson-Th interfiled, Thomas
t-15211 Teramura, Tohichi - Taylor, John Teramura, Ta, Tate, Ta, Ta-Tayler interfiled, Taylor
t-15214 Thomas, J. - Thomson, A. Thomas, Thompson, Thomsen, Thomson
t-15215 Thomson, Baden L. - Threadgold, Ethel P. Thomson, Th, Thorne, Th, Thornton, Thorp, Thorpe, Th, Threadgold
t-15216 Thrun, Florence Idello - Tocher, Francis S. Thrun, Th, Ti, Tilley, Ti, Timins, Timmins, Ti, Tj-Tk-Tl interfiled, To, Tocher
t-15217 Tobler, George - Topazzini, Luigi Tobler, To, Todd, To, Tomkins, Tomkinson, Tomlinson, To, Tompkins, To-Toms interfiled, To, Toole, To, Topazzini
t-15218 Topolovec, Magda - Trethewey, Betty Topolovec, To, Torrance-Torrence interfiled, To, Townsend, To-Toyama-Toyoda-Toyota interfiled, Tr-Tracey-Tracy interfiled, Tr, Tr-Traut interfiled, Tr, Trethewey
t-15219 Trewin, Catherine - Tucker, Thomas H. H. Trewin, Tr, Tr-Trotter-Troup interfiled, Tr, Tr-Ts interfiled, Ts, Tu, Tucker
t-15220 Tucker, Verna - Turtle, Evelyn Betty Tucker, Tu, Tupper, Tu, Turnbull, Turner, Tu, Turtle
t-15221 Turnham, Fanny - Urman, Dvoira Turnham, Tu, Tu-Tv interfiled, Tw, Ty-Tyler interfiled, Ty-Tyson-Tz interfiled, Ub-Uc-Ue-Uf-Ug-Uh-Ui-Uj-Uk interfiled, Ul, Un-Underhill-Underwood interfiled, Un-Unger interfiled, Un-Up interfiled, Ur, Urman
t-15222 Urano, Eikichi - Vanderspek, Izaak Urano, Ur, Urquhart, Us-Ut-Uu-Uy-Uz interfiled, Va, Va-Valentine interfiled, Va-Vallance interfiled, Van A, Van B-Van C interfiled, Van D, Vanderspek
t-15223 Vanderree, Jacob - Vaughan, Myrtle Vanderree, Van D, Van E-Van G-Van H interfiled, Van interfiled, Van-Vanstone interfiled, Van T to Van Z interfiled, Va-Varga-Varley interfiled, Va-Vaughan interfiled, Vaughan
t-15224 Vaughan, Nellie - Vidler, William Thomas Vaughan, Va, Ve-Veale interfiled, Ve, Vi-Vickers interfiled, Vi, Vidler
t-15225 Vilutis, A. - Vyberal, Rosie Vilutis, Vi, Vi-Vincent interfiled, Vi-Vitale-Vivian interfiled, Vl, Vo, Von, Vo, Vr, Vr-Vs-Vu-Vy interfiled, Vyberal
t-15226 Vujovic, Save - Walker, Aubrey Francis Vujovic, Vr-Vs-Vu-Vy interfiled, Wa, Wa-Wade interfiled, Waddell, Wa, Wadsworth, Wagstaff-Wagstaffe interfiled, Wagner, Wa, Wa-Wain interfiled, Wainwright, Wa-Waite interfiled, Wa, Wa-Wale-Walden interfiled, Wa, Walker
t-15227 Walker, Alec - Wallace, Julia Walker, Wall, Wallace
t-15228 Wallace, James - Warburton, May Wallace, Wa, Waller, Wa-Wallin interfiled, Wallis, Walmsley, Wa-Walls interfiled, Walsh, Wa, Walter, Walters, Walton, Wa, Warburton
t-15229 Warburton, Nellie - Wasberg, Isak Warburton, Ward, Wa, Warner, Warren, Wa-Warwick-Warrington interfiled, Wa, Wasberg
t-15230 Washer, James - Watson, Winonia Washer, Wa-Wason interfiled, Wa, Waterman, Waters, Wa, Watkins, Watkinson, Watson
t-15231 Watson, Yvonne Beatrice - Weber, Frans Watson, Watt, Watters, Watts, Wa-Waugh interfiled, Wa-Way interfiled, We, Weaver, We-Webley interfiled, Webb, Webber, Weber
t-15232 Weber, Georg - Wellburn, Clifford Weber, Webster, We, Weeks-Weekes interfiled, We, We-Weil interfiled, We-Weiler interfiled, Weinberg, Weiner, We, We-Weinstein-Weinstick interfiled, We, Weir, We, We-Weiss interfiled, We, We-Welbourn-Welbourne interfiled, Welch, We, Wellburn
t-15233 Weller, Daisy - Weston, Constance L. Weller, We, Wells, We-Welsford interfiled, Welsh, We, West, We, Western, We, We-Westwood interfiled, Weston
t-15234 Weston, Dacre Leslie - White, John W. Weston, We, Wh-Whalley interfiled, Wh, Wh-Wheatley interfiled, Wheeler, Wh, Whelan, Wh, Wh-Whitaker interfiled, White
t-15235 White, Kate - Whyard, Fredrick White, Wh-Whitehead interfiled, Wh, Wh-Whitley-Whitlock interfiled, Whiting, Wh-Whitmore interfiled, Wh, Whitney, Wh-Whittingham interfiled, Whittaker, Wh, Whyard
t-15236 Whitton, George - Wilkes, David Whitton, Wh-Whitworth interfiled, Whyte, Wi-Wibe-Wickens interfiled, Wick-Wicks interfiled, Wi, Wi-Wiebe interfiled, Wi-Wieler interfiled, Wi-Wiens interfiled, Wi, Wilcox, Wi-Wilcock-Wilby interfiled, Wild-Wilde-Wi interfiled, Wi, Wiley, Wi, Wi-Wilkes int
t-15237 Wilkes, E. - Williams, Freeman Wilkes, Wi-Wilkes interfiled, Wi-Wilkie interfiled, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wi-Will-Wilcox interfiled, Willard, Wi-Willett interfiled, Wi, Williams
t-15238 Williams, Florence - Wills, Cuthbert E. T. Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wi, Wills
t-15239 Wills, Daisy D. - Wilson, James Wills, Wi, Wilson
t-15240 Wilson, Jane - Winstanley, Arthur Reginald Wilson, Wi-Wilton-Wiltshire interfiled, Wi, Wi-Winfield interfiled, Wi, Winstanley
t-15241 Winsor, Bens J. - Wonfor, Herbert Winsor, Wi, Wi-Winter interfiled, Wi-Winwood-Winters, Wi, Wi-Wise interfiled, Wi-Wiseman-Wishart interfiled, Wi-Withers interfiled, Wi-Witt interfiled, Wi-Wl interfiled, Wo, Wo-Wolf interfiled, Wo-Wolfe interfiled, Wo, Wonfor
t-15242 Wolverson, Herbert John - Woodall, Jane Wolverson, Wo-Wong interfiled, Wi-Wl interfiled, Wo, Wo-Wolf interfiled, Wo-Wolfe interfiled, Wo-Wolff interfiled, Wo, Wood, Wo, Woodall
t-15243 Woodburn, Jennie - Worton, Harry Woodburn, Wo, Woods, Wo-Woodward interfiled, Wo, Wo-Workman interfiled, Wo, Wo-Worth interfiled, Worton
t-15244 Wotherspoon, Harry - Wuschke August Wotherspoon, Wo, Wr, Wright, Wr, Wu, Wuschke
t-15245 Wuschke, Berta - Ylinen, Anne Wuschke, Wu, Wy-Wyatt interfiled, Wy-Wyllie interfiled, Wylie, Wy, Wy-Wynn-Wynne interfiled, Ya-Xa-Xe-Xh-Xu-Xi-Xm interfiled, Ya-Yamada interfiled, Ya, Ya-Yc-Ye interfiled, Yates, Ye, Ye-Yi-Yl interfiled, Ylinen
t-15246 Ylitalo, Anna - Yuchtman, Avrum Ylitalo, Ye-Yi-Yl-Yg interfiled, Yo, Yo-York-Yorke interfiled, Young, Yo-Yr-Yp-Yr-Ys-Yt interfiled, Yu, Yuchtman
t-15247 Yule, Barbara - Zic, Vinko Yule, Yu-Yule interfiled, Za, Za-Zb-Zd interfiled, Ze, Zi, Zic
t-15248 Zierold, Walter - Zyromska, Z. Zierold, Zi, Zi-Zimmerman interfiled, Zi-Zl-Zm-Zn interfiled, Zo-Zp-Zi-Zr-Zs-Zu interfiled, Zu, Zu-Zv-Zw-Zy interfiled, Zyromska
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