Ukrainian Immigrants, 1891-1930


The first two Ukrainian settlers arrived in Canada in 1891 followed by tens of thousands until the start of the First World War. Most Ukrainian immigrants of this period were identified on government records as Poles, Russians, Austrians, Bukovinians, Galicians and Ruthenians, arriving from provinces in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The vast majority of these immigrants settled in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

The second large wave of immigration from Ukraine occurred after the First World War. These immigrants were welcomed by the already established Ukrainian communities.

For more historical information about Ukrainians in Canada and sources available at Library and Archives Canada, see Immigration History: Ethnic and Cultural Groups: Ukrainian.

The Records

This database provides access to references to Ukrainian immigrants who arrived in Canada between 1891 and 1930. The names were extracted from the following records:

  • Passenger lists held at Library and Archives Canada for the Canadian ports of Halifax, Nova Scotia; Montréal and Québec, Quebec; and Saint John, New Brunswick, and for the American ports of New York, New York; and Portland, Maine.
  • Notes about early Ukrainian settlers and pioneer families in Canada gathered by Dr. Vladimir Julian Kaye (1896–1976), a historian, public servant, journalist and author of several books, including Early Ukrainian Settlements in Canada, 1895–1900; Dictionary of Ukrainian Canadian Biography: Pioneer Settlers of Manitoba, 1891-1900; and Dictionary of Ukrainian Canadian Biography of Pioneer Settlers of Alberta, 1891–1900.

The Database

This research tool provides access to 14,793 references to names of Ukrainians who arrived in Canada between 1891 and 1930.

Names appearing on passenger lists held at Library and Archives Canada were indexed by the late Walter Zayachkowski and input into this database. All the information appearing on those lists was entered into the database and therefore it is not necessary to consult the documents. However, should you still wish to view the actual passenger list, they are digitized on our website (consult Passenger Lists for more information).

Mr. Zayachkowski also indexed the names found in the series called “Sailing Records: Note Books” in the Vladimir Julian Kaye fonds (MG31 D69, volume 25, files 2 to 8, note books 1 to 7, microfilms H-3090 and H-3091). Those names were also entered in this database. If a database entry includes the note, “Fonds contains a card with information about this individual,” it means that there might be more information about the individual in the fonds.

Note that Mr. Zayachkowski included surname variations in his index as well as some alternate names, based on his knowledge of Ukrainian names and his research in other information sources.

The content of the database entries reflects the original language used in the documents. This information was not translated.

Important note: Given that some of the original documents are very difficult to read, some information in the database may be incorrect and/or incomplete.

Search Screen

The search screen allows you to search by:

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  • Ship
  • Year of Immigration

You can enter a surname and/or given name. Note that some entries include only an initial for the given names. Try searching by surname only.

You can also enter any term in the keyword box such as port, occupation, nationality etc.

When you have entered your search terms, click on "Search." The number of hits found will be shown at the top of the results screen.

How to Interpret the Results

Your search results will be posted as a results summary list from which you will be able to obtain an item description.

Search Results Page

  • Item Number
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Click on the underlined item number of a person to access the Item page, which contains additional information specific to that person.

Item Page

Depending on what details are contained in the actual record, the item page will include some, but not all, of the following fields:

  • Given Name(s)
  • Surname
  • Age
  • Ship
  • Year of Immigration
  • Departure Port
  • Departure Date
  • Arrival Port
  • Arrival Date
  • Destination
  • Marital Status
  • Able to Read and Write
  • Occupation
  • Nationality
  • Ethnic Group
  • Religion
  • Notes
  • Page Number
  • Book Number
  • File Number
  • Volume Number
  • Microfilm
  • Reference
  • MIKAN Number

The Mikan number relates to the archival description in Archives Search.

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How to Obtain Copies

  • Records from passengers lists. The lists are digitized and can be viewed on our website. Consult Passenger Lists to find out how to access digitized lists and different databases. Do not submit copy requests for records that are already online.
  • Records from the Vladimir Julian Kaye fonds (MG31 D69). The records are not digitized. Consult Access the Records for options such as ordering copies and viewing microfilms onsite. Include the full details from the database entry when submitting a copy request.

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Library and Archives Canada gratefully acknowledges the contribution of of the late Mr. Walter Zayachkowski (1930-2012), without whom this project would not have been possible.

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