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Maria Rye
July 27 1872, St George’s Union paid £12 LMA - St George's Hanover Square - We/BG/SG/6 7 I - "Monday 22nd July 1872. Details of the Justices of the Peace Certificates confirming the following four had freely consented to emigrate to Canada under the care of Miss Rye on the 1st August next: Jessie Fair, 13 1875 Inspection Report - St. Thomas Centre, Mrs Parish Sr, Inspector - 17, St Georges Union 1872, CE, goes to Church and Sunday School, with Mr Preffer, Yarmouth near St Thomas, usual terms $3 a mo, here 2 years, housework. Very good girl, likes her place much, and is well liked, having a very comfortable home. 1880 Annual Peckham Report - Letters St. Thomas, February 15th, 1880Dear Miss Rye: I love to write and tell you how I get along, and I do not think I shall ever be sorry that I came to this country with you. I told you in my last letter that Mr. P. was travelling in Minasota; he came home in September, and I was sick, and he told the folks they had made me work to hard wile he was away, so when I got well, he hired my board of a widow lady in St. Thomas, and told me he would like me to learn dressmaking; so I went to Miss B.'s, she took me as an apprentice, and she will teach me the whole trade in six months; I shall then go home and sew, as he thinks it will be much easyer for me than housework. Mr. P. is very kind to me, he says that I was kind to his mother, and that I shall always have a home with him till I get married. Mr. P. is fifty years old, he is sick, he was the only left of the family, and he got all his father's property; which amounted to between fifty and sixty thousand dolars, and he pays fifty dolars for my board wile (sic) I stay in St. Thomas, and I do not have to pay it back to him. Do you not think I ought to be happy with such a kind friend to care for me he is an old batchelor, and folks tell me that they would marrie him if they were me, but I never never will marrie an old man because he is rich, and I do not like him well enough to marrie (sic) him; they tell me they would rather be an old man's darling that a young man's slave, but I would rather be the later, for I am sure I could never love an old man. You must not think me silly for opening my mind to you, for I could not help it. I am quite well, and I think dressmaking agrees with me. I have not seen Clara (her sister) since October, and she was quite well, she is still living with Mrs. C., and she says that shes Clara better than she used to. My brother has not come to see us yet, but we are expecting him every day. We have very nice weather now but it is neither glood sleighing or good weeling, (sic) there is about three inches of snow, this is all I have to say at present. Yours truly, J.F. What do you think of my prospects in life? Herbert Fair came on the Caspian July 16 - 26, 1872 to Halifax. 1881 Census - Yarmouth, Elgin East, Ontario, FHL microfilm 1375901, pg 18: Jessie FAIR, 18, English, b: Ont?, Servant, Methodist, with Mary Ann SMITH. Brother Herbert Fair is in Sackville, Westmorland, New Brunswick.
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Maria Rye Index, 1869-1879
Maria Rye Index, 1869-1879: Notes about the Sources and the Ships
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