Immigration Records Column Headings

The immigration records (passenger and border entry lists) were microfilmed in the 1950s and were not produced to archival standards. After filming, the originals were not retained. Unfortunately, due to the poor quality of the microfilm, scanning the images from the microfilm was not able to correct the quality of some of the images. Also, some of the ink used in the original documents had faded before the records were microfilmed. For these reasons, some of the column headings on the immigration records are difficult to read.

For your convenience, the column headings from various immigration forms from 1865 to 1935 have been transcribed. Please note that the immigration forms and the questions asked were very different on each form.  The transcriptions were made from the immigration forms, including the spelling of words as they appear in the actual column headings.  Please note that all the forms were printed only in English.


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