Reverend William King and the Elgin Settlement

In 1849, the Reverend Dr. William King (1812-1895) and an association which included the Governor General Lord Elgin established the Elgin Settlement (southwest of Chatham, Ontario). The goal was to build a self-sustaining community for both fugitives and free Black people.

Through King's papers, we get a better understanding of the settlement's history, its supporters and its critics.



Read a short history of King's life and the Elgin Settlement, written by Shannon Prince, curator of the Buxton National Historical Site and Museum.


Read the typed transcript of his autobiography dated January 6, 1892.


Examine his personal and professional correspondence with abolitionists and other historical figures.


Explore documents relating to the founding of the Elgin Settlement, as well as material about slavery and the anti-slavery movement.


Review selected newspapers preserved by King during his lifetime.

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