Thematic Guide – Deportation from Canada, 1893-1977

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This guide consists of general and specific references to federal government sources and a selected bibliography on deportation from Canada in the period from 1893 to 1977. The guide was created in 1987 and was revised in 2000 and 2017.

There was no central register of deportees until the advent of departmental electronic data processing systems in the 1960s. Few deportation case files before that have survived. However, Library and Archives Canada holds many historical government records relating to immigration and deportation. Lists of deportees can be found in some of those archival Record Groups in files dating from 1893 to 1946.

To find out what records exist, please consult the Records sections in this guide.

Deportation or rejection

Persons rejected at the border and not allowed into Canada are not necessarily documented in records on deportations. Notations indicating that a person was rejected can sometimes be found on passenger lists (1865 to 1935) and border entry lists (1908 to 1935). Separate lists of rejected persons are often found in the border entry lists from 1908 to 1918.

On some passenger lists and border entry lists, there is a file number written beside a person’s name. Those individual files were destroyed, and only a small sample of files was retained. See the section below on Records of the Immigration Branch (RG76).

The Immigration Act and abbreviations

In the passenger lists and border entry lists for the years 1925 to 1935, the reason for deportation or rejection was recorded by the use of abbreviations that refer to the Immigration Act, for example, the abbreviation PC695 Sec3 ssJ. This means that the person was refused entry under Order-in-Council PC695, Section 3, Sub-section j.

Section 3 of the Immigration Act related to prohibited classes. Sub-section j referred to people who were considered likely to become a public charge.

For information about PC183, PC695 and PC1957, see Order-in-Council PC 1931-695, 1931.

See also Canadian Immigration Acts and Legislation.

How to access the records

The files cited below under Records of the Immigration Branch (RG76) are all on microfilm. Some of our microfilm reels with a C prefix are being digitized on our partner website Héritage. Digitized reels can be viewed free on that website:

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Records of the Immigration Branch (RG76)

Generally, files relating to individual immigrants and deportees were not retained. Only a small sample of files relating to individuals still exist. However, other files relating to deportation include lists of names or correspondence in which individuals are mentioned. Some of those files relate to Canadians being deported back to Canada from other countries. There are other files relating to administration and policy that do not include names of individuals.

Here are the lists of file titles and references:

  • RG76 files that relate to an individual deportee

    Jack (John) Charles Bell, Edward Patrick Ryan Kelly and Brian Lawlor, Newfoundland, 1947.
    (RG76, volume 288, file 261410A to 261410C, microfilm C-7837)

    Munetaka Samejima, Japanese (report), 1931, 1932 and 1949.
    (RG76, volume 368, file 491970, microfilm C-10268)

    Dan Chomicki, Polish (alias Holmes, Homes or Homitski), Winnipeg, Manitoba, (Communist pamphlet) 1931 to 1935, 1939, 1940, 1947 and 1958.
    (RG76, volume 376, file 513111, microfilm C-10274)

    Avro Vaaro, Finnish (pamphlet), 1928, 1930 to 1932.
    (RG76, volume 376, file 513116, microfilm C-10274)

    Ludgar Simoneau, insane immigrant to be returned by the U.S. government, 1906 and 1907.
    (RG76, volume 377, file 520318, microfilm C-10275)

    A.S. Munro, Vancouver, British Columbia. Désiré Brothier detained on the S.S. Ramona, taken ashore under warrant, 1906.
    (RG76, volume 379, file 527714, microfilm C-10276)

    Adele Peltier, insane immigrant to be returned by the U.S. government, 1906, 1907 and 1911.
    (RG76, volume 379, file 529326, microfilm C-10276)

    E.H. Bullock, Worchester, England, 1906 and 1907.
    (RG76, volume 380, file 531995, microfilm C-10277)

    E.J. Wallace, Acting U.S. Commissioner, Montreal, Quebec. Delphine Gélinas, to be returned to Canada from U.S. as insane, 1906 and 1907.
    (RG76, volume 392, file 542977, microfilm C-10285)

    Philip Spain, insane immigrant to be returned from U.S., 1906, 1907, 1919 and 1921.
    (RG76, volume 397, file 563751, microfilm C-10289).

    Jeannie Caldwell (deported to Scotland for theft), 1906, 1907 and 1912.
    (RG76, volume 404, file 590006, microfilm C-10294)

    John P. Thompson, undesirable insane immigrant, 1907, 1911 to 1913, 1920 and 1922 to 1929.
    (RG76, volume 417, file 603995, microfilm C-10303)

    Joseph Needham, undesirable (leprosy) 1907.
    (RG76, volume 421, file 615114, microfilm C-10305)

    Geniale Licastro, undesirable, 1907.
    (RG76, volume 423, file 619617, microfilm C-10307)

    Article from "Victoria Daily Times," Victoria, British Columbia on bad character from Japan named Keijiro Takatori (Suzuki) who was deported (photos), 1907.
    (RG76, volume 440, file 668607, microfilm C-10318)

    Department of Justice. Arthur Langton, undesirable, 1907, 1917.
    (RG76, volume 440, file 673214, microfilm C-10318)

    Beatrice Ann Cuthbert Corner, undesirable (insane) 1907 and 1908.
    (RG76, volume 458, file 700294, microfilm C-10399)

    Messrs. Reid, Robinson and Wilson, United States (trade union leader) (undesirable) 1948 and 1949.
    (RG76, volume 458, file 700721, microfilm C-10399)

    Edward Passmore, undesirable (amputee) 1907.
    (RG76, volume 459, file 702447, microfilm C-10400)

    Nikolaus Makyek (Galician) (convicted of theft) 1907.
    (RG76, volume 459, file 703999, microfilm C-10400)

    George Fry, undesirable (venereal disease) 1907, 1909.
    (RG76, volume 463, file 706390, microfilm C-10402)

    Henry Nevees, undesirable (assault and conviction) 1907 and 1908.
    (RG76, volume 463, file 707156, microfilm C-10402)

    G.L. Milne, Victoria, British Columbia. Fine of $600.00 imposed on captain of INDIANA (for allowing six Japanese deportees to escape) 1907 and 1908.
    (RG76, volume 472, file 721635, microfilm C-10408)  

    Michael Meagher, undesirable (inmate of Toronto Asylum) 1907 and 1908.
    (RG76, volume 473, file 726444, microfilm C-10409)

    Frances Alice Foster and four children, undesirables (public charges) 1907 and 1908.
    (RG76, volume 477, file 737022, microfilm C-10412)

    Rebecca Barnett, undesirable (insane) (Black) 1907 and 1908, 1916.
    (RG76, volume 477, file 737470, microfilm C-10412)

    Jacob Chrilick, undesirable (insane) (Galician) (also Jacob Krolyk) 1907 to 1933.
    (RG76, volume 478, file 739404, microfilm C-10413)

    D.H. Solomon, undesirable (thief) (South African) 1907 and 1908.
    (RG76, volume 478, file 739685, microfilm C-10414)

    Deportation of undesirables via United States ports (Achille Gregorio Pantaleo) (copy of immigration law) 1907 and 1908, 1919.
    (RG76, volume 483, file 745714, part 1, microfilm C-10417)

    John D. Tearse, undesirable (convicted of murder) 1907 to 1920.
    (RG76, volume 487, file 754608, microfilm C-10421)

    Louisa Clarke, undesirable (inmate of insane asylum) 1908.
    (RG76, volume 489, file 756441, microfilm C-10423)

    Ellen Lagergreen, undesirable (insanity) (Swedish) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 492, file 763050, microfilm C-10426)

    William Gorst, undesirable (thief) 1908 to 1914.
    (RG76, volume 493, file 766058, microfilm C-10426)

    James Geoghegan, Central Prison, Toronto, Ontario, undesirable (thief) 1908, 1917.
    (RG76, volume 497, file 773474, microfilm C-10429)

    John Mortimer, wife and five children, undesirables (public charges) 1907, 1908 and 1923.
    (RG76, volume 498, file 774753, microfilm C-10430)

    Louis Oswald, undesirable (insane) (German) 1908, 1919 to 1922.
    (RG76, volume 504, file 781802, microfilm C-10606)

    Hugh McLeod, undesirable (insane) 1908.
    (RG76, volume 510, file 788382, microfilm C-10610)

    Benjamin Koshela, undesirable (insane) (Finlander) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 510, file 790851, microfilm C-10610)

    E. Cleveland Miller, undesirable (insane) (American) 1908.
    (RG76, volume 511, file 797250, microfilm C-10611)

    Margaret Bradbury (Stinton), undesirable (blind) 1908 to 1910.
    (RG76, volume 511, file 797664, microfilm C-10611)

    Joseph Goodrich, undesirable (convict) (American) 1908 to 1925.
    (RG76, volume 513, file 800080, microfilm C-10611)

    J.H. Ashdown, Mayor, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Emma Goldman, an undesirable socialist, who should be deported, 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 513, file 800111, microfilm C-10612)

    Bessie Fanny Fishkin, undesirable (insanity) 1908, 1922.
    (RG76, volume 513, file 800113, microfilm C-10612)

    Undesirables at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Charles Lawrence, 1908.
    (RG76, volume 515, file 800310, microfilm C-10612)

    Arthur Pettifer, undesirable (vagrancy) 1908.
    (RG76, volume 515, file 800330, microfilm C-10612)

    George Holloway, undesirable (vagrant) 1908 to 1929.
    (RG76, volume 515, file 800331, microfilm C-10612)

    C.P. Sekjer, undesirable (robbery) 1908 to 1921.
    (RG76, volume 515, file 800350, microfilm C-10612)

    Bond of indemnity for Samuel August and Johanna Erickson, 1908.
    (RG76, volume 515, file 800609, microfilm C-10613)

    Caroline Hannah Northover, undesirable (insanity) 1908.
    (RG76, volume 515, file 800613, microfilm C-10613)

    Frank Roberts, undesirable (burglar and thief) 1908 to 1912.
    (RG76, volume 515, file 800685, microfilm C-10613)

    William Harris, undesirable (convict) 1908 to 1910.
    (RG76, volume 515, file 800686, microfilm C-10613)

    George White and family, undesirables (criminal) 1908, 1916.
    RG76, volume 516, file 801028, microfilm C-10613.

    Fred Beeson, undesirable (insanity) 1908 to 1910.
    (RG76, volume 516, file 801037, microfilm C-10613.

    A.J. Hodges, Oshawa, Ontario, asks to be allowed to remain in Canada (deportation) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 529, file 803196, microfilm C-10621)

    Henry Durant, wife and five children, undesirables (indigent) 1908.
    (RG76, volume 536, file 803629, microfilm C-10626)

    William Merritt, undesirable, 1908.
    (RG76, volume 537, file 803697, microfilm C-10627)

    Clarence Edward Pangburn, undesirable (photo) (criminal) 1908 to 1923.
    (RG76, volume 537, file 803761, microfilm C-10627)

    Lillian Mitchel, Montreal General Hospital, undesirable (paralyzed) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 538, file 803780, microfilm C-10627)

    Isadore Jerenczuk, undesirable (Galician) (insanity) 1908 to 1937.
    (RG76, volume 540, file 803924, microfilm C-10628)

    Temere Koyzonowski, undesirable (insanity) 1908 to 1917.
    (RG76, volume 541, file 804151, microfilm C-10629)

    Louis Ullman and Joseph Keller, undesirable (white slavery) 1908.
    (RG76, volume 542, file 804221, microfilm C-10629)

    James Jenkins, undesirable (criminal) 1908 to 1910, 1912.
    (RG76, volume 542, file 804232, microfilm C-10629)

    Blanche Lewis, undesirable, 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 543, file 804333, microfilm C-10630)

    Guiseppe Aniello, undesirable, 1908, 1910 to 1915.
    (RG76, volume 546, file 804769, microfilm C-10632)

    Ivan Micholuk, undesirable (Galician) (theft) 1908 to 1911, 1923.
    (RG76, volume 547, file 805056, microfilm C-10632)

    Octave Pattissou, undesirable, 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 547, file 805169, microfilm C-10632)

    Frank Cass, undesirable (convict) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 547, file 805239, microfilm C-10632)

    Romano Tingle, undesirable (vagrant) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 547, file 805274, microfilm C-10632)

    Sylvanus Bucher, undesirable (vagrant) 1908.
    (RG76, volume 547, file 805340, microfilm C-10632)

    Michele di Nunzio, undesirable (insanity) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 547, file 805416, microfilm C-10632)

    William Truscott, wife and child, undesirables, 1908 to 1911, 1914.
    (RG76, volume 547, file 805494, microfilm C-10633)

    Edward Gallagher, undesirable from the United States (deported to Canada) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 548, file 805701, microfilm C-10633)

    Alice Craig, undesirable, 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 548, file 805715, microfilm C-10633)

    James O'Leary alias James Fitzgerald, undesirables (insanity) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 548, file 805716, microfilm C-10633)

    Harold Hutton Anderson, undesirable, 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 550, file 805753, microfilm C-10634)

    Maud Amelia Cairn-Hodge, undesirable (prostitute) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 550, file 805847, microfilm C-10634)

    Adolphe D. Baker, undesirable (criminal) 1908 to 1911.
    (RG76, volume 551, file 805926, microfilm C-10634)

    Mrs. Elias Smith and two children, undesirables (destitute) 1908 to 1920.
    (RG76, volume 552, file 806078, microfilm C-10635)

    Joseph Cohen, undesirable (indigent) 1908 to 1910.
    (RG76, volume 552, file 806105, microfilm C-10635)

    Oscar Webb, undesirable (extradition) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 554, file 806264, microfilm C-10636)

    Maria Pisani, wife of Dominico Melfi, undesirable (insanity) 1909 to 1924.
    (RG76, volume 554, file 806288, microfilm C-10636)

    Nazaire Chartier, undesirable (insanity) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 555, file 806340, microfilm C-10637)

    James Bussey to be returned to Canada, 1909, 1919.
    (RG76, volume 555, file 806584, microfilm C-10638)

    Jake Shiflett (or Schefflet), undesirable (insanity) 1909.
    (RG76, volume 556, file 806864, microfilm C-10638)

    William Riley, undesirable (criminal) 1909, 1918.
    (RG76, volume 556, file 806954, microfilm C-10638)

    L. Flett Miles, undesirable (indigent) 1909.
    (RG76, volume 556, file 807021, microfilm C-10638)

    Gustave Earthman, undesirable, 1909, 1916.
    (RG76, volume 558, file 807294, microfilm C-10639)

    Frank Edwards, undesirable (thief) 1908 to 1910.
    (RG76, volume 563, file 808821, microfilm C-10644)

    Joseph and Rita Levine, undesirable (Bond of Indemnity) 1909.
    (RG76, volume 563, file 808833, microfilm C-10644)

    Pawol Devorski, undesirable (break and entry) 1909.
    (RG76, volume 564, file 808976, microfilm C-10644)

    Max Vanderville, undesirable (criminal) 1909 and 1910.
    (RG76, volume 564, file 809049, microfilm C-10645)

    Florance Driscoll, undesirable (arsonist) 1909 to 1920.
    (RG76, volume 565, file 809117, microfilm C-10645)

  • RG76 files that include lists of names or correspondence about particular deportees

    Paupers (insane, criminal or otherwise) to be returned, 1893 to 1896.
    (RG76, volume 37, file 837, part 1, microfilm C-4697)

    Deportation of undesirable immigrants, 1903 to 1906.
    (RG76, volume 37, file 837, parts 5 and 9, microfilm C-4697)

    Immigration of criminal classes, 1893 to 1923.
    (RG76, volume 50, file 2174, microfilm C-4714)

    Rejections and Expulsions from United Kingdom (lists and reports), 1909 to 1910.
    (RG76, volume 69, file 3116, part 1, microfilm C-4737)

    Rejections and Expulsions from United Kingdom, 1910 to 1914. Rejections and Deportation to British Isles from Canada, 1909 to 1917.
    (RG76, volume 69, file 3116, part 2, microfilm C-4737)

    Undesirable immigrants, 1892 to 1915.
    (RG76, volumes 101 and 102, file 15197, parts 1 to 3, microfilm C-4765)

    Department of Justice Rulings, 1920 to 1937.
    (RG76, volume 243, file 156271, microfilm C-7391)

    Danzig, Poland. Summary reports of admissions and rejections (lists) 1924 to 1929
    (RG76, volume 245, file 168186, microfilm C-7393 and C-7394)

    Antwerp, Belgium. Summary reports of admissions and rejections (lists), 1924 to 1927
    (RG76, volumes 245 and 246, file 168519, microfilm C-7394)

    Paris Office, France. Summary reports of admissions and rejections (lists), 1924 to 1929
    (RG76, volume 246, file 168722, microfilm C-7394 and C-7395)

    Rotterdam, Netherlands. Summary reports of admissions and rejections (lists), 1924 to 1927
    (RG76, volume 246, file 168725, microfilm C-7395)

    First cases of detentions and rejections at the Atlantic ports under the regulations which came into force in December 1902, 1903 to 1907
    (RG76, volumes 269 and 270, file 228124 Spec. cases, parts 3 to 7, microfilm C-7818)

    Deportation of undesirables from Canada, (individual cases) 1923 to 1928.
    (RG76, volumes 292 and 293, file 267931, parts 1 to 8, microfilms C-7841 to C-7843)

    Deportation of insane persons, (individual cases) 1925 to 1930.
    (RG76, volume 294, file 268449, parts 1 to 6, microfilm C-7843)

    Reports of admissions and rejections at Halifax, Nova Scotia (lists), 1921 to 1922
    (RG76, volume 301, file number 281230 Halifax, microfilm C-7851)

    Statements and lists of deportations (Railway Agreements and Empire Settlement Act), 1926 to 1932
    (RG76, volume 337, file 351406, microfilm C-10247)

    Port agents’ reports of detentions and deportation, 1905 and 1906, 1909 and 1911.
    (RG76, volume 355, file 391230, microfilm C-10259)

    Clinical examination of immigrants to be deported, 1906 to 1914. Oswald Bence, 1914.
    (RG76, volume 376, file 518766, microfilm C-10274)

    Robert Boston, Deportation Officer, London, Ontario, 1906 to 1922.
    (RG76, volumes 391 and 392, file 542424, parts 1 to 4, microfilm C-10285)

    Canada-U.S. arrangement for transportation of deportees to last place of residence, 1932 to 1939.
    (RG76, volume 393, file 563204, microfilm C-10286)

    Insane immigrants in U.S. and Canadian asylums (deportation lists) 1906 to 1914.
    (RG76, volumes 393 and 394, file 563236, parts 1 to 4, microfilm C-10286)

    Deportation of undesirables from Canada, 1914 to 1931.
    (RG76, volumes 394 and 395, file 563236, parts 5 to 14, microfilms C-10286 to C-10288)

    Deportation of undesirables from Canada, 1931 to 1948.
    (RG76, volume 396, file 563236, parts 15 to 19, microfilm C-10288)

    Undesirables in the Province of Quebec (lists), 1908 to 1910, 1919, 1924, 1927 to 1935, 1937 and 1941.
    (RG76, volume 397, file 563236, part Quebec, microfilm C-10289)

    Samples of forms used for deportation cases. The previous history of deported immigrants, 1907 to 1914 and 1917 to 1925.
    (RG76, volume 397, file 563236A, part 1, microfilm C-10288)

    Dominion steamship line, Montreal. Deportation of immigrants as second class passengers, 1906 to 1912.
    (RG76, volume 401, file 577355, microfilm C-10292)

    Peter Devlin, Kingston. Appointed to a position on the outside service of the Immigration Branch (Immigration and Deportation Officer), 1909 to 1915, 1918 to 1925, 1927 to 1930.
    (RG76, volumes 423 and 424, file 623970, parts 1 to 4, and part Cards, microfilm C-10307)

    Deportation Reports (lists) 1937 to 1939.
    (RG76, volume 426, file 627416, microfilm C-10308)

    Advising Britain re return of deportees (lists), 1907 to 1921.
    (RG76, volume 430, file 638125, microfilm C-10311)

    J. Bruce Walker, London, England. Agents of Canadian Pacific Railway Steamship Co. are very amiss in notifying A. Jury when deported immigrants arrive at Liverpool, England. (Deportation by steamship) 1907 to 1932.
    (RG76, volume 449, file 681314, microfilm C-10324)

    Medical examination, rejection or detention of passengers carried by Allan Line, 1907 to 1915, 1919
    (RG76, volume 450, file 682580, microfilm C-10324 and C-10325)

    Dr. A.D. Stewart, Mental Detention Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, suggests the establishment of a record of deported criminals by means of photographs, 1907 to 1935.
    (RG76, volume 459, file 704525, microfilm C-10400)

    Deportation of undesirables via United States ports (lists) 1908 to 1915, 1920 to 1923.
    (RG76, volume 483, file 745714, part 3, microfilm C-10417)

    C.C. James, Toronto, Ontario. Party of Bulgarians destitute in Toronto, Ontario (lists) 1907 and 1908.
    (RG76, volume 483, file 745964, microfilms C-10417 and C-10418)

    Party of Bulgarians to be deported by Allan Line (lists) 1907 and 1908.
    (RG76, volume 484, file 745964 Allan Line, microfilm C-10418)

    Dominion Line Steamship Company. Party of Bulgarians to be deported (lists) 1907 and 1908.
    (RG76, volume 484, file 745964 Dominion Line, microfilm C-10418)

    Donaldson Steam Ship Line. Party of Bulgarians to be deported from Toronto, Ontario (lists) 1908.
    (RG76, volume 484, file 745964 Donaldson Line, microfilm C-10418)

    Grand Trunk Railway, Montreal, Quebec. Deportation of certain Bulgarians from Toronto, Ontario, who were alleged to have arrived in Canada via New York, New York, United States (lists) 1907 and 1908.
    (RG76, volume 483, file 745964 New York, microfilm C-10418)

    Return to Germany of undesirable German nationals in Canada (lists) 1943 to 1959.
    (RG76, volume 487, file 753708, microfilm C-10421)

    John H. Clark, Commissioner, United States Immigration service. Undesirable immigrants entering United States via Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, 1908.
    (RG76, volume 490, file 756864, microfilm C-10425)

    Mrs. M. Killeen, Ottawa, Ontario – Engaged by the Immigration Branch to accompany women from inland points to ports to be deported (lists) 1908 to 1913.
    (RG76, volume 492, file 762723 (cards), microfilm C-10426)

    E. Blake Robertson, Assistant Superintendent of Immigration, Ottawa, Ontario. Deferred and rejected United States immigrants at Saint John, New Brunswick, and at Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1908 to 1921.
    (RG76, volume 513, file 800070, part 1, microfilm C-10611.)

    Detained immigrants, 1921 to 1954.
    (RG76, volume 513, file 800070, part 2, microfilm C-10611)

    Reciprocal arrangement with the United States in regard to deportation of undesirable immigrants, 1908 to 1949.
    (RG76, volumes 513 and 514, file 800129, parts 1 to 5, microfilm C-10612)

    Canadians deported from United States, 1908 to 1947.
    (RG76, volumes 526 and 527, file 802274, parts 1 to 4, microfilms C-10619 and C-10620)

    Deportation of insane, 1908 to 1928.
    (RG76, volume 530, file 803572, parts 1 and 2, microfilm C-10622)

    Deportation of insane persons from Canada, 1928 to 1938.
    (RG76, volume 531, file 803572, parts 3 and 4, microfilm C-10622)

    Immigration building at Athelstan, Quebec, for immigrants rejected at Malone, New York, 1910 to 1938
    (RG76, volume 526, file 802150 D.B., microfilm C-10619)

    Canadians deported from United States, 1908 to 1927.
    (RG76, volume 526, file 802274, part 1, microfilm C-10619)

    Dr. P.H. Bryce, Immigration Branch, Ottawa, Ontario. Reports regarding undesirable immigrants in the asylums, gaols and prisons of the province of Ontario (copy) 1908 to 1911.
    (RG76, volume 537, file 803777, microfilm C-10627)

    Cablegrams concerning undesirables (reports) 1908 to 1937.
    (RG76, volume 540, file 803977, parts 1 and 2, microfilm C-10628)

    Dr. T.J.W. Burgess, Medical Superintendent, Protestant Hospital for the Insane, Montreal, Quebec. Supply of form # 67, Immigration (deportation) 1908 to 1910.
    (RG76, volume 546, file 804841, microfilm C-10632)

    George Villeneuve, Medical Superintendent, Hospital St-Jean-de-Dieu, Montreal, Quebec. Supply of form #67, Immigration (form for deportation) (list) 1908 to 1920.
    (RG76, volume 547, file 804988, microfilm C-10632)

    Robert Dow, Metcalfe, Ontario, appointed to position of Immigration Inspector (Deportation Officer, Toronto, Ontario) 1908 to 1924.
    (RG76, volume 548, file 805730, microfilm C-10633)

    J. Bruce Walker, Commissioner of Immigration, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Fourteen men who were brought to Canada from Scotland by Canadian Pacific Railway as strike breakers and are now undesirables (lists) 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 550, file 805792, microfilm C-10634)

    Undesirables at Goderich, Ontario, 1909, 1914 and 1915.
    (RG76, volume 555, file 806414, microfilm C-10637)

    Drs. Lachapelle and E.M.P. Benoit, Montreal, Quebec. Account for examining undesirable immigrants (lists) 1909 and 1910.
    (RG76, volume 558, file 807239, microfilm C-10639)

    H. & A. Allan, Montreal, Quebec. Account for transportation of Bulgarians who were rejected under Money Qualification Order (lists) 1909.
    (RG76, volume 559, file 807950, microfilm C-10640)

    Policy and instructions on appeals against deportation, 1910 to 1947.
    (RG76, volume 583, file 818219, microfilm C-10657)

    Foster, Mann, McKinnon and Hackett, Advocates, Montreal, Quebec. Memorial from American Railway Companies regarding transportation of deportees to starting points in United States (lists) 1910 to 1915.
    (RG76, volume 584, file 819738, part 1, microfilm C-10657)

    Deportation of insane persons from Canada. Policy and instructions, 1913 to 1939.
    (RG76, volume 597, file 865252, microfilm C-10666 and C-10667)

    Insane persons from United States to Province of Quebec (lists) 1914 to 1941.
    (RG76, volume 597, file 865252 P.Q., microfilm C-10667)

    Payment of maintenance of prisoners held for deportation (lists) 1911 to 1947.
    (RG76, volume 598, file 866908, parts 1 and 2, microfilm C-10667)

    Escapes from detention, Montreal, Quebec, 1924 to 1947.
    (RG76, volume 602, file 882029, microfilm C-10670)

    War (deportations and internees during First World War) 1914 and 1915.
    (RG76, volume 603, file 884866, part 3, microfilm C-10670)

    Russian passports and the deportation of Russian subjects (lists) 1915 to 1927.
    (RG76, volume 611, file 906924, part 1, microfilm C-10433)

    Russian passports and the deportation of Russian subjects (lists) 1927 to 1931.
    (RG76, volume 612, file 906924, part 2, microfilm C-10433)

    Agitators (Deportation of agitators under Section 41 of the Immigration Act). Agitators and other disturbers to be refused admission to Canada or to the United Kingdom (lists) 1919 to 1925, 1933 to 1954.
    (RG76, volume 627, file 961162, microfilms C-10442 and C-10443)

    Report on deportation of Germans from South Africa, 1947 to 1950.
    (RG76, vol. 660, file B67104, microfilm C-10596)

    Arrangement with the steamship companies for the reconveyance of undesirable immigrants to the port from which they sailed, 1896 to 1901.
    (RG76, volume 684, file 837, part 2, microfilms C-10683 and C-10684)

    The deportation of undesirable immigrants, 1901 to 1905.
    (RG76, volume 685, file 837, parts 3, 4, 6 to 8, microfilm C-10684)

    Various, House of Commons, Returns to Questions, 1957 to 1970.
    (RG76, volumes 689 and 690, microfilms C-10687 and C-10688)

  • RG76 files that do not contain names of deportees

    W.S. Calvert, MP, Strathroy, Ontario recommends appointment of Robert Boston as distributor of farm labour for Middlesex County, Ontario (Immigration Inspector, London, Ontario) 1906 to 1908.
    (RG76, volume 391, file 542424, part 1, microfilm C-10285)

    Samples of forms used for deportation cases, 1925 to 1938.
    (RG76, volume 397, file 563236A, part 2, microfilms C-10288 and C-10289)

    Alfred Blanchet, Victoriaville, Quebec, appointed an inspector to search for undesirables in asylums, 1906 to 1933.
    (RG76, volume 398, file 567097, parts 1 to 3, microfilms C-10289 and C-10290)

    A.D. Stewart, Medical Inspector, Montreal. Pass from the Department of Justice authorizing him to visit the gaol regarding undesirables, 1906.
    (RG76, volume 398, file 567570, microfilm C-10290)

    Register for deportation of undesirable immigrants, 1907 to 1909, 1913 and 1914.
    (RG76, volume 424, file 625452, microfilm C-10307)

    Alfred Blanchet, Victoriaville, Quebec. Handcuffs, revolver, badge, etc. for conveying deportees, 1907 to 1910.
    (RG76, volume 432, file 645508, microfilm C-10313)

    Reciprocal agreement with United States for detention and return of deserters from the armed services, 1942 to 1949.
    (RG76, volume 473, file 727547, microfilm C-10410)

    Deportation of undesirables via United States ports, 1908.
    (RG76, volume 483, file 745714, part 2, microfilm C-10417)

    Mrs. Mary Killeen, Deportation Officer, Ottawa, Ontario, 1908 to 1919.
    (RG76, volume 492, file 762723, microfilm C-10426)

    F.D. Monk, MP, House of Commons. What proportion of 1782 immigrants from the Canadian Pacific Railway steamer MONTREAL which arrived 5 April 1908 have passed inspection officers? How many rejected and deported? What is nationality? On how many is bonus payable to agents? 1908.
    (RG76, volume 511, file 797890, microfilm C-10611)

    W.J. White, Inspector of U.S. Agencies. Deporting prostitutes from Winnipeg, Manitoba. 1908, 1910.
    (RG76, volume 514, file 800132, microfilm C-10612)

    George Hannah, Agent, Allan Steamship Line, Montreal, Quebec. Immigration Agent at Halifax, Nova Scotia, calling upon the ships' crew to assist him to place deported passengers on board ships, 1908.
    (RG76, volume 514, file 800227, microfilm C-10612)

    Detention Building at Grand Forks, British Columbia, 1910, 1911, 1917.
    (RG76, volume 515, file 800301, part D.B., microfilm C-10612)

    Immigration Branch, Department of Interior, Ottawa, Ontario. Recommendation to Council that an order be passed prohibiting immigrants from landing in Canada who have left contrary to the laws of that country (illegal emigration) 1908.
    (RG76, volume 515, file 800500, microfilm C-10612)

    Checking of deportation cases where it is necessary to check arrival by ship's manifest (deportation of British during wartime) 1914, 1922.
    (RG76, volume 529, file 803230 ½, microfilm C-10621)

    F.L. Haszard, Premier of Prince Edward Island. Dumping of undesirables from United States in Maritime provinces, 1908.
    (RG76, volume 536, file 803613, microfilm C-10626)

    J.V. Lantalum, Saint John, New Brunswick. Refusal of Canadian Pacific Railway to return immigrants rejected by the Canadian boundary inspector at McAdam, New Brunswick, to Manttawankeag, Maine, United States, 1908.
    (RG76, volume 539, file 803905, microfilm C-10627)

    Northern Pacific Railway, returning rejected immigrants to starting point, 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 541, file 804111, microfilm C-10629)

    Superintendent of Immigration, Ottawa, Ontario. Handling of deportees from Montreal, Quebec, after close of navigation on the St. Lawrence River, 1908, 1909, 1911.
    (RG76, volume 547, file 805450, microfilm C-10632)

    J.W. Caldwell, Sub-agent, Dominion Lands, Sprague, Manitoba. Numbers of undesirables coming in at Sprague (Immigration Inspector) 1908 to 1921.
    (RG76, volume 550, file 805907, microfilm C-10634)

    Dominion Line, Montreal, Quebec. Paying charity rate to other lines on deportees instead of paying charges while held in hospital, 1908 and 1909.
    (RG76, volume 553, file 806174, microfilm C-10636)

    Undesirables at London, Ontario, 1909 to 1929.
    (RG76, volume 556, file 807050, microfilm C-10638)

    Charity rate on deportees leaving via Pacific Ocean, 1908 to 1939.
    (RG76, volume 565, file 809462 Pacific, microfilm C-10645)

    Charity rate for deportees on railways, 1915 to 1941.
    (RG76, volume 565, file 809462 Railways, microfilm C-10645)

    Deportation delayed on account of the outbreak of war, 1914.
    (RG76, volume 603, file 884866, parts 1 and 2, microfilm C-10670)

    War (deportations and internees during First World War) (publications) 1915 to 1918.
    (RG76, volume 603, file 884866, parts 4 and 5, microfilms C-10670 and C-10671)

    War (deportations and internees during First World War) (Canada Gazette) 1918 to 1922.
    (RG76, volume 604, file 884866, part 6,  microfilm C-10671)

    War (Alien Registration) 1922.
    (RG76, volume 604, file 884866, part 7, microfilm C-10671)

    Revenue War Tax on steamship tickets for deportees, 1915 to 1921, 1925.
    (RG76, volume 606, file 896274, microfilm C-10673)

    Immigration Manuals, First Series, Chapter 12: Deportation and Departure from Canada, 1952 to 1970.
    (RG76, volume 936, binder 14, part 1)

    Immigration Instructions (circulars, directives and operations memoranda), 1950 to 1973.
    (RG76, volumes 939 to 942, binders 23 to 34)
    Includes items on deportation procedures, scattered throughout those volumes.

    Immigration Manuals, Second Series, Chapter 12: Deportation, 1971 to 1977
    (RG76, volume 943, binder 45)

    The following three files are restricted and are not available on microfilm or online. To see the titles for all the parts in those files, use Collection Search. Switch to Advanced search, and select Collections and Fonds from the Database menu. Select Archival reference from the Specific terms menu and enter RG76. Add another line and select File, then enter the relevant file number.

    If you find an item of interest, please see our Access to Information, Privacy and Personnel Records pages to find out how to submit a request.

    Deportation, General Series, 1932 to 1978.
    (RG76, volumes 974 and 1128 to 1132, file 5230, multiple parts)

    Deportation – files relating to deportation appeal policy and procedures, and involvement of the Immigration Appeal Board, 1956 to 1976
    (RG 76, volumes 974 and 975, 1133 to 1137, file 5235, multiple parts)

    Deportation – questions raised in the House of Commons, policies, transportation and other subjects, 1911 to 1970
    (RG76, volumes 751 to 754, 1101, 1102, file 514, multiple parts)

Records of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration (RG26)

Deportation statistics, 1926 to 1964
(RG26, volumes 16 and 23, not on microfilm
Various files and statements of deportation statistics generally and for specific immigrant groups, for example, Communists agitators, public charges, Hungarian refugees.

See also the RG26 finding aids for files on the Immigration Appeal Board, amendments to the Immigration Act (for example, volume 77) and other related subjects.

Records of the Department of External Affairs (RG25)

Within RG25, there are files on deportation policy and administration. There are also a few files relating to deportation cases brought to the attention of the Department of External Affairs, 1890s to 1940s.

Use Collection Search to find file titles. Try these keyword searches:

  • RG25 deportation
  • RG25 extradition
  • RG25 expulsion
  • RG25 and a surname

Records of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RG18)

Within RG18, there are a few files relating to deportation. Some files relate to specific individuals.

Use Collection Search to find file titles. Try these keyword searches:

  • RG18 deportation
  • RG18 extradition
  • RG18 and a surname

Records of the Department of Justice (RG13)

Within RG13, there are files relating deportation, many of which relate to individual deportees.

Use Collection Search to find file titles. Try these keyword searches, some of which need the use of the * wildcard to find variations such as deported, deportee, etc.:

  • RG13 deport*
  • RG13 extrad*
  • RG13 expulsion
  • RG13 and a surname

Selected bibliography

Drystek, Henry. "'The Simplest and Cheapest Mode of Dealing with Them': Deportation from Canada before World War II," in Social History/Histoire sociale, XV (30), November 1982, pp. 407-441.

Roberts, Barbara Ann. Whence They Came: Deportation from Canada, 1900-1935. Ottawa, University of Ottawa Press, 1988.

The annual reports of the successive federal government departments responsible for immigration often contain references to, or statistics on, deportations.

You can use Aurora to find other publications. Try the subject keywords: Canada deportation.

Other resources

Border entries

Deportation from Canada


Passenger lists

Statistics: Rejected immigrants upon arrival at ocean ports and deportation after admission, by principal causes and by nationalities, 1903 to 1927

“There is no Exclusion Act in the Dominion of Canada”: Deportation from Canada during the Great Depression.  Steve Schwinghamer, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.

Some provincial archives might hold records relating to deportation. For example, the Archives of Ontario has the Ontario Provincial Police criminal investigation records, deportation files, 1910 to 1915.

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