Most police forces in Canada are administered at the municipal or provincial level. If an ancestor or relative worked for a particular police force, we recommend that you contact that organization to inquire about availability and access to personnel records. Older records may have been transferred to municipal or Provincial Archives or to a local police museum.

Dominion Police, 1868-1919

The Dominion Police initially consisted of fewer than a dozen men, whose principal duty was to protect federal government buildings in Ottawa. Duties later included undercover security, the protection of Navy yards and the maintenance of a fingerprinting bureau. The Dominion Police was absorbedinto the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1920.

There are only a few surviving service files for members of the Dominion Police. The files are included with those for the NorthWest Mounted Police.

References to members of the Dominion Police can be found in the series Dominion Police Records: Defaulters books, 1883-1919 (RG 18 E). These registers contain references to officers on sick leave or leave of absence, those temporarily employed, and records of punishments and offences, for example smoking on duty or disobeying orders. There is a name index at the start or end of each volume (vols. 3131 to 3140, microfilm reels C-13875 to C-13877). There is also a volume for certificates of qualification, 1910-1919, and an attestation book, 1900-1909 (vols. 3143 and 3146, microfilm reel C-13877).

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