Library and Archives Canada holds some records regarding clergy. A few references to individual clergy can be found in Collection Search. Search by a person's name.

The collections, United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (MG 17 B1) and Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (MG 17 B8) contain records of the Church of England's missionary societies operating in Canada between 1699 and 1951.

Most records relating to clergy are held by church and Religious Archives.

Published Sources

Many local histories provide information and biographical notes on local clergy and, people born in a specific locality who choose to join a religious order. Many books provide biographical notes according to the religious denomination.

The following books include entries for each minister or priest, with the dates and places of the missions, circuits or parishes to which they were appointed.

  • Crockford's Clerical Directory. (OCLC 1033200528 )
  • Dictionnaire biographique du clergé canadien-français by J.-B.-A. Allaire. (OCLC 757418328 )
  • Cyclopaedia of Methodism in Canada (up to 1880) by George H. Cornish. (OCLC 46769439 )
  • Methodist Ministers in Canada, 1903-1925 by Douglas Walkington. (OCLC 46769439 )
  • Répertoire général du clergé canadien : par ordre chronologique, depuis la fondation de la colonie jusqu'à nos jours, by Cyprien Tanguay. (OCLC 1007642962 )
  • The Bible Christian Church, 1831-1883 by Douglas Walkington. (OCLC 1007737761 )
  • The Congregational Churches in Canada by Douglas Walkington. (OCLC 829320917 )
  • The Methodist Episcopal Church, 1835-1884 by Douglas Walkington. (OCLC 829320917 )
  • The Presbyterian Church in Canada, 1875-1925 by Douglas Walkington. (OCLC 1019305450 )
  • United Church ministers, 1925-1980 by Douglas Walkington. (OCLC 1007646545 )

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