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A​re you researching ancestors who lived in the Yukon Territory? On this page, you will find information about records held at Library and Archives Canada and the Yukon Archives. There are also links to online resources and to other institutions, societies and government agencies.

On June 13, 1898, Yukon became an official territory of Canada.

Before that:

  • The first peoples were Indigenous, including First Nations such as Dene, Gwich'in, Nahanni and Tlingit, and Inuvialuit who are the western Artic Inuit.
  • European settlement began in the 1800s with the fur trade, followed by gold prospectors.
  • In 1895, Yukon became one of four districts within the Northwest Territories. The others were Franklin, Mackenzie and Ungava.
  • In 2003, the name changed from Yukon Territory to Yukon.

Civil registration (birth, marriage and death records)

Civil registration is a territorial jurisdiction. In Yukon, the records start in 1896, although the registrations are incomplete before the 1940s. The records are held by Yukon Vital Statistics. The records are not available online.

Adoption and divorce

The Yukon Archives holds court records prior to 1950, which include some divorce files. Later records are still in the custody of the Yukon Courts.

Courts and criminal records

Library and Archives Canada holds the following records:

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Record Group 18)
    • B Division, Register of cases tried, Yukon, 1899 (RG18, volume 2452, microfilm T-4512)
    • H and B Division, Register of cases tried, Whitehorse, 1901–1922 (RG18, volume 2456, microfilm T-4513)
    • Police goal record, Dawson, 1899–1903 (RG18, volume 3075 [old volume 1], microfilm C-2152)
    • Convict register, Dawson, 1899–1926 (RG18, volume 3076 [old volume 2], microfilm C-2152 and C-2153)
    • Police Court record, Whitehorse, 1901–1947 (RG18, volumes 3077 and 3078 [old volumes 3 and 4], microfilm C-2153)
    • Yukon newspaper clippings, court cases, 1904–1905 (volume 3086 [old volume 12], microfilm C-2154)

Other records are held in the Courts in Yukon.

Land records

Records are held at the Land Titles Office in Yukon.

Wills and estate records

The administration of wills and estates is a territorial responsibility.

The Yukon Archives holds a collection of estate files, 1897-1950, which include wills and other documents. See Estates.

For information about estate files after 1950, contact the Supreme Court Registry.

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