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Sources for genealogy research in each province and territory

Each of these pages provides information about records available at Library and Archives Canada. You will also find information about sources held at provincial and territorial archives, links to genealogical societies and other online resources.

Other resources

You can search for other records relating to a particular place using these research tools:

Find out how to access the records held by Library and Archives Canada.

Statistics Canada provides an online version of the publication Historical Statistics of Canada, Population and Migration.

Genealogy and geography

Geography is an important aspect of genealogy research. Where did your ancestor live? Where was that place located? Here are some research tips:​

  • Use maps and gazetteers to find a place.
  • Many records are arranged geographically, such as census returns.
  • The names of towns, townships, counties, districts and other places sometimes changed over time.
  • Our Post Offices and Postmasters database can help you find out where a small village or town was located.
  • Consult genealogy guides such as the book Genealogy, geography, and maps: using atlases and gazetteers to find your family by Althea Douglas.
  • Visit the Canada GenWeb Project. Some of those provincial and territorial GenWeb sites include maps and lists of place names.
  • Most provincial and territorial archives have historical map collections.
  • The main page of our Land Grants of Western Canada database includes an explanation of the land system in the Western provinces.


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