Placide Morency, performer (1887-1980)

Born in the city of Québec in 1887, baritone Placide Morency had an active career in the region. He frequently performed with his wife Fernande Pelletier, and his brother Laurent Morency.

Placide Morency performed with his wife and brother in the operetta Les Maris de Ginette, by Félix Fourdrain, at the Auditorium de Québec in January 1918 and at the Monument National in Montréal in April 1918. On February 4, 1921, he played Florestan de Valaincourt in Véronique by André Messager at the Auditorium de Québec. The baritone also performed with Honoré Vaillancourt's Société canadienne d'opérette in the 1920s.

Between 1922 and 1930, Morency recorded more than 50 songs for the Starr company. These included:

Religious songs:

Operatic arias:


  • Les Cloches de Corneville
  • La Mascotte
  • With Fernande Pelletier and Laurent Morency, he recorded duets of airs from the operettas Véronique [MP3 1,602 KB], La Mascotte [MP3 2,198 KB], Mireille and Xavière

In addition to lyric works, such as those of Massenet, Chaminade, Toselli and Tosti, Placide Morency also performed a repertoire of French 'variétés', consisting of songs by Henri Christiné and Charles Borel-Clerc, and of French versions of American hits "Dans les sentiers du souvenir", "Tout seul", "Toujours", frequently written by Roméo Beaudry. He died in Québec in 1980.

Source: Unpublished research notes by Robert Thérien, music researcher, Montréal

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