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The Star Of BethlehemAdams.Evan Williams; Victor Orchestra.
Loch LomondOld Scotch.Evan Williams; Victor Orchestra.
Messiah.Handel.Evan Williams, tenor ; Victor Orchestra.
Forgotten /Cowles.Evan Williams, tenor, with [Victor] orchestra.
The song that reached my heart /[Julian Jordan, lyrics and music].Harry Evans, tenor solo with orchestra.Berliner.
Messiah :Recitative : thy rebuke ; Messiah : Aria behold and see /Handel.Evan Williams, tenor with orchestra.
A dream /J.C. Bartlett.Evan Williams, tenor, with orchestra.
Four leaf clover /Brownell.Evan Williams, tenor ; [Stanley Muschamp, piano acc.?].
The African :oh paradise /Meyerbeer.Evan Williams, tenor ; Victor Orchestra.
Lead kindly light /Newman, Dykes.Evan Williams, tenor, with Victor Orchestra.
Sound an alarm :from Judas Maccabaeus /Handel.Evan Williams, tenor, with [Victor] orchestra ; [Emil Keneke, trumpet obbligato].
All Through The Night.Evan Williams; Victor Orchestra.
Martha :Like a dream (M'appari) /Flotow.Evan Williams, tenor with orchestra.
Absent.Mr Evan Williams.
A spirit flower /Stanton, Campbell-Tipton.Evan Williams, tenor, with orchestra.
A Perfect DayCarrie Jacobs-bond.Evan Williams; Victor Orch ; Rosario Bourdon.
Stabat Mater.Rossini.Evan Williams; With Orchestra.
Loch Lomond[?3?4?5?6?7 D5d̉q4q4.Evan Williams; Orchestra.
Elijah :if with all your heart /Mendelssohn.Evan Williams, tenor ; Victor Orchestra.
AbsentCatherine Y Glen; J W Metcliff.Evan Williams.
Mollie DarlingWill S Hays.Evan Williams; With Male Chorus; Orchestra.
Messiah.Handel.Evan Williams, tenor ; Victor Orchestra.
Elijah :If with all your hearts /Mendelssohn.Evan Williams, tenor with orchestra.
Messiah :(a) Recitative : Thy rebuke ; (b) Aria : Behold and see /Handel.Evan Williams, tenorwith orchestra.
AnswerRobyn.Evan Williams; Victor Orchestra.
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