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Grusse an die Heimat /(Kromer).Harmonie Male Quartet.
Don't cry Frenchy, don't cry /Donaldson.Acme Male Quartet.Pathé.
Sing me the songs of Dixie Land /Casey.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Where Is My Boy To-night?R Lowry.Louise Homer; Male Quartet; Pipe Organ.
Medley of plantation melodies.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
I'se Gwine Back To DixieC A White.Alma Gluck; Male Chorus; Orchestra.
My old Kentucky home /Foster.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
The sailors' chorus /Parry.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
By the watermelon vine[, Lindy Lou] /[Thomas S. Allen].[Edison Male] Quartette.Edison.
'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans.Creamer; Layton.Peerless Quartet; Orchestra; Male Quartet.
Hard times, come again no more /Foster.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Sally in our alley /[Carey].Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Memories of you in dear Hawaii /[MacMeekin].The Lyric Male Quartet.Edison.
Let's All Be Americans NowBerlin; Leslie; Meyer.Knickerbocker Male Quartette.Columbia
Aloha OeLilinokalani.Alma Gluck; With Orch ; Male Quartet.
The Navy Will Bring Them Back!Howard Johnson; Ira Schuster.Peerless Quartet; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
Mandy.Berlin.Invincible Four; Orch; Male Quartet.
Is There A Santa Claus?.Frances P Church; Rosario Bourdon.Jessica Dragonette; Male Quartet; Orchestra; Rosario Bourdon.
Annie Laurie /Scott.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
A Picture Without A FrameAndrew B Sterling; Harry Von Tilzer.Peerless Quartet; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
Grandfather's clock /[Henry Clay] Work.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Trovatore.Verdi.Miss Stevenson; Mr Macdonough; Victor Male Chorus; Victor Orchestra; Chimes.
Mandy Lee /[Chattaway].Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Where the morning glories twine around the door /von Tilzer.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Good-bye FranceIrving Berlin.Peerless Quartet; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
Our sunny southern home.Edison Male Quartette.
When the bees are in the hive /Mills.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
In the gloaming[, oh, my darling] /[Annie Fortescue Harrison, music ; M. Orred, lyrics].Edison male [quartette].Edison.
Moonlight on the lake /[C.A. White].Edison Concert.
In the evening by the moonlight /Bland.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Festival te deum :no. 7 in B flat /Dudley Buck. Morning / L. von der Mehden, Jr.Columbia Mixed Quartette (side A) ; Columbia Male Quartette (side B).Columbia.
Good night, beloved, good night /Oliver, James B., music ; [J. Everett Fay, lyrics].Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Sweet GenevieveGeorge Cooper; Henry Tucker.Henry Burr; Peerless Quartet; With Male Chorus; Orchestra.
Since Nellie went away /Taylor.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Church scene.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
O come all ye faithful.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
One called Mother and the other Home sweet home /Morse.Edison Male Quartette.
Dixie Is Dixie Once MoreWm Tracey; Maceo Pinkard.American Quartet; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
DriftingArthur J Lamb; William C Polla.Peerless Quarte; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
Bachelor Days.Vocal Quartette; Male Voices; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
The little old log cabin in the lane /Hayes [i.e. Hays].Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Good old songs :[introducing: Twinkling stars are laughing, love ; When I saw sweet Nellie home ; Would I were thee ; There's music in the air].[Edison Male] Quartette.Edison.
Funiculi, FuniculaL Denza.John Mccormick; With Orchestra; With Male Chorus.
The old oaken bucket /George Kiallmark.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Darling Nelly GrayB R Hanby.Alma Gluck; Orpheus Quartet; Orchestra; Male Quartet.
My country 'tis of thee.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
What Are You Going To Do To Help The Boys?Gus Kahn; Egbert Van Alstyne.Charles Hart; Shannon Four; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
The Voice Of The ChimesHahn.Male Quartette; Oscar Seagle; Columbia Steelar Quartette; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
Stop that knocking at the door /Winnermore.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
When You Were Sweet SixteenJames Thornton.Reinald Werrenrath; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
Sunset ValleyRay Sherwood; John Meyer.Peerless Quartet; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
Rose Of My HeartHermann Lohr.Rosa Ponselle; Male Quartet.
Nearer my God to thee /[Mason].Vocals by the Edison Male Quartet.Edison.
For Your Boy And My BoyGus Kahn; Egbert Van Alstyne.Peerless Quartet; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
Cornfield medley =['Way down yonder in the cornfield] /[Will D. Cobb, lyrics ; Gus Edwards, music].Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Rocked in the cradle of the deep /Knight.Edison Male Quartette.
Hearts of oak /Dr. Boyce.Cecilian Male Quartet, with orchestra.Berliner.
America, Here's My BoyLange.Andrea Sarto; Knickerbocker Male Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
On The Banks Of The WabashPaul Dresser.The American Singers; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
I Just Telephone UpstairsAudrey Call.Hank Snow; Male Quartet; The Rainbow Ranch Boys.
Hearts of oak /Dr. Boyce.Cecilian Male Quartet, with orchestra.Berliner.
Camp meeting jubilee.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Cornfield medley =['Way down yonder in the cornfield] /[Will D. Cobb, lyrics ; Gus Edwards, music].Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Old Black Joe /[Foster].Edison Male Quarttete.Edison.
Farmyard :medley.Edison Male Quartette.
Joy to the world /Handel.Apex Male Quartet.
Can't Yo' Heah Me Callin' CarolineWilliam H Gardner; Caro Roma.Reinald Werrenrath; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
The teacher and the tack.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
The jolly blacksmiths /[Adam] Geibel.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Lead kindly light /[John Henry Newman].Vocals by Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Medley of college songs.Edison Quartet.Edison.
Cornfield medley.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
The girl I left behind me.Cecilian Quartette.Berliner.
My creole Sue /[Gussie L. Davis].Edison Concert.
Blue Danube Waltz.Strauss.Lucy Gates; Columbia Stellar Male Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Sabbath day /[Conradin Kreutzer].Vocals by Edison Male Quartet.Edison.
The sword of Bunker Hill /Covert.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Mollie DarlingWill S Hays.Evan Williams; With Male Chorus; Orchestra.
Vesper service.Edison Male Quartette.Cataloguing comments: very good condition; vgcancon.
Carry Me Back To Old VirginnyJames Bland.Shannon Quartet; Male Quartet; Orchestra.
Silver threads among the gold[sound recording]. Love's old sweet song.Performed by Criterion Male Quartet (Side A) ; Stellar Male Quartet (Side B).
Sleighride party.Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag (And Smile, Smile, Smile)Powell.James F Harrison; Knickerbocker Male Quartette; Orchestra Accomp.
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