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Annie Laurie /Scott.Columbia Stellar Quartette, vocal quartette with male voices.
Illinois.Columbia Stellar Quartette, vocal quartette with orchestra.
Sons Of LibertyGay.Andrea Sarto; Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accomp.Columbia.
Carry me back to old Virginny /Bland.Elizabeth Spencer, soprano solo ; Stellar Quartet.
Oh come, all ye faithful :Adeste fideles.Columbia Stellar Quartette, orchestra accompaniment.
I'se gwine back to Dixie /C.A. White. Nellie Dean / Armstrong.Peerless Quartette (1st work), Columbia Stellar Quartette (2nd work), with orchestra acc.Columbia.
Heather Moon /Hargreaves ; Damerell ; Evans.Stellar Dance Band.
I need every hour /Lowry.Columbia Stellar Quartette.
Abide with me /Monk ; sung by Louis Graveure. Jesus, lover of my soul / Marsh ; sung by Louis Graveure and Columbia Stellar Quartette.Louis Graveure, baritone voice ; Columbia Stellar Quartette (2nd work).Columbia.
Stand Up For JesusG J Webb.Oscar Seagle; Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Fare thee well, love, fare thee well /Keith.Columbia Stellar Quartette, orchestra accompaniment.
If Shamrocks Grew Along The Swanee ShoreFairman; Van; Schenck.Broadway Quartette.
What's to-day got to do with tomorrow /Donaldson.Broadway Quartet.
Estudiantina /Lacome. Funiculi funicula / Denza.Grace Kerns and Mildred Potter [side a] and Charles W. Harrison and Columbia Stellar Quartette [side b].Columbia.
You're wonderful.Stellar Dance Band with vocal chorus.
Brown October AleDe Koven.Graham Marr; Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra.Columbia.
Columbia The Gem Of The OceanShaw.Charles Harrison; Colubian Stellar Quartette.
Robin Adair (Scotch melody).Columbia Stellar Quartette, vocal quartette with orchestra.
When Your Boy Comes Back To YouGordon V Thompsn.Charles Harrison; Broadway Quartette; Orchestra Accomp.Columbia.
Just awearyin' for you /Carrie Jacobs-Bond, music ; [Frank Lebby Stanton, lyrics].Columbia Quartette, vocal quartette.Columbia
Jesus, saviour, pilot me /Gould.Oscar Seagle, baritone solo ; Columbia Stellar Quartette.
Last NightKjerulf.Columbia Stellar Quartette.
May God preserve thee Canada /Ambrose.Charles Harrison ; Stellar Quartette.
Way Down Yonder In The Cornfield.Vocal Quartette.Columbia.
Break The News To MotherHarris.Henry Burr; Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
Hark! The Herald Angels SingMendelssohn.Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Tenting tonight on the old camp ground /Kittredge ; arr. by Prince.Columbia Stellar Quartette.
When you wore a tulip and I wore a big red rose /Wenrich.Columbia Stellar Quartette.
There's a long, long trail /Elliott.Riccardo Stracciari (baritone) and Columbia Stellar Quartette (male quartette) with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
My MammyDonaldson.Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Meet me by moonlight /J. A. Wade.Columbia Stellar Quartette, vocal quartette with male voices with orchestra accompaniment.
The Voice Of The ChimesHahn.Male Quartette; Oscar Seagle; Columbia Steelar Quartette; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
Hark! the Herald angels sing /Mendelssohn.Henry Burr, tenor solo with organ accompaniment.Columbia
There Was A Little ManC B Shaw.Columbia Stellar Quartette.Columbia.
When your boy comes back to you /Gordon V. Thompson ; sung by Charles Harrison, Broadway Quartette. Sons of liberty / Gay ; sung by Andrea Sarto, Stellar Quartette.Charles Harrison, tenor (Side A) ; Broadway Quartette (Side A) ; Andrea Sarto, baritone (Side B) ; Stellar Quartette (Side B).Columbia.
Where the River Shannon flows /Russell ; sung by Columbia Stellar Quartette. A little bit of heaven / [Ball] ; sung by Columbia Stellar Quartette.Columbia Stellar Quartette, vocals.Columbia.
Oh! Holy NightAdam.Charles Harrison; Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Onward Christian soldiers /Sullivan ; Stand up for Jesus / G.J. Webb.Oscar Seagle, baritone ; Columbia Stellar Quartette.
Can't Yo' Heah Me Callin' CarolineRoma.Oscar Seagle; Columbia Stellar Quartette.
Keep the home fires burning /Novello. Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag (and smile, smile, smile) / Powell.Oscar Seagle, baritone, and the Columbia Stellar Quartette with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
Just Awearyin' For YouCarrie Jacobs-bond.Columbia Stellar Quartette.
Tenting Tonight On The Old Camp GroundKittredge; Arr By Prince.Columbia Stellar Quartette.Columbia.
Ye olden yuletide hymns - part l /arranged by R. H. Bowers.Columbia Stellar Quartette (male quartette, orchestra accompaniment).
Old black Joe /Foster.Elizabeth Spencer, soprano solo ; Stellar Quartet.
Oh! Holy night (tenor and male quartette orchestra accomp.) /Adam.Charles Harrison and Columbia Stellar Quartette.
Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag.Powell.Oscar Seagle; Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
The owl and the pussy cat /de Koven ; the musical trust / Hadley.Columbia Quartette, male voices (1st work) ; Columbia Octette, male voices with orchestra (2nd work).Columbia.
It's A Long, Long Way To The U.s.a.Von Tilzer.Edgar Stoddard; Broadway Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
Juanita /May. The two roses / Werner.Columbia Mixed Quartette (1st work) ; Columbia Stellar Quartette (2nd work) ; with flute, cello and piano acc.Columbia.
In the evening by the moonlight /Bland.Margaret Romaine and Stellar Quartette (soprano solo and male quartette).
There's A Long, Long TrailElliot.Oscar Seagle; Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
Stein song /Bullard. Brown October ale / De Koven.Graham Marr (baritone) and Columbia Stellar Quartette, with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
What's to-day got to do with tomorrow /Donaldson.Broadway Quartet.
The old oaken bucket /[arr.?] Geibel. Carry me back to old Virginia / Bland.Columbia Stellar Quartette ; with orchestra.Columbia.
Nellie Dean.Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
Blue Danube Waltz.Strauss.Lucy Gates; Columbia Stellar Male Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Now the day is over /Barnby.Columbia Stellar Quartette.
Medley Of Old SongsArranged By C A Prince.Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
The Star Of The EastKennedy.Barbara Maurel; Orchestra Accompaniment; Columbia Stellar Quartette.
I can't do without you /Irving Berlin.Stellar Dance Band with vocal chorus.
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