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Performer heading
Pelletier, Wilfrid, 1896-1982.
RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra.
Moore, Grace, 1898-1947.
Grace Moore, soprano ; Victor Symphony Orchestra ; Wilfrid Pelletier, chef d'orchestre.
Psyche [enregistrement sonore] / Paladilhe. Si mes vers avaient des ailes = If my poetry had wings / Hahn.
Composer heading
Paladilhe, Émile, 1844-1926.
Generic label
RCA Victor.
Transcribed label
His Master's voice Victor,
Issue number
Side number
"In French."
Commentaires: Text transcribed from label/Texte transcrit de l'étiquette: Copyrighted; Not licensed for Radio Broadcast; Licensed under Canadian patent no. 160997 for sale at current catalog price by authorized dealers; no other person shall sell, expose or offer this record for sale or exchange.
Référence discographique: The Almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide (II), 1992, release date.
Distributeur: RCA Victor Company, Inc.
Genre d'édition: étiquette principale.
Autre numéro: 7.
Lancé: [jan 1943].
Comments: Disc 1, side 1 of a 3 disc set; Original album jacket intact.
Physical description
1 disque : analogique, 78 r/min ; 25 cm
Songs, French.
Songs, French.
Chansons françaises.
Chansons françaises.
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