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Performer heading
Dudley, S. H., 1864-1947.
Macdonough, Harry, 1871-1931.
Dudley, S. H., 1864-1947
Macdonough, Harry, 1871-1931
Haydn Quartet (Vocal group)
Haydn Quartet (Vocal group)
Haydn Quartet - S.H. Dudley, manager.
Sun of My Soul / [Keble : Ritter].
Transcribed label
E. Berliner's Gramophone,
(E. Berliner)
Issue number
Comments: black disc.
Comments: Harry Macdonough Canadian.
Comments: no paper label.
Comments: single sided disc.
Comments: U.S. patent information on disc.
Issue no.: 891W.
Other no.: YY 14.
Comments: black disc
Comments: Harry Macdonough Canadian
Comments: no paper label
Comments: single sided disc
Comments: U.S. patent information on disc
Issue no.: 891W
Other no.: YY 14
Physical description
on 1 side of 1 audio disc ; 18 cm
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