Edmond Moreau, folksong composer and pianist (active 1935-40)

Beginning in 1935, Edmond Moreau was a very active performer and recording artist. He played the piano on more than 50 records for the Starr record company, having been part of numerous groups, such as:

  • Trois Copains (with Henri Wattier on the violin and Arthur Pigeon on the accordion)
  • Trois Citoyens (with A. Denault on the violin and G. Proulx on the harmonica)
  • Trois Gaspésiens (with M. Gonzague playing the bones and Ernest Lussier on the accordion)
  • Rigolos (with C. Deblois on the violin, Henri Taillon playing the bones and bombardon, Annette Richer singing, and Carmen Richer on the guitar)
  • Trio connu (with R. Duplessis and R. Frereault)
  • Trio Pigeon (with his son and Arthur Pigeon on the accordion formed in the early 1940s)

He probably also was a member of the Quatre Copains and the Trois Rigolos.

His recordings include "Marche Hector" [MP3 1,725 KB], "Reel Verchères" [MP3 1,550 KB], and "Valse Claire" [MP3 1,435 KB].

Source: Unpublished research notes by Robert Thérien, music researcher, Montréal

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