Cora Tracey, contralto (1878-196?)

Photograph of Cora Tracey

Like Canadian singers such as Edward Johnson, Forrest Lamont and Marie Hope Morgan, contralto Cora Tracey was an Ontario native, but her musical career took her abroad. She was born in London, Ontario in 1878, and later secured singing and recording engagements in the United States.

While working in New York City, Tracey met another native of London, acclaimed vaudeville tenor Craig Campbell (1878-1965), who, in addition to having been born in the same year as Tracey, had also been delivered by the same physician.

In the year 1914, Tracey and Campbell sang as members of the American Society of Singers, a musical repertory company in New York. They were also members of the Gilbert and Sullivan Park Theatre Company, and remained good friends throughout their lives.

Tracey's singing engagements also included appearances in Canadian cities. In August 1918, just after performing at the Strand Theater in New York, she appeared at the Théâtre imperiale in Montréal. That summer, she also collaborated with Montréal baritone Honoré Vaillancourt (1892-1933), a rising star who had made his formal debut one year earlier at the Monument-National in Montréal.

Tracey made a few recordings of light opera tunes for the New York recording company Pathé Frères, including "Love's Old Sweet Song" [MP3 1,438 KB] by Molloy and "O Promise Me" [MP3 1,614 KB] from Robin Hood, an extremely successful American comic opera by composer Reginald De Koven (1859-1920).

Tracey later married P.R. Goepel. She returned to London and lived there until the end of her life.


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