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Shades of night /Gilbert ; Friedland ; Franklin. I love you best of all / Tell Taylor.Sterling Trio with orchestra [side a] ; Harry Macdonough, tenor, with orchestra [side b].
Silver threads among the gold /Danks ; [performed by] Sterling Trio. When you and I were young Maggie / Butterfield ; [performed by] Harry McClaskey.Sterling Trio, with orchestra accompaniment (side A) ; Harry McClaskey (Henry Burr), tenor, with orchestra accompaniment (side B).
When you sang "hush-a-bye baby" to me /Glick ; Olman, Logan ; [performed by] Sterling Trio. Mammy's chocolate soldier / Sydney Mitchell ; Archie Gottler ; [performed by] Marion Harris.The Sterling Trio, male vocal ensemble (1st work); Marion Harris, soprano (2nd work).Victor.
'N ev'rything /Al Jolson. When you play with the heart of a girl / A. Von Tilzer.Al Jolson, tenor, with orch. [side A]; Sterling Trio, with orch. [side B].Columbia.
Dreaming of home, sweet home /Hanley ; sung by Sterling Trio. Till we meet again / Whiting ; sung by Campbell, Burr.Sterling Trio (Side A) ; Albert Campbell, Henry Burr, tenors (Side B).Columbia.
Bye-loRay Perkins.Sterling Trio.
Who'll dry your tears when you cry? /Young ; Lewis ; Akst. In the heart of dear old Italy / Eugene West ; Jack Glogau.William Robyn, tenor, with orchestra [side a] ; Sterling Trio with orchestra [side b].
Beautiful Annabelle Lee /Bryan, Mehlinger ; Meyer ; [performed by] Charles Hart, Elliot Shaw. Louisiana / Arthur Freed ; Oliver G. Wallace ; [performed by] Sterling Trio.Side A: Charles Hart and Elliot Shaw with orchestra ; Side B: Sterling Trio with orchestra.
Indiana /Ballard Macdonald ; James F. Hanley ; [performed by] Sterling Trio. To any girl / Lew Brown ; Albert Von Tilzer ; [performed by] Albert Campbell ; Henry Burr.Sterling Trio with orchestra [side a] ; Albert Campbell and Henry Burr with orchestra [side b].Victor.
All the world will be jealous of me /Ball. Mother, Dixie and you / Johnson and Santly.Henry Burr, tenor, with orch. (1st work); Sterling Trio, male vocal trio, with orch. (2nd work).Columbia.
Broadway Rose /West ; Spencer, Fried ; [performed by] Henry Burr and Peerless Quartet. Mother's lullaby / Milton Weil ; [performed by] Sterling Trio.Side A: Henry Burr, tenor, and Peerless Quartet with orchestra ; Side B: Sterling Trio (male trio) with orchestra.
In the shadow of the desert palm /Dulmage ; sung by Sterling Trio. Hindustan / Wallace, Weeks ; sung by Campbell, Burr.Sterling Trio (Side A) ; Albert Campbell, Henry Burr, tenors (Side B).Columbia.
Georgia rose /Sullivan, Flynn ; Rosenthal ; [performed by] Sterling Trio. Tomorrow land / H.J. Tandler ; [performed by] Sterling Trio.Sterling Trio with orchestra.
Broadway Rose /Fried and Spencer ; played by Peerless Quartette. Mother's lullaby / Weil ; played by Sterling Trio.Peerless Quartette, male quartette with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia
I want him back again /Brown ; sung by Sterling Trio. I'm sorry I made you cry / Clesi ; sung by Robert Lewis.Sterling Trio (Side A) ; Robert Lewis, tenor (Side B).Columbia.
Mickey /Moret ; sung by Sterling Trio. Mickey. Selections / Krouse, Shulz ; played by Prince's Orchestra.Sterling Trio (Side A) ; Prince's Orchestra (Side B).Columbia.
Silver threads among the gold /Rexford, Danks ; [performed by] Sterling Trio. When you and I were young, Maggie / Butterfield ; [performed by] Henry Burr.Sterling Trio: [Henry Burr, John H. Meyer, Albert Campbell] ; with orchestral accompaniment--Cf. Popular American recording pioneers, 1895-1925 / Gracyk, c2000.Gennett.
On Honolulu Bay /Yellen ; Cobb ; Barron. In the sweet long ago / Heath ; Lange ; Solman.Peerless Quartet with Hawaiian guitars by Louise and Ferera and Orchestra [On Honolulu Bay] ; Sterling Trio with orchestra [In the sweet long ago].
Carolina, I'm coming back to you /McHugh ; sung by Peerless Quartette. In 1960 you'll find Dixie looking just the same / Gottler ; sung by Sterling Trio.Peerless Quartette on side A, Sterling Trio on side B, vocals ; orchestra acc.Columbia.
Hawaiian butterfly /Little ; Baskette ; Santley ; [performed by] Sterling Trio. When the sun goes down in Dixie (and the moon begins to rise) / Chas. McCarron ; Albert Von Tilzer ; [performed by] Peerless Quartet.Sterling Trio with orchestra [side a] ; Peerless Quartet with orchestra [side b].Victor.
Shades of night /Friedland, Franklin ; sung by Sterling Trio. My dreamy china lady / Van Alstyne ; sung by Grace Nash, Henry Burr.Sterling Trio (Side A) ; Grace Nash, soprano (Side B) ; Henry Burr, tenor (Side B).Columbia.
Down by the old red mill /Mohr ; sung by Sterling Trio. You're my little Indiana rose / Cordray ; sung by Sterling Trio.Sterling Trio with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia
Old black Joe /vocal trio [by Sterling Trio].[Sterling Trio], vocals.Little Wonder
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